Dedicate – Day 17 – Learn | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone and
welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 17. You’re doin’ awesome! Today’s practice is
what it’s all about. Today we live and we learn. (bright music) Alright, my friends. Are you ready to rumble? Just kidding. I apologize if you
just woke up (laughs), if the sun’s
not up yet (laughs). Hi, let’s begin on our backs. This is gonna be
good if the sun’s not up yet and
you’re practicing. We’re gonna begin
(throat clearing) supine. Oh Benji took a
lie down as well. And we’re gonna take a second to bring our hands to our belly before we even get moving I just want you
to relax everything into the earth. Close you eyes. Make a wish and blow out the candlelight. Just kidding
Take a deep breath in here. Close your eyes. Somehow Boyz II Men
always comes out in like the second half
of this project (laughs). So, there we go. And just be. Just allow
whatever you’re coming to the mat with to be
here with you (laughs). No hiding, no tucking it away. No ignoring a busy mind
if you have a busy mind. Just acknowledge your thoughts. If your heart is
feeling a little tender, notice that too. Do you want to
maybe if that’s the case you bring just
one hand to your heart. One hand to your belly,
one hand to your heart. Alright, if you’re
sleepy don’t you worry. We’re gonna get
moving here but do allow yourself just a
moment here to just be. Because why? When we get in the
habit of simply allowing, when we’re more
open and available, for whatever life
lessons are coming our way. Whatever’s rising up, coming up to the
surface to reveal itself and ultimately
teach us, guide us. If you have not already,
take a nice deep breath in. Think of this one as a nice cool refreshing breath
as you breath in. And maybe out through the mouth. Then slowly bat
your eyelashes open. Take a look up at your space,
wherever you are. So maybe you’re indoors,
maybe you’re outdoors. Maybe you are at home. Maybe you’re not in your ideal yoga space but you know what? You’re dedicated
to this practice and to this journey
so you made it work. Maybe you’re on holiday. Maybe you’re
squeezing this is early in the morning or late at night. Wherever you are,
open your eyes and just take in your space
as you slowly rock the head gently
side to side, ear to ear. Nice and slow. Taking in the quality of light. The quality of
air wherever you are. Getting a little massage on the back of the head, the neck. And starting to
stretch out through the neck as you sync up with your breath. Aw man, I just saw
one single leaf fall. Beautiful. Alright, then bring
your head back to center and when you’re
ready you’re gonna inhale, reach the fingertips
up behind the head. Spread the fingers,
spread your toes. Take a deep breath. Just a nice
good morning stretch. Even if it’s not the morning. That awakening. That feeling of ah,
I’m alive (laughs). Okay then take one more
breath here wherever you are. And on an exhale I go both knees at the same time
or one knee at a time. I’m gonna hug the
knees in the chest, start to feel that lengthening, that stretch through
the lower back bod and if it feels good take
some soft easy movement here. So we’ve already
built a little bit of a vocabulary here together. You can bring the
nose up to the knees. You can draw circles
one way and then the other. You can take the
knees in opposite direction for a more grand
(laughs) gesture. And maybe you’re
tired and the body’s heavy and it’s just some exquisite
stillness here as you breathe. And best you can allow yourself to let go of whatever
came before this moment, this practice, this session. And best you can to
your best ability give yourself permission
to put any worry, any problems that
you need solutions still, any conversations,
anything on your To-Do list politely put it on
hold and let’s remember that although the
physical practice here provides so many just never
ending physical benefits, which we’re gone get today inevitably, there’s also just
this great opportunity to remember that at home yoga, daily yoga is just, in my opinion of course, the most wonderful way to
get in touch with yourself, to continue to
be a student of life and of art and of the world. Right? Never not
learning as I like to say. So when you start to think of your practice through that lens, through that peep
hole everything changes because you really are able
to drop your expectations, drop any judgment which we tend
to have a lot of inevitably. We’re human. And just focus on the learning. The getting to know yourself. The process. The journey. Cue Soul Rising.
Okay, just kidding (laughs). Here we go.
Take a deep breath in. On your exhale,
hug on to your right knee and send your left
leg up towards the sky. Flex your left
toes towards your face, take a deep breath
in and on an exhale slowly slide your left
leg down an imaginary wall. So with control. We start
to wake up the lower belly, the muscles of
the abdominal wall and you’re gonna
left that left heel just hover over the earth as you continue to
scoop your tailbone up. Notice if you’ve
become a little bit tight or clenched in the shoulders
here keep ’em nice and relaxed. Great, inhale in. Exhale to release. Kiss the left leg to the earth,
then inhale in again. Breathe with me. Exhale, contract.
Navel to spine. Hug the lower abs in and peel
the nose up toward the knee. Don’t even have to come close. Again, no judgment. Love your body, love yourself. Be kind. Remember, be sweet. Breathing deep. Nose lifting up
towards the knee. Okay, one more breath. Feeling that compression in
your right lower stomach organ. Alright and then slowly release. Breathe with me.
Inhale that big expansive breath bringing
in all four sides of the torso and then exhale
taking the right knee over towards the left
side of your yoga mat. Maybe doing a little
shift to the hips to the right and then find
what feels good here. Maybe opening up
through the right hand. Relaxing through
the shoulders again. Maybe you wanna
give an added layer of touch today by
petting the outer edge of your right thigh,
that IT band. Good. Take one more inhale here. Cool. On an exhale slowly bring
it back to center with control. Check it out. From here
you’re gonna hug the right knee now up towards the right
shoulder just best you can. So kind of going from the center of the chest to
the right shoulder. Breathe deep here. Notice where you
might’ve tightened up in this transition and see if
you can just soften and relax. Usually in the shoulders,
the hips or the ankles. (chuckles) And then we’re
gonna take the right hand to the right inner arch for
a little One-Legged Stirrup. So you’re gonna
grab the right arch. If the hand doesn’t go there
don’t worry you’re not alone. You can just
grab the shin or you can even grab a pant leg
here and use it to (laughs), hoist yourself up.
So, just keep learning. Focus on the process. It’s all good. Wherever you are
you’re gonna work to shine the sole of your
right foot up towards the sky. Breathe in. If you feel anything
pinching or pulling here, just back off a
little bit and use your breath to lead the way. So the right hamstring is
getting some sunshine here. We’re breathing
deep into the belly. We’re drawing
the shoulders down. This is a big gesture so let
the breath be big and full. And then slowly release. Dig the right
heel into the earth and then send the
right leg all the way out. Cool. Take a deep breath in,
wiggle the toes. Exhale. Let everything go. Alright. Now either
both knees at the same time again
or one at a time, just be mindful
of your low back. We’ll connect to the core.
Give yourself a big hug. Squeeze the knees
up towards the chest. Feel your low back
supported by the earth. Take a deep breath in. Hug your left knee
in towards your chest. Send your right leg up high. Take a second. Let the blood flow. Yoga is so good for
improving circulation. I’m a little bit
now with yoga I find where we’re tending to
focus on singular parts right? Core, arms, stress relief. But the beauty of yoga is
it’s incredibly multi-faceted and the more you
show up for yourself, the more beneficial it becomes. So even something
as simple as this, allowing the blood to
flow in the opposite direction. Mmm. Cool, and let’s
light a little tiny match in the belly as you
squeeze the left knee in. Inhale in. Exhale. Integrate. So slowly slide your right
foot down an imaginary wall. Notice what happens. Your center’s gonna
want to give way here. So keep the little match lit. That little candle burning. Slowly let the right heel hover. When you get there
breathe, breathe, breathe. Feel that low belly turn on. Then inhale in. Exhale. Let the right
knee kiss the earth. The right heel, sorry,
kiss the earth (laughs). Kinda Zen’d out. Okay. Scoop the right knee, no. (laughs) Scoop your left,
sorry guys, I gotta do it. Bring your left knee
in towards your heart. Beautiful. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out. Then hug the
lower abs in and peel the nose up toward the knee. Head to knee. Recline, head to knee. Not even kidding,
in traditional yoga they call this
Wind Relieving Pose. Very beneficial. So, if we are massaging some of your internal organs, be free, dear one. Always good to start at
the right side compression, finding compression
in the right side of the organ first,
before the left. You’re here for one
more cycle of breath. Probably (laughs). I’m trying to figure out what
I’m talking about (laughs). Alright, take one more inhale. Use your exhale
to release it down. Good. Then we’ll
take the left knee and guide it over
towards the right. Follow your breath. Nice Supine Twist here. So find what feels good. The reason I love
find what feels good, versus the mantra
do what feels good is I love that the find really, to me it helps, guide me to remember
that it’s not about the doing. It’s really about showing
up and being present and finding what
feels good in this moment. So not what felt good yesterday and not what feels
good tomorrow but now. Right? Be here now. Take one more
breath here in your twist. And then use your breath
to guide you back to center. Here we go. Left knee now up
towards the left shoulder. Check it out.
Just explore and then left hand to the left inner arch or maybe the ankle or the
shin or the pant leg. Still keeping
awareness and a little bit of grounding in my right leg. Right femur may be
pressing down to the earth. Thigh pressing down to the earth and then as
you’re ready kick it up. Sole of the
left foot to the sky. If you’re feeling this
in your sacrum, low back another option is to
just bring your right knee up and right foot to the ground. And then take one
more audible breath here. And then you release. Okay. Dig your left
heel into the earth. Send both legs out long. Hands come to the earth
now or underneath the bum. Inhale in. Exhale, navel draws down to the
spine as you lift the legs up. Beautiful. Baby pulses here as you flex
your toes towards your face and we’re just
working lower belly. So lower abdominals here.
Baby pulses. And they really
are so small you almost kind of feel like
you’re hiding them, right? So not a huge gesture
that’s gonna come in to the mid back in a way
that we don’t want. So little baby pulses and I find too to connect
this to the subtle body, close your eyes
or soften your gaze and see if you
can just feel it out. Try and detect
connection in the low belly. In fact if your hands don’t need to be on the
ground you can bring them to your low
belly and really feel that. Or begin to feel that. Just baby lifts with the heels,
with the tail. And then before you
give up on yourself, like, “I’m not
feeling anything,” this takes time so just
stick with it here for a bit. You got it. I can hear my stomach
making some interesting noises so I think our little warm up
(laughs) worked for the stomach. Okay, hopefully by
now we’re starting to light a little
candle in the low belly. Flex your toes
towards your face. Feet towards the sky. Soles of the feet
towards the ceiling. Mhmmm. Tuck you chin slightly. Lengthen through
the back of the neck. You’re doin’ awesome. And let’s stay
with it for three, two, why is she counting so slow? One. Awesome. Bend the knees.
Cross one ankle over the other. Grab either the outer
edges of your feet here or you can use your peace
fingers to grab you big toes. And bend your
elbows left to right, whatever variation and if that
doesn’t work maybe the shins. Not the band but grab your shins and we’re gonna rock and roll up and down the
length of the spine. Take your time. You’re gonna rock all the
way through to all fours. Great, and then from
here Tabletop Position. You’re gonna bump
your hips to the left and take your gaze
towards your right shoulder. Beautiful. Inhale. Come back to center. Bump the hips to
the right and take your gaze past
your left shoulder. Should feel good
after this week’s practices. Come back to center. This time curl
your right toes under. Send the right toes back. Find extension in the right leg. Take a loving breath here. You’re doin’ great
and on an exhale, we’re gonna draw a line with the right toes
all the way around off the left side
of your mat and then once again look
past your left shoulder. Deep breath in. Bring it back in to center. Tabletop. Curl the left toes under.
Kick it out. Same thing. Inhale. Exhale, draw big semi circle
all the way around. Turn to look past
your right shoulder. Mhmmm, mhmmm. Great. Inhale in. Exhale, come back to center. Pause. Look at the video. Benji’s boat watching today. He’s the watch, the boat watch. We’ll have to get him a boat outfit. Maybe a life vest
or a hat or something. Just kidding,
I don’t dress him up. Tabletop. Deep breath in here. On an exhale,
curl the toes under. Again we’re working to connect
to that low belly today. So, upper arm bones rotate out to support. Inhale in.
Gaze straight down. Nice and long in
the back of the neck and on an exhale lift the knees and let them hover,
Hovering Table. Breathe. Notice where your thoughts go. We’re learning not
just about our bodies in this process
but how our minds work. Are we working for ourselves or are we working
against ourselves? Deep breath in. Long breath out. Two more. Inhale in. Exhale out. Low belly draws in. Inhale. Exhale. And slowly lower to the earth. Awesome work. From here you’re gonna
kick the right toes out. Take a deep breath in. And on an exhale knee to nose. Kick the right toes out.
Take a deep breath in. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, kick it out. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, kick it out. Exhale, Tabletop Position. If you need a
break in the wrists just take a quick break here. Rotate the wrists one
way and then the other. With regular practice
and with that mindfulness and integrity that I know
you are already working with, this is gonna change, right? But it takes some time. So if you are feeling
like your wrists are goin’ on for a
rollercoaster ride, they kind of are, okay? We’re gonna continue to
tend to them lovingly. (kissing) Okay, here we go. Back to all fours. Curl the left toes under.
Send it out. So we’re not lifting today. We’re just kind of
giving the low back a little bit of a break. Because I know
what’s ahead, mwah ha ha. No I’m just kidding.
Not today. But lets be mindful
of the low back, right? 30 days of yoga is real. So send your left toes back. Inhale in. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, left leg extends. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale. Extend. Exhale. Try to really target the
abdominal wall, the low belly. Inhale, extend. Exhale, bring it
back into center. Awesome. Big toes to touch. Knees nice and wide. Send it back. Extended Child’s Pose. Tuck the chin,
forehead comes to the earth. Do what you want with
your hands here. So you can reach,
keep active arms by reaching, reaching, reaching. You can soften, find that grace. You can take Namaste Shark Fin. Feeling that opening a little bit deeper
through the shoulders and that stretch in the triceps. And then listen. Find your breath. And just spend a couple
moments with yourself here. Not doing anything and if
this posture’s not right for you to have this reflection,
you can just make an adjustment. Find your pose to be still and close your
eyes and surrender. Okie doke. Tuck the chin.
Slowly roll it up. Come back to all fours. Last little bit. Walk the knees in towards each other. Take your time, take your time. Then from here lift the toes. Squeeze the ankles together or you can cross the
ankles for style points. Find that Dunda. Remember Dunda
stands for stick or staff. Upper arm bones rotate out. We lengthen the tailbone towards the backs of the
knees and we find that connection of lower
belly and upper abdominals coming in to the midline.
Coming to one. Okay? Inhale, look forward. Exhale, bend the elbows. Try to keep them hugging into the side body
just a bit as we send the gaze forward
halfway down we go. Press up. Here we go. Two more. Slowly lower halfway down. Inhale in. Exhale, press up. Just one more, that’s it.
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale to lower. Pause and exhale to press up. Awesome work. From here walk the knees up. Cross the ankles if
they aren’t already. Come through to Sukhasana. Ah. Stack your head over your heart, your heart over your pelvis. So today is the
day that we stamp, or remember. Stamp this process, with the intention
to just keep learning. Whatever happens if
you miss a day, it’s okay. I always say you can do
the 30 days in 365 days. But if you’re on a roll
let’s keep it goin’, right? We can do it. When you’re ready
bring your hands together. We’re gonna just create a
little bit of energy here. (hands rubbing) By rubbing the palms
together create a little heat. (hands rubbing) Yoga. A practice to live by, right? Live and learn. Each day we show up
we find something new. This opportunity to just be true to ourselves
each time we wake up. Easier said than done,
I know, but that’s why we’re here together
supporting one another. Love you so much. I’ll see you tomorrow. We have an
amazing practice tomorrow but for now
ride the wave of your breath and have an amazing day. I love you. Namaste. (bright music)


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    I'm so grateful.
    Thank you, Adriene

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