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Hey look at where we are we are at a beautiful park and look at what we have YUM a tasty lunch like this grape this raspberry hmmm a red strawberry mm-hmm and we have some vegetables a sandwich crackers but we'll get to this in a little bit let's go play first come on wow this park is so beautiful like these plants they just look like plants but they're so beautiful to me look they're so green and alive and they smell so great Wow hey I'm kind of hungry let's go eat some more Wow oh whoa what happened where'd it go Oh No my lunch is gone hey officer officer well either maybe what's going on my lunch was just right heroes eating it you know it's so good and then I went over here and then I looked at some plants and then I came back here and it was all gone well it looks like we're have to investigate this lucky for you I have my crime scene bag with me I got a really good idea you want to help me blippi I would love to yeah I got this special badge just for you whoa wow look at that even has my name on it oh I am honored whoa and look at what you wrote up on a police bicycle okay look at this helmet Wow this keeps you nice and safe okay and oh look up here do you see that it's a light in the handlebars and one big giant wheel and tire and then a second big giant wheel and tire and then we have the pedals and the kickstand let's put that up right now yeah this this is the crime scene investigation baggie said whoo this is gonna help us find my lunch but first let's take it for a ride so much isn't it yeah well I think we should get started on investigation what do you think yeah I think so too all right the next best thing sending the k-9 whoo k9 that's another word for a dog officer few checks in in the canine we did it police dogs have really sensitive noses and police use those to help us track two people and evidence to help us with our investigations he did it he found some evidence investigator blipping this is the evidence with the k-9 tracked – oh look this is my glass this is my glass the Hat all the water in it what's it doing all the way over here huh well there's the glass what do we do well we have to collect the evidence using the bag that we talked about earlier the first thing that we're going to do put evidence tape up to secure the scene okay oh thank you look it says crime scene do not cross go around the bumper and we can tie it off okay tie it go almost there good job with me thanks okay it's nice and tied off know what that was a great job flippy now we have to take pictures using a ruler hey hey here we go so we have the ruler let's put this down right next to it then we have a camera and to turn it on whoo smile oh you are so beautiful class okay close up okay turn that off and here you go all right now that we've taken pictures we have Jeff to collect the evidence okay but before we do so we got to put gloves on oh we don't want your fingerprints movement right okay so we have to put these gloves on and this first glove is the color blue and the second glove he is also the color blue all right I got the gloves on now what okay now that the gloves are on we can actually pick it up and put it into a bag okay evidence bag pick it up Wow whoa okay let's put it in the bag all right so I got it in the bag now what I was a great job now we have to get it down at the police department and process it okay how do we get it there well we're at the call in the motorcycle okay Oscar feed check he's in the motorcycle first transport of evidence okay I guess I'll go meet the motorcycle over there waiting for you bleep okay look at what it is Wow it's a police motorcycle and this is what's gonna be used to transport the evidence here come here Wow look at it okay first things first let's put the evidence in the back of this motorcycle hey now it's safe back here whoo and back here here's a compartment with a laptop see there's a laptop and a printer too what is this oh it's a picture for me boom nice picture okay put that down right there hmm okay oh so many cool things to show you but first maybe I should hop on whoa whoa this motorcycle is really big way bigger than the average motorcycle okay um let me show you this yeah kind of want to show you this first this is a radar gun see this is what's used to check the speed of everyone driving on the road so you should drive the speed limit or lower because that's the limit of safety um let's see what else can I show you oh yeah the lights watch this ready oh yeah red and blue lights that's to let everyone know that there's an emergency and what else is also used to let everyone know that there's an emergency is the siren here we go and then also the horn and then the police officer on the motorcycle took the evidence to the police station or inside the evidence room with our evidence hey how are you hey that's the evidence what do we do so we're gonna process it for friends okay how do we do that first you're gonna need you let go whoa lab coat look yeah it's the color blue Wow I like the color blue it's one of my two favorite colors blue is one of them and orange is the other all right now I have my lab coat on now what now you need your gloves gloves are they okay they're right here looks like whoo look at these blue rubber gloves so we wear these so then we don't make our own fingerprints on the evidence all right so now I have the gloves on no what now you're gonna need to fold this brown paper down okay oh here we go brown paper Hey now you can come on over this side all right and now so we have this we have the paper right here in gloves on so now what do you need now you're gonna need some tools okay see first of all you're gonna need your boot dust dust it's the color black whoa okay next you're gonna need your brush brush look at that brush whoa so now what do I do so take your glass out of the back okay hey okay now dip your brush into the dust okay just a little bit okay you got some dust do you see that now what now paint your brush on your fingerprints like a fairy dancing on a lake whoo fairy dancing on the lake I like that you're funny okay all right whoa it's showing sunny Wow all right hey I'll take that okay next new print lifter so a print lifter looks like a sticker so can you hold this for me sure okay so now I'm gonna unstick this and this is really sticky then I'm gonna put it right here oh we go okay then should I keel it off gently peel it off oh oh we did it Wow okay let's close it up like a book and look at that wow we just pulled a print off of the glass yeah the evidence glass okay so I'll give you that and then what do we do with the glass now so the glass needs to go back into a paper bag okay so I'll go get a paper bag Hey know what evidence tape oh hey check this out seal it up all right it's nice and sealed now what don't forget to sign it oh how to sign it will you spell my name with me ready BL I pee hi whoopee good job all right let's put the pen back now that the evidence is all taped up and secured we need to put it in the evidence bowl whoa here we go hello happy I have some evidence for you oh hey we got the results back of those prints oh whoa look at this it's a photo of a raccoon so a raccoon ate my lunch special thanks to the Olympia Washington police department for helping me find out who ate my lunch

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