Debunking Fitness Myths | Abs Edition

Hey, what’s up guys! Mark Lambson here, Iron Orr Fitness. We’re bringing you “Debunking Fitness Myths.” I got a good one for you guys today. It’s I can work out 6 days a week super hard
and I’ll get a 6 pack. Guys, working out really hard is great, okay? You will see results. It’ll be awesome. Everything will be great. I’m telling you right now, to get that 6 pack
level, that KD Marini looking, you know 5 percent body fat level, it’s gonna be’s
gonna get you all the way there okay? I’m not saying don’t work out, don’t go to
the gym…still do that, still put in that work. But if you have questions about what kind
of nutrition goes with that, what do I need to eat to see that 6 pack, come ask me, come
ask any of the trainers here at Iron Orr. We’re more than happy to help you guys out. I’ll see you guys in the gym. Also, a bonus debunk for you guys today. Abs are gonna get me a 6 pack. No that is also false, okay? Just by doing a lot of abs that will help,
right? We’re gonna strengthen our core. That’s actually gonna help a lot more for
posture than anything else. Again we know everyone hates this but I’m
gonna say it. Nutrition is what really is gonna help with
that. Again if you guys have questions about any
of that stuff, come see me, come see the other trainers. We’re more than happy to help you guys out. See you in the gym.

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