Decision Making Gym

as the business world grows more complex it is increasingly important to decentralize decision making and train adaptive learning teams that is why here in next job we built a decision-making gym to help train teams the decision-making gym is a three-part cycle consisting of practice grams feedback and recovery the first stop in the gym is practice routes a practice ground is a safe space where teams can deliberately practice decision-making these can be projects events or initiatives that don't necessarily impact business results but are still demand by identifying a practice around team members are signaling that they are experimenting and trying hard to improve their skills the next step is feedback it is important that team members are receiving feedback from their peers so that they know what's working and what's not working receiving feedback can be tough that is why the last stop is recovery here team members can digest the feedback and discern what resonates and doesn't resonate armed with actionable insights team members are then ready to dive back into their practice grounds by going to the decision making gym teams can accelerate leadership development and train better decision

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