Death By FDA Medicine Documantary

we did it we are really in a dire situation Republican or Democrat it's teams along this government is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and if it wants a drug approved it will get it regardless of the consequences to the American people when fifty percent of America has a chronic disease something's wrong it means which failed at our health care system it means we have a disease care system well I don't think the public has begun to grasp the stranglehold of the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance industry in the for-profit Hospital in this week and the nursing homes drugs that have been said to be too unsafe to approve by the FDA's own medical reviewers have been approved over their objections and entered into the market causing the ferry harms they predicted the FT in my opinion was probably killed more Americans in this country than all the wars that the US has ever fallen combined the drugs themselves cause death disability for their symptoms which typically are further treated with other drugs as an ethical issue they never think gee this is going to kill people I shouldn't do it the pharmaceutical companies have one objective that is not the health and safety of the individuals of this country but the almighty dollar the bottom line making a buck they're going to become chronically ill they're going to become chronically depressed that's the expected end and that's why they will need to be on these drugs for life not kill them quickly but we're taking their lives away the FDA approves unsafe medical devices unsafe prescription drugs that harm Americans and they spend any extra energy they have after approving drugs to go after national product manufacturers to make sure that there is no competition to their clients the pharmaceutical industry one of the oldest activities in the world is eliminating economic competitors food clean safe natural food and high-potency nutrients are the economic competitors too expensive dangerous patentable drugs it's a war being fought in your body we need to have a constitutional amendment we need health freedom we should have the right to choose the kind of care that we want it's a corporate side cutting it's much more profitable to fix things into perfectly it's much more profitable to track off hospital stays than to help people stay out of unfortunately our Congress is not supported We the People it's really looking at trying to support corporate America we have to rethink our entire philosophical underpinnings actually in a way that means going back to the basic democratic principles that were set up when we started this experiment as a nation we have a government at present that every member of which has sworn to uphold the Constitution we are in deep crisis not just for our poor health care but for our democracy itself we have to have a system of medicine where our patients are not being killed by the treatments and unfortunately today they are being killed in such huge numbers that modern medicine as practiced in America today is a crime against humanity how can you possibly as a human being be willing to sacrifice others lives particularly the lives of youth in order to placate financial interests we have a system of medicine that's broken that by itself is killing at least 700,000 people a year some people are dying since they don't have health insurance but what about the number of people who are dying because of the current system all the industrialized democratic countries have found a way to have universal health care sponsored and guaranteed by the government 2.3 trillion dollars one-sixth of our whole gross domestic product 7,200 dollars for every person in this country and twice as much as the next three countries in the world Switzerland France Germany we spend 70 200 per capita they spend 3,200 all the measurements that we use to define good or bad in a health system we are never near the top sometimes we're remarkably close to third world nations this is not a privilege it is a right that every human being as a human being has and the health care system has to be organized in such a way that that is the guiding premise and not the transformation of healthcare into a commodity to be sold and a profit to be made on it like many people I would love to see some form of universal health care that's focused on health and care that's focused on real prevention but we're not getting that because of the poisons that are being injected into people even though they're called therapies because of the disinformation that is given to patients by our drug companies and our misinformed physicians the number of people dying from that Dwarfs the numbers of Americans who sadly are dying from lack of care now my daughter went to medical school 30 years ago and was taught as an incoming medical student that fifty percent of hospital admissions are due to yet Roe genic diseases dr. caused diseases other words the health care system was admitting in training new doctors that have the health care problems that they were going to be facing we're cause going to be caused by themselves our culture is replete with chronic disease every chronic disease is a massive profit producer for the people who produce drugs every single one of them these things exist not so much because they were allowed to exist as because they were created so that it you can call it a DD you can call it obesity whatever it is when you have people who go from the age of let's say 15 to the age of 65 in a chronic depressed health situation massive amounts of profit are made off each one of those individuals about 100 years ago things were really beginning to change in the United States we were changing from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy and these titans of industry really wanted to be able to control not only the united states that the world financial system as the whole when the Rockefellers took over the allopathic medicine the Rockefellers were also in charge of the oil industry in the chemical industry and they also made an alliance with a huge German concern call IG Farben which was a big chemical industry in Germany so there is an interplay between what was called the money power from the early part of the 20th century who held board positions in many of these corporations when the Rockefellers took over the medical schools there were many types of medical education in the United States there were homeopathic doctors and there were naturopathic doctors who were using natural medicines to heal and they were having very good outcomes once the Rockefellers took over the system they closed down those other schools and they only promoted the sale of their drugs they promoted surgery and they promoted radiation well there's a kind of sociological theory about paradigm shift and it goes something like this you have let us say the medical community all the doctors in the United States they are our community and they have a kind of mythology which is supported by everybody believing the same thing when you go to medical school you're indoctrinated with this kind of religious dogma so if the pharmaceutical industry profits by selling medicine but the industry profits by selling more and more of them then the industry pays doctors to prescribe them and so on we see a mafia-like monster has afflicted this community so the Hippocratic oath the ordinary altruism of people in a community is is subverted by this capitalistic pressure this is the problem with the not only the medicine people but in all spheres of science there is real vested interest in keeping the imperfect science because too much has been invested and large systems sub developed is like this two point seven trillion dollar part of the economy that health care costs represent in this country so this investment makes it the most difficult to change anything specially they change the basic metaphysics because if we did that then it would turn out that the Emperor is largely naked and we don't really need this expansive system medicine is invaluable you'd never throw it away at the highest respect for the technologies for the drugs when they're used appropriately and for the and for the doctors themselves to want to do the right thing but that's not the whole story that's only what you use when it's necessary those fantastic micro surgeries that are done by robots their heart transplants and kidney transplants all those things that we're doing their magical why would you throw it away it's just that it's not the first thing we should use it's the last thing we should use and if we come to our senses we look at lifestyle as the medicine that has always been the medicine we should have and certainly the medicine of the future we're going to be a healthy country now if I was in trouble and I needed allopathic care i wouldn't hesitate to get it but there are many paths to healthcare and comprehensive approach to health care must include integrative medicine a complementary alternative approach to medicine that would look at all the options there are as many paths to help as there are individuals but we just focus on on one path in particular that is the allopathic practice but practitioners will tell you that they're often limited in their means to treat many types of ailments we clearly need health care there's no question but the health care that we need is more on the acute traumatic health care where we have services that are in phenomenal surgeons and neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons that can address the traumas that result from being involved in accidents that cannot be altered by traditional lifestyle approaches so if we live in a culture and in a context that is forever handing us fears and handing us diseases in pathologies that we need to worry about we begin to incorporate those into our worldview and into our model of ourselves many illnesses that we see today have kind of been trumped up or exaggerated in ways that promote the pharmaceutical industry or promote various ways in which there's profit built in rather than the kind of turning of the table and starting to look at social profit the social welfare it's Christmas Eve and we're so excited he's made it to 50 I hope you make it another 50 days we love you meet David and Cheryl night they live in Washington state and for over a decade Cheryl has been plagued by the side effects of prescription drugs right now though it's Christmas 2007 the nights are about to enter a Kafka nightmare one that will kill David's father and put Cheryl into a mental hospital all due to prescription drugs and as for me this year of the myofascial pain lock up yes I'm seeing my physical therapist three times a week we've made some progress but we're still working on trying to relax muscles Joe bid we will hear their story in this documentary our life is turned to absolute hell on wheels I'll go through it my wife was prescribed klonopin and ativan for client pain muscle spasms it's been about eight months when we are experienced a living hell Wow doctors are not willing to help the more I get on the internet the more I read the more nauseated I become so we are trying to take her off your home she is closed off the klonopin at this point course whether she's still having withdraws from that is anybody's guess okay tried to tape her the ativan about one-fourth it does i'm going to document this event i'm going to film her and i'm going to show you what this is like to go through for some reason we as a family don't make it through don't know why one friend of mine went to Harvard Business School and on his very first day in class they were given a test case that you're a drug company and a couple of people have died from your over-the-counter drug what'd you do do you recall the drug do you calculate the damages what and and my friend who didn't know yet how things operated in this school immediately said recall the product and everybody laughed in the room and the teacher said have you calculated how many lives you can afford to lose before you need to recall when someone dies by iatrogenic causes it means that the health care system itself is actually the cause of the death too many people are being harmed by the products that the industry is putting forth when a drug is put on the market there's they call it a cost-benefit ratio how much harm is it going to do against how much good it's going to do but the question is how many people do we have to harm in order to get the good pharmaceutical companies lobby Congress directly they Lobby decision makers and influence policy decisions the pharmaceutical industry doesn't stop there the pharmaceutical industry also through direct-to-consumer advertising creates a demand for their products with oftentimes misleading ads when you get a delusion running and society starts embracing a story that there are these chemical imbalances and then they start saying well kids have them teenagers have them and they keep their they start believing that these drugs are fixing something wrong then the story it just continues to get more and more out of control as financial forces try to keep on expanding the market for those drugs so what do we end up with we end up with people at major academic centers trying to tell us that two year olds and three year olds can be diagnosed quote with bipolar disorder and can benefit from being put on antipsychotic medications and no other societies doing it everybody else thinks this look at this no one reads really it's going to end up well we're killing the kids not going them quickly but we're taking their lives away and that's what we should admit we're doing and we're doing it for capitalistic reasons it's a capitalist story it's a story about expanding the market for psychiatric drugs one thing that a lot of parents don't want to admit is just what a nuisance kids are getting it gets in the way of life that they want to live and lead and now if you're from the working class and your poor your have both parents are having to work and so and sometimes more than one job each of these parents and so it's very difficult to be able to do the job of raising the kids and the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors have found a convenient way to prescribe pills so that these people can continue to work lousy jobs for little pay where they're overworked they don't get paid for overtime etc etc and don't worry about your kids because you know they're okay they're properly medicated they'll behave themselves one of the one of the problems with the the DSM is so much jockeying in terms of getting new disorders into the manual in part because the manual has an extraordinary I think unmerited Authority something like passive-aggressive personality disorder is characterized by dawdling over doing laundry and groceries I mean factors like that are actually published in that scientific quote-unquote manual they have listings under oppositional disorder for children including negative istic disobedient and ineffective I mean that's actually their ineffective as a child what does that mean so I can be literally monitor what is taught and influence if not control what is taught in medical schools drug companies also sponsor much of medical school research the research budget is derived from drug companies many many years ago the federal government used to fund research at medical schools but now more and more of that research is actually fun directly by medical schools themselves big pharmaceutical companies are not so much eager to cure people because then they will need their medicines but to keep people alive and slightly sick but in a curable way that this is at least the best way if they die they're out of the picture is the healthy they alter the picture they have to be slightly sick so that the concert they will need medication to make themselves feel at least healthier today we have big pharma and they say all hope is in this little pill and if you take this you're going to be well well the fact of the matter is that well America's tremendous consumption of pharmaceuticals occurs in quantum leaps every year fact that matter is that a health care costs keep going up so maybe those drugs which in some cases can't provide relief to people maybe they're not the only solution on 911 we lost 3,000 people every year in this country we've lost a hundred over a hundred thousand people to pharmaceutical drugs that means we've lost over a million people to the pharmaceutical industry in the nine years since 911 and yet we're not chasing pharmaceutical terrorists all over the world do we really live in a rational time that the killing of a million people is just a ho-hum kind of event I think we need to reorder our priorities there's going to come a day where we are all all of us adults and children alike are diagnosed with at least one disorder may be up to a dozen disorders and we are put on mandatory medications and if we disagree with that they'll say we suffer from obedience defiance disorder and will be put on a different set of drugs to treat that disorder or will be thrown in jail until we agree to take those drugs it's that crazy another piece of the puzzle is the drug rep and this would be the lady in the high heels very short and tight skirt who comes to doctors offices and hands out goodies the companies are hiring reps that really have no science or medical background they are not doctors typically they are not pharmacists they are not nurses there are some there oftentimes business majors and music majors and drama majors and they're telling your doctors how to prescribe drugs to you the patient they are given sales goals there to call on doctors to explain the drugs and how the other drugs might not be so helpful to get the doctor to take these samples and describe these drugs now when a doctor writes a prescription that prescription is entered into a database this information sold to the drug companies who then use it to give to the drug reps and so if you are a doctors prescribing a lot of the drug that drug rep is instructed to give you expensive gifts if your profile falls off it's also the drug rep that has sent to your office to give you a dressing-down so then you had drug rep as disciplinarian I was being told to minimize side effects that I was disseminating misinformation and disinformation campaigns I knew that I was not giving fair balanced information to doctors there for doctors couldn't give fair balanced information to their patients so I started being disheartened while I was still in the industry about the industry itself because I knew that the job that I was originally taxed to do that that wasn't what my job was anymore that my job was a marketing job that I was there to to build the bottom line of the company that I was there to grow market share and influence physicians prescribing habits while I was a pharmaceutical sales representative when we were interacting with physicians we were constantly trying to downplay side effects minimize side effects if those questions were raised by the physician and we were trained to skillfully sidestep those questions and to not provide full disclosure about the potential devastating effects of certain medications many medications do not have severe long-term crippling side effects but but others do and unfortunately and ironically that's what happened to me I've been suffering from disabling symptoms now for many years from an antibiotic called levaquin which is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that has a black box warning associated with its use and despite that warning it's still being prescribed indiscriminately and without warning to patients and many people are are losing their their jobs they're losing their homes family because of the devastating and crippling side effects of levaquin and cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics and I think it's criminal that these drugs are still being prescribed as a first line of treatment for minor infections levaquin and cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics should be reserved for serious and life-threatening infections I was very grateful that I had the experience and knowledge that I did about the psychiatric drugs that I had sold because I identified these were drug reactions so I knew that as my mental state was deteriorating that it wasn't me that I wasn't crazy you know this was not this was mediated by the drugs that I had taken and so I just kept clinging to the fact that I had to have a wash out that i had to detoxify the body from the drug and so I begged my husband and I begged several of my closest friends to not put me in a mental institution because I had you know visited them in my career when I knew that once that I got behind those closed doors of that mental institution that they could do anything they wanted to including electroshock therapy so I knew that my recovery depended on the detoxification of my body and I knew that if I got into the hospital a detoxification would not be offered to me I would be pumped full of any kind of drug that they needed in order to you know keep me quiet or to restrain me so it actually took me a period of 12 years to completely detoxify my body and to get back to some semblance of normalcy to where I felt like I was before I had the adverse event the other thing that happens with drug reps is that they present data to the doctor that may not be entirely truthful and this was seen with oxycontin the pain drug where drug reps told doctors these are not addictive this is different this is not your run-of-the-mill narcotic this is the one narcotic known to man that your patient will not get addicted to and it literally touched off an oxycontin epidemic throughout the United States our drug is clearly the most efficacious 'used 5x offers your patients unsurpassed clinical efficacy proven efficacy this is absolutely the most efficacious drive your patients can use my wife has had TMJ her front teeth did not actually come together she had a lot of pain we went to her primary doctor he started giving her vicodin for pain control he didn't want a drug intervention but that was what was basically forced upon her basically she got put on benzodiazepines and neurontin vicodin ES eventually on abilify remeron venlafaxine mistral just a real cocktail of drugs of course our experience is that in the process of finally discovering that the drugs could be the problem we tried to start a paper program at home because I couldn't get the doctors to do it for me we learned about half lives we learn about the potency of these super benzos now that are many many times stronger than valium ever was we learned what it was like to try to relate to the medical community they keep wanting to tell you that you have an underlining problem they never want to look at the drugs as a possible cause of it we had an argument with the final doctor as to the speed at which she's going to come off his drugs I went ahead and said Oh cats fine if you think you can get her off at eight weeks that's fine but I think you're gonna crash her well he crashed her she probably was 24 hours from from dying we took her to the hospital and she was whisked off to a psych ward at that point they just introduced all kinds of psychotropic drugs neuroleptics antipsychotics and depressants they wanted to do electroconvulsive shock therapy absolutely refused they moved her to the state mental hospital and I followed her in the camper and I was by her side for three months and I made sure she saw me every single day sometimes several times a day since you wouldn't be afraid and I just watched this horrible deterioration process I went in and talked to the doctors I said you need to give her a drug holiday she's been on drugs for three years now I know it's the drugs we were finally able to get her released got a homeopathic doctor we finally got her off of drugs completely a year ago so now today we're about 13 months off the drugs we're seeing a stock market recovery it's up and down and you can you can think you're making progress one a week the next week you know she's back into penn we have to wake up you can't just take the film you can't take that purple pill you know that the Thrilla Sakura that that other acid blocking drug and go eat the whole pizza think it's okay a particularly egregious drug that the FDA allowed to come unto the market was called keytek ke Tek it was supposed to be used for antibiotic resistant infections unfortunately it promoted liver failure it turns out that these studies that were done to validates the safety weren't done in fact the doctor who was overseeing these studies received four hundred dollars per patient and enrolled four hundred fictitious people into these studies and showed that of course none of these people had any adverse effects from keytek because of course these people didn't exist now here's what the story really gets bad even after the FDA discovered that the data submitted to them by the company was fraudulent they still presented it to the Congressional investigative committees the result was the media picked up on this and proclaimed that this drug was shown to be safe in all these studies studies that never occurred so the drug keytek when it first came out by the way was selling for over one thousand dollars for 60 tablets and has now come down to $285 the company's reduced the price the FDA allows that drug to stay on the market Fair has known for years that its drug trace all had all kinds of complications involving kidneys shut down and bear did a study with 67,000 patients bear failed to give their own internal data to the FDA and before that bear manufactured a blood product called factor nine that drug was contaminated with HIV and in a tire generation of hemophiliacs will die of AIDS and HIV they went to skid row to buy blood to use for the manufacturer of this product this company positively absolutely knew that they had a medication that was infected with the AIDS virus they took the product off the market in the US and then they dumped it in France Europe Asia and Latin America so they made a huge profit by the way Joe government officials in France that allow that to happen actually had to go to prison for it in America not one corporate executive for this company is amit indicted or even criminally investigated by our justice too far i'm not i filed to the fda what's called a Freedom of Information Act request and I received from the FDA these reports for levaquin there's been over 1,000 deaths associated with the drug I've also filed one for cipro that shows that there's been over a thousand deaths associated with cipro the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA know that these drugs have been crippling people for months years or permanently and they do nothing about it the FDA actually had to be sued by a consumer advocacy group called Public Citizen to put the black box warning on these drugs it was known in certainly by 1985 that all cases of polio in Mexico United States and Canada were exclusively due to the vaccine that's stopping the use of the oral polio vaccine as early as 1985 would it prevent all the polio cases that have occurred since so what happened even though this was known oral polio vaccine continued to be given why well the company still had unused polio vaccine in Bowling for Columbine we never really came up with the answer in terms of why this happened all the reasons that were given or a bunch of BS you know Marilyn Manson caused them to do it this this or that caused them to do it and none of it really made any sense that's why I believe there should be an investigation in terms of what pharmaceuticals prescribe pharmaceuticals these kids were on it's an extremely legitimate question to pose and it demands an investigation aspirin kills about 1,500 people a year glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate kills 0 people per year non-steroidal anti-inflammatories kill a minimum of 25 thousand people a year when safe effective in expensive alternatives are available that actually promote health why would anybody use deadly chemicals that are expensive and sure to cause bleeding and other serious side effects and even death because the information is demonized and suppressed on an economic basis let's tell you the truth about mammography it is a profit-making operation scientifically ill based and women are being sold a bill of goods now a mammogram one mammogram on the other hand is 0.2 rats which is 200 milligrams in other words it's 200 times the dose of a chest x-ray so what this amounts to is a pre menopausal woman getting to mammograms over a 10-year period will be getting roughly the same radiation dosage as a Japanese woman one mile away from the where the Hiroshima the atom bomb was exploded this is so painful it just seems like there's no end to the withdrawals Carlini break that's what the literature says well we can't have to hang in there you can have some good fun so I hope so soon okay just don't turn this myth misery of everything Harry our it seems like all day and all night how you like those need to keep squinting maybe like you can't think alike yeah it's just when somebody touches me and the burning is sensitive light of sensitive sounds or something do you know what dated oh it's to the sea bingo yeah I got it right I said you came Joe I'm gonna try to stretch your muscles okay dude two people attached right now after wait till the withdrawal besides huh over 1 billion dollars in the last decade has been spent lobbying the Congress of the United States by the pharmaceutical industry that money has gone to Republicans and Democrats alike people can still end up with insurance policies that leave them with huge deductibles and huge co-pays they end up either deterred from going and seeking appropriate treatment at an early time when they can really manage it at a more cost-effective way or save their own lives it really is a troubling troubling way to handle the system why do we do that essentially because the health insurance industry is so powerful at the level of lobbying and that in the United States there are so many lobbyists up to four lobbyists for each member of Congress related to the health care industry in this country it's big money and that big money talks every now and then with the thud of a body is some outspoken angry family that says hey you know what I think the drugs killed them I think he died from therapy so what happens when person runs to their political leader and says hey I think my loved one has been harmed and this has got to stop well lobbyist has already been there in the lobbyists as amazing as the gifts the doctor might seem politicians get even bigger ones many of us Americans underestimated the enormous power of the corporate Lobby on health care it was a double whammy of barriers to change because you have giant health insurance companies that make an enormous amount of money out of the privatized dysfunctional expensive system that they that they benefit from and your pharmaceutical companies also very big very big contributors to political campaigns also with a vested interest against change why it is that every attempt on the part of political leadership to get something better going in health care even funding children to get health care and things like that and it's always turned down is because we have an extraordinarily powerful lobby system in Washington the best way to describe the power that the lobbyists wheeled in Congress is to look at what happened with the medicare prescription drug act this is so significant from the standpoint that drug companies are overcharging for their medications to the extent that they're charging the public a hundred times more than what it cost them to make it so the lobbyists go to Congress and they write a bill literally the prescription drug act that was passed was written by the pharmaceutical industry they presented to various members of Congress and they say please pass this bill so that we can use tax dollars to pay these outlandish prices of these prescription drugs unfortunately the impetus behind passing that bill was were lobbyists and it is outrageous that legislation of that importance as well as most other legislation passed in Washington is influenced to such a degree by the lobbyists whose only objective is for the big business who is generally behind to the important and wide sweeping legislation that has passed he used to be the case that many of our Washington politicians came out of the legal profession and I'm sure people have noticed that nowadays they seemed to come out of businesses and that's no accident so today if you want to know who's in control of the system you have to look at who are the people at the top of the pharmaceutical industry you'll have to look at the people who run the who come in and out of the federal government for example who becomes chairman of the CDC who becomes chairman of the department of health and human services where do they get these people from so the question is not so much who is in control but what is the system that they've created because now they have a revolving door of people who come in and out of the system will pretty much agree with how the system is working and they're not going to really change or do anything to the system that might offend it most politicians in fact I would say all politicians except maybe for a unique few here and there are trapped inside a system where their ability to hold their jobs hold their office depends on having the support of the system that's creating all the problems that we have there is a belief that the legislative and judicial process that we have that creates our laws is there to protect the public and that's not correct that isn't why they came into existence that's not what they're designed to do at the end of the day politicians have their constituents hopefully but certainly themselves in their reelection in mind when they are receiving funds for issues for entities that have a role to play in terms of determining a legislation as it relates to health care and so Congress has become really a threat to the health and the safety of the American people this may sound radical but in America people are concerned about terrorism and they're concerned about threats from abroad those threats pale in comparison to the threat that is posed by our own Congress working in conspiracy with the pharmaceutical industry to deny us access to real health to real truthful information about the natural remedies and cures that can turn our health around and save our nation from a medical bankruptcy I want to go back to the premise that we've got to get public decision making into public hands that is into listening to the citizen and therefore as far as removed as it might sound to talk of doctors medicine from this angle i would say that a very direct health concern is the influence of private industry over all of our public decision-making and there is a way to remove that through elections that are funded publicly by citizens not by corporations one of the principal challenges as I see it is in the context of education the educational system for health professionals has been so mechanistic so deterministic so reductionistic that we've lost sight of the integrity of the whole we find that economics plays an enormously large and distorting role in everything from the very subjects that are taught and researched in medical schools the treatments that physicians are encouraged to use with our individual patients all the way through to the social political scale where we find that drug companies are able to make enormous contributions the influence health care systems drug companies literally monitor what is taught and influence if not control what is taught in medical schools drug companies also sponsor much of medical school research as a research budget a lot of it is derived from drug companies the federal government used to fund research at medical schools but now more and more of that research is actually funded directly by medical schools themselves and this has definite repercussions we know that big pharma spends 60 billion dollars a year on medical research and we know that the National Institutes of Health only spends 25 billion and they have a close relationship with one another which is why you're seeing research being directed towards technology and towards drugs you're not seeing it directed towards the natural things that don't cost much that don't provide much profit so we have a huge conflict of interest there the fact that a lot of this research is going on and a lot of FDA approvals are based on this research a lot of sushi medical practices are based on this research explains why these drugs that look so good on paper with such a good research behind them have such a devastating effect even deadly effects when used in human beings they're making their point of view from their perspective and it's a very biased point of view that sometimes is outright lies and sometimes written by ghost writers so they may pay people to be involved with the study they may have little to do with a study it may be a very prominent person in the medical standing and it doesn't change the fact that if they're paid enough money the ghostwriters come in and write what they want to and slant it the way that they want to you know we're year off the drugs I'm going to bed right this is what I've noticed a dementia just a really bad cognitive decline it's loud and it's ugly and it doesn't make sense how's it makes it horribly difficult trying to get through a night's sleep why do I fit you know I try to isolate myself sometimes I have to go the camper took him up and bang on the door and I know she is out of her mind I think this is still benzodiazepine recover I really do the aggression the outbursts those are all on the symptoms list and this is after you're off the drugs but what makes this really really hard as the time goes by and we're pushing a year now the laundry to get away from the drug was a good one the more of an argument there is that this is a undermining serious mental illness and if you succumb to that and accept that and back in a mental institution another piece of the puzzle is the federal agencies and that would be the CDC the FDA Public Health Service the FDA's of food and drug administration and many citizens believe that the Food and Drug Administration's major reason for existence was to keep our food and drugs safe there is absolutely no question who the FDA works for they represent the interests of the drug companies and they viciously attack anyone who presents a challenge to that if a company has a natural product backed by good scientific knowledge the FDA will attack them and the better your product works the more aggressively you'll be attacked you will be threatened with being arrested and thrown in jail you'll have your products confiscated your company shut down the owners of these companies are so terrified that they won't speak out publicly about what's happening behind closed doors they are being forced to sign consent decrees when you must agree to admit that you're committing crimes even though you've never committed a crime you've only told the truth about an herb or a nutrient or even a dried fruit like cherries you've told the truth about it and you have been targeted by the FDA as a criminal now attend just one day after a raid on his farm a local man goes back to selling raw milk a loganville dairy farmer is ignoring the state's orders to stop selling raw milk Wednesday state inspectors raided the farm with the search warrant while serving the warrant they not only put tags and tape on the coolers inside the store they came imported died inside the tank Hershberger promptly started selling again this morning I think the FDA is part and parcel hero of the problem what is it what's in it for the FDA in terms of wanting to always try to block new or alternative ways for people to get better to have it revealed the vested interest and the hand in hand relationship that exists between the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies I think the American people are finally catching on to this and this is going to I think going to blow the roof off this whole thing the Food and Drug Administration is a captive of the pharmaceutical industry it's absolutely transparently clear and it is the subject of numerous whistleblowers testimony to Congress FDA medical reviewers have time and again identified drugs as causing severe adverse effects and have warned against approval and their opinions have been squelched they've been punished they've had criminal investigations commenced against them political witch hunts they have had their science taken from them and censored they've been denied the right to communicate at public conferences there are numerous problems with the drug review process but it originates from one simple reality that the drug industry influences to an extraordinary degree the review and approval of drugs the drug premarin which so many menopausal women were prescribed premarin and prempro those drugs caused so many cases of breast cancer so many unnecessary heart attacks and strokes and yet the fda stills still allows those drugs to be sold there are safer forms of estrogen available we don't need to have those drugs sitting on the pharmacy shelf anymore they should be withdrawn from the market place but they generate so much money for the maker of those drugs that they stay on the pharmacy shelf and the maker of those drugs lobbies the FDA to suppress the ability of companies who make safer more natural forms of estrogen from promoting that to the public the FDA's deputy director of the office of drug safety david graham has repeatedly stated that there's the sun do influence that essentially he who pays the piper calls the tune I would argue that the FDA is currently configured is incapable of protecting America against another vioxx we are virtually defenseless it is important that this committee and the American people understand what had happened that what happened with vioxx is really a symptom of something far more dangerous to the safety of the American people simply put FDA and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research are broken when I appeared before the Senate Finance Committee and announced to the world that FDA was incapable of protecting America from unsafe drugs or from another vioxx FDA is responsible for 140,000 heart attacks 60,000 Dead Americans that's as many people as were killed in the Vietnam War within the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research about eighty percent of the resources are geared towards the approval of new drugs and twenty percent is for everything else drug safety is about 5% Congress has created that structure by up to do for the prescription drug user fee act by which drug companies pay money to FDA so that FDA will review and approve its drugs for industry every day that a drug is held up from being marketed in their minds that's another one to two million dollars of profit that they're being denied and so the incentive is really review the drugs as quickly as possible approve them as quickly as possible and don't stand in the way of our making profit there's a strong bias in favor of approval in the case of vioxx for example they had a meeting with then FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford and the scientists urged him to take action against this drug and get it off the market what did he do he said the information was all anecdotal he announced that he would approve the drug for pediatric use and what happened to Lester Crawford when he left the FDA he failed to reveal his ownership interest and large food companies and some pharmaceutical companies this was discovered there were investigations that took place and so he came up on federal charges and he resigned his commissioner in the FDA he was going to be prosecuted and he struck a deal and avoided a prison term and then what happened to him well he went to work for a lobbying firm in Washington it is one of the lobbying firms for Merck the company that made he makes it extremely handsome salary here is a person who was responsible for decisions that imperiled the lives and indeed actually cost the lives of human beings and he is not penalized for this he's not subject to any criminal prosecution for what he did instead he's rewarded handsomely increased levels of igf-1 insulin-like growth factor-1 in the RB GH milk were responsible for major increases in different cancers now this information I supplied to FDA Commissioner von Eschenbach 2007 he ignored it together with other leading national experts I supply this information to Margaret Hamburg Commissioner of the FDA and she ignored it so here we have Margaret Hamburg FDA Commissioner being told that our bgh milk will increase risks of breast colon and prostate cancers are not doing anything about it isn't this enough to dismiss her from our job immediately and yet she is still in her office so we're dealing with a commissioner FDA commissioners which in this regard and in other regards which I could document has shown themselves to be recklessly irresponsible what kind of a democracy are we in when commercial interests in dust industry interests take precedence of a public health even when life is threatened even when there are avoidable risks of cancer what kind of Alice in Wonderland situation are we in well the food is scrumptious my father he was an amazing man he's an artist had a wonderful seeing boys played the violin was an outdoorsman he and I were the best of friends after the house fire that killed my mom we brought him up here so we got him up here to Washington and I I said to my wife I said you know he has no job for a long time we need to take him down and get a good doctor and say I have a good workout make sure he's doing all right oh man I regret that in so many ways we went down they did a full blood panel everything else and lo and behold it says you know he's got pre-diabetes not full-blown diabetes it's just kind of borderline but I'm an aggressive doctor and I liked it I liked to treat things you know before they get out of hand so we want to put him on metformin and it wasn't too long before he started having really difficult time breathing which I was going to congestive heart failure and so we had to get a cardiologist and they took a look at it and said well he is having heart problems and he has atrial fibrillation I didn't know what the metformin did now since then I realized that metformin can cause those very same symptoms so they put him on a protocol which included blood thinners and more friend and he was on a package of things including digitech I went to doctor he said I don't know if this metformin started this whole mess but I don't think he's really diabetic and we're we're testing him every day and he's well with him good limits and so they took him off the metformin and his heart seemed to get better we come down to two thousand eight that's when they recalled digitech and of course I alarmed i support their double don't skim the wonder he doesn't have any energy no wonder he says cart was slow at braddock rd and having all kinds of problems and so i talked the doctor and I said should we just come off this I mean they recalled it and she says she was just really she is well I wouldn't worry about it she's I think will discontinue it but I don't think they'll be any probably of course it was it was only a month or two after that but he died of a favor arrhythmia we're in a class action suit right now with about 400 other people just in this more often so there's no question that that drugs that particular drug most likely and it his life I've gotten his lab reports and it said digoxin toxicity and we were never told by the doctors if you look at the literature that comes out of the research and you look at the the say The Lancet or the New England Journal of Medicine those are the big journals and all of those journals have to be financed and how do they get financed they get financed by the drug companies so the drug companies basically are very involved in financing medical research and the problem with that is this they're not disinterested parties they are interested in having an outcome that will show that their particular product is a workable product and this of course has led to disastrous consequences which we know because it has been widely reported that over a hundred thousand people every year are killed by one of these pharmaceutical products now if you look at any of these journals it doesn't matter which you will see incredible ads from the drug companies you see an ad the drug company look at the article that follows it and notice the article actually pertains to that particular drug you'll also see that the researchers who did the article more likely than not have listed in their disclosure that they received funding a grant if you will from the maker of the drug advertised on the prior page and so then this draw the American Medical Association any medical journal you care to look at is simply an advertising document not much more or less than a glossy catalog advertising these drugs when the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine came out and indicated that there needs to be much more oversight in terms of who's publishing the article and where does the support come from no one really cares it's good to examine the relationship that's developed between America's doctors who after all of the ones who prescribe the medicine and America's drug company and it is a dangerous corrupt evolution today drug company spent literally tens of millions of dollars to influence physician choices and there is an obvious degradation of physician responsibility ethics and putting the patient's interest ahead of anything else which is part of the physician credo that is very very undermine the amount of money that's spent is staggering and most people are shocked when they find out how much Big Pharma spends on each individual doctor per year and this is well documented in our literature that number comes to sixty one thousand dollars per dr per year all of a sudden doctors are working for corporations and what they're going to be allowed to do is you'll be dictated by them or if you're a physician you decide for whatever reason that you have a better way that these three protocols really are not going to do the trick that you know that if you just told them to eat differently take a couple of vitamins they do a whole lot better if you did that then because your deviated from protocols you were risking loss of license legal prosecution loss of hospital privileges and these protocols can literally cause you to be treated to death by being exposed to hazardous tests unrelated to your condition hazards medications they have no hope of improving your condition so the doctor literally is obligated to provide you with this thing called the standard of care which may actually result in your demise one of the driving forces behind this trauma that physicians suffer is the lack of cooperation from the insurance companies and this applies not only to the physicians but also to the patients for example many times I might spend an hour with a patient and I might refer the patient for some treatment that they need and the insurance company will completely denied I won't even get paid a single penny I have received a check of twelve cents from blue cross blue shield and what did I do this check they're framed and they're lying in my office and you have a breakdown right now in the primary care practice you have people running to specialists who prescribe their medication for that person symptom ignores the other medications the person is already on and we have people who are being overmedicated overmedicated the extent that they were poisoning themselves and they don't realize that another complex piece and the puzzle as to why it takes two point three trillion dollars to prematurely kill over 800,000 Americans another piece of the AMA that would be the American Medical Association it was just about dead in the water by the turn of the century and it was a drug companies and breathe life into the AMA literally bankrolled it to establish an organization that they could act through to give them more control over physicians and this is essentially issues like the insurance issues dr. reimbursement issues medical practice issues takes positions that are totally opposed to the better interests of physicians so much so that many doctors have refused even be a member of the AMA I have not renewed my Emmy membership for years ma should be the voice for physicians and should be the voice for better health and better care of the patients I have no idea what's wrong I believe it's all politically driven and they are incompetent damn I can't it's not you it's the damn drugs it's the drugs no you know this is this is hell this is torment every day someone is suffering every day you're not mentally ill you are not mentally ill I don't have to wait to think of car see if I'm gonna go to help this is hell this is what draws and withdrawals like this you seem like you're ill and so going to sleep doesn't sound all that bad does it say that to a health professional why do people commit suicide and I can see why they can commit suicide as an administrator we're taught that medicine remember is in fact a business and we're there to perpetuate that business you don't really have incentive to make people well our incentive is to keep bringing in chronically ill people treat them with what we've been indoctrinated to treat them with which is synthetic drugs radiation or surgery send them home and keep them coming back over and over and over again until they finally died and so the hospital has to make sure if this patient receives a certain type of care or level of care consistent with the diagnosis if they're going to get in the hospital purchases very expensive equipment whether it's hair scanner a PET scanner and in order to make back the money to pay the cost of that piece of machinery they've got it have excellent rotations get that testing today and they write their protocols so that that particular frequency is reflected in the day-to-day operations of the hospitals so as an administrator in the hospital I had over a hundred staff under me that I needed to constantly oversee and evaluate now again being a nurse administrator I saw the mistakes that physicians made the orders that were written and that were the wrong orders all together to be written for a patient wrong diets ordered they make major mistakes I saw the mistakes that nurses made the medication errors I'll bet half of them were never even reported because it's a fear-based system because we get paid to do more we have huge medical complexes that are geared up to provide more services if there are more beds available they'll emit the patient the hospital's than where ICU beds available they'll transfer the patient to the ICU if there are more MRI scanners and CT scanners around then more of those services will be done because doctors like to do more for their patients and if their patients are insured the patient generally doesn't care because it doesn't cost them anything I've watched people come into hospitals and we we called it the million-dollar workup we wanted to make sure we did as many workup tests as possible in order for us to generate revenue and to really make sure we could diagnose these people well and then once we diagnose them we filled them with our medications that was mostly are middle aged people once we got to our elderly that was a whole different ballgame we warehouse them in the hospitals in the acute care settings until we can get them into nursing homes so the question remains with all these resources why are we doing so badly and the answer it seems to me is strikingly clear we cling to a private insurance system which has a 32 32 percent over head over heels are you familiar for advertising marketing and spectacular salaries to their executives and of course huge amounts of money is distributed to their investors and the end result is 47 million people uninsured and that means bankruptcy for example one out of every two personal bankruptcies in this country are related to medical bills in the associative illness my people can still end up with insurance policies that leave them with huge deductibles and huge co-pays they end up either deterred from going and seeking appropriate treatment of an early time when they can really manage it a more cost-effective way or save their own lives that's the way the system is set up the health care bill that passed provided reform within the context of a for-profit system did it make some privacy absolutely I mean when you tell insurance companies look you have to cover young people and their parents policies up to age 26 you're gonna have to cover people they have pre-existing conditions that's progress but the truth of the matter is that there's a reason why America's ranks 37 of all countries in the world in terms of the quality of healthcare despite the fact that we spend twice per capita because this for-profit system makes health care about bean-counting and out about human beings we made a step in a direct of reforming the for-profit system but the truth is we need to set that system aside some day and have healthcare as a basic right not a privilege based on ability to pay thank you all there's just no question that there are in justices that many people who are underinsured or not insured are not receiving the type of care that they need but the problem with the proposed solution at the proposed a solution that's passed and is now part of the United States law is that it perpetuates the same craziness and nonsense has been going on for decades in the United States which is actually accelerating and catalyzing the degenerative diseases in this in this country because of focus is on really using drugs as symptomatic treatment for for diseases rather than addressing the underlying cause of diseases let's look at who's making money in medicine third-party payers are making about thirty percent of the healthcare dollar the administrative the moving the money around essentially is very expensive this is honestly why I'm a believer in the British health system where there's actually a public health system in a private health system it gives people choice it gives clinicians choice as to where they want to work is it perfect no is it better than where we are I think so as far as I know HMOs are private entities that contract out with Medicare basically they are brokers if Medicare gives hundred dollars of per patient to a particular HMO for care of the patient for the whole year you would expect at least ninety cents of that money would go to patient care but I don't see that happening for an HMO it is in their interest to hold on to that money because that goes into their pockets I no health insurance companies and have had a lot of sway and they have a gazillion lobbyists right now doing everything they can to sway things in their direction in Washington I don't like the idea of corporation deciding how many sessions I should have or how I should be working with any given patient but not a day goes by that I don't get a rejection for a medication that I felt was in my patients best interest or a treatment that was rejected by the insurance company and they say we would prefer you to use a different medication or a different screening procedure or a different interventional procedure I left what I did for a period of time because I was very good at it and I made a great living doing it but once that i lost my niece and I really went into the literature and started looking at the clinical data that's when I got commissioned it that's when I got pissed off because I knew that the manufacturers knew that the drug that my niece committed suicide on was eight to ten times more likely to cause suicidal ideation than placebo in clinical trials Megan's problems started when she was involved in a car accident she was literally smashed between two vehicles as she was standing at the driver's side window talking to a friend she was a base cheerleader she had a tremendous amount of strength physical strength and after the car accident she had difficulty participating in any of the things that she had participated in prior to the accident and she got depressed she had been put on several different medications for pain and depression she was in her first year med school at Indiana University and she was preparing to take her finals and she wanted to stay awake in order to study but then she goes to the convenience store and gets ephedra to keep her awake so she can study I was in Texas and she was in Indiana and I get a phone call from her saying mom something's wrong I can't go take my finals because I can't I'm hallucinating everything is black white and red and people are flying in the sky and I said okay I'll be there as soon as I can get a plane i'll be there in the meantime my mom who lives in indiana called Indiana University and said my granddaughter can't attend finals what do we do and Indiana University says well we require a physician statement you'll have to take her to the hospital or the doctor in order for her to be able to take her finals and so my mom took Megan to the emergency room the physicians at the emergency room convinced Megan to admit herself to the psych ward and that's where they kept her for a week I got to the hospital and for three solid days they refused to let me see the doctor my daughter's in the psych ward she's 18 years old and of course I'm pleading with them I need to talk to the doctor this is I need to know what's going on I was treated horribly they were holding her against her will and drugging her with psych psychiatric drugs which I now know was so much more lucrative for the hospital then had they left her in the emergency room which would have resulted in just an overnight stay because she truly was having a drug reaction Megan was very astute and she said mom it's the drugs the drugs that they put mian that's causing this unfortunately we didn't know that all we had to do was to give written notice that she wanted to be released and that's all she needed to do and we were begging for them to let her go because we knew that her mental condition was declining it wasn't getting better and it was causing really bizarre behavior that we'd never seen before I was able to finally talk to the doctor on the last day he said your daughter's bipolar and you know she'll need to be on these psych drugs for the rest of her life you look at the advertisement for drugs and pharmaceuticals on the TV stations it's a pretty penny it's a fair percentage of their revenue and for them to speak out or even broadcast news that would in any way alienate or damage the credibility of the largest advertiser is simple foolish this monopoly of conventional medicine has been propagandized by our mainstream media you know the media is supposed to question things it's supposed to be skeptical it's supposed to ask the questions as a proxy for the public but when it comes to conventional medicine and especially vaccines the media is blowing the horn of the pharmaceutical industry as an award-winning journalist I'm very upset at the practices I see going on in reporting today when it comes to reporting the actual causes of disease in the American public and I find that journalists are accepting press releases they're accepting public relations rather than reading the actual science the direct-to-consumer ads are another area that are incredibly inappropriate there only two countries in the world that allowed direct-to-consumer adds new zealand in the united states they spend five billion dollars a year on direct-to-consumer ads to try convince you that the products that they're selling our products that you need the medical industry doesn't call what it does propaganda it calls it advertising it shows healthy people and it shows healthy people doing healthy things but in the background there's this message to tell you that this drug is very dangerous your teeth may fall out your bones may crack and you may develop cancer however this drug is going to be really good for what we're telling you so the American people have to take their risk because now the pharmaceutical industry can absolve themselves because they can say well you knew the risk that you took the drug anyway and the connection between our human anxieties and this pseudo solution which is the product that you're supposed to buy which will solve that for you is the big lie and it's told over and over and over again it's one of the principal things that has gotten us into this mess there are many mistakes with the health care reform that went into place number one they forgot to talk about vitamins and nutrients at how we prevent disease and then secondly they took away more freedoms so we used to have more freedom of choice as consumers and parents and even as cities and states they took much of that away and they forced people into a monopoly system a system that's broken it does not work except to create profits for the companies that benefit from disease and suffering the health care reform act like all of the governmental regulatory structures in place it puts a stranglehold over medical innovation we have the federal government coming in and telling doctors what they're allowed to do it restricts patients from choosing therapies that may be more efficacious we're not doing health care reform we're doing insurance reform right now we're talking about the economics of medicine we need not only to give everybody health insurance because health insurance or health care because it's a right it's not a privilege it's a right everybody deserves health care but it's insufficient to make the health care system work because it isn't a health care system of all it's a disease care system we have to shift the paradigm there are the the financial structural aspects of paradigm change healthcare systems that there's one insurer the Canadian system would be would we want a version of that a private and public system such as the British health system a very socialized system such as the French system these all allow for different delivery payment structures and in that case greater availability of medical care regardless of the paradigm in delivering it under to the particular patient for the population people add insurance companies are looking at their bottom line and recognizing that the way that they can maximize profits is to purvey through doctors the least effectively mostly least expensive treatment unfortunately a lot of the arguments to achieve universal health coverage I have not worked in fact since Teddy Roosevelt tried to achieve universal coverage in the States we failed every time what happened the day may commence suicide was meg had taken her shoe strings and tried to hang herself from the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan came down on top of her head she carried the ceiling fan out to the garage and came back into the house and took an oil lamp and poured it on top of her head and set herself on fire and when she did that she called 911 and immediately got into the shower which was the worst thing that she could have done she was standing on the on the lawn waiting for them to get there she had third-degree burns over ninety percent of her body she had to be cremated we're seeing our practitioners are being attacked for practicing outside the standard of medical care when they offer dietary supplements or natural health approaches to health and healing we're seeing our industry members being attacked for example by the FDA being told to pull products from the market we're seeing consumers really perpetually being kept in the dark because the information that they can access about the benefits of a natural health approach are so totally limited by current law so much of what's been going on is kept under wraps because practitioners are forced to sign consent decrees in closed doors the FDA will threaten and coerce them they have sort of a large hammer enforcement hammer they'll hold up and therefore these companies don't often times come out and share publicly what's been going on the mechanisms of communications about the alternatives are blocked the framework of passing laws about the alternatives let's say create a preventive health policy are blocked all of this is creates an individual who's at the end of an information and power system that gives them a very very limited number of choices ama is the foundation of allopathic medicine prior to that we practiced homeopathic medicine and there were three times as many homeopaths as a low paths what we need is yes we need reform we need to understand that alap a–they homeopathy can exist that naturopathy can exist that registered dietitians that clinical nutritionist that massage therapist that acupuncturist acupressure 'used all of these modalities have a place in medicine and wouldn't it be perfect to make it a partnership of medicine I did a little research and I discovered that homeopathy used to be taught in medical schools all across the United States well you certainly wouldn't find it there now it's considered very alternative and very suspect by mainstream medical people but the fact is that it was capitalist business interests that made offers to medical schools across the land to move all of medical education into drug based medicine education and that's what we're faced with today with huge pharmaceutical conglomerates that get away with breaking the law that are considered authorities that can convince doctors to use their products even when they know that their products have high risks associated with them because it was set up as a healthcare business you are being dictated to you must choose chemotherapy you can't choose an alternative system of healing you can't even choose to let your own body heal itself you have to choose their system or if you're a parent and you have a child with cancer for example you could be arrested you could have your child taken from you by Child Protective Services simply because you do not believe in a system of toxic chemicals that conventional medicine uses to treat cancer today we live in a world that has about a 6,000 year history of empire building mode that's the economic and political mode that humans have been in for that long a time it is in the business of building hierarchies that command and control everything below them I'm an evolution biologist so I look at healthy living systems and healthy living systems our whole our keys kind of like the onion skins or Russian nested dolls we're living systems exist within each other every one of your up two hundred trillion cells as part of negotiations and the whole thing functions beautifully like a highly evolved ecosystem and when you have hierarchical social systems it almost forces lying and deception because there's the whole problem of keeping yourself in power 150 million people now are buying out of the dominant mechanistic materialistic health system and going into natural alternatives organic foods and so forth if we had a national policy for example that promoted a natural health food approach biodynamic or organic approach as a part of national policy we could improve the health of people in this country enormously speaking from my own experience with alternative medicine as a young person I suffered from a very serious case of Crohn's disease in 1995 I switched my diet to a vegan diet and that together with chinese medicine enabled me to be virtually free of any symptoms of crohn's whatsoever preventive medicine is another version of an interesting paradigm can I can I prevent diseases can I can I work with a patient long-term and prevent diseases the old Chinese system of medicine was based on that when the patient got ill you actually made less money as a physician than if you kept the patient out of the hospital whether it's in yoga science or or forms of meditation and proper diet and lifestyle all of this to break the dominance of an ego based culture that is taking us down disintegrating us and causing our medical vast medical problems as long as we think that everything can be fixed by mechanical fixes by mechanical a means of artificial fixes then they'll turn the physical means to chemical means then we'll end up by spoiling or life because we can't dependent on them we'll end up by spoiling our environment because we are overloading it is artificial unnecessary synthetic materials and until we break the hold that the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies have on our political process it's going to be very difficult to be able to get to permit individual Americans to feel the fullness of their own individual power to be able to determine the path for their own health what we are doing building public opinion in favor of an upheaval a paradigm shift of not only medicine but also entire scientific system this I think eventually will bear fruit and until the value system in the world view begin to change from one in which we see ourselves as separate from each other and from the environment from the natural processes of healing and correction then we're not going to be able to build a model of medicine that's truly about promotion of healing and the integrity of our wholeness if everybody learned how to alter their attention and recharge their energy and release stress so it doesn't accumulate right down to their DNA because there's good evidence of that now if people learned how to deal with their own minds and their negative emotions and make their mind fresh every moment and in the present by the time they were 12 this would be a really different society this is the guts of what the indigenous healer did elected body mind emotion spirit and they spent time they did what they had to do to be with people because they were important and if they're important that you must do why they won't heal neither with you all over the world there are systems of Medicine and there are healing practitioners in place right now in other countries who are getting amazing results with nutritional therapies they're really using ancient systems that are also timeless because healing and nutrition is a timeless concept and it cannot be censored forever it cannot be put out of the way it cannot be ignored it cannot be shut down healing is part of you healing is inside you we have to watch out for the fact that medical science world doing marvelously well with a mechanistic model is still missing the most important parts of the piece there just a few areas where mind-body connection has been acknowledged by medicine the placebo effect the power of prayer knowledge more and more appreciation by the scientific establishment that prayer accelerates healing NIH or ni-mh has recently included some money to study using advanced scientific tools higher-order states of consciousness that's amazing we now understand through science the interrelationships of the mind in the body and the role of thoughts and feelings in our cellular life that's actually 180 degrees different than the allopathic model and if we feed the body with the proper thoughts which is a form of nutrition we can really start to move into a true holistic model of creating health will become creative will change our lifestyle will change our economics will change our health past procedure but it has to come from a groundswell a popular movement everything you do the smallest cause can produce a huge change in the outcome so it melts down here and it's going to firm up over here and once in the process of firming up over here that's when you can Mel with it a little bit for better or worse try to improve your chances of survival in the outcome in the new system if they are going to lead healthy life you have to reestablish or coherent to recognize that all coherence has to do with the coherence that we have these others around us and is the environment you have to regain harmony that I think is the key after being taken off 20 pharmaceutical drugs 16 months ago Cheryl night is improving show continues her recovery with the help of her husband day in Washington State it's just someone's actually listening that just wasn't that amazing someone's actually listening you you


  1. disgusting FDA killing Americans, but the real criminals are REPUBLICANS IN congress for not allowing the FDA to investigate these DANGEROUS DRUGS, we do not have a constitutional amendment to investigate these drugs before it is approve by the FDA, FDA APPROVES THESE DANGEROUS DRUGS IN HOPES THAT ITS SAFE, THE MONEY SPEECH SYSTEM CONTROL D BY REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS IS KILLING US ALL

  2. FDA is killing our Life expectancy, congress wont sign a bill that would allow FDA to investigate dangerous drugs in which the FDA APPROVES, BLAME FDA FOR NOT CHALLENGING CONGRESS, MORE IMPORTANTLY CONGRESS,

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