Dedicate – A 30 Day Yoga Journey – Yoga With Adriene

– Hello dear friends. Adriene here coming at you with
a very special announcement. (mimics trumpets) I am on the set of our brand new 30 day yoga journey and it’s called Dedicate. (uplifting music) What’s that you say? What is it you ask? Dedicate is a 30 day yoga
journey that everyone across the globe is invited to and it’s 100% free. So this is a wonderful
way that we like to kick off the new year. It really sets the tone
for the year ahead and it’s our tradition now in
our community and I love that it’s growing
and growing and growing. I’m honored to guide as many
people as possible on this free yoga journey and this is why. Over the years we have found
that you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity or your
relationship to your true self in order to get fit. And the new year is, you know,
of course, a wonderful time for us to kind of focus in,
dial inward, and go, “How am I feeling?
Where do I want to go? “Where do I want
to put my energy? “And yeah, how can I
become a healthier person or, “you know, spiral back to a
healthier version of myself?” And I think that 30 days of yoga while it is a challenge is a journey that anyone and
everyone can benefit from. This started when Chris and
I thought it might be fun to create an original program
called 29 Day Yoga Reboot for this, you know, January time and we were really
new to this thing. We were kind of
learning as we went along. Which we still are. But we made this 29 day reboot
program totally like in my friend’s back garage studio. We lit it ourselves. We shot it ourselves and it
was four videos that you were supposed to do each week. And Chris and I worked
tirelessly throughout the whole holiday on this
program just kind of, again, figuring it
out as we went along. It was so much work and we were
laughing because we could’ve never imagined, you know,
how much work it would be. (chuckles) And by the time we
were ready to release it, I have to be honest, I had no
idea if anyone would want to do it or if they’d want to engage in a
community with people they didn’t know and to my great
surprise we had this incredible group come together to
do the original Reboot. And to this day we have a group
called FWFG Founding Members. Shoutout if
you’re in that group. You know who you are. And I’m so grateful to this
group because they reflected loud and clear back to me how
powerful coming together through a digital platform
could in fact be. So after Reboot
went so well we decided, okay, we need to
do 30 days of yoga. We need to make it all for free and we need to
put it all on YouTube. So that’s what we did and to my
great excitement and surprise thousands of people from all
over the globe gathered together and did this
original 30 day yoga journey, 30 Days of Yoga. And from that point on we’ve
been doing them each year. Releasing a
program made with love, 30 days, from the heart. After 30 Days of Yoga
we did Yoga Camp in which I played with a lot of affirmations that my
mom taught me growing up which I still to this day find
incredibly useful and you’ll see some of them come
to the mat in Dedicate. Then we did Revolution which was
a 31 day yoga journey and last year, or this year actually
if you’re watching this, in 2018, we did True. All of these are really built
with the at-home yogi in mind. The idea is that we’re focusing
on ourselves while still connecting to the group at large
which is what our yoga community is all about in my opinion. And this one is special. I am inviting you officially
through this announcement video to join us on January 1st. January 1st is just
a welcome day and then we begin the
yoga on January 2nd. Okie doke, so that’s it. From my heart to yours, consider
this your official invitation to join me and Benji and glorious human beings
and pets all around the world for Dedicate,
a 30 day yoga journey starting January 2019. Be sure to visit the
sign up page so you can get all the glorious details. You’ll also get signed up for a
daily email from your’s truly as well as a free downloadable
calendar which will help you track your progress. Be sure to invite your friends,
invite your neighbors, invite your coworkers,
your family, invite your pets
and invite your foes because I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the more we do yoga
the more available and open and awesome
we are to contribute something meaningful to our world. Together! Thank you so much for watching. I love you wherever you are. I hope this finds you well. Take good care and I’ll see
you on the mat for Dedicate. Namaste. (uplifting music)


  1. Thank you Adriene! You are so amazing. I am going through a break up and in the process of moving to another state. Your 30 day yoga challenge has given me a sense of self care and sanity during a hectic time. I live in NC where it's freezing right now. This gives me a chance to feel like I did something for my mental and physical wellness without having to go outside and endure the cold. I feel productive, thank you for your kind and giving energy!

  2. Can any one advise me on a good Yoga mat? I have baught one recently but im finding the width to thin… also its slippy ? Anyone have a good mat they can recomend?

  3. I'm on day 23 and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey thus far. Looking forward to more…much more!

  4. I subscribed to your channel awhile ago but always had excuses for not starting to practice. Now 30 days late into the challenge, here I am determined to start and finish (one day at a time), my body and mind really need it!! 😌

  5. Thank you for sharing your yoga practice! You are a delight to follow, and I feel your loving intentions and pure heart. I have so many times tried to start a yogapractice at home, unsuccessfully, but your videos and loving guiding are inspiring me to get on with it! And even if I am not able to do a session every day, it is ok, and I can forgive myself instead of getting stressed out about it. So thanks again! I will definitely keep following you!

  6. I have had an on & off practice for several years but this is the first time to have a continuous 30 day practice, thank you for leading us thru such a beautiful practice!

  7. I’ve been seeing these videos, but didn’t know exactly what they were. But I’ve been think about it through the month of January, and decided to Dedicate my February do this 30 day yoga 🧘‍♀️ (and also the start of March, since feb only have 28 days haha) I’m excited!

  8. Thank you, a wonderful way to practice yoga. I really enjoyed Dedicate, great to be part of such a supportive community.

  9. I love you and your dog Bengi.

  10. From the bottom of my heart Adriene I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the 30 days of Dedicate. This is my second time participating in the 30 day challenge and both have been incredible for me on a personal level. Your dedication to yoga and sharing your love for it with so many people around the world is so humbling for me. Sending you love and light from British Columbia, Canada. ❤️

  11. Adriene, I did it! My husband and I completed the 30 day challenge! We didn't even skip a day 🙂 My whole body is feeling so much stronger! Thank you for being a vessel on this journey to discipline and self-love <3 I am excited to continue these practices throughout the year.

  12. Fake lol

  13. I love you Adriene,,,thank for your endless support for all of your viewers. Yoga is soooo good for my sore stiff body,,it loves the difference that is being made everyday…I don't know how you do this but ,,I really really appreciate you..I enjoy you personality, in all aspects of your teachings..Thank you..It so easy to get on the mat with you..Usually doing exercise at home for me has be difficult ,,with you not at all..Thanks again for being you…Much Appreciated..Cindy

  14. Adriene, I am from Brazil and I love it. Thanks for this Yoga Journey

  15. Wow it's 2019 and I'm now about to start I want to try harder this time it felt relaxing doing your 20 minutes relaxation routine so I'm going to try this☺️☺️🌹🌹thank you

  16. Just found your channel. What kind of dog is that? He/she is adorable. My Labrador keeps trying to camp out on my mat as I follow along with the videos.

  17. I’ve been doing the 30 day yoga challenge for a couple years now. I just hit my half way mark with Dedicate and I have to say, it is so lovely. So lovely. She so beautifully intertwines her silly, genuine, down to earth demeanor, but demands a bit more out of you this time around: emotionally, mentally, and physically! <3

  18. About to do this for the second time! Yay! 💚

  19. Starting this journey tomorrow. I did your Yoga for Beginners tonight, just to see what I could do. My only real issue is putting pressure on my right hand with my palm flat. I typically have to put my hand in a fist to last even a few seconds. It's not very comfortable that way either, but at least it doesn't cause pain. Any alternatives for my wrist issue?

  20. This is the cutest dog i've ever seen. Just here for seeing him 🙂

  21. thanks.Namaste

  22. Hi Adriene, can you do your 30d yoga challenge after having had a baby (9 mths ago)? Thanks

  23. Hello Adriene and Bengie!! I just now saw your video and its February of course…. Is there a way I can gain access to this 30 day practice? It sounds lovely!!

  24. Adriene, thank you for all your videos, they are helping my start-up and I, promoting healthy wholesome food, and all those who grow it and make products with it, to the world. However, the ads they kept running before your videos are Hungry Jacks', Australian's answer to Burger King, brekky muffins. I kept thumbing it down each time, and yet they still pop up. Super inappropriate but I do sort of get a giggle seeing it in connection with your videos because I know they have wasted their ads. Thank you again, your videos are saving me from a lot more than just painful acupuncture for aching muscles. I have been doing Iyengar yoga for 24 years and I am loving your Dedicate – A 30 day yoga journey.

  25. Looking forward to dedicating myself to this 30-day yoga challenge. You inspire me to better myself, Adriene! Thank you!

  26. I'm glad I found this. I have exams coming up and this is so needed. ❤❤let's hope I follow it, properly.

  27. Adriene.. I just cried while doing this 30th day dedicate yoga. It was so beautiful. I mean I could just connect to my heart chakra and to you, without any words and just through music. Thank you for making me fall in love with this process.❤️

  28. is this suitable for beginners? i have basically no experience with yoga and poor flexibility.

  29. I’m just finishing day 30, and found this opening 😂😂😂 I started from day 1 without realizing there was a playlist 😅

  30. Adriene, my young son came across this and shared it with me, I have been in and out of my local studio. But would like to say myself and wife are on day 3 of this and we completely love your vibe and how teach. Part of it is connecting with the teacher that makes it quite an exceptional experience imo. So my son and we love you and are really enjoying and looking forward to getting on the at home mat. Been just as good and even better than some classes I have done in the studio. My wife doesn't like the public studio as much and this is just perfect for us to do together at home. We are dedicated and in love with ourselves and in turn eachother…Much love, light, and Truth…Thank you so kindly for sharing your time and energy and teaching…Rubbing that sweet honey across it…

  31. I'm so grateful for your channel. It feels great to throw my yoga mat down at the end of the day and have a little me time. The tea is yummy too. Thank you for your time and positive energy.

  32. Just catching up on day 30, better late than never. thanks for the wonderful series, moved to tears with the final locust pose. Really opened up my shoulders more than ever and I caught the wave.

  33. I am ready to get fit and I am starting here!

  34. I just completed the 30 day Dedicate journey today and I am so happy that I have done it. I want to thank you Adriene, for a wonderful, gentle yoga journey of 30 days. It has helped with my back and my stress levels. Once I had done 4-5 days of the journey, I realized how much it improved my health and well being, and it brought me time and again back to the mat. I looked forward to each and every one of the sessions. From my heart to yours, Namaste!

  35. This was my first 30 day yoga and i loved it… I felt so much calmer and at peace each day. BTW, you probably mentioned this but is this a new house or a different studio? Thanks so much for all that you do. You're amazing!

  36. I wanted to come on here and tell you I finished the 30 days of Dedicate- I started late (mid January). Thank you so much for uploading it. Since finishing the 30 days I've been doing one video of yours a day and I feel great – Stronger and more flexible, and somehow can handle the stress of each day better. My Brittany Spaniel sleeps on the couch while I do your videos and we love to see Benjy! Your calm and affirming presence is just what I need to wind down each workday. Again, thanks so much for all you do.

  37. Adriene, I loved your channel and love the way you take us through your yoga sessions. I recently subscribed to your channel and going through the 30 day yoga journey program. Just wondering if you do only yoga or any other type of exercises. Also would love it if you can do some videos on what you eat or follow any specific diet. TIA.

  38. Hey Adriene, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate these videos. I started doing yoga at the beginning of this year to help reverse the damage that years of bodybuilding had done to my joints, tendons, and health. I do feel better than I have in years and would really like to see this practice move into the weight lifting community. Thanks!

  39. I freaking love this channel. I'm going through a rough time with the third serious running injury in 1 year. I have to take a lot of time off of running and so I'm finding yoga again. It's been such a healing and happy-making process. This channel is one of my go-tos for my home practice. You're such a happy presence especially first thing in the morning. Thank you!

  40. I'm here yesterday I finished my first 30 days of yoga and I'm grateful to you…… lots of love from Swaziland

  41. I woke up In mid Jan and my back was again bothersome. I had stopped running due to back pain and it was limiting my life. I had never done yoga before but that morning I decided with was time for this 52 yo body to try something new. It has been the best decision. I just completed all 30 days. I look forward to doing this every day. This helped me physically and emotionally. I ran 2 miles last week for the first time in 3 years and have many hours in the day where I dont even notice my back. This feels like a small miracle to me. Thanks for this channel and for changing everything.

  42. Omg, thank you! Finally, I found the best teacher 🙂 Looking forward to 30-ty days

  43. Adriene, I love your yoga instruction, I do it a lot, thank you so much.
    I'd love if you can make a video explaining (or at least detail here) other training you do besides yoga? I want to cultivate your type of body and we'd love to know what you do!
    Thanks, Namaste 🙂

  44. benji's so cute!

  45. Hi Adriene and the YWA community. I have just completed the 30 Day Dedicate journey and I cried with pure joy on completion, it was so positively and beautifully emotional. Wow, you are so amazing Adriene. You bring out the best in all of us and I'm so grateful. I've only been doing yoga for 7-8 weeks since I discovered you on You Tube. Through the incredible Dedicate journey I have learned so much about myself and my abilities, not just with regard to strength but in all areas of my life. Ive always been upbeat and positive and have practised and read self development books for 20 years or more but this yoga journey has somehow connected everything. It's as though I have woken up, I feel so alive, and it's all thanks to you for giving all these wonderful teachings for free. Thank you seems inadequate but thank you so much. This must be your life's purpose Adriene and the light in you shines very brightly indeed. My life is now moving in a new and exciting albeit a little scary direction, but yoga and your teachings have shown me that it's ok, I can deal with it. You are a beautiful person and I feel truly honored and humbled to be a part of all this, even more so after reading so many of the wonderful upbeat, positive comments from the many other people out there who like me who needed some direction and it couldn't have come from a better place than this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste

  46. I heard about Dedicate – A 30 Day Yoga Journey from a friend in a yarn group, and started Dedicate myself, doing 3-4 days a week mid-January, 2019 (borrowing my husbands tablet for easy portability) and finished in early March at 4-5 days a week. Am now a yoga fan and have been going through Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch, Neck & Shoulders, etc. Am now doing at least 10 minutes of yoga every day. I have less aches & pains and more peace of mind. A definite win!

  47. I just looked for this video to send to one of my friends who lives in Reunion island near Mauritius as I was telling her how much I love following you dear Adriene and your yoga sessions. Réunion island belongs to France but my friend does understand English 😍

  48. Such a shame, the yoga parts are great but way too much talking between, during, before and after each move, couldn't take it 🙁

  49. Thank you Adrian, you introduced me to Yoga, I’ve never been to Yoga class except with you. I joined you on 30 days of yoga, True, and Revolution. Now I’m excited to join you on Dedicate. You are a wonderful teacher, and gentle respectful guide. Thank you.

    Imad, Saudi Arabia

  50. You are awesome, Adriene. I have never met Yoga teacher like you, feel very thankful to have a chance to practice Yoga with you. This provides me to be at the present moment very well. I feel like you are not only Yoga teacher but also mediated instructors. Thank you so much. Today is day 17. May peace be with you and your family. Na Mas Te 😀

  51. Today I am joining your 30 days of yoga journey and I am very happy …
    I will try my best.
    Love from india…..🇮🇳💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝😍

  52. Thank you Adriane! I can not explain all that you do for me! It is so beautiful, authentic and lovely work! I really want to transform my live and I understand that it takes small steps to go through it. Today I am going to start again! I did not finish the last time but at this moment I create the perfect time to do it! The most important it is how I feel with the process! You are amazing! I thank to show me that I am too! Namaste

  53. Thank you, Adriene, for these 30 days! You helped ground me and give me structure during my month of studying and preparing for my national board exam. Your dedicate videos really helped me during this stressful time! You're awesome at what you do!

  54. Only took me 2 seconds to decide to hit subscribe because of the adorable doggo

  55. Türkçe altyazı koyarmısın

  56. helloo dear friend! i´m so glad having you in my daily practice. Giving me hope and consciousness! Loving you and your work! Keep going! Lots of love from leipzig, germany!!!

  57. Hey, Adriene! Today I decided that when I start college, I will be doing this to go with it. I'm a teenager who has battled with self esteem issues my whole life, and makeup is something I run to, scared. It's gotten to the point where my body quite literally is physically tight and stressed when I wear makeup. When I take it off, every time, the tension leaves my body.

    I'm sick and tired of feeling like I can't be pretty without makeup, and I'm sure I've developed a little facial dysphoria because of it.

    So I saw this, and I saw that people are having their lives and mentalities and self images transformed and basically reborn. I really really want that. In fact, I need that. So I'm doing it, and I'm not gonna wear makeup the entire month. I am so so scared just typing that.

    Wish me luck! I love you 🙂

  58. Hi Adriene, would you recommend this to someone who has only dabbled in yoga? I have been eyeing up your 30 day series for a couple of months now and would like to start on April 1st. Do you think it would suit a complete beginner?
    Lots of love,
    Jen xx

  59. For personal reasons I couldn’t do the 30 day yoga dedicate this January! I have done them all since 2015 and am looking forward to starting now in April, can’t wait 🥰🥰

  60. how come all the people commenting are women?? Aren't there any men who follow Adriene? P.S. Huge fan of your work!!

  61. Hi Adriene! I have been spreading your love all over the world as I travel. I am ready for a new 30 day journey. Are you planning one? I want to get it on my calendar because I want to do it right along with you this time! Thank you for all of your love and support.

  62. I love u

  63. patience is a virtue, waiting…… patiently for my love

  64. I can’t involve my knees. Can I still follow this without my knees? I used to go to yoga class 3 times a week 😢

  65. We had yoga in school for a few years and that was great but it was many years ago. I did do a bit of yoga on and off the last couple of years but it never really stuck. 2018 was an okay year, but it was particularly stressful for me in the end and I didn't know what to do. I feel and am better today than I was a few months ago but I have been thinking about turning to yoga for finding some peace and focus. And I also want to continue it so that it becomes a lifestyle and not just a challenge that I did for 30 days. I found out about your channel just a while ago and I promise to myself that I will see through these 30 days and I hope to come out of it better and feeling focused and refreshed every day. It's not January right now, haha, but it's never too late, is it? 🙂 Love ❤

  66. I am doing the original 30 Days of Yoga, right now. Today was my day 8th. Thank you, Adriene. I feel great. <3

  67. Hi Adriene, my girlfriend is bit skinny and she's trying to put on weight and I want to help her. Will "DEDICATE" help her gain weight? Please advice

  68. I remember when I completed day 31 of Revolution, I literally laid on the mat and cried because I couldn't believe I actually saw the whole thing through. Due to some personal hardships I hadn't been able to keep up with my yoga journey, but now I'm finally back and SOOOOOO ready to start again with Dedicate! Thank you Adriene and your entire team for taking the time to create such amazing videos. See ya in 30 days 😀 <3

  69. Going to start from today …Very excited….

  70. Adriene, hope to watch more yoga video class from you and your community

  71. Good thing abt yoga is it makes one physically as well as mentally nd emotionally strong

  72. Congratulations!!!!! For this and every 30 day challenge, for every single one of your videos and all that you stand for! It's a gift, for which I am immensely grateful! Namaste!

  73. Dear Adriene, Thank you. Truly, thank you. I'm a disabled single mother in constant pain. The few minutes I take to go through your "Dedicate" series (on Day 8 – have done a few several times) has been extremely helpful! Not only has it helped me physically, but even through a panic attack (which happened a few days ago), I was able to turn on one of your sessions and was calm, at peace. I've tried many different types of Yoga, and many instructors. By far, you have had the most impact on my life than I've ever experienced. Thank you, Adriene, and my son thanks you. -S

  74. Can i use your videos in my app

  75. I'm very new to yoga and I'm struggling because of my wrist. I fractured it about a year and half ago but it still hurts and I can't put my hand flat on the floor which obviously makes it difficult for various poses… I've been doing these with my fists on the floor instead. I need to go to the doctors about my wrist because I'm sure it shouldn't be giving me problems this long after but until then, is it ok to do poses on fists instead of flat palms?

  76. I love you Adriene, thank you so much for taking us through this wonderful journey and opened this space for everyone! You´ve changed the way I see life!

  77. i cannot wait to begin this journey with you!

  78. Andriene you have no idea how much I appreciate you doing these videos. I love they way you do them. With full discriptions. And for people such as myself that do not have disposable income really really appreciate the fact you are supplying us with a wealth of knowlage…for free. I think you are the picture of yoga which yoga should be. Light, refreshing and and all around fantastic person. Thank you thank you.

  79. You are a Godsend! <3

  80. Dear Adriene
    I started following your 30-day programs a while back. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to do yoga at home, at my convenience. It was also surprising to see how I wanted to go back to it every day, since I'm not into sports at all! To be honest, Dedicate felt a bit tough, so I did try some other teachers on YouTube, but it never felt as comforting or joyful. I think it's your positive energy that calls me back to the mat every day, so now I'm back to Dedicate, however tough it may be. As much as I can do is how much I'm expected to do; that I get from your encouraging comments. So thank you my dear and God bless.

  81. Adriene te amo.

  82. Adriene, you bring us light and peace to our hearts and minds. Thank you so much for sharing this lessons with us S2

  83. Starting this today 🙂

  84. Why is it special more than the others?

  85. Starting this TODAY. Love your videos and excited to start my new practice and journey.

  86. So I did this in January and loved it, I'm now ready for a re-boot so starting day one again today. Thank you Adriene 🙏😍

  87. Finished True. Starting Dedicate tomorrow. Namaste!

  88. Adriene – Where do you buy your yoga outfits? Mostly the tops, I love that they do not get in your way/fall over your face and head when you bend over, yet are not skin tight.

  89. I've never been one for yoga but I this has won me over somewhat to be honest, I'm going to give it my all and with great interest I accept your very generous invitation.

  90. I've been doing your yoga videos since I was in the seventh grade, and I'm now going into my senior year. I'm always telling people to try yoga when they're feeling down, because it helped me get through soooo much. This will be the first actual yoga "challenge" that I'll be doing, so I hope I can stay committed. Thank you ❤

  91. Adriene, Loving Dedicate and day 5 was wonderful Feeling amazing and blessed Thank you

  92. Adriene, you are very natural, genuine and nurturing. I believe you have a gift that many people do not have. So many yoga teachers that show off, want to prove a point etc..Keep on keeping on. You have made my life better, my mind and body are in a different space. Well done and thank you. xxx

  93. How do I sign up for dedicate? I love your yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️

  94. Hi Adrienne

    I have spent the last week completing the twenty minutes of beginners yoga daily. I am 51 and in recovery from a knee replacement so I figured I might not cope with a daily session. I cannot tell you how great it has been, I can do so much more than I imagined and repeating the sequence gave me confidence and illustrated how much progress I can make.

    I am now committing to dedicate and I am going to Greece sailing in a week so I will be taking you and my yoga mat along.

    Thanks for the inspiration – I will update with progress 😎

  95. Hey my Darling Friend. Greetings from close to one of the jungles of the Amazone!!! I was in search of restoring my Self back in 2016… Yes you have heard this story a zillion times, and stumbled on your 30 days of yoga… and the rest is history… almost on a daily basis doing yoga now, had a year guidance from and Indian Yogi (sponsored by the Indian Embassy here), and I could keep up with the "advanced class" thanks to you… More importantly from time to time I get back to you. Your playlist is very easy to follow … you are mindful of what we need… sometimes i have 15 minutes just before a stressful meeting, and sometimes much more so than you have organized the yoga practices in such a great way… I can feel the connection with all the others following and watching your sessions and now some of my friends have found their way to you. You asked to write something in the comments, and you really deserve all of these comments. DEDICATE is and impressive journey again… and while on travels these past years… you are always there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- you have a Massive Impact on my life- and then I am a much better "self" for the beings I serve. Please keep on doing this as long as it energizes you…. I guess a lot of us don't write in the comments, we do send you all our love and positive energy…. Your lessons were during the most stressful days in my life the guidance i needed to grow into the man I am today.

  96. Thank you so much AdrieneBenji you’re my dog

  97. Hi Adriene, I just finished your 30-day journey for the second time! Thank you so much for this. Love from Vancouver. Namaste. 🙂

  98. I really really hope that you’ll make a new yoga journey in 2020 (the sooner the better). Thank you for everything you do 🥰

  99. Seeing that much devotion to yoga in foreigners,, I feel really ashamed to be indian,,,, I was such a fool that didn't recognize this

  100. This one is precious to me. I was living in the countryside at this time, with almost no internet acces, so I used the downloadable version that you proposed on your website (at the price I could afford at this time) => and I discovered how much "dedicate" could feel good. Thanks to you & your team for the healthy support you brought me since this time.

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