Deepak Chopra on Taking Risks — And Finding Calm Anywhere You Are

– On an impulse, I
decided to be the change I was seeking in others. (easy listening music) Meditation simply means going beyond the conditioned mind or thought. You can be in that state any moment by being fully aware of any experience, like your breath or a thought. Or a sensation in the body
or an image in the mind. If you want to be in that
space right now close your eyes and ask yourself, “I wonder what my next thought is gonna be?” Try it right now. And there is silence, that’s meditation. My stressful days were in
my early medical career as a resident, not getting enough sleep, trying to combat stress by smoking and through alcohol. But that was maybe 50 years ago. Then on an impulse I
decided to be the change I was seeking in others. I started getting good sleep. Cultivating healthy
emotions, like compassion and joy and kindness and peace. Changed my diet to a more
plant based diverse diet. Basically reinvented my body
by resurrecting my soul. I think one can be stuck in a rut and a routine because of
the addiction to security. Actually the addiction to security is the biggest cause of insecurity. We don’t live in the past,
the past is the known. We live in the present that
actually creates the future. If you’re not present
to experience right now, if you’re not enjoying
experience right this moment cause you’re constantly
thinking of the future, then when the future arrives,
even the future that you want you won’t be present for it. Step in to the unknown. Take a risk, otherwise you’ll
be a victim of the past. If you want to be a pioneer of the future risk, take a little risk.

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