DECODING GITA by HITA | Chapter 2 | Sankhya Yoga | Hita Ambrish

Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ; For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age. Shree Radhvallabho jayati, Shree Hita Harivanshchandro jayati In this journey towards the Absolute Truth, this is our second step and I am calling this a journey because, I am calling it a journey because if you look at the title of every chapter of Gita The first chapter we contemplated upon the last time, it is called ‘Arjun Vishaad Yog’ On one hand it is being called ‘Vishaad’ (despair) and on the other hand its being called ‘Yog’(conjunction) But the ultimate joy of life, life’s true happiness… It starts somewhere or the other from despair itself. If you look into your life as well, you will see that till ‘sansaar’ (worldliness), the bitterness of this world, Till the bitterness of the world does not come in front of you, till then we do not make any attempt to breakaway from it. So somewhere or the other this bliss, it starts somewhere from despair, that is why God calls the first chapter as ‘Arjun Vishaad Yog’. okay because Gita is a discussion between Shree Krishna and Arjun And as I indicated this to all of you last time as well. that if Shree Krishna is there, in any particular situation then, if Shree Krishna is there in your life then there somewhere or the other joy would be there too. Now because Krishna has become witness to Arjun’s despair. Whenever someone is looking towards Krishna and if he cries, he would still be getting closer to joy, if he laughs even then he would be getting closer to joy, that is if he is looking towards Krishna, if he is looking towards the truth in his life. I have said this to you many times before that if your objective is authentic, if your objective is pure, if you want move in the right direction, even if you are moving slowly, it is not something to worry about, the universe will support you because your goal is pure. So the first chapter was named ‘Arjun Vishaad Yog’ For five minute we will discuss a little about the previous chapter, thereafter we will proceed ahead. So,’Arjun Vishaad Yog’, Arjun is in the state of despair, but Krishna is in front of him, because Krishna is front of Arjun’s despair also turn into a journey. Even Arjun’s despair is an endeavour of moving further towards the virtuous path. Look, we all cry many times in our lives, we have to cry. We all cry many times in our lives, but Arjun’s anxiety, Arjun’s crying, somehow or the other it is taking Arjun towards the ultimate truth, because Shree Krishna is standing right next to it, because Shree Krishna is close to it. So the essence of the first chapter. Any journey on the outside also starts with a single step, starts with a single step, and any journey towards the inner self begins with a thought. When you are on moving forward on the outside, so the first step is the start of the journey and when you begin the journey inwards, then a thought assists you in its beginning. The power of thought, to which we were remain very unfamiliar with for a very long time in our lives. We can call it using any word, we call it the worthiness of life, call it the usefulness of life, but for a very long time we continue to remain unfamiliar with this, with your own power of thought. In what state is Arjun in, despair. God identified that what Arjun was saying, it was not what he was experiencing. and what he is experiencing he is not willing to accept it. What reason does Arjun give for not going into battle, that my dear ones standing in front of me, that is why I will not go into battle. Then God (Krishna) said, this was a decision based on your attachments, that is why the outcome of this would never be sound. The God started to shake Arjun up. So the Gita begins from here. This is an awakening by Krishna, for you, me, for everyone. Last time I had mentioned that we end up many a times in the same state as Arjun, very often we are there, and I feel that we end up there so often, we end up in a state like Arjun. What we feel, we are unable to accept. What we say, we do not feel. and so from itself, from here itself, life starts getting complicated, and saying something very short I will proceed ahead. That if you lie to another person, then it is bad. If you lie to another person, then it is bad, but if you lie to yourself then it is dangerous. Because this is a trap you have laid out for yourself. You will not be able to get out of this, that is why lying to others is wrong, but lying to your own self. It is damaging. And what is Arjun saying?, Arjun is lying to himself. God knows that one Arjun is a Kshatriya(warrior). He is a warrior so therefore it is in his disposition to fight. Like I keep requesting to all of you repeatedly that do not run away. I say that because we are human beings, Karma (action) is our natural disposition, Karma (action) is our natural disposition, we cannot remain without doing something. God knows that Arjun is a Kshatriya(warrior). To be inclined towards battle in his disposition, and Arjun is speaking of running away from his own nature. He would not be able to go too far. He would not be able to go too far. And I have mentioned this before many times to all of you that though it is important to move in the right direction, it as important to begin the journey at the right time. If you miss the right moment, then even if you are moving in the right direction, you would be unable to reach your destination. If you have not started at the right time. so I felt that I should start my journey 15 minutes earlier, so that I arrive a little before time. and in very area of life, this principle is applicable. Firstly you move in the right direction, but more important than that is that you start you start journey at the right time and I would also say this to you, You and I are not aware of which new incident would arise for us tomorrow. It was not there yesterday and would it be there tomorrow or not, we do not know this. This is a very small chapter and there is not much to discuss on this. This is a very small chapter. Just that God sees Arjun getting anxious. And God is worried, Shree Krishna is worried, because Arjun is his very dear friend. And the previous time I had mentioned this very small thing, If there is a friend like Shree Krishna then there is joy even in battle. And Krishna just wants only this that life is joyful. Gita does not speak of life beyond life after death. Therefore, from here I would like to say this as well, Gita is neither a theological text of Hindu religion nor a a religious text. if you see in the entire Gita, there is no word, mandir (temple) mentioned anywhere. Gita is for the human being, Gita speaks about life. Gita is a kind knowledge, Gita is a kind science, Gita is such an instrument which not just psychoanalyses, which does not just tell you that your mind is scattered. It talks about collecting the scattered mind. It shows you the technique to collect the scattered mind. It shows from where you must begin and the first chapter of Gita, Thought and I also spoke about one formula the previous time. Thought is very important but what do you require to think, wisdom. Gita is talking about life and the most beautiful message I find in the Gita is that it does not talk about Karma(action) and Dharma(religion) as two separate entities. Gita says that, any Karma which has truth as its basis is Dharma, besides this there is no other Dharma. We suffered great misfortune. Just a few days ago someone asked me, He asked a question related to religion, so I said that this a great misfortune we have to had undergo. Like you can never be just partially disciplined. I have seen it. Right from waking up in the morning up to sleeping at night, they are disciplined. Their standing-sitting, eating-drinking, each and every action of theirs is disciplined. Like you cannot be partially disciplined. I met someone who said that I speak the truth for 23 hours and 59 minutes in the day, I speak the truth for 23 hours and 59 minutes in the day, for just that 1 minute I lie. So I said that one minute was the one right now when you said that you only speak the truth for 23 hours and 59 minutes. So you cannot be partially honest. Similarly you cannot be partially religious. That is why the Gita is supreme knowledge and science, because it makes life a pilgrimage, the heart a temple and it talks of making your Karma into Dharma, it only talks about you. It does not need anything else but you. If you, It does not need anything else but you, it does not want anything else. So the first thing God said that, ‘Arjun think’, think, This was Krishna This was Krishna because of whom Arjun came onto the virtuous path. We just keep getting entangled, keep getting lost, keep on wandering, keep on scattering. One thing I would like to say that the number of times you lie, speak dishonestly, that many times your mind gets scattered. And a scattered mind is the weakness of the mind. And a scattered mind is the weakness of the mind. If the mind comes together, gets collected, Mind, if your mind is focused, Krishna is in front of you, then there is Meera somewhere inside of you. If your mind is focused, Krishna is in front of you, then there is Meera somewhere inside of you So in the first chapter I had said that, three characters can be seen, Krishna, Arjun and.. The Gita began with Dhritarashtra. the only credit which Dhritarashtra received is that, God gave a place, the first chapter began with what Dhritarashtra said. And I had told you that why this incident occurred, because when you shut the inner eye and take a decision. Whenever you overlook the truth, whenever you attach yourself to anything but the truth and to sustain that relationship you take a decision, from there on your life would end up on the brink of battle, you would have to fight. That drastic state of a battle would definitely appear in your life. If you close your eyes and take a decision. Dhritarashtra took decisions blindly. Dhritarashtra maintained his relationship with his son, not with his royal duty and obligation, that is why the situation of Mahabharata arose. But after that, the first chapter has three characters, Krishna, Arjun and Duryodhana. thoughtlessness, thoughtful and the one beyond thought We can see these three characters in the first chapter of Gita. To be thoughtless is easy. Does’nt it happen that we think just let’s do it today, think of tomorrow later, but today just let’s do it. This is exactly how Duryodhana’s state is. That is why in the first chapter Duryodhana seems to be very happy in the moment of conflict. He is, he is really waiting for that moment when the battle would start. He has never thought about the what the outcome of this war would be, So you see at the start of the battle, The one who is thoughtless, who is inconsiderate, he seems to be happy. The one who is thoughtful, who is wise, who is intelligent, who is sitting in the lotus feet of Krishna, who is looking towards Krishna, he seems to be disoriented, he seems to be fearful, he seems to be anxious. A lot of people ask this question that why the one who does wrong stays happy? Firstly it does not happen that way. Because I think that, you need to first go and ask that good person if he is unhappy? Because the one whose sight is set on Krishna. Krishna does not let either joy or sorrow remain in one’s life. This the core message of the entire Gita. Because neither your disposition is joyful nor your disposition is sorrowful. Neither is joy is your nature, nor sorrow is your nature. And you think about it and tell me that between the two of them which remains in life forever. Krishna does not speak of what is not true. Krishna does not speak of that, Gita begins from here itself. This was the reason that Gita appeared from Krishna’s mouth, that somewhere Arjun was turning towards falsehood, Arjun was turning towards this dream like sansaar (worldliness). So you see that the one who is thoughtless he seems to be happy for a while. If open the first chapter of Gita, you would see that Duryodhan is filled with excitement while asking that, when would the battle begin? like winning was certain and he was the one to be victorious. and I will tell you another thing, when you are thoughtless when you are thoughtless then the truth also moves far away from you. The truth would be right in front of you but you would not be able to recognise it, when you are thoughtless, when you take a decision infected by attachment, and I am including my myself in this and saying this, Many a times in our lives such a moment comes when you what the truth is, but knowingly you go and stand on the side of falsehood. Because somewhere or the other there is attachment over there, somewhere or the other there is affection there, somewhere we our bound with that thread. But do not forget that, If you have sowed a seed of Babool, then you have to be prepared to deal with thorns. Do not forget that a particular decision of your life; Goswani ji could have said, Dharam pardhaan visv kari rakha’ in the Ram Charitrmanas But Goswani ji said no. We try to run towards Dharma seeking shelter. How can Dharma be perfected without perfecting Karma? Somanth’s temple was looted seventeen times by robbers, and whenever the robbers came to rob, the priests would close the doors of the temple and start worshipping Mahadev, so that Mahadev would open his third eye and turn these robbers into ash. But the past shows that, that never ever happened. It seems as though God was asleep, and God was neither listening nor understanding. God did not hear their prayers even once, so someone asked Shiva. once someone asked Lord Shiva that these poor people just sat there seeking your refuge every time, but you never came to help them? Then Mahadev laughed, This is very important thing, listen very carefully. Mahadev laughed that these priests, when these priests hid the gold coins that were offered in worship and took them home, If I had to open my third eye I would have opened it then. So when I did not open it then, then what is the point of opening it now. You cannot distort your Karma and perfect your Dharma. That is why I repeatedly stress on this thing that you can perfect yourself while living here, not by running away from here. Ram Charitrmanas says decisively that, karam pradhaan visv kari rakha jo jas karih to tas phal chakhaa If you succumb to affection and take any decision then, I have seen that first we pollute our actions and then seek the refuge of religion to purify ourselves, then you shed tears of repentance in front of God. I will tell you that God is absolutely not fond of such behaviour. Today in the second chapter such an incident will occur. So I would just like to request to you that if you are thoughtful, , then you would be in a dilemma, then you would face confusion in your life, then would you be conflicted in your life. But there is only one way to get over this conflict, which is to dive into the conflict and face it. And I say this to you with a lot of confidence that any adversity coming into your life cannot not be stronger than you, it cannot be more smarter than you, it cannot be more powerful than you, it cannot be more alive than you are, because you are alive. You are alive, that is why any adversity coming into your life, any adversity cannot establish its right on you, if you are alert, if you are careful, if you are on the path of truth. I will say this to you again with a lot of belief, I will share a small experience of my life with you, if you are on the path of truth, then the truth gives you such immense strength, that the one on the path of truth does not even realise when the adversity arose and when it ended. The one who has the strength to see and who also has that light within. You go and ask the sun, if it has ever seen darkness? The sun would say no, that I have never seen darkness. Darkness may appear as I(sun) turn away, but it never appears in front of me. If there is truth in the basis of your life. I have seen, I have met, and various kinds of questions have been put forth to me, I just end up smiling thinking that everyone talks only of a solution. That Maharaj ji please tell us, please provide a solution. There is no need for a solution in life. He also lives in this world, all those situation arise for him as well. In those circumstance, he finds a reason to celebrate even in those circumstances. and we remain sad even during a celebration, we remain feeling hopeless even during a celebration. There is no need for a solution in life. We ourselves have created the complication. So from the first chapter itself it can be understood that these three in our circumstances can also arrive in our lives We can live thoughtlessly as well. We can live thoughtfully as well, to live thoughtfully would not be easy. I will tell you this again, that you would have to bear. But with this I would like to say this to you as well that, only by being thoughtful can one go beyond thought. Being thoughtful is the way to go beyond thought It is easy to be thoughtless, it is very easy to be thoughtless, it is not difficult at all. If there is very expensive vase in your house, a child comes and picks it up and breaks it, because he is not thoughtful. He does not think, he does not know that this would cause a big loss. I feel to be like this, is very easy. You gone on taking decisions in life without thinking, without consideration, you can keep going on further entangling the knots in your life. Momentarily happiness is obtained in this. Momentarily happiness is obtained in this. There is no one to stop you, no one is there to guide you, You feel you are totally free. And when you think what would be the biggest difficulty that would arise ? Because as soon as you start thinking, the kind of image of life that would now become be visible to you, that you are scared to see, which are fearful to see. First of all you would come stand in front of your own self. So it is difficult to be thoughtful, that is the reason why Arjun is in trouble. Duryodhana just wants that the battle should begin right away, tomorrow it should end, those who have to die will die, and I can monopolise this entire kingdom. That I (Duryodhan) would become a monarch, this is a state of thoughtlessness. Arjun is in a dilemma, Krishna is with him, yet he is fearful. and what kind of anxiety ? He is perspiring, his bow fell from his hands, his body is trembling, Arjun is in such a bad state right before the battle. If someone saw this he would laugh at Arjun, that Arjun the bravest, that an archer like Arjun, is in this state just before going into battle. Is Arjun actually brave or not? Because what Arjun is saying, what Arjun is doing, is like a coward, it is completely a cowardly behaviour. This is an act of cowardice. So God looks at Arjun. Gita originated because God saw Arjun so divided. If God would have seen that Arjun is saying what he is thinking, then he would have said that it is absolutely okay. There should be no war, you should walk away. But God is seeing that Arjun wants something else from within, is saying something else and is trying to move in another direction. And this much advantage is available to those who are sitting in the lotus feet of Krishna. Here I would, here I would have make a partial statement. I would have to make a partial statement here that this much advantage always exists with the person sitting in the lotus feet of Krishna. If due to certain circumstances, due to his destiny, if he does start to move in the wrong direction then Krishna does not let him, He holds on to his hand. Even if, even if he has to make that much effort to recite the Gita to him. Sometimes it surprises me that Arjun keeps asking one question after the other, Krishna keeps on answering him. where does.. Nowhere does he ask Arjun to stop and say that it is enough just do as I say. He welcomes each and every question of Arjun, Krishna resolves each and every query Arjun has. That is why I said to you, So that he would no other option but to do right thing. Like there are some people who take their lives to a point where o other options remain but to do what is wrong. Likewise, the one who is sitting in the lotus feet of Krishna, is looking towards Krishna with a vision of hope, He who looks towards Krishna with a vision of hope, in his life besides doing what is right, besides being right and besides reaching the right destination, there remains no other alternative. He accepts that today or tomorrow, but he has to reach the right place. So here, the first chapter ends, the second chapter begins, which in Gita is called as the, ‘Sankhya Yog’. I had said that all the chapters have this word ‘Yog’, because each and every chapter would take you closer step by step towards that absolute truth. and you would see that where Gita concludes, what is being said there ? Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me Where only one truth remain, where only one refuge remains. So the second chapter begins. Arjun keeps on saying his own thing, First shloka of the second chapter says that, Arun had tears of pity in his eyes. Arjun says to Shree Krishna that I am feeling pity towards them, how can I slay these people, how can I kill these people. It is better that I die rather than kill these people. Krishna laughed, Krishna said, but you still speak of violence. To kill someone is violence to kill yourself is also violence. Either you show me a path Either you show me a path where there is no violence. Now you are aware that, either you have to kill them or kill yourself. To kill them is also violence and killing your own self is also violence, so this not a path of non- violence, give another option. Arjun has tears of pity in his eyes, but Krishna understands this. Blessed are those who have taken refuge of Krishna in their lives, because they make you beautiful till a point, where no one else can go. I would appeal to you again that if Krishna is there in your life, in whatever way, whatever relationship you have with Him. if Krishna is there in your life, he will make you beautiful till that point where our own vision cannot reach, till where our mind cannot go. I have said this many times that, there is a piece of gold it has a definitive value in the entire world, it has a definitive value in the entire world, But if an artist works hard on that one piece of gold, spends months, he makes it come alive, with his skill. with his talent, makes that piece of gold come alive. You would see that its value changes. It increases manifolds, the value of that piece of gold. There is stone which is kicked around. But if it falls in the hands of a sculptor, Even a good sculpture, one which is made just as a symbol, but sometimes the sculptor etches it’s each and every part in such a way that he creates something which looks as though it’s alive, it becomes invaluable. Similarly, if this life like stone falls into the hands of a sculptor like Shree Krishna, He is working you in the same way, wants to work on you in the same way. The one is who is born in India. That the value of your life increases manifolds, so God would not leave Arjun just like this. God would not let Arjun run and escape like this. So Arjun said it is better I die, rather than kill all of them. Rather than to attain the kingdom after going into battle, it is better I sustain my life by begging for food as alms. Now Shree Krishna strikes the first blow on Arjun’s heart, on Arjun’s words. In between this Arjun says that, Oh Krishna!, Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of weakness’, that I am feeling like a coward, I am feeling weak, I am feeling lifeless. That is why I accept the refuge of your lotus feet. ‘Prchhami’, says Arjun, that I am asking You(Krishna) to please show me the path which is right for me. and he recites this shloka, as soon as he recites this shloka, in the next shloka Arjun says that I will not fight. Then Krishna realises that at this point Arjun has an unstable mind. What he is saying, he is not experiencing that, what he is experiencing he is not able accept that. So Arjun’s consciousness is continuously getting scattered, and right here Krishna stops Arjun, ‘I will not let you go beyond this, I will not let you get scattered further’. And from here itself the dialogue between Krishna and Arjun begins. Shree Krishna asks Arjun that, firstly, who are you to feel sympathetic for them?, Here I will tell you a small thing, Someone has written to me as well, its a very nice thing. I do not know If you have ever been introduced to both these emotions in your life. One is sympathy and the other is compassion. Sympathy gives rise to egoism, because when you feel pity then you have this feeling in your mind that you are the giver and someone is a receiver and the other person is worthy of my mercy. A, a person who is merciful would never want that there should not be anyone who is not hungry in this world. Because if there is no one who is hungry in this world then who would he show mercy to. The reason I say this is, that many a times we do good deeds in this world just for the sake of appearance. There are good deeds in our lives, but in our lives good deeds are just to show others. Somewhere or the other there is self acknowledgment hidden within that. Sometimes it is seen that, like some children are presented with gifts. These days people celebrate on social media. They seem similar to each other, may be that is why till now you did not think about that, there could be a difference between sympathy and compassion. But there is difference between sympathy and compassion, there is huge difference between sympathy and compassion. One is mercy which once you show your head is filled with pride, that you were the one to give, and on the other hand there is compassion for which Rahim says, The real giver is someone else (not me), who sends enough to be given away. People think I am giving that is why I am ashamed and have to keep my eyes low. that the more I give the more humbled I feel, the more grateful I feel, that God you gave me the opportunity to give, You made me able enough to give. and here I would like to say one more thing to you that whichever emotion arises from the physical level it is polluted. Whichever emotion is manifesting from the physical level it is polluted. Here Arjun is exactly standing at the physical level. Arjun is brave. See, the person who cannot fight, Try to understand this very carefully, the person who cannot fight and he encounters a situation where he has to fight, then what would that poor one do, won’t he be scared. Because he has no other option, he cannot fight, and besides fighting he does not have any other option. But it is not the same with Arjun, Arjun can fight, Arjun can fight, because he is confused he cannot take a decision to fight. That will take some or another ugly form, it reveals itself as very distorted conduct in life when, Arjun who are you to feel sympathy for them ? God started laughing. Oh Arjun, the battle has not begun as yet and you are saying that how would I kill them ? You see till where has Krishna been able to go and catch on to Arjun’s pulse. God said, Arjun you say that how can I kill them ? The battle is yet to begin and how do you know whether you would be the one to kill them or they would kill you. You are saying this as if you know what the outcome of the war would be. You do not know, you are yet to proceed into battle, the battle has not begun. How do you know that you can kill them? That you would be the one committing sin, they could also kill you. It is possible that you do not remain alive. And when such questions got to directed to Arjun from Krishna’s side, then first Arjun said that, God I ask you, you tell me which path is right for me ? Now this asking did not really seem like asking. You ask someone a question, but your mind already knows the answer to that. One person came to me, he said that when there is a huge dilemma, I ask God. So I responded that there are many ways to ask God, how do you ask? He said, So whatever is written on it I accept that. So I said, then what is the problem with this. He said, that since the last two or three times it has so happened that whatever has come I accepted it but the final outcome was completely contrary to it. So is God giving me the wrong answer? I said that God does not give the wrong answer. When you go to ask, you already have some or the other answer in your mind. whenever you ask.. What do you want to ask? When you do not know anything, then you say, please tell me. We will become whatever You make us, we will go wherever You send us will remain yours with our mind and body, if we say we would only say to You whatever you want us bear we will bear happily, will flow in the stream of love either we remain or we remain, we will be called as ‘Your’s’ We will become whatever You make us, I hum this and you hum along with me, it is a joyful experience because in this surrender lies the tranquility of life. Peace in life lies somewhere in that surrender to the absolute truth. And I say that if someone does not even correctly and fully cannot reach Krishna, if he brings in honesty in his life, he would start experiencing tranquility from their itself. So one is simply asking, one is to be in surrender and ask, that is why one is a question, one is inquisitiveness. One is a question, one is inquisitiveness, there is a difference between them. Though Arjun is saying that You (Krishna) are right, then You tell me, whatever you say I will do that. And I feel that I always say this, today I would say it again that there is no greater grief than that of being in a dilemma. There is no greater pain than that of confusion. You are scattered there is no greater sorrow in life, the rest of sorrows keep coming and going. they will come and go, but if you are divided within, there is no greater sorrow, no greater pain than that. Everyday there should be some contemplation and self analysis to check if you are scattered from within or not, And thats exactly what Arjun is doing. And further ahead Krishna will try to resolve this confusion for Arjun . So Arjun said, it is okay, You tell me, whatever you say I would do exactly that, but Shree Krishna knows that Arjun is still not ready to do that. It happens many times that you know what the will of the one in front of you is. Yet you ask that please tell me what to do? You know what the response from the one in front of you would be, and yet you ask about what is to be done. This is like offering your dilemma to the person standing in front of you. that you are in dilemma and you are passing on your dilemma to the person standing in front of you. But here it’s Shree Krishna, who is the one standing front. Here darkness, flaws and illusions cannot remain, however much Arjun tries. It is said that God said to Arjun, ‘ma klebhyam’ (do not yield to this degrading impotence) God said to Arjun, why are you talking like this, just like an impotent person. God used a very strong word like this in the Gita, to straightway call a brave one like Arjun, an impotent implies using an abusive word for Arjun. But God made a strike on his consciousness. That Arjun why do speak like you are an impotent person. Who are you to be sympathetic towards anyone? You are a warrior, stand amidst a battlefield, at this time to fight is your duty. I will tell you something. When Gita reached to the western countries. They said that how could Gita be a religious text. Krishna is asking Arjun to go to war , and such a war, such a fierce war, such a gruesome war, that after that the entire civilisation would be reshaped. The entire human civilisation changed after the Mahabharata. Even today for a very long period of time there is no historical evidence obtained after the Mahabharata, what kind of life existed then, was it there or not. For a very long time what was the condition of the living, there is no evidence of it available with us today, it was such a gruesome war. Krishna is enforcing on Arjuna, that Arjuna you have to fight, because Krishna is not motivating Arjun to fight against a person Krishna motivates Arjun to fight against the wrong, Krishna motivates Arjun to fight against the unjust. And like how I had said that lying to someone is bad, but lying to one’s self is devastating. Similarly to do wrong to someone is bad, but to keep witnessing wrong doing is much worse. This is somewhere or the other a violation of the intellect. This is somewhere or the other a violation of the intellect. Rise up, you are a living being. There is no adversity in life, which can claim victor over you. You are a living being, you have that God particle within you, you have that ultimate consciousness residing within you. There is no dilemma, nor any adversity in your life that can vanquish you. I had heard this a long time ago that the truth can get distressed but it cannot be vanquished. It can get distressed. Arjun is distressed. Because if we go close to Arjun and listen to Arjun, somewhere he is also saying the right thing. One view is that which Arjun has, with which he sees who stands before him, Pitamaha Bheeshm is the one standing . Who till now has only showered blessings on us. Whenever problems arose, Pitamah Bheeshm stood like a shield, today how can I pierce that shield with my own hands. Dronacharya is standing right in front, who has made Arjun who he is, who left aside his own son Ashwatdhama and taught Arjun archery. Arjun says how can I commit such an inhuman act just for a part of the kingdom, just for some land I go ahead and fight with these people. So deep contemplation is needed to move forward with Gita. That is why I chose to contemplate on one chapter at a time, so that I can discuss each one with you. Arjun is also saying the right thing because he is thoughtful. If Arjun was thoughtless like Duryodhan, then Arjun would have not asked such questions. But Arjun is thoughtful, before doing anything Arjun; and another thing the quality of Arjun that emerges from this and comes forth is that, despite being capable for battle, Arjun thinks before going into battle. It happens many times that you feel that this task you can do it very easily, who is there to stop you. You have the power of wealth, manpower, you have the power of intellect, you also have great strength. Who can stop from doing it ? That you are capable to do task is not enough to be predisposed to do it, it is important for you to think before doing the task, that what would be the outcome of this task for me and for others. One individual in the family takes a wrong decision, one individual. Sometimes impulsively one individual of the family takes a wrong decision and does not the whole family get hurt by it, Does not the whole family have to bear the hardship of it. Many a times it is seen that the decision of one individual the decision of one individual sometimes impacts the entire nation. If an individual takes a decision based on emotions, that today I am capable, today I can do whatever I feel like, And here Arjun is giving us a silent message that if even if you are capable. even if, Here I can see a very remarkable quality of Arjun’s personality, that Arjun is worthy, that is why may be because of this ability of Arjun, Krishna agreed to become his charioteer. You see if Arjun wants he can vanquish everyone, he can destroy everyone. And what happened with Arjun, And what happened with Arjun, the injustice, the humiliation, the disgrace, the oppression, which Arjun had to bear, despite that he is thinking. Arjun did not stop thinking. I am standing in the battlefield, I can fight and not just fight I can win the battle. Despite having the capability to fight Arjun thinks whether to fight or not. Arjun is thinking and somewhere within all this Krishna likes Arjun’s qualities, that he (Arjun) is capable, he is worthy too. Therefore here I would like to say something to my young friends, that is good to be physically strong. But it is also important to be wise along with being physically strong. You acquire any strength but with that strength, with that ability, your ability to think should not diminish, your power of thought should not weaken. You achieve anything. I have always said and I give this message from the Vyaspeeth that you should feel defeated and run away from this world. God did not let Arjun runaway, that Arjun cannot run away feeling defeated. If you have to go then win and go. If you have to go then leave with the joy of victory, if you have to leave, leave with happiness of victory. And I would say where can you go ? You would leave one place and go to another place. You will leave one form and take another form, you will leave one colour and take on another. Where would you go? Till this physical body of 5 elements is there, till then to live in this world is our need. And what is so bad about living here? Being at ease, being mindful, being this way what is so wrong in staying here ? Then God told Arjun that Arjun you are under an illusion, how are you saying that I cannot kill them, how did you determine that you would be the one to kill them, they could also kill you. Be disposed for battle God said, why are you talking like an impotent person, what a cowardly act this is, what a cowardly attempt Arjun, are you trying to make. You would be disgraced in this world. And then God says that for a gentleman, dishonor is worse than death. For a gentleman, for a brave man, for a courageous man, dishonor is worse than death. God said if death has to come let it come but there should not be dishonor is life. Do do any such thing that you and your future generations became a recipients of humiliation. Gita takes you to a very glorious stage in life, to a very luminous stage. A very pure, luminous.. Someone who is very close to life, maybe it would take thousands of years for an individual to understand Krishna. Even today it is like this that those people who speak about the Krishna from Gita, they cannot accept the Krishna who dances during ‘Raas’. Those who worship the Krishna of ‘Raas’, they try to avoid the Gita. There are many dimensions of Krishna’s life, there are many colours of Krishna’s life, and he fills colour into of each one of them so beautifully, that the one who sees, cannot be without surrendering, the one who sees cannot remain without singing his glory. Even after hearing all this Arjun says but how could I use my weapon on them, how can I kill them, Since You say so I accept that I do not know if I would die or they would die. but how I can I use my weapon on them, it is a sin to use weapons on them. How can I use my weapons on my Gurus? They are my near and dear ones, they may realise that or not, but with your grace the thoughtfulness and wisdom that I have attained, these Kauravas are my brothers, they are younger brothers and older brothers. How do I fight them, how can I kill them? And just as Arjun said, how can I kill them ? God (Krishna) said that Arjun have you started considering yourself God. Arjun said, God what I have said to indicate that? God said, you (Arjun) said that I would be killing them, God said a very significant shloka right in the middle, God recites.. Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent there is no endurance, and of the existent there is no cessation Right from here, The dialogue begins… Looking at Arjun’s state, Krishna made a strike on Arjun’s mind. In the last reflection (of chapter 1) I had said had it been one of us in the place of Shree Krishna and Arjun would have said that, Then what would we have said ?, okay if you feel this way then have a medicine. Rest a while and then fight. But Krishna knows that what manifests at the physical level is a symptom of what is manifesting within. Nothing straight away occurs on the physical body, it first occurs in the mind. Whether it is fear, confusion, worry, joy all of these first it develops within then it shows on the outside. So Krishna does not speak of anything external. That is why I said that Gita is not a religious text, it cannot be. Gita speaks of the human life, human mind, human attributes, human progress, and the possibilities of a human life. Gita just wants to tell you about how can there be maximum growth of the possibilities in life. There is only one life, come let’s live it to its fullest, let us take it right to the top. So this is all Krishna wants to say to Arjun, circumstances and destiny have brought you upto this battlefield, so now you should fight. If your circumstances and destiny have brought you to the battlefield so now you should fight and enjoy the fight. Don’t you feel that many times in life we just try to escape from certain circumstances. There is so much fear in life only so that this may not happen in the future. and the one to go beyond thought says, Trust and sleep fearlessly don’t think about future What is the difference between you, me and him? We say, oh God!, I hope this does not happen tomorrow, and that situation which may arise already makes you fearful. You do not even know if that situation would even arise or not. I will ask you a question. Today you are fearful because a certain situation that you think may arise in the future, what if this happens in the future. You can able to eat properly, you are not able to sleep properly. In those 8, 10 or 20 days, you saw that situation did not arise, you lost 20 days in fear and anxiety, don’t you think this was an irreversible loss of life. No one can return even 20 moments from that, and what was reason for that, just a mistake. What was the reason for that just carelessness. Neither did that situation arise, nor was that situation going to come. Just because of the fear of that situation, you wasted precious time of your life. Just because of a little carelessness, because of lack of understanding of life, because of lack of understanding the momentum of life, because of lack of understanding of your own self. You would have had such an experience in your life. You raise your hands and tell me that you were sacred that it should not happen and it actually did not happen. This happens many times, doesn’t it ? It happens or does it not happen. So we say that, That this should not happen, you are scared today, you are anxious, and the one who has crossed over to the side with his thoughtfulness, has gone beyond thought, he says, Trust in the name of Ram and sleep fearlessly don’t think about future He knew that, ‘what is not meant to happen will not and if it has to happen it will happen It is very straightforward thing. See, you know both these things that what is not meant to happen will not happen. That which is not meant to happen, that will not happen, and that which is meant to happen, no one can stop that from happening. Both these things are firm truths, this the unwavering truth of life that which is not meant to happen will not happen. ‘rati ghate na til bade jo likh di kartar’ Nature does not move forward as per our pace. Nature is not undisciplined like us. Nature is not thoughtless like us, nature is not unbalanced like us. Nature has it own pace, destiny has its own pace. The one who has gone beyond thought has said that, ‘anhonee honi nahin, aur honi ho so hoye’ First you begin, Oh God, this should not happen. While in that weakened state of mind, someone strikes your heart and says that I have a solution so that this would not happen. You go to a priest and he tells you, to wear this here, to wear that there and this would not happen. Be careful, whenever someone monopolizes your ability to think, it means that you are weak. He is only taking advantage of your weakness nothing else. He is only taking advantage of your mental weakness and I feel all the exploitation that happens in the field of religion, it happens by taking advantage of mental weakness. I always say this to you that there is no between you and God, no one can ever be there. You make place, you give space for someone to come between you and God. That is why, many times, while discussing from Vyaspeeth, I have tried to say this to you that, I don’t want that if you are a listener today, then you should remain a listener in the future as well. That from the first day since you came here, and now 5-10 years later if your mindset and your consciousness remain at that same level. You progress and I say this to you with a lot of confidence and after considerable thought that, mentally, physically, ideologically, intellectually and socially…. Spiritually we all are equally capable. Physically I may achieve less, you may attain more. Monetarily what you can buy, I may not be able to buy that. Socially the respect you receive, it is possible that I do not receive that. But spiritually you can attain God, and I too can attain God. Here our capability is the same. And all the exploitation that has happened in the field of religion has only happened because of your weakness within. You invite someone because of your weakness and that person takes advantage of the opportunity. Neither you are right nor he is right. You say that this should not happen, he says it won’t happen. but neither do you know nor does he. And that was not going to happen after all. I just want ask you one question that why did you loose those days of your life in fear, when what you feared was not going to happen after all. that which is not going happen will not happen and that which is going to happen will happen It’s not that Meera, Kabir, Soor did not go through adversity. But they were ready for that adversity before it came. They were so strong physiologically, mentally, and what was the reason of their being so mentally strong ? Knowing the truth, accepting the truth fully and completely. You can live your life completely only if you accept it completely. If you are not able to accept life completely. You want that this should happen and this should not happen. This is acceptable and this is not acceptable. Just once, Just once open the doors and for once go and sit in the fresh air. How filled with fear, is life? Once previously as well I had mentioned that I was on a flight and a person came and sat next to me, he was wearing 10 rings on 8 of his fingers. I counted them because I was sitting right there, 10 rings on 8 fingers. If someone saw him they would think he is big businessman. To me it seemed as though this person is so weak mentally. So far away from the truth, so far from the truth of life. No one can enter into your fate, your destiny. It is good that we prepare ourselves for that situation, to face that situation. And another small thing I would like to mention for my young friends, The one who can face (adversity) in life, is the one who can win over it as well. If you cannot face it then cannot win over it Then drop the idea of winning. Then accept this life of failures. Knock on this door today, knock on that door tomorrow. You cannot eat well, or sleep peacefully, then accept this life as it is. If not then, by being thoughtful, to go beyond thought, start this journey towards thoughtfulness. And one day following in the foot steps of Meera, Soor, Kabir and Tulsi, reach a point where on reaching Kabir says, Pichhe pichhe Hari phire kahe Kabir Kabir Where on reaching Kabir says, mann mast magan ab kyun bole I see that, because I frequently get the opportunity to meet all of you, to discuss with all of you I frequently receive such opportunities. I travel the world and I see, I see that the human being is so fearful, is so anxious and how would a fearful being, a frightened being, an anxious being, let alone being able to live life, he cannot even think about living his life. He is just passing his life. He is just passing his life. Why are you so scared? because you have not been able to understand life and to understand life. Sahjo bai says, ‘ apun hi ko khoj mile tab Ram snehi’. God is telling Arjun, Arjun you have forgotten who you are. Sometimes you consider yourself to be so brave that with your first strike a warrior like Dronacharya would fall flat on the ground right in front of you. Sometimes you think and sometimes you say that I will live my life begging for alms. You are a warrior, from where did begging for alms come into your disposition. from where did begging for alms be a part of your nature. Neither you have this in your nature nor that. So God sensed that situation, this implies that Arjun has lost the connect with his own self. This state of indecision that Arjun has arrived at, Arjun is having of desertion, Arjun is having off running away. This means that the connection Arjun has with his own self has been broken. And to reestablish the connection with yourself, to connect with yourself, the knowledge of a Sadguru is needed. And in this second chapter Arjun says this to Krishna, Oh God, Lord of the universe, I have come to your refuge as your disciple, I have come to refuge as your disciple. whatever you think is right for me, please direct me to that path. Then did not take any time to respond and said, go fight. and you, O Savyasacin, can be but an instrument in the fight. God said, go fight. Arjun has a question in his mind, like you, like you offer Pranaam to your Guru, keep your forehead in his feet, do Dandvat pranaam, do aarti, worship him, do all of that. But if the Guru says, forget about the world and do Bhajan, then how would you be able do that ? In this state, Oh God I am your disciple, you show me the path, you tell me what to do. God said, go fight, Arjun did not have that fortitude in him, that he could even lift his bow and say that he was ready to battle. I am ready to go into battle. Then God said, what are you thinking about, what do you fear? Then Arjun started to cry and said how could I end all this, how can I kill them. God said, the one who is already dead, how would you be killing them. Then God said, these faces that you see in front of you, Bheeshm Pitamah, Dronacharya and all you’re younger brothers. From here please listen more attentively. The unreal comes not into being, the real never lapses into non-being. Then God said, that these faces you see, there is no question of killing them, as they are already dead. They were not there yesterday, they will not be there tomorrow, nor is there a possibility that they will be there in the future. So whatever is in between that cannot be called the truth. In the second chapter Krishna introduces Arjun to what is the truth of life? what is the truth of life? You see, when you dream, then many times you remember the dream, you remember what you saw in the dream, where you were and what you saw, When you are awake you tell someone that you had a dream. Now the dream you cannot be called untrue, because the dream was not untrue. Because you know, even after waking up its experience still remains, where you were, what you saw, it implies that it was not untrue. And what does Mahadev (Shiv) say in the Ramcharitrmanas, what does he say, what does he compare this sansaar (world) to. ‘Uma kahun mein anubhav apna, sat Hari bhajan jagat sab sapna’ Dream as in which exists but also does not, which is not there but is there. You saw it which means it exists, it can experienced and, Sometimes you get so sacred after a dream that even after waking up, you are drenched in sweat, your heart is racing, you can get so scared because of a dream. So it’s not like the dream does not have an entity. God is somehow trying to convey to Arjun that life is just like a dream, it is not there bout it is there. Now those who follow the path of knowledge say that the world does not exist at all. Some say no, the world exists. Now does the world exist or not? It can be seen with the eyes, it can be heard with the ears, we are born into this world, we exist in this world. We experience this world daily. Then how can it be said that the world does not exist. Now on the other hand if someones says that if it does not exist then what does, And If it is a question of being there, then it was not there yesterday. It is there today and who knows if it would still be there tomorrow or not. No conclusive answer is derived from both these criterion. If there was a board I would have been able to explain it better, like a teacher. Please ask Shambhu ji to get a board installed next time. I hope that you can understand what I am trying to say. We are talking about a dream. You saw a dream. But the dream does not exist but it does because you saw it. Similarly the world is exactly like this… it does not exist, Because if someone says, it is. There is something between it being there and it not being there. ‘hai akhun to hai nahin and nahin kahun to hai, , is hai nahin ke beech mein kuch na kuch to hai’ You can never ever live in extremes. Tulsidas says a very beautiful thing, Goswami ji says that, Excess of speaking is not good nor excess of keeping mum. Excessive raining is not good nor excess of sunshine. One thing you would have to accept that if there is anything excessive in life it would make you ill. So the strength of immune system is diminished, if you have an unbalanced diet. The strength of your immune system is diminished, if you have an unbalanced diet. So here I would say that if there was one message that Bhagvad Gita gives is that balance is the beauty of life. And to understand that balance, consideration and wisdom is needed, which Shree Krishna is giving to Arjun as prasad(blessing). So God said Arjun see, look again, look closely, look deeper. Arjun said first you asked me to see. In the first chapter as well God said that Arjun see who is standing in front of you. I had come prepared for battle, the moment you said look and then I became anxious Now are saying look again and this is the only way to go beyond fear, is to come face to face with it. You cannot escape it. You cannot escape it. You have to be ready to handle that situation, and when you try to escape it, To escape is a sign of mental and inner weakness, someone will take advantage of your mental weakness. Someone would exploit you. Someone would take undue advantage of your mental weakness. They will exploit you and your standing in life would fall further. Accept it, understand this, and recognize this truth, there is only one way to go beyond that situation that is to face the situation. face the situation. and if the sight is set on Shree Krishna, then that situation. Say loudly one can win over There is one way to go beyond the situation, this the first thought that you can take away from here. Because our life is just a collection of situations. There is one way to go beyond the situation, it is to face the situation and the sight should be set on Shree Krishna, then the situation can be won over either today or tomorrow. Shree Krishna is only trying to explain this to Arjun, that see , go closer and see. Is this truth, is what you see the truth ? Once an artist asked some of his students to make a painting, he asked them to go make a beautiful painting So the students asked, It would be easier for us. So he said okay, a cow is grazing grass, make a painting of this. Everyone worked very hard, made the painting. But there was one student just like me, who handed a blank sheet to the teacher. The teacher asked where is the painting ? Where is the painting ? All the children have worked hard and made beautiful paintings, where is your painting? So I said the cow went away after grazing the grass. But the teacher was my teacher after all. He said but there is no grass here as well. So I said that also has dried up because of the heat. Then what is in this painting after all? Then what is in this painting after all? I said, it has what was there yesterday, is there today and will be there tomorrow as well. This a painting of that and I have given it to you. Just this was what Shree Krishna was trying to show Arjun, that Arjun you are getting entangles in the facade. And I am requesting this to you here with great humility that, when someone tries to run away, then he is just leaving one facade and holding on to another facade. Just leaving one appearance and holding to another appearance. Leave one colour and hold on to another colour. He would leave one type of diet for another type of diet. I would like to ask you all one thing, you are all intelligent people sitting here. If there is person who is mentally ill, you make them do a headstand. Do you understand what a headstand is? Head down, legs up Would the mental sickness go away by doing a headstand. No When you held on it you were like this and when you left it you became that. But YOU are still the same. The resolution of the disposition of the mind cannot be done in this way. And if there was a way to resolve the way the mind is predisposed, then it should happen from where ever you are. So God said, Arjun don’t run, awaken. Many a times I have requested you that do not run away from this world, awaken. Someone has questioned that what does it mean to be awakened, while being in this world ? You repeatedly say awaken while being in this world. What does it mean to be awakened in this world? Like how you wake up from a dream. I would go back to what I was saying. You saw a dream, after waking up you can recall what you had seen, what you were wearing? You fought with someone, you quarreled with someone, someone attacked you, you got hurt and suddenly you woke up. And sometimes its impact remains with you for a while longer, so it cannot be said that dream is non existent, dreams exist. But if someone asks you where there are, so you cannot tell them. The world is exactly like this. If you hold on to the world, then it is like being thoughtless, and if you totally leave the world then that is also being thoughtless, because Ramcharitrmanas say that, Uma, I tell you my own realization; And whose experience is this?, it is not mine. Who is saying this? ‘tum tribhuvan Guru ved bakhana’ The one who is Guru of the three worlds. Mahadev is saying this, Uma, I tell you my own realization; I will tell you what I have experienced, the only thing real is worship of Sri Rama, and the whole world is a dream. And what is a dream? it was neither there, nor was it not there. Now if someone says that the world exists then it is untrue because the world does not come in the periphery of truth. The truth is that for which Nanak says, True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages. Shree Krishna is the truth. ‘diney diney navam navam namami nandsambhavam’ Shree Krishna is the truth, He was there yesterday, He is there today and He will be there tomorrow. One nectar, continuous, eternal, absolute, timeless. Someone asked me if I were to say one word for Krishna, then what would I like to say. I said the Truth True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages.’ The sole truth in this entire existence and that is why Gita is extraordinary, because it speaks of the truth. Somewhere or the other Arjun was sliding off the plane of truth, Shree Krishna holds his hand, Arjun I will not let you run away. Wake up see this situation, accept it. This battle was your destiny, it has brought you till here. You cannot run away from your fate, you cannot escape and run from it. This is fate, it has brought you here. So the world is exactly like this and a dream. I will tell you of a small experiment, just close your fist while being seated here. clench your fist. what is there in your fist. There is air. Tighten your fist, now the air is lesser. Tighten it further now there is even lesser air. So the world is just like this. The tighter you grip, the further it moves away form your grip. So it cannot be held, the world cannot be held. Any object of this world, any person of this world, however much you love them you cannot bind them, hold them and keep them close to you. This is no such arrangement. However much an individual likes food he cannot always eat. However much an individual is fond of wealth, he would also feel sleepy, he would also be hungry. So one thing is certain that the world cannot be held and one cannot leave it either. If I say this to you that if cannot hold on it then leave it. Where will go after leaving it ? So the world cannot be held on to neither can it be ignored. Just like a dream. Neither a dream can recur and neither can it be instantly forgotten. What can be done? The only solution to protect yourself from a dream is to wake up. neither the world should be held nor should it be abandoned. We, If we live in this world then we live in absolute extremes in this world. We did not ever realise that there is something like the divine name as well. There should be some contemplation in life, for a while, there should be some Satsang in life. That is why I would like to say this especially to all my young friends. I do not say this to you that you should only practice devotion in your life. But I do always this and will keep on saying this that you should also practice devotion in your life. I will not say that only do ‘Sat- Sangati’ but also do ‘Sat-Sangati’ We call this very pleasant weather. There are two seasons in the year that are very pleasant, one is autumn and the other is spring. The quality of both these seasons is that neither is too cold nor is it too hot. And if you do make it possible through some means. You cannot go to the edge of the extreme to enjoy life, to enjoy life it is necessary that the there are pleasant atmosphere in life. And what is a pleasant atmosphere? Balance is that pleasant atmosphere in life, a balanced life is a pleasant atmosphere. Shree Krishna has a very straightforward reason that Arjun you are neither fighting Bheeshma, nor Dronacharya, nor your younger brothers. You have come here to fight the untrue, to fight evil, to fight misbehavior, to fight immorality, to fight cruelty, to fight injustice. But Krishna does not say anything very emotional to Arjun. Krishna could straightway asked Arjun to do anything being his Guru. Gita would have concluded here. The elaboration of Gita would not have happened, if in the very first chapter itself Krishna would have asked Arjun to go fight, I order you to fight. Arjun would have to fight, even if he had to fight half heartedly. But Krishna does not want that Arjun should fight half heatedly. But Krishna wants that Arjun to be disposed for battle, Arjun should make the Karma of fighting in this battle his Dharma and to relish the fight, because this is in Arjun’s nature, in Arjun’s disposition, this is Arjun’s nature. And here I would like to say one more thing to you that you can search for the truth starting from falsehood. That is why it is not necessary to forsake the world, moreover I would say it is necessary to live within this world, why ? Because whenever there is adversity in this world, whenever you would experience the bitterness of this world, The bitterness of this world would appear time and again in your life, the hostility of this world would come time and again in your life. Who would make you realise the bitterness of this world, the emptiness of this world. Those situations would make you realise. I have seen that those people who have a lot of facilities in their lives, those people who have a lot of conveniences in their lives, their capability ends. It’s clear if you have not done any work ever in your life See the limbs of your body. You tie your hands down for 15 days, do not use for your hands at all. You would see on the sixteenth day it would be difficult for your hands to do work. And on the other hand the more you keep working the more your capacity would keep growing. So if a lot of conveniences come into your life then the capacity reduces. You would have to accept this. Too many facilities impair your capacity. So if you consider that in your life there are no afflictions, there is no pain in your life, there is no sadness and confusion in your life, Then I am sorry to say that you would loose the capacity of being human. The one who has no capability to think. please excuse me, but all these various circumstances that arise in your life, they sharpen and hone your ability to think. Has anyone here used a sword? Not even one. I am there too. If you keep the sword aside for sometime for some days, it would start rusting, The conveniences of life may increase or not, but it is necessary that your capability in life increases, you are human being. That is why again and again I am requesting that do not run away from your circumstances, do not try to escape from your circumstances. Keep God in your heart, look towards Krishna, remember those moments from the Gita, when Shree Krishna held Arjun’s hand to stop him. He straight away said that be disposed for battle. So Krishna could have used his authority over Arjun and ordered him, that no Arjun you have to fight and Arjun would have had to fight, half heartedly he would have to fight. But Krishna did not want him to fight half heartedly but Arjun should fight whole heartedly. Win it and relish this fight. Krishna wants to take Arjun somewhere beyond this world of illusion. And I have said this to you repeatedly that religion is not object to lure, religion does not deceive you. Sorry to say that if someone tells you that do this ritual and you would attain this. straightway this is an allurement, this is deception, this is the misfortune of religion, that you say that some else is chanting a mantra for you and you derive the benefit of that. I have seen that we ask so and so person to do a religious procedure. We ask so and so person to chant mantra for us. Someone will chant for you and you would obtain the benefit from that. Think about it, you don’t think about it. Just think about it, the one who is taking money from you to chant a mantra, his mind set on the money or the mantra, in the money of course. You try to say this once to that so called person, that we will not give you any fee, you still chant for us. then who are you and which mantra ? The one whose objective is to earn money, the tendency of that person, the inclination of that person would it be in mantra or in the money? The one whose inclination is in the money, the mantra he chants, the worship done by him, how would it benefit you, how much would it benefit you? If this is not the weakness of your mind, then what is this ? If this is not the thoughtlessness in your life, then what is this ? If this not a place of illusion then what is it ? There were many ways for Krishna, that I grant you a boon, so be it, you would win this battle. I grant you this boon and everything would happen easily. Krishna did not let any such thing happen. And in fact scolded Arjun, that how you conclude that you would win even before the battle has begun. How did you conclude that you would be the one to kill them, they could also kill you. The battle has just begun, go fight. Today, right now, at this very moment. Our present is affected by the grief of the past or fearful with the worry of the future. Our present is so unhealthy, and Shree Krishna is just talking about making Arjun’s present healthy That which is true, that which is timeless, that which is eternal, Oh Arjun that you cannot destroy any way. And that which is false will be wiped out either today or tomorrow. That which is not there, it would not happen and what was there in the past, it is there in the present and would be there in the future, so the question of anyone dying or anyone being killed does not even arise. Your duty is only to go to battle. That is why fulfill your duty. There are many circumstances which arise in life, what is going to be the outcome of this action. Would it be in my favour or not, this is the only benchmark you have while deciding whether or not do it. A young man asked me, He said that you always say that only the present is the truth, neither you have any control on the past nor do we have any control on the future. Do you possess any such method. Can you alter any situation that has occurred in the past. How many among you always contemplate about the situation that occurred in the past? You must have felt sad thinking about it. Those of you who do not lower their hands are not telling the truth. This happens with of all us. This is the mind of a human, this is a human tendency. And all those who did not lower their hands, there are at this moment just like Arjun at the start of battle, that there is something in the mind and something else is being presented. So it’s good that you have come here to listen to the Gita. And it happens many times that future keeps making you fearful. So the life you had to live today, you could not truly live in the present because of the sadness of the past and the fear of the future. Shree Krishna just wants to take Arjun out of this dilemma. What will happen tomorrow? Thinking about what the outcome would be, you cannot constrain your present. And most of the times the basis of an inclination to do a task is owing to what we would gain by doing it. What would I gain by doing this task, only this is the basis of our predisposition for that task. God told Arjun that you are soul of the army of the Pandavas. This is not just question of your predisposition for battle. This entire army standing right behind you, all of them here are standing against the arrogance, against cruelty, against the tyranny, to fight against these oppressors. This is not just a battle between you and the Kauravas. This a battle is between two different sides. Firstly you are not alone here, you are not alone here, you have come here only as a representative. Accept the entirety of your life. Go, see and recognise who you are, All of these with you who are willing to give up their life, all of them are here to fight against the injustice and the atrocities. Do not be self centred and do not just think of your Dharma. When you.. When you are the head of the family, you cannot take a decision for just your happiness, because your decision affects the whole family, it can.. So when you are the elder, when nature has, when destiny has given you a higher position, then it only your authority which is bigger, but before the authority your duty is much greater. Somehow Shree Krishna is making Arjun realise his duty, Arjun here you are the soul of the army. The whole army is behind you ready to fight. This type of an action of yours could lower the morale of the entire army. This battle is not just your personal initiative. You are not willing to go into battle for a personal reason. And it happens many times that only to keep the present healthy you have to take a decision, just to keep the present healthy. A young boy questioned me, that if we do not have any authority over our past and our future, You say that we have no authority over the past that has gone and the future that is going to come, Then why is there a need to be so alert about the present. The question is logical, is valid that whatever is there in the present in sometime it become the past. And then we would have no authority over it. So the past that has gone and future that is to come both are beyond are control. Then why is it necessary to be so aware about our present. Then just come, eat and go, just enjoy. So I asked, what do you have for breakfast 5 years ago. he said, That what I ate for breakfast 5 years ago, Then I said looking at you it seems that, You don’t eat just anything. So I said that for instance whatever you eat today, what is going to happen tomorrow you have no control over it, yet to remain healthy, with this hope you eat healthy today. Likewise we have do not have control over the outcome of our Karma(actions). But to hope for a healthy outcome it is necessary that we have a healthy conduct today. You cannot ignore this. There is a lot in life which is not in your control, but still you have to be inclined to do it. So somewhere here God made Arjun realise his duty, Arjun you are not alone, the entire army is standing right behind you, their morale would fall, you are leading them. You have great authority, but your duty is way greater than that. Please forgive me when I say this that today the kind of interpretation of religion that is there in the society, is that religion means to fight for your right. A young boy asked me that, I said, If you go overseas you will see that the parents cannot even scold their children. Leave alone pulling their ear you cannot even look at them angrily. The wind from their blew here and the same started happening in educational institutions here. The teachers cannot scold you. I still remember when I got a beating from my teacher and I will remember that throughout my life. And I remember that beating and remember the progress I made because that beating. I still remember it and I would like to remember it all my life that I never repeat that mistake again. So that wind will blew towards this side and you would see after sometime that you would be such parents who have no authority over own child. Then you would only be fulfilling your duties, because the child would have the authority, you would only be left with duty. So I have observed that in the entire world their culture shows you, They teach you to fight for your right. This teaches us to submit to our duties. God said that, Arjun this is your duty. You are not standing alone in this battlefield. You should never take such a decision in your life, because of which you’re associates, your relatives get affected. The could be hurt and harmed. You and I, no one is alone out here. Somewhere or the other, to someone or the other, our lives our connected. And the more people your life is attached to, greater the responsibility, greater is your obligation, you have to be more alert and careful in your life. Then God said, Arjun look again, look carefully these faces you see, Who you call Bheeshma, Dronacharya. These appearances are within the boundary of this time-frame. Like when you stand on the bank of the river you see your reflection in the flowing water. Don’t you see it? To see the reflection you need water. So God said that these are just faces which have become this way and are standing like this within the periphery of this moment. I have said this to you many times from the Vyasspeeth, whatever comes in your, whether its an object, a person or a situation. That is neither an object, nor a person, nor a situation. Your Karma(actions) have taken that form and has appeared that way. Whenever do something, something gets shaped all around you. If something gets formed, it could favourable for you, or it could unfavourable for you, it could be pure, it could be sacred, it could divine. So whatever is coming into your life, either a person, an object, or a thought. I have seen that, there are some people who do not get to listen to moralistic ideas their entire life. Fate takes and leaves you in such a place, destiny takes to such a place where he does not get to listen to any virtuous thoughts. That is why I have said this to you repeatedly, I will say it again that if God did not want come into our lives, then we would have never felt like going for a moralistic discussion. Always keep coming and come here feeling thankful, feeling grateful, there is someone bringing us here. This is someone’s resolution that is being fulfilled in our lives. So no object, no person, no situation does not come in to your life because someone has sent it. Here, nothing happens without reason. without a cause. No situation arises without a reason. It is your intention, these are your thoughts, and if today from this moment on you are not cautious with yourself, then the greatest scholars of the Gita in India, Swami Ramsukhdas ji Maharaj says, that the one who cannot correct themselves today, those who cannot correct themselves right now, they will never correct themselves. Thats all, Krishna wanted to introduce the importance of ‘now’, that Arjun, what is your duty now? Do not waste it, do not loose, and think about it that these faces that stand before you, they are nothing, there are nobody. They were not there yesterday and they will not be there tomorrow. Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent there is no endurance, and of the existent there is no cessation The entire philosophy of life is filled in this single statement. In the middle of this one shloka Krishna says, nasato vidyate bhavo That which is not there, it cannot happen. That which is there, that too, cannot not happen, this cannot be denied as well. That which is, Like when people say, God exists, then it is a repetition. Only God exists, He is present, He was present and He will remain present. And what exists , only God exists. When I was in Mumbai a person came to me, he said that, I have been listening to you for 2-3 days and he said, I told him that I was happy to meet him. Yes its important that you meet a variety of people. That is why I consciously go to a place where no one knows me. Where no knows about me, there I am treated like any other regular person. Here there is a very familiar interaction, isn’t it. There I am treated like how a regular person would be. So I told him that I was happy to meet him. He said I heard you for 2-3 days, but I do not believe in God So I asked him to remove it. He asked, from where should I remove it. I said, remove God from your statement. He was in lost in thought, I said remove it. Then I asked him, now tell me who do you not believe in. He said I do not believe in God, I said no, remove God from your statement, then say who do you not believe in. And I said be careful if without saying God, can you say you do not believe in God. I do not believe, I do not believe, I do not believe in, I do not believe in. I said if you say this a few times in front of your wife, she may think you have gone crazy. She would take you to a psychiatrist. You have said this in front of me do not say this anywhere else. Even then I told him to keep trying, who do you not believe in. That poor fellow is still trying till today, that somehow I can say this statement without using the word God, I can say that I do not believe in God. God does not exist. In that ‘no’ comes somewhere later, first the word God comes, first God comes. His entity cannot be negated. and what you are ? Think about it and move ahead you will see. As you keep moving forward, more and more would keep getting left behind. Then only a few remain in the end for whom Shankracharya says, Neither am I the Mind, nor the Intelligence or Ego, Neither am I the organs of Hearing (Ears), nor that of Tasting (Tongue), Smelling (Nose) orSeeing (Eyes), Neither am I the Sky, nor the Earth, Neither the Fire nor the Air, I am the Ever Pure Blissful Consciousness; I am Shiva, I am Shiva. But without taking darkness into consideration, no one can be made to perceive light. Similarly without putting forth the untruth you cannot move towards the truth. That is why I have give this message to you that stay within this sansaar (world) You have to know, you just have to know, Like I said that a dream cannot be held and the dream cannot be discarded. You can only awaken from a dream. The world is exactly like that. I have seen a Mahatma, who would turn his face away if you kept money in front of him. That signifies that how much clout of wealth you would be experiencing. If there was a big wrestler, If there was a big wrestler, and if a person like me came to him and challenged him, would he feel afraid. He would not even pay any attention to me. What do you feel afraid of ? from the one you think is powerful, who you think is formidable. There is no need to renounce your wealth. Wealth is unreal, knowing this is enough, it can be put to good use, know this is enough. There is no need to leave it and run away. That awaken, do not run away. you are running away from battle and this is not right. This is exactly like doing a head-stand. Like an insane person is doing a head-stand. A person always indulging in self gratification may turn into an ascetic, but I would like to say one thing here, If a king turns into an ascetic, then he would still like to remain a king among all the other ascetics. Some people cannot accept being in second place in life. If they were told that instead of living like a king in hell, wouldn’t they live as servant in heaven. They would say no, I would rather live as a king in hell, live only as a king. Where just a few moments ago I told you that sometimes we good good deeds only to glorify our ego. God says that on one hand you say that it would be better to run away than to fight with them, it is better to die than to kill them. So God said Arjun, you speaking in extremes for both. Then kill them, not yourself, go fight, let the outcome be however it has to be. Karmanye vaadhikaraste Why do worry about the outcome? Why do you say that either I would die or they would die ? It is possible that both of you die, it is also possible that neither of you die. It is possible that one dies, it is also possible this one dies This is greatest dilemma of our lives. The amount of strength we apply, the amount of alertness we apply that much power, that much energy, if it was applied towards performing actions, then the outcome would always be pleasant, forever be good. So God said Arjun see these are only appearances. There were not there yesterday they will not be there tomorrow. Even if you do not kill they would still have to die. So at least fulfil your duty and be entitled to that share of glory. At least in this world you would be glorious. Because you are a warrior, and if you die in battle, then you would honoured and if you win the battle even then you would be honoured. If you remember I had said this last time I had said that for whom is this life like a stage. For some life is very pleasant, for some it is painful. But I feel that life is like a battlefield, you have to fight every moment. Happiness starts with an illusion. Happiness starts with an illusion, increases with misunderstanding and ends with fear. The happiness in this world starts with an illusion, worldly happiness is an illusion. Today the meal that you are eating, yesterday you had a very delicious meal, is its taste still there today ? Even the meal you had in the morning its taste also does not remain. On the contrary if you are hungry, then thinking about those tasteful flavours causes uneasiness, if you start feeling hungry. Try to hold on to any joy of this world, the harder you hold on to it, the further it moves away from you. If you run after someone in this world, they will start misusing your emotions. If you run after someone in this world, they will start misusing your emotions. If you leave them they would be against you. Both these are not the right approaches. That is why I said that you cannot go to the edge of extremes and live your life. Balance is needed to live life, to live life its important to be at ease, to be cautious. And repeatedly Krishna is only trying to do this, that Arjun should awaken. What is awakening? To know this world, to understand it. To neither establish a relationship with it nor break away from it. Neither hold on to the world nor leave it, this is called balance. And Like a weighing scale, something is on this side and something is on the other, then even a child can play with it. if it is just this then even a child can play with it. But to balance the scales it is necessary to keep equal weight on both the sides. that is a task for a capable person, it is not a child’s play. To hold on to the world or to your life is also ignorance. And to just leave this sansaar (world) is absolute ignorance. This will only bring conceit, bring vanity in life, that I am the one to leave, this will not bring in anything else but egotism. Like the way Arjun said that I will renounce everything and beg for food as alms and survive. God said, who do you think you are, why do think of yourself as so important ?, that if you fight all of them would be killed. God has hit Arjun’s vanity hard and while laughing this shloka appeared in Gita, God laughs and said to Arjun, While laughing Krishna tells Arjun that look at yourself , you are lying here feeling weak and you speak of vanquishing them. On the other hand you tell Me that you are My disciple, please tell me what I should do? and you are also conveying your decision that I will not fight and you are walking away. Right now you are not.. right now your life energy is not balanced and you should not take any decision at this time. At this point just awaken and think about this situation, analyse what this situation is conveying to you. Yes God is saying this again and again , in various shlokas He is saying that the soul is neither born nor it dies. But what happens is that it is just like floating on water. You can read about all the ways to swim in water, you write about it, you can research it. For instance you did a PhD on swimming and wrote a big fat thesis on it. And if someone accidentally puts you in the water to swim and gives you your Phd, saying that take this along it would help you. . Then Phd will not help in swimming, it will surely aid in drowning That if a big fat Phd is tied to your waist, then would it help you to float or to sink Life is exactly like that, You could read many things about life, you could have written many things about life, you could explain many things. I have said this to you many times. Sometimes just by the way I have consoled my heart and the things I myself have not understood I have explained it to others. Here Krishna is unique. With that truth of life, Krishna is Krishna is standing there. See, if you stand here and see then some structures would seem higher and some structures would seem smaller. But after reaching a certain height everything seems the same. and going higher you do not see anything, you can just see dust. So Krishna is speaking from that the highest peak of consciousness, that is why I said that If a conflict appears in life, then If a situation of a conflict does arise in life, but if you’re sight in set on Krishna. It is possible you may forget, it is possible you may feel fearful, it is possible you get anxious. But one thing is certain, “where there is Dharma there will be victory” But one thing is certain, “where there is Dharma there will be victory” I say this a lot of confidence, if you are sight is set on Krishna. He stands and speaks from that level of consciousness where to Him everything is the same. These appearances that Arjun is seeing, that it is why he is fearful. Its just like when one sees a rope but thinks it is a snake. Illusion gives rise to fear. To Arjun the rope appears to be a snake, Arjun is getting fearful. And Krishna is only trying to rid of that optical illusion. He is saying that, just once go closer and see, what is their entity. What exists you cannot destroy, and that which does not exist, does not require your assault, because neither did it exist in the past nor will it exist in the future. So just by acquiring the knowledge of swimming you cannot swim to the other side. Likewise, in the context of life, just acquiring knowledge, just acquiring knowledge, and to keep on applying it in life without actually experiencing it, you would not be able to comprehend the truth of life And I feel that who keeps aside what Krishna has said, the one who says that I have renounced everything, I feel that they are keeping the Gita aside and then saying this. The one who says that I have left the world, he is keeping what Krishna has said, aside. And I do not think that what Krishna has said, Krishna himself is the absolute truth, every word of His is the absolute truth. By keeping the truth aside, how can one get closer to the truth? From the very first day if you remember, you have been listening to me, from the very first day you have been with me on this journey. I have never conveyed from here that you should leave everything and go somewhere. I have always said that perfect your Karma, when the Karma is perfected only then it becomes Dharma. The one who runs away does not attain God, I know this for certain. They may think of him as a devout, as an ascetic and worship him, he may attain a very big throne, he may attain adoration for it from people. He could attain a lot from this world. God cannot be attained by the one who runs away, a coward does not attain God. Kabir says a very beautiful thing, The lustful,angry or greedy cannot have devotion. Only a valiant who has sacrificed caste,creed and race can have devotion A person who is not accepted by anyone in this world, He sees that by being clothed like a Sadhu, people start worshipping you, what is the problem with that. What is the problem? It is anyways very difficult to attain anything is this world, let’s take another path. It is only the glorification of our ego, it is only the inflation of our vanity. When you live in the world time and again your pride is bruised. Doesn’t this situation arise in life that one moment when you meet someone he gives you tremendous respect, and just moments later another person comes in front of you and says abusive words to humiliates you and goes away Such a situation arises daily in life, but these situations are essential to shape life, to give life a beautiful form. That sometimes I consciously go to a place where no one knows me. Baba Bulle Shah says, chal Bulleya chal uthe chaliya jithe saare anney, na koi saadi jaat pehchane nai koi saanu manney This discussion started with a thought, I am coming back to a thought, and to discover the truth of life, the start of this journey is with a thought. And if this contemplation is associated with Krishna, if it is associated with the Gita, then as soon as you delve into this thought, the first introduction you have is with the truth of life. To your own truth. The day you know yourself, the day you know why you have come here, that is a day of celebration. What is your duty?, what is your objective? So this journey which started with a thought, brings you closer to the truth. Arjun heard some of the words Krishna said, and tried to see, Arjun is in thought, that what Krishna is saying, I cannot deny that. If you view this from a distance you would think that Krishna is instigating Arjun to go to war, he is being asked to fight, he is being asked to kill. But Krishna is not telling Arjun to be inclined for battle. Krishna is asking Arjun to step away from untruth to the side of truth. See, both conflict and love are transient in this world. But here I must definitely say this that, do not misunderstand that this means just go ahead and destroy, I have said this that this battle is not just a battle. Even Hitler killed people. That was violence, that was murder, because it was fulfilling personal greed. But this battle, this battle is not persecution, this battle is not savagery, this battle is against what is untrue, this battle is against injustice. And it is the duty of a warrior, to oppose wrong doing and be inclined to fight it. Your Karma (actions). This is that strand given to you in your hand with which you an untangle the knots of your life. Yes, but not just by listening, by reading and by preaching. It is only realisation; experience it with your soul. Let love be love, do not ascribe it a label. I have seen. Experiencing this with your soul, not with your mind or your intellect. If I tell you that imagine the unending, you would only be able to think of it upto a point. So, likewise you cannot imagine that eternal, that absolute truth. By evoking your wisdom you can think about it, thought is the only medium. And a message that I would like to give my young friends This might have made you very knowledgeable, made you very knowledgeable. But don’t you feel that. I have heard this from someone that if you want to enjoy the ride then keep the luggage to a minimum. ‘if you want to enjoy the journey, then carry lesser luggage, and if you want to enjoy life then have lesser desires’ Here everything is available but you do not need everything in your life. you do not need everything in your life. and I am calling this as the balance in life. Even if everything is available, When should you take, what you should take and how much you should to take, it creates a balance in life, it brings beauty in life. so, a thought I feel that, I believe that why have you moved away from thinking, nowadays you do not think. Because to think it is essential that there is solitude, solitude at the mental level. which is no longer present in our lives . Many times, How many times?… You are not just watching you are absorbing it as well. Even unwillingly, you are still absorbing something. Like a few days ago, I reluctantly read this news in the paper and I was afraid, that I should not go to Delhi for a few days. Somewhere I read that those who live in Delhi it is like smoking 30 cigarettes in a day. even if you don’t want to Okay tell me this, how many people lit crackers this Diwali ? Tell me honestly. So just a few people. But here I would like to give you a message You will not have any clean water left, any clean air left. What kind of a life are you imagining for yourself? What kind of joy are you searching for in life? You moved away from contemplation, and this journey of the Gita as it moves forward, and this only a journey of contemplation. It is just a thought. God said to Arjun just think and the moment Arjun went deeper into thought he realised that they are just appearances. Any person has come into your life, That is why some person brings in joy, some person brings in despair, some person brings in pain. And even if you want, you cannot do anything about it. It is nothing but something that you have created, And as I said that a dream cannot be ignored, it cannot be held on to, you can only awaken from a dream. similarly neither one can run away from the circumstances that arise in our lives, nor can they be ended. Only by being awakened to what is happening today it should not happen again. This mistake, this mistake should not get repeated in life. This is called awakening Do not ask for forgiveness, embody it. So that the same mistake does not happen in your life again . You do not repeat the same mistake again. This is best way to ask for forgiveness, that you make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again. This book of life, which Krishna is trying to explain in the middle of the battlefield. And I had said this the last time as well. The end is close … I had mentioned this the last time as well that the most beautiful part about this section is that, to preach to Arjun, Krishna chose a battlefield. Where there is chaos, where you cannot even talk of peace. I don’t think that in this world there is anything more noisier, anything more chaotic than a battlefield. where this is such instability in the mind So where the mind is very unstable, where there is a frightful chaos, where there is no pleasant sound, where you can hear the war-cries, which is not something you want to hear, something which is not pleasing. The sounds of conch shell is there, where there is no pleasant sound, where there is frightful chaos, there is immense unrest, there is a calamity waiting to happen, death is hanging above their heads. This is the setting Krishna chose to give Arjun the ultimate knowledge. Shree Krishna is only trying to tell you that, There would be adverse situations in your life, there would be chaos but less than this, there would be noise but less than this, there would be unrest but less than this, lesser than this. So wherever you are, however you are, you be like Arjun and thinking of these words of Shree Krishna, looking at Shree Krishna, you can move forward on this journey of absolute truth. The contemplation of the second chapter ends here. Soon I will be back again with all of you for the contemplation on the third chapter. Till then I offer Pranaam to the God residing in your heart. My best wishes with all of you that this lamp which has been lit: because it has been years since I am delivering orations, but the thought of talking about Gita arose just a few months ago, this was not my thought. Like I told you before that I go for sometime to be in solitude, an incident had occurred while I was there. This was an unknown inspiration, that the Prasad of this contemplation should be shared, and with your good wishes, with the kindness of the Gurus, and with grace of Shree Krishna, this beautiful journey began with all of you It will move forward this way. A reporter recently asked me, that up till where would this journey be? You said this is a journey, then up till where do you think this journey would be? I said this journey would take us there till where Arjun reached in the eighteenth chapter. And where did Arjun reach, in the shelter of the lotus feet of Shree Krishna. I have started this journey with only this objective that this journey with Arjun would take us there where Arjun reached. And the Gita proclaims, .”Where there is Dharma, there will be Victory”. where there is triumph of life, where there is victory of life, where there is celebration of life. And I, and I say that, Krishna giving such a method, He is giving such a strategy, where you would not have wait for an occasion to celebrate. Whatever is the form, in whichever way, with whom so ever you are, Krishna fills you up with so much joy within. Krishna invokes a source of bliss within you, that you do not have wait for an occasion to celebrate. Where ever you go there is a celebration there. With these good wishes today’s contemplation ends here. I offer Pranaam to the God residing in your heart For a few minutes we will recite Krishna’s name and then… Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind, hai Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind, hai Gopal Nandlal Today you are all there in my chorus Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind, hai Gopal Nandlal hey Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal hey Gopal Nandlal Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal Krishna hai, Krishna Hai Every time at the end of the session I ask you all to stand and sing like this, there is only one reason for that, Krishna hai, Krishna hai Who is the son of Vasudeva, Who is the Lord, Who killed Kamsa and Cāṇūra, and Who is the bliss of Devakī. I worship Lord Kṛṣṇa, Who is the spiritual master of the universe, Krishna hai, Krishna Hai


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