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you need to focus on three things when you're getting ready for boot camp and that's strength training nutrition for performance and your mindset strength training is by far the best way to get stronger will get your body prepared for boot camp so you can handle the maneuvers that you're about to go through I'm talking the fundamentals deadlifts squats bench press and pull-ups number two what we're talking about nutrition I'm talking about fueling your body for performance that's the mentality you should take you're gonna be able to run better you can be really get stronger and you'll find you'll have more energy so you can actually get stronger with these workout programs and of course you have to work on mindset basically you have to learn to embrace the suck it's not gonna be tough taste some rainbows whenever you get down to bootcamp you're gonna be told what to do you're gonna be total where to be you're gonna be torn of how to speak everything you're used to is gonna be different when you get down to boot camp learn to embrace it accept the change adapt to it overcome it and perform check it out I actually created a quick bootcamp prep guide that you can download all you do is click on the link below you can sign up for it and get it absolutely free use the information in this prep guide to prepare you for boot camp my name is Sara Maria I'm the founder of the fender generation and a new fitness instructor for future job AIDS you

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  1. Ooh rah can’t wait for boot camp!

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