Deer Feeding Ban and Chronic Wasting Disease Prevention

feeding deer is a legal statewide beginning September first through the first Saturday in January it's also illegal to feed deer during any hunting season within any county city or town within the Commonwealth what this effectively means for Fairfax County is that it's illegal to feed deer beginning September first through the last sunday in april the feeding band prohibits the distribution or placement of any food mineral or salt or similar substance it can be used to attract or feed deer this does not apply to bona fide livestock feed or bona fide agronomic plantings although the feeding of deer is well-intentioned wildlife biologists do not recommend feeding deer for several reasons the first being that when animals are fed they tend to lose their natural fear of humans and this can lead to dangerous situations even with white-tailed deer we do see instances where deer have attacked people where they've been in close proximity where people have been feeding deer or they think the deer are tame feeding deer can also cause deer populations to increase and this can cause continued damage to natural habitats a lot of the common grains that are used to feed deer such as corn can also contain aflatoxin which is produced by fungus and this can have negative impacts on deer health itself when it's consumed in high levels feeding deer can also congregate animals unnaturally and this poses a large threat in terms of disease transmission for white-tailed deer as well as other animals that will feed opportunistically at these areas such as raccoons diseases are a big issue in deer management throughout the United States one disease chronic wasting disease poses a significant wildlife management issue for deer in Virginia chronic wasting disease has not been detected in Fairfax County at this time but we want to provide information for general awareness on the disease due to its potential to impact your populations here in the future CWD is caused by abnormal infectious proteins called prions it spread through close contact between deer as well as it can be held in the environment for a number of years CWD is transmissible between deer through their saliva urine and feces and can also be transmitted through water soil and plants that are contaminated prion deer that are affected by CWD exhibit a loss of body mass and motor function signs can include emaciation staggering tremors oftentimes they're seen with their head held in a lowered position or an excessively wide stance there is no treatment for CWD CWD is always one hundred percent fatal as of March 2016 there have been 13 confirmed CWD positive cases in Virginia with in Frederick in Shenandoah counties near the West Virginia line wildlife biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries are monitoring the disease and have put a plan in action to limit the spread of disease into new areas within Virginia this includes a CWD surveillance plan as well as the establishment of a CWD containment area including the counties of Frederick Clark warren and shannon doyle with in virginia

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