Dedicate – Day 14 – Grace | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up party people
and welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day Yoga Journey. It’s day 14, can you believe it? Day 14 is the day that we
connect or reconnect with grace. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright my beautiful friends. Today we’re gonna
begin lying down, yay. So come on down to your back. Take your time. As soon as you get
down to the ground, let out a big sigh,
a big breath. Hardest part is done. You made a wonderful choice. Way to stay committed
and dedicated to carving out this important and
valuable time for yourself. We’re gonna make
today’s practice efficient but building upon
yesterday’s session. Now we’re gonna fill
that space with some grace. So the idea is you
know we make space for the grace.
For the good. And as life always graceful
and good? Of course not. But the tools of
yoga and this practice are here to help us
navigate all of it so, as you hug your
knees into your chest and give yourself a
great big hug, feel that. Feel this time, you know, enveloping you,
holding you. You can imagine
your yoga mat rising up to cradle your spine here. At the very
least you’re starting to just deepen your breath, get into your groove. Get ready for
your moving meditation. Just taking a little bit of time to decompress to
get into your body. Balance it out. And if for some
reason you’ve felt a little bit lonely
or a little bit you know, just out on your own
or hung out to dry lately, definitely use this
moment to close your eyes and remember your
yoga mat has your back. Try to relax your shoulders. Mmm, awesome. Then we’ll send the fingertips
out to a big old Texas T. Scoop the tailbone up
and when you’re ready take a deep breath in
and on your exhale, bring the knees
over towards the left for a reclined twist. Try your best to
keep your right shoulder moving toward the Earth
and then relax the weight of your body again
allow Momma Earth to just kind of hold you and help
you to feel supported here. You can turn your gaze
past your right fingers. Breathe into your belly. And then exhale,
relaxing everything. Good inhale in. On an exhale
connect to your center and nice and
easy come back through and we’ll take it
to the other side. So big Texas T, inhale in. Use your exhale to guide the
legs over towards your right. And then we work to
bring the left shoulder down. And see if you can
find the grace even here so if you’re kind of
clenching or forcing you know, see what you can do, and this will be
individual, to find a softness. A surrender
rather than you know, pushing. (chuckles) Okay, inhale in here. Use an exhale to relax
the weight of your body. And then inhale
into your sweet belly. Exhale to bring
it back to center. Yes, alright now, hug the knees up
toward your chest. Interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the head. You can extend your thumbs here to kind of cradle your neck.
Elbows nice and wide. So yesterday we
created a bunch of space in the chest, the pecs
so consider that here as you work you aim
to keep the elbows wide. Inhale in lift the
shins parallel to the ceiling. Exhale you’re gonna
slowly lift the head, the neck, the shoulders, and start
to engage through the core. But we’re not pushing,
we’re not forcing. We’re keeping
soft easy grace face (chuckles) and soft jaw. Just kind of coming
into a static hold here but you’re welcome of course
to find any soft easy movement within that whether
it’s rotating the ankles. Licking your lips, softening through the jaw again. Elbows wide. Just starting to wake
up the core mindfully. Notice if you’re clenching
kind of chin to chest here. See if you can put
that imaginary piece of fruit between your
chin and your chest again and lift your gaze up towards
the ceiling, towards the sky. Lower back is flush with
the mat, you’re doing awesome. We’re here for
three, two, on the one, just kick the
right leg out to straight and you can put
it at any level here. So close to the
ground or lifting up high depending on where you
are in your body today. Spread your right toes, try to keep your elbows wide. Inhale in, stick with me. Exhale bring the right knee in and then let’s
send the left leg out. Same thing, any level here. Protecting the lower back. And we’re
challenging ourselves here ’cause we’re gonna
wanna clench and push, see if you can
stay soft in the face. Great, take one more
breath wherever you are, you’re doing awesome. And then exhale to
release everything, ah. Squeeze the shins, the knees
up in towards the chest. Give yourself a big hug. And then we’re
gonna rock and roll up and down the
length of the spine. So you can bring the hands
to the backs of the thighs. And nice and
slow you’re gonna rock all the way front and back. Getting a little massage on
the spine on the back body. You know your body best so
if this isn’t great for you, you’ll just make your way up to a nice Forward Fold
however you see fit. So we’re gonna use
that core connection to come all the
way up and through. Or you may not make it. All the way up and through. To a Forward Fold. And I love
that I didn’t make mine there because that’s gonna happen. And I love just the
opportunity to smile and be playful
and kind to your body. Kind of focusing on the humility and the humor even as your go to
rather than, “I suck. “I can’t do this,” et cetera. So again finding the grace. Take your time getting there. If that was a little
confusing of a transition. Welcome, we’re
exploring new avenues. And we’re glad you’re here. This is where we’ll meet
in a standing Forward Fold. When you get
there I lovingly ask you what are you waiting for? Just notice if you’re
waiting for the next move or the next instruction. Breathe, baby breathe
like you love yourself. Maybe you take some soft easy
movement here that feels good. Remember this is
your time to check in. Nice conscious breath. Cool. Then in your own time, tuck the chin and
slowly roll it up to Mountain. Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Feel your feet
connect to the earth. Feel the earth
move under your feet. Just kidding.
Some people will get that. Some people not
so much but if you do let me know in the
comments section down below. Okay here we go. Find the grace right? Making space for the grace. Inhale just the right
fingertips reach forward. Check it out then up. And then keep
the feet rooted soft bend the knees as you
take it all the way back. Your nose and your gaze
follows integrating the neck. Oh yeah, baby.
Here we go reach forward. I’m just starting nice and slow.
All the way up. Feel that stretch
in the left side body. All the way back. And then keep it going.
Inhale to reach up. Exhale to follow it back,
soft bend in the knees. Inhale to reach up. Exhale to follow it back. There goes my hip, beautiful. Inhale making
space for the grace. So find a softness.
If this is the first time you’ve ever done this
little backstroke move, soften through your fingers. Ground through the feet. Start to open up
through the obliques. The hip, the front
of the hip creases, the psoas, the chest,
and then just find a way to embody this in a way
that feels good for you today. And if you’re practicing
with someone today you can have a little giggle.
It’s okay to have fun. Mhmmm. Let’s do one more on each side. Go for the gold. Gracefully and grandfully. Inhale reach towards
the sky both fingertips. Both hands, fingertips wiggle. Exhale, Forward Fold
all the way down. Beautiful from here
inhale, halfway lift. Find length in the neck. Squeeze the elbows
into the side body. And then exhale
to soften and bow. Bend the knees,
plant the palms, step it back. Plank Pose. Soft and easy in the elbows. Beautiful then
inhale to look forward. Exhale lower to the belly. Inhale, Bhujangasana.
Take your time. Exhale soften and release. Curl the toes under. Lift the kneecaps,
tone your quads, press up to Plank Pose. Soft bend in the elbows. And then make your way
up Downward Facing Dog. Claw through the fingertips. On your next inhale,
lift the right knee up high. Exhale right knee all the way up and over to kiss your right
elbow as you gaze forward. Find the grace. Inhale to anchor
through the left heel. Inhale kick it all the way up. Right toes to the sky. Exhale step it all the way
up into your nice low lunge. Back knee
lowered or lifted today. Yogi’s choice so if you want a cooler
practice lower the knee. If you want some
heat keep it lifted. Then squeeze the inner thighs
in the midline everybody reach the fingertips
forward, up and back. Beautiful, inhale reach
the left fingertips up high. Exhale with grace. Wiggle the right fingertips. Send them down to the earth. Breathing deep here, opening
up through the left side body. Great, then inhale,
right fingertips all the way to the sky. Exhale fingertips to the earth. Step your back
foot up just halfway. Pyramid variation, breathing, pulling the
right hip crease back. Great. Breathing, breathing, breathing. Alright, listen carefully. Bend both knees
lift your back heel. Inhale in, exhale
step the back foot up to meet the front
Uttanasana, Forward Fold. Shake the head a little yes. A little no. Start to really feel your legs as you bend your knees. Yes. Then inhale, halfway lift. Catch a wave here.
Find length. Exhale soften and fold. Beautiful. From here bend the knees, plant the palms again. Step it back, Plank Pose. Inhale to shift
forward look forward, belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Use an inhale to open the chest. Ride the wave
of the breath here. And use an exhale to release we’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. Follow your breath. Alright from Downward Dog, anchor through your
right heel this time and inhale
slide the left leg up. Exhale think up
and over as you bend your left knee
think up and over, you’re going over a hurdle here. Kissing left knee to left
elbow as you gaze forward. Then anchor
through the right heel kick the left
leg up high, inhale. Exhale, step it all the way
up into your nice low lunge. Back knee lowered
or lifted here we go, inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Then find your footing
and when you’re ready reach right fingertips up. Bend your left elbow and
wiggle the left fingertips down to the earth, big stretch. Soft and easy, breathing deep. Use your breath
here to really breathe into the right hip crease. The obliques, the belly. Feeling the lungs, the chest
expand as you breathe in. And soften as you breathe out. Good inhale to send the
left fingertips back up. Exhale, rain it down. We’ll step the back foot halfway
for that Pyramid variation. Left toes stay put. Right toes are pointing towards the front right
corner of your mat. Then just as we’ve
been doing that action of pulling your left
hip crease back a bit here you can bend your left knee
as generously as you need to. Reconnect with your breath,
you’re doing great. Sweet now bend both knees,
lift your right heel. Inhale in and on an
exhale step that back foot up to meet the front, Forward Fold. Feet hip width
apart are flush together. Yogi’s choice just
nice conscious footing. Then relax the
weight of your head over. Shake the head a
little yes a little no. Beautiful,
then inhale halfway lift. Find length. Catch that wave, it crests
and falls with the breath as you exhale, soften and bow. Then inhale,
root to rise here, big stretch. Soft fingertips
perhaps on this one as you reach for the sky. And then exhale,
hands to the heart. Observe the breath. Beautiful. Alright, stepping to
the center of your mat. You’re gonna come to that nice, wide legged
stance from yesterday. Toes in heels out. We’re gonna bring the
hands to the heart to start. Take your time getting there. Make sure you feel
grounded in your feet. Beautiful. Then we’re gonna inhale. Drop the fingertips
down to come up. Inhale soft fingertips
as you take up space here. And then exhale
float the fingertips down. That’s it, syncing
up with your breath. Find the grace. Inhale reach for the sky. Try to create a
full body experience. Exhale, float it down. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, float it down.
Now get out of your head. And in to my car. No, get out of
your head and get in, in loving relationship
with your breath. So you’re just gonna move just
like that. Inhale to reach up. Exhale to fold. I’ll stop
cueing you and allow you to follow the
sound of your breath. The wisdom of your heart. You’re doing awesome. See if you can
integrate the neck. Nice long refreshing
breath in as you reach up. And nice long extended exhale
as your fingertips float down. Let’s do one more. And this time
interlace the fingertips behind. Knuckles draw down and away. This is our last beat here so give it your full attention. Your focus is you draw
the shoulder blades together. Lift your chest,
open your heart up to grace. This trust. This softness,
this presence with what is. We’re not moving
in a reactionary way. But really present and
grounded in the moment. Even when it’s difficult. Inhale. Exhale, dig into your heels. You have this as you
send your heart forward. Pull the hip creases
back nice and slow. You have this breathing deep. Maybe you just
pause here looking in to your reflection in your imaginary pond here. Supporting the back body
by connecting to your core, or if it’s available,
sending the crown of the head all the
way down to the earth, knuckles towards the front. Breathing deep. Everyone keep breathing. Hold on to your
center for stability. Listen, listen, listen. Listen to your body,
listen to your breath. Be kind. And then press in all
four corners of the feet. Slight bend in the knees as
you come all the way back up just the same way you went in. Kind of rewinding
mindfully all the way up. And then don’t give up here.
Stay focused. Stay with it.
As you inhale, lift the chest. Exhale, release the hands. Bring them
together at your heart. Heel-toe, heel-toe. Grace can be fun and funky too. So you slowly bring
it all the way back. And we’ll finish in Mountain. Take a second. Just notice how you feel. Feel the ground underneath you. And I love this idea
of moving with grace and taking it one step further and remembering that it can have all of
these different flavors. Right, grace isn’t just one way. Our idea of grace. Grace is unique to
each and every one of us and different each day
so sometimes it’s humor. Sometimes it is a softness and sometimes it’s an
extreme need to focus or trust. There’s a quote
that I’ve always loved that says, “The breeze of
grace is always blowing. “Set your sail to
catch that breeze.” Take a deep breath in. Exhale, let’s bow
our head to the heart. Have an awesome day.
We’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (bright music)


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  83. Did anybody else really enjoy this practice? I also want to say that this practice really made me think about how much yoga has helped my mental state over the past year. Taking things one step at a time, breathing, it's okay if you fall you will get there. I was really anxious and stressed and doing these videos at home has helped a lot.

  84. Thanks Adriene for Day 14 πŸ™‚

  85. Thank you.. Another perfect way to end my day.. with session 13 and 14 tonight (yesterday was tooo long)… Feeling so good and ready to tug into my soft bed.. night night and namaste A..

  86. It really feels like I made some space for grace but I feel like making even more space so I'll do another practice of yours.

  87. Today u didnt say 'lots of love in , lots of love out '

  88. Namaste

  89. Day 14! I feel the sky tumbling down. 😜

  90. I just want to say thank you so much

  91. Yummy!

  92. Didnt get to do my yoga practice for the past 4 days 😭 but im getting back on track today! Crazy how I've been craving for yoga. I badly needed this.

  93. I was listening to my body but today my body said "no". That's ok though.

  94. Thank you Adriene! I loved the little saying you gave us at the end! The breeze of grace is always blowing! Today I set my sails to catch that breeze!! Namaste!!!

  95. Thank you so much Adriene. I'm painting a dragon today, so needed to channel some Grace and this coincided perfectly. The quote at the end made me cry πŸ™‚ xxx

  96. 5th time on day 14! yay! I feel the earth move under my feet! Love it! Thanks, Adriene!

  97. Hi All! Getting through the practice a little bit later in the year πŸ™‚

    I've been encountering some resistance when interlocking my hands behind my back. Often my attention will go to keeping my hands interlocked and I will struggle to focus on the rest of my body. Is there something I can do to make poses with interlocked hands a little bit easier to concentrate on instead of becoming owrried about keeping my hands clasped? Thanks!!

  98. Can't believe I made it to day 14 already!

  99. I do yoga in front of my friends when I’m not home lol

  100. Today went by sooooo fast. I feel like I didn't even do anything, but maybe that's because I enjoyed it so much?

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