Dedicate – Day 11 – Courage | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello dear friends
across the globe. Welcome to Dedicate,
your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 11.
Can you believe it? Have courage. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okay, my darling friends, let’s begin in
Extended Child’s Pose today. Yay! As always if this
pose is not your jam, make an adjustment. Find a nice place
where you can get still and start to spiral
into this moment. Benji’s getting
settled in his shape. I invite you to get settled in
your shape and together as one let’s take a deep breath in. Right, I invite you to close
your eyes and let’s begin this practice by just acknowledging how awesome you are for dedicating this
time and this energy for yourself. This takes courage. It really does. It’s not easy to show up and look inside and
see what’s there. It’s not always easy to work through the things rather than just avoid it. So let’s begin with a
little gratitude and a little acknowledgement
for how awesome you are for showing up here today.
Take a deep breath in. And empty it out. One more breath in. And exhale. Awesome. Let’s inhale.
Slowly come up to all fours. Keep your knees as
wide as your yoga mat. Hands come to the earth. We’re gonna bring the
left fingertips all the way up towards the sky here.
Just nice and easy. Make sure you’re not
jerking yourself around here. We jerk ourselves around off
the yoga mat plenty, right? Moving fast from
one place to the other so here’s an
opportunity to soften. So think of it more as a
reach rather than a, right? Yesterday’s practice
taught us to kind of be present with that expansion. See if you can
find expansion here. Deepen your breath and reach. Focus on the
sensation over the shape. So you might be here. Cool, then inhale. And on your exhale you’re
going to thread the needle. Send the left fingertips
in and underneath the bridge of the left,
excuse me, right arm. Good, then inhale,
press through your right hand. Take it all the way back up. Reach and exhale, twisting. Beautiful.One more.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Breathe in. Exhale, take it in and
underneath the bridge of the right arm and then
this time pause here. Make sure your knees
are nice and wide here. Breathe into
the upper back body. And you can take any variation
you like with your right hand. Maybe reaching
the right fingertips all the way forward
with a straight arm. Maybe taking your right hand to the small of
your back, the sacrum. Or using your left, excuse me,
right hand on the earth to get a little bit of a deeper stretch
in the upper left back body. Remember the process,
the practice is the candy, not the end product. So whatever you’re coming onto
the mat with today is all good. From your center, from
the core of your being, slowly unravel
back to all fours. We’ll do the same little ditty
daddy do on the right side. So here we go, inhale,
reaching up. Spread the right fingertips.
Just notice how you feel here. Take a deep breath in and then exhale
thread the needle. Right fingertips underneath
the bridge of the left arm. Feel it out. Try to create a
full body awareness, a full body experience here. Here we go.
Pressing into the left hand. Inhale, reach it up. Spread the right fingertips. And exhale, big twist. Threading the needle. Nice and then
one more big inhale. Find that expansion.
Reach for the sky. Exhale, thread the
needle and let’s lean into this yummy posture for a second. Let’s breathe into
the upper back body. And breathe into the belly. Just breathe, breathe, breathe. Maybe taking a little
variation with the left hand. Left arm. Should feel really good. Alright, then
use your left palm. Find that hand
to earth connection here as you slowly unravel. We’ll come back to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. Curl thy toes under and
take the hips up and back, Downward Facing Dog. Start to pedal it out,
excuse me, immediately. Just feeling that fresh blood
circulate through the legs. And fresh oxygen in the lungs. And then when you’re ready,
bend the knees generously. Let your belly reach
towards the tops of the thighs. Inhale to look forward. Careful not to crunch
the back of the neck and then exhale to
make your way to the top. Forward Fold. Use this as an
opportunity to check in. So the repetition of this
posture each day giving us an opportunity to check in
with what’s going on now. Not with what was going
on yesterday or what might happen tomorrow but right now. The courage to be with what is. Mhmmm. Then when you’re ready,
bend the knees, tuck the chin and
roll it up nice and slow. And right away as you
align head over heart, heart over pelvis begin to shift your weight gently
over to your left foot. And we’re gonna imagine there’s
like a marionette string pulling our right knee up high. We’ll connect to our core. We’ll integrate all of the
things we’ve learned together thus far as we come into a
Standing One-Legged Tadasana. Have courage. Hands on a waistline here. Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Then interlace the fingertips
and catch your right knee. Squeeze it up in
towards your chest. So right away, this isn’t
working for you you can just work with the big
toe on the ground, palms at the heart. Rotate the ankle one
way and then the other. Awesome, awesome. Then slowly we’re gonna release.
Bring the hands to the heart. Listen carefully. You’re going
to slowly kick your right foot all the way back
to a nice high lunge. Check it out. Make sure
you’re not on a tight rope. Widen your stance if you need
to and then settle in here. Breathe. Bend your
back knee if you need. Awesome work.
Take a deep breath in. A long breath out. On your next inhale,
reach for the sky. You got it, inhale. Exhale. Create space. Big beach ball up and overhead.
Find that loop of energy. That lift up
through the front body. That grounding
through the back body. And then check it out.
Inhale in. Exhale, slowly coming
forward on to your right toes. Keeping the front
knee over the front ankle. You’re gonna send
the fingertips back. We’re gonna come to those
airplane arms from yesterday. And once again, find that
expansion as you breathe in. And breathe out. Breathe in. And breathe out. Now imagine you’re looking into a reflection of like a
body of water. Maybe a pond. You’re looking and you’re
getting your reflection back so there’s length in the neck here. Give yourself that image. Seeing your face. I like to think of that moment
in Zoolander where he’s like, “Who am I?” Okay, and then
turn on your core. Bend your right knee. Hands are gonna come slowly to
the heart and with control we’re gonna step it all the
way back up to Mountain Pose. Awesome work. Breathe in. Breathe out. Shift your weight
to your right foot. Hands come to the waistline. And here we go, lifting up
from the left knee this time. And be careful here. I’m not collapsing into my right
hip but using everything I’ve learned so far to
create this yielding, this pressing
away from the earth. So as I lift my left knee, I’m pressing away from
the earth with my right foot. And the reason we start with
hands on the waistline is to make sure we’re not just
kind of catching and holding. Kind of like we tend to
do in Tree but we’re really integrating everything,
all of the muscles. Creating stability
in the joints. And then we can come
and we can capture the flag. So bring your left
knee in towards your chest. We can also be working here. And rotate the ankle
one way and then the other. Cool, take
another deep breath in. Find that balance of opposition. So lifting through the front,
grounding through the back. You might feel your
right glute turn on here. Okay, here we go.
Inhale in. Exhale, slowly bring
the hands to the heart. Soft bend in your standing leg. Again, strengthening that
standing leg here as we slowly kick the left foot back. Step it all the way,
come into a nice high lunge. Mmmm. Then notice what’s
going on in the hips. You might be a
little bit too narrow here so you can just
widen your stance. So you can find that
inner support system. Cool. And then when
you’re ready, inhale, reach for the sky.
Take up space. Beautiful, inhale in again. Exhale, slowly bend the elbows. Send the fingertips back.
We find those airplane arms. Front knee over front ankle. I’m gonna lift up
on to my left toes. I’m engaging through the core. But shoulder
blades drawing together. And then the image, again,
of looking out into the pond. Looking, having the
courage to really look. See who’s there. What’s up? Breathing deep. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the midline. Lifting from the
pelvic floor, you got it. Then soft and easy, guys.
Here we go. Bring the hands
together at the heart. Bend your back knee.
With control, here we go. From center,
you got it, inhale in. Exhale, step it forward. Awesome. Samasthiti. We have that four
part equal standing here. Quiet Mountain.
Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Good, now listen carefully. Inhale, send the fingertips
out left to right, Texas T. Exhale, hands to heart. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, fingertips
float up towards the sky. Exhale, rain it down.
Wiggle the fingertips. Let something go. Inhale, halfway lift. Your version, any version. Find length in the neck. And exhale to
soften and release. Beautiful, plant the palms. Step the right toes back,
step the left toes back. Inhale in here. Hollow body, press
away from your yoga mat. A little bit of core. And then exhale,
Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful. In this Downward Dog
bring your toes together. Legs together, toes together. Inhale in. Exhale, just bend
the knees a little bit. You’re gonna rock
on to the right side, excuse me, outer
edge of you’re right foot. Then slowly come back to center. Rock on to the left side. And then back and
forth a couple times. Feeling the
obliques turn on here. Strong in the shoulders. And then coming back to center
after you’ve evened it out. We’ll bend the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, make
your way to the top. Feet together
or hip width apart. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale, root to rise here. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale back all the way down,
Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Moving with your breath.
Finding length. Exhale to soften and fold. Getting the juices flowing. Plant the palms, step it back,
Plank Pose or Half Plank. Hollow body so we’re
hugging the low ribs in. We’re pressing
away from the yoga mat. We’re building
strength mindfully. We’re here for three, two. Take it to Downward Dog.
Breathe out, one. Awesome work. Anchor the left heel,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward
all the way, step it up. From here, keep
the back heel lifted. Squeeze the
inner thighs together. You can always
come on the back knee if you’re feeling
a little low energy today. Slowly we rise up.
Send the fingertips to the sky. Beautiful, inhale in.
Send the fingertips to the sky. Exhale, hands to heart,
Anjuli Mudra. Alright, so here we go again. Front knee over front ankle.
I’m gonna lean forward. Come on to the tippy
tip toes of my left foot. Inhale in, exhale, step it up. Just halfway.
Pause here. Again, strengthening
that standing leg. Strengthening that right booty. Breathe in deep and
then looking forward, forward, come on
to your left big toe. Have courage. Draw the shoulder
blades together actively. Keep looking.
Looking into the pond. Maybe left leg
begins to float up. Lift from your left inner thigh. Hold on to the integrity that you
have built in your center, your core, your spine, that
awareness in the shoulders, shoulder blades coming together. Beautiful. So have the courage to
throw yourself off balance. Maybe you take a variation
here finding airplane arms or even interlacing the
fingertips behind the back. Remembering your breath. Alright, listen carefully.
Draw the navel in. Slowly begin to
bend the left knee. You’re gonna come into your
Standing One-Legged Tadasana. From here, send the
fingertips up towards the sky. Strong standing leg.
Reach, reach, reach. Inhale, lift the left knee
and then exhale hands to heart. Samasthiti, Mountain. Beautiful, here we go.
Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, halfway lift, Texas T. Exhale, hands to heart. You got it.
Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, fingertips to the sky. Exhale, rain it down. Nice and slow. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms,
step it back, Plank Pose. Your version.
Find that hollow body. Breathing deep. Shoulder blades are
going left to right here. Neck is nice and long. Three, two. You are strong!
Downward Facing Dog. Gorgeous, take a
deep breath here. You’re doing great. Long breath out. Great, anchor the right heel.
Slide the left leg up high. On an exhale, bring
it all the way up and in. Step it up lightly. Keep the back heel lifted. Squeeze your thighs. Find that inner support system. You got it.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Check in, front
knee over front ankle. Strong base. Inhale, reach the
fingertips to the sky. Exhale, hands
slide down to the heart. Alright, try to keep sternum
lifting up to the thumbs. Shoulder blades
drawing together. We’re gonna slowly
just shift forward, keeping that
integrity in the spine, bend your back knee and nice and
slow just step it up halfway. Left leg strong,
getting strong, slow and steady. Hold on to your breath. Then find the image
of looking into the pond as you shift forward. I’m not rounding
through the spine. I’m working hard. Building strength in the
muscles of the back body. Building strength in
the muscles of the core. The left glute, strong left leg. And then slowly I lift
up on my right big toe. Don’t think
about Warrior III, guys, particularly those who have a
lot of yoga under the belt, yoga asana under the belt. Give yourself the
image of looking in the pond. Strong leg and continue to look
down at your reflection as maybe we float the right
inner thigh all the way up. Again, shoulder
blades drawing together. Drop the right hip down. So if you’re here opening up,
we’ll save that for Half Moon. (chuckles) Nice and slow. With the breath. Nice and with control. Then maybe if you’re
feeling it adventurous, have a little
courage to experiment here. Maybe it’s just the
courage to be here at all. You’re doing great. Continue with the breath. Make it your
own and if you fall, we’ll catch ya. Gaze is forward
looking into your reflection. You’re doing awesome.
Take one more breath, wherever you are find
that expansive breath. And then on an exhale,
here we go, hands at the heart. We’re gonna slowly
soften through both knees. You’re gonna bring your
right knee all the way through. You have
everything you need here. You are strong,
just stick with it. Just hold on to your focus. Standing One-Legged Tadasana, send the fingertips
up towards the sky. Here we go, squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. Lift your right
knee a little bit higher. Then palms come together and we slow and with control
release everything down. Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Deep breath in. And a long breath out. One more deep breath in. Empty it out. Slowly release the fingertips
down and without looking down, so have the courage. You know that
ground is there for you, right? You can step front,
back, side to side, you don’t need to look down. So without looking down
see if you can bring your feet as wide as your mat. So we’re here. Okay? Great and then turn your toes
out so they’re just spilling off the edges of your mat
if you’re on a yoga mat. Okay and then
we’re gonna inhale. Last time, reach for the sky. Exhale, you have
everything you need. You’re gonna bend your knees. You’re gonna
drop your center down. Stay connected. Stay rooted through all four
corners of the feet and we’re gonna come into
a nice yogi squat. Fingertips, hands can come to
the earth for some support, some connection. If the hips are going (mimics
alarm bell), totally normal. So maybe lift the heels,
walk the toes in. More of a froggy gesture. Mhmmm, mhmmm. So we’re gonna be in
a little yogi squat here, your version. Either a little Malasana
variation or a Froggy or if Bakasana is in your practice
or you want to create a little Bakasana in your
home practice we’ll work just for a moment here. Bringing the hands forward,
walking the toes together. And we’ll do a little more of
this as we go on through the practice but just
a little play today. We’re gonna lift
the hips up high. Drag the hands towards the body. Knees are gonna go up towards
the armpit and your gaze is gonna be forward just
as we’ve been practicing, looking in the reflection. That’s as far as
you really need to go. So keeping that gaze forward,
looking into the reflection. You can rock a little back and forth getting
your center involved. Maybe lift one toe up. Maybe the other. And then maybe today you do
catch a little heighth but don’t worry if you do not today. Main goal today is
to continue looking forward finding that
reflection in the pond. And if you’re like, “Hmm,
not for me today, Mishler,” then a little hip release here
or a lot of hip release here. Some great release
for the foot, the feet. Alright, wherever you are,
go ahead and release that and we’ll come to a seat. Rotate the wrists if you need. We’ll just do a
gentle twist to the left. Breathe in. Breathe out,
bring it back to center. Gentle twist to the right. Breathe in. Breathe out,
come back to center. Hands come together. We’ll bring ’em
right up to the third eye. Way to show up. Way to be awesome. It takes courage. May this be an awesome reminder
and an important motivator to help us all be included,
continue to show up for ourselves on the
mat and off the mat. With palms together at the
third eye or at your forehead, may we always have the
courage to see the truth. Nice work everyone.
I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (bright music)


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  59. I have to admit that today I wasn't fully present. After seeing some social media posts from ex-friends my mind was thrown, thinking, jealousy etc. But I'm trying not to beat myself up – it's a practice after all! Here's to sticking with it 6 months later than intended!! X

  60. I am feeling so strong. I would have never thought I could get this far, but I did! I am excited to step onto the mat now, it is just like a sweet treat.

  61. Omgoodness! The balancing postures are so hard for me!!! Any tips anyone?!? I can't hold them. I always tip over.

  62. Struggled today with the balancing poses feel like giving up i can't seem to get or hold my balance 😢

  63. I was shaaaaking in this practice! And I felt how I was getting stronger with every breath. It was fantastic. 🙏

  64. did day 10 & 11 in one session and i feel GREAT! <3 thank you i'm so glad i'm doing this started dedicate in the beginning of the year but then my mom died that threw me off everything and i'm just trying to create a routine and some self discipline again, yoga helps so much!!

  65. Anyone else's standing leg in this on fire 🔥 and that end pose…..nope no chance! 😂

  66. "May we always have the courage to see the truth" PFFFTTT I was feeling like crap today but didn't want to aknowledge it. This gave me the courage to see the crap. Thank you, Adriene. Namaste.

  67. This one whooped my butt today. Loved it.

  68. 4th time on Day 11! A bit more stiff today, my back feels a little out of whack again! uug! But pushed through and feel good.

  69. Really enjoying this thanks for the great workout!

  70. today was so tiring for me but i pushed myself to show up on the mat and boy I'm glad! this was challenging but awesome thank you Adriene ❤

  71. To you Adriene just want to start by saying sorry you been a great Beautiful lady and And veggies been a great bud and Benji Great buddy I only wish I wish you being a great friend to the end 🌹🧘‍♀️😇 Love always

  72. Todays been a long one. For the first time the entire series, I didn’t start the exercise first thing in the morning , but rather 2am after playing video games and realizing that I hadn’t done my daily yoga. I had some rather big changes occur today as far as social life, and Ive just felt drained and overwhelmed . This specific exercise helped me with my courage and showed me that even though I wasn’t feeling my best, I still did what needed to be done to be the best version of myself. Thank you for that. Namaste.

  73. I have always been so terrified of crow pose. A few years ago when I first started to gain interest in practicing yoga, I tried to do crow pose (way too soon for my body) and totally biffed it and bumped my forehead on the mat pretty hard. Ever since then I've felt a good amount of anxiety at the thought of trying it again. As soon as I saw the thumbnail for Day 11's video, I felt that fear. But I did it anyway, and I found balance in my bakasana pose for a few seconds today. I never thought I could do it, yet here I am! Thank you for reminding me to have courage. I AM STRONG!!!

  74. Loved it today. Looking into water was awesome. Wonderful 28 minutes. Checked on my courage in last frog asana. Thanks for Day 11 Adriene 🙂

  75. I love those yoga practices 🙏🏻

  76. was soo tired after work, cosy family evening and then standing up prepping food for the days to come until almost midnight. BUT I HAD TO STICK TO MY DEDICATION.. and WOW, so glad I did…. Really LOVE the progression and flow during these days.. and believe it or not I kept my focus and my balance all way through this COURAGE… am so glad and feel so good in my tired body.. ready to SLEEP NOW.. THANKS dear A and Namaste…

  77. Day 11! Thank you again. A bit of turbulence but we have an experienced pilot guiding our plane.

  78. I'm calling today's practice, "Wobbly Courage." But I'm not mad! I'm here! I like the idea of coming back to this one day and feeling more power through the lunge moves. Like a previous commenter, I feel like my planks and down dogs are feeling more solid so progress is happening.

  79. <3

  80. Amazing.❤

  81. By the end of balancing with one leg behind me in the air my butt started to cramp. Any tips what to do about that? It happens often

  82. It's August 2019 – I finally found the courage to re-start my home yoga practice after 4 years of being an ever more stiff new mom. I am so thankful that a student of mine suggested Yoga with Adriene and especially the 30 day challenge. It took months for me to finally get started with Day 1, then I fell behind a couple days, but haven't missed one in over a week. I'm on a roll now and feeling stronger and more flexible than I have in years. Thank you, Adriene, for your authentic accompaniment and awesome encouragement for this yogini in the making. I feel like I'm back on the mat for the rest of my days! <3

  83. I was finally able to hold crow pose 😃

  84. My crow didn't take off, but it will. Love every minute of these videos. ❤

  85. So I must tell everyone I fell chin first, laughed at myself at got back up. I'm determined to get that pose lol best wishes

  86. Hi Adriene. I am feeling so strong. My balance could use some improvement, but in time. Thank you for taking time on the mat to show us how it's done.

  87. I heard ny bones cracking cos of this one😄 felt goooooos

  88. thank you!

  89. My knees will get stronger!!!! I am getting stronger by the day. It is remarkable how my ankles feel right now. I have been burdening them with too much weight but I gave them stretching love this morning and this yoga work right now and yummy! Toes need love too:)

  90. This is probably the only YouTube channel that never gets any negative comments. Yoga with Adriene is the epitome of a true, welcoming, loving and safe place. ❤️

  91. This feels like day 29 not day 11. I've been able to keep up so far but today, I couldn't do 75% of the poses. I hope it wont be like that for the next 19 days.

  92. Omg! That yogis squat tho! I had the “courage” to try lifting both feet off the mat but I fell. No worries I’ll keep at it till I get it! Thanks for the awesome practice:)

  93. Adriene you beautiful person I love you

  94. Hi everyone, just wanted to say that i can’t get my heels down, yet, maybe ever, but I don’t let it matter. There are many kinds of courage, and I felt strong thinking about the Crow, imagining trying it, and I love practicing with what I can do — FWFG!!!!

  95. 5th time on Day 11! Yay~! What an awesome practice, left me in the dust! LOL! I am getting better at balance on one leg and the high lunge. Just a WIP but I am okay with that, progress not perfection! Thanks, Adriene!

  96. After years of steady devotion to Yoga with Adriene, this is by far my favorite video. Perhaps I'm far more courageous than I realize. We all are. How many were moved to tears after this practice?

  97. Wish I could've done the crow pose today but it was not for me 😂

  98. Um I think my arms are too short or something lol. I can't put my knees towards my armpits.

  99. I came up with a system, have my computer and one end of the mat, then have my phone on the side, so that I can always look at what is happening because I'm slow and don't listen very well at times. So when you said to lift, to get some height, I fell over and just stared at how you could do that. I can't wait to get there!

  100. Wow …what a beautiful location is ur house in …amazing…

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