Demo: Treatment Decision Support Software from Molecular Health

so imagine I was a physician I had previously ordered the test from molecular health then I get notified that results are actually available and instead of receiving a printed report I can use the treatment decision support software to actually view that in electronic format and view the results in all detail and I'm going to quickly demonstrate how this is working so I have already authenticated for the sake of the demo and I can re identify my patient on the basis of this patient ID and directly navigate to the results associated with this patient what you see here on this page is a complete list of all variants in genes that can be associated with specific treatments in this patient and they can be associated either to be toxic effective or ineffective these are the key dimensions so to speak so for this particular patient Blanka answer patient I would normally prescribe a certain chemotherapy cisplatin so let's now do a quick search and see what the system tells me about that particular thing chemotherapy is plug-in so I'm going to type that into into the search box and see what is software returns down here I can see that there's two genetic variants some variants in two different genes that can be associated with cisplatin in the patient data and the Association is either toxicity or ineffectiveness so it's probably not good if I treat this patient with an toxic or even ineffective treatment so now let's rather look at what could be effective in the patient I'm changing filter setting here and look at all potentially effective treatments in the patient what I see at the very top of the page is this treatment here result in it and the association with a specific variant that cancer patient and the variant actually predicts that your treatment is potentially effective so let's do this treatment so I take the ineffective tick box and search again just to make sure that there's no other evidence in the system that actually would predict that the same treatment is ineffective and in fortunately this is actually the case so here you can see that he had another genetic variant from the profile of the patient predicts that crizotinib is actually ineffective but fortunately if I scroll further down in the list I can see that this variant this particular variant up here can be also found in this row and in this case it's associated with effectiveness of this drug this is a very new track it's in development in phase 2 in clinical trials and I can directly navigate to the clinical trial information associated with this drug I can even navigate to the source information about this clinical trial and see if my patient is eligible to participate in that clinical trial this is some of the functionality that the software covers I can also look at a complete set of genetic alterations in a patient and use this complex information for my treatment decision or I can look at network effects of these genetic alterations in the patient so I can explore how the genes in which genetic variations occur actually interact so I can judge whether also in these complex biological networks that are in action in our human bodies we have Network effects

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