Denmark's health care system (ARCHIVE) & Questions about the high cost of US health care(prelude)

latest opinion polls supporting what candy just reported that President Obama is losing support for his health care proposals and he's losing that support very quickly the most recent CNN poll of polls shows 45% of Americans disapprove of the way the president is handling health care while 43% approve meanwhile the latest New York Times CBS News poll shows the number of Americans who are very concerned to health care will worsen as soared from 28% just in June to now 41 percent perhaps one reason for the growing skepticism is there are a number of questions that haven't even been asked let alone answered about health care in this country like what is the ratio of doctors to patients think about it have you heard that discussion well in the United States it's 1 to 416 on average and other developed nations it's 1 to 323 what is the biggest driver of health care costs is it medical technology is it pharmaceuticals what is it we haven't been hearing that discussion it's medical technology replacing older medical equipment with the newer options that are far more expensive but not necessarily more efficient or effective and what is a reasonable percentage of our GDP to spend on health care we spend fully 16 percent of our GDP on health care other developed nations spend far less France spends 11% Germany spends 10% canada also 10 percent why are other countries spending less and what can we learn from their health care plans these are questions that our quote representatives in Washington should be asking but are not and openly discussing with the American people and are not before any discussion of a health care overhaul can be rushed through Congress and then signed by this president we will be doing just that on this broadcast we'll be having a discussion about the key questions that should be answered and the answers that will affect your family some of those answers to these questions may come from other countries health care plans one such country with a high low of satisfaction with its healthcare system is Denmark most Danish healthcare is provided by regional governments at federal taxpayer expense it is a lot cheaper than healthcare in this country both as a percentage of the economy and per citizen kitty pilgrim with our report on Denmark Denmark's health care is funded by the government and it's responsible for collecting an 8 percent tax on income to pay for the service each of the five regions is responsible for running their own health care budgets running their own hospitals paying for doctor visits treatments nursing homes and all other health services health care costs in Denmark are half of those in the United States according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Denmark spends three thousand three hundred and sixty two dollars per person and that is nine point eight percent of GDP the u.s. spent seven thousand two hundred ninety dollars per person 16% of GDP richard Saltman who has written extensively on health care in europe says the danish health care system is less expensive and less inclined to litigation all their physicians are in the hospitals our public employees they don't need malpractice insurance nobody ever talks about defensive medicine that's not a term that would be used in Denmark in any form personal service is key in 1998 ninety percent of Dane said they were satisfied with their health care according to a survey by the European Commission that was the highest satisfaction in Europe there are more doctors per patient in Denmark than in the United States almost for doctors for every thousand people versus almost three in the United States doctors and Danish hospitals are paid a fixed salary by contract primary care physicians are paid an annual amount for each patient and are paid additional amounts for more extensive treatments of severe conditions such as coronary care Denmark is also trying to reform its system now some Danes are also buying private health insurance to cover extra costs such as drug co-payments fees and a better room in the hospital but even so the World Health Organization says that in Denmark private spending on health care is only 16% while in the United States private spending is more than half of all spending on health care live yes I and I think it would surprise a lot of people to know that Denmark with its Universal care system still I think it's about 70% of the co-pays on dental and that sort of care eye is up to the patient it is not a place whether it's a safeguard against extraordinary and extreme and imprudent – spending that's right that's exactly right this is a this fascinating and we haven't heard anybody else talking about these issues we haven't heard this president who is demanding health care be signed we haven't heard this Congress either Republican or Democrat talking about these comparisons intelligently with other nations from which people can learn and for one thing with the issue that you bring up malpractice yes the discussion they want they want I don't know what we'll see but they want a public option ie government health care but haven't so far gained the courage to say does that mean there would be no malpractice lawsuit brought by lawyers against doctors if it's a federal system you know these are not small issues in this discussion is not taking place in public it's almost as if the public be damned it's very enlightening to look at the different systems especially on some glad you said it because enlightening is what we're going to do here kitty and you're going to do much of it we're going to be bringing you the comparisons over the the August recess here on the low times tonight broadcast we're going to show you what other countries are doing those those elements of those other nation's health care systems that from which we can learn in which one hopes will benefit all of us here kitty thank you very much outstanding kitty pilgrim


  1. Jupp, living here in "socialist" Scandinavia is a nightmare…. 😁

    Not having to worry about the cost of healthcare and education, having wages we can live on, having police that are so well educated that they solve problems without shooting (in Norway police are unarmed) and having laws that makes vacation mandayory, is just cruel…. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. I can't see any of this lasting, read mark steyn's book america alone, europe's redacole changing demographics well change europe for the worst and if it's in 50 years time or a 100 years time ,your looking at lebanon or yugoslavia on a massive scale .

  3. The tax rate is in reality lower because of withdrawal. If your trip to work is more than 9 miles, you get a high tax return. If your Child is attending private school, you can lower your tax with 75% of your payment. This way many rich People only pay 35% tax. But they will never admit that 😏

  4. বাংলাদেশ


  6. Another problem with the US health care system is that doctors are forced to do a lot of tests and in fact overdo these test in order to not be sued if they miss something.

  7. What are we talking about

  8. The reason American's only hear one side of the story and non stop propaganda is due to the sheer amount of lobbying and bribery sorry donations US politicians get from people making a fortune from the healthcare rackets in America. There is no private pharmaceutical company or insurance company bankrolling candidates that promote universal healthcare so its a case of David vs Goliath. A US citizen pays double to triple what a citizen in an equally developed country with universal healthcare does and all those countries supply healthcare to everyone and whilst healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy and financial problems in America, its totally non existent in the universal healthcare countries. The only argument that's left is healthcare results and again on this the US healthcare results are terrible, in a few types of cancer the US's results are good whilst in many other medical outcomes its overall results are on par with third world countries. the US's child mortality rates is the worst out the 20 richest countries in the world. Life expectancy rate in the us is 31st best.

  9. Of course it's cheaper you are paying insurance companies, how do you think the insurance employees are paid. Its not rocket science. You don't talk about it because you're brain washed

  10. Every system has it limits. The Danish HC system is not perfect but it cures a lot of the issues when it comes to "normal/average" people. Don't expect to be surrounded by 4-5 nurses if admitted to a Danish hospital.

  11. Stupid fucking drunken little nation where women born drunk are procreating drunk children. Denmark makes money dealing children pornography and money by making its own citizens dead drunk. It is a rotten regime where three are working and two are living with the money paid by the three. They call it social system I call it mutualistic parasitism.
    There is nothing worth eating. The food is disgusting. It is a form of communist country where everyone earn the same amount of money. The regime controls all the incomes. So everyone is poor everyone eat the same shit. On weekends everyone is drunk! It is a Scandinavian social democracy. Social democracy is a monster without the head. Bertold Brecht.

  12. is actually free to be treated and get surgerys and that it only cost if it not to help your body wwe in denmark just giv some money at the month for free treatment

  13. Obama care = Corporate care.

  14. France has the best healthcare system in the world! Italy is next! I am Italian.

  15. People still can’t comprehend that everything here is a business. The gov loves spending money the more the merrier. The more they spend the more they can pocket. Just look at health care fraud was basically made easy by the gov people get caught that let’s say steal 500k but they are charged with intended lost. Meaning it will be 4x that. But the intended lost is what goes in the deficit. So those extra 1.5 mill that supposedly were lost. Where do u think end up? Here doctors study to get rich n charge whatever they feel like. N pharmaceutical companies are a mill Times worse. How the Fuk is a Tylenol gonna cost upward $50 a pill in the hospital. If that ain’t fraud. I don’t know what is. But is allowed by our gov.

  16. The Danish system would never work in the US, very few Americans would accept the taxes that pay for all the "free" benefits

  17. Of course nobody is talking about it. When you've been spoonfed the idea that you live in the world's greatest country since birth, the idea of learning from other nations seems rather absurd and pointless. Probably also unpatriotic among some of your more zealous countrymen. The latter is possibly the reason Obama never touched on it.


  19. denmarks health care system ranks 37 worldwide… not sure why people are so proud of that.. its also really expensive because of the high taxes

  20. Vi lever ikke i et fejlfri land, men jeg priser mig nu alligevel lykkelig over at være født i Danmark og vil da gerne komme tilbage hertil i mit næste liv : – )

  21. Denmark is a shitti country now
    Homeless and single mothers are treated like crap

  22. Denmark FTW 😀

  23. How about 43% in taxes?  I live in the USA (California).  I calculated **ALL** my taxes one year and found I paid over 43% in taxes.  I included the numerous gas taxes, any fees or tolls that went to the government, and sales tax.  I was even in a low tax bracket, grossing only $10 per hour back then (in 1992).

  24. I wish America would follow Denmark, UK, Germany, and Canada's lead. Healthcare should never be about money, nor profits. Life and death is determined by money here in the US. Bernie Sanders will change that.


  25. 15,6 % of the tax you are paying in Denmark goes to the Health Sector. The dentist will take the rest.

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