Deadlifting Too Loud?! It's A Gym Not A Library Rant

shit today was an interesting Jim session to say the least it started with deadlifts that was a main focus of today's workout I did get some footage which I'll throw up on the channel in just a second but I almost I was this close to walking out of the gym just said of being pissed off I was working with eighty two and a half percent of my one rep max so I had 370 on the bar and I was supposed to do six sets of three on my third set I was feeling really good and I'm doing deadlift cluster set so in between each rep I take 10 to 15 seconds to kind of reset and then pull well going for my third rep as I'm resetting some lady decides to come over to me and tell me that I'm making too much noise can you stop banging the weight it's really distracting my workout I've had to complain about other people before maybe you guys are just lifting too heavy can you put it down wear it quiet can you put pants under the plates listen if you had a problem in the first place maybe give me a damn second to finish my set and then talk to me like a human being I hate being treated like shit especially in a gym where a whole purpose of going to a gym is to train hard and get the hell out of your comfort zone so this is I'm not gonna say an old woman she was probably in her 40s but she's not wearing any headphones so obviously she can hear everything around her she's doing whatever the hell she was doing and it's like listen if the noise is bothering you that much I just wanted to say Planet Fitness is up the road because this is the only privately owned gym that's really around that's decent has good equipment so it's not corporate so it's not like they have to abide by certain rules the people that go there actually look like they left there are a ton of people who deadlift and squad make noise and isn't that the point of a gym to psych yourself up you're in there to change your physique and give effort that you sometimes don't give anywhere else and people who complain about too much noise and shit like that listen if I was banging weights in a corporate gym and people were just there to workout that would be a different story but give me a damn break like sorry for ranting but that really really pissed me off and I almost just finished my workout there and just said you know what I'm just gonna go home but I did the rest of my accessory work which I filmed a little bit of it for you but yeah that completely through my entire workout off and mentally I just wasn't there anymore so I want to hear everyone else's feedback in the comment section below about how you feel like I understand we have some Eagle lifters in that gym that are 17 18 year-old yolo's who just lift more weight than they can obviously handle they realize that they can't lock it out and they can't get it above their knee because it's too much weight and then they just let it go that's irresponsible that's stupidity you can't make 400 pounds sound quiet no matter what you're doing unless of course you're dropping it on a tempurpedic mattress which clearly I'm not doing so I mean if the gym really was that concerned they would invest in bumper plates or they would get a deadlift platform to kind of deaden the sound but holy shit that really got me annoyed today and that's just my point if you all would love to hear what you guys think if your gym complains about people making too much noise and this is why I keep saying I'm trying to keep saving and busting my ass so I can own my own gym one day where people are free to drop weight to make noise push themselves past their comfort zone film themselves whatever the case is because that's what training is about it's not about just sitting there being comfortable and going through the motions and I get so sick when I see that shit so man I'm just a nice guy on YouTube but I get aggravated about stuff like that so again please feel free to leave your comments down below about how you feel about that kind of stuff maybe you're a gym owner watching this let me know how you feel about it like I said and I can reiterate this point a million times I understand that some people don't like that some people it's just too much noise and there are some members of a gym that are careless but I think for people that are really know what they're doing and they're just there to lift heavy and you know make a change and make some progress it's really not that big of a deal and maybe the other members should find a different gym and you shouldn't tell people to stop working on it that's my own personal take on it maybe I'm wrong and that's exactly why someday I need to own my own gym so rant over you


  1. Some women want to pussify everything.

  2. Ya use pads. Be considerate of others regardless what gym you’re at. Putting it down slowly boost your contractual muscle gain. She has a point I hate loud ass people at the gym. Also you mentioned that private gym you like has good equipment , that’s is until dudes with your mindset destroy the equipment.

  3. That would have given me more drive to work harde

  4. Then don't go to the gym lady so shut up 😂

  5. On those universal cable machines, I frequently encountered people who slammed down the plates instead of lowering it in a more gentle way. Is it necessary to slam the plates? I am usually sitting opposite the other guy and sudden slamming gives me a headache. There is no need to slam as the guy could just adjust the body position to slowly lower the plates.

  6. Man, my advice, whoever complains about you screaming during YOUR workout , adopt the motto , I will scream as much as I want and you can call 911 to get me out. Do not get pissed off. If this attitude doesn't work then take a shit in front of her, probably next to the glutes machine where she spends a great deal of her time, take the shit quietly , be attentive to it while you do it in order to shape the ideal form and size, and then ask her nicely to clean it up with her iphone X, and to clean it quietly. If she denies doing that,next time you should splash her with explosive combustive diarreia (how the hell is spelled) over her Gymshak equipment until everyone vomits out their pre-workout drinks on the racks,the floors,everywhere around the gym equipment. Then amongst this canvas of protein feces & stomach white fluids, you do your deadlifting while she wipes your ass with her favourite gym towel, may God bless America son, go now and always remember to unrack the weights after you finish your exercise.

  7. Lol! I’d told her to take a hike.

  8. Dnt ever compromise your workout 4 annoying stupidity.. turn volume up on headphones n ignore

  9. Yo let a bitch come up 2 me like tat while I'm training.. .

  10. I agree with ya

  11. Women are the fuckin problem, they want everything there way. I would tell her if she ever walks up on you again you will smash a plate on her fucked up head

  12. Lil guy

  13. Bro I almost got into a fight with the manager at my local gym for the exact same reason I just threatened to sue him and get the police involved he shit his pants and gave me my money back for the month and I vowed to never go back there again. As soon as he put the money in my hand I flipped him the bird and never stepped foot in that rude coward's gym again.

  14. You should have joined the smackahoe tribe

  15. These are some of the hardest exercises done during the week. You need to activate abs and everything. The gal doesn’t know a thing about training if she says that.

  16. Not a library. Dont like noise, gtfo

  17. "17-18 year old yolos" 😂😂😂

  18. Just say "Take a hike grandmother."

  19. People who complain about noice in a gym are psychopaths. Who works out with out head phones in. Listening to anything a book podcast most of all music. Going to the gym with out headphone in drive me crazy.

    GO TO PLANET FITNESS THE POSER GYM. Where feelings matter more than bettering health

  20. i’d much rather have someone doing an olympic lift and making noise vs a douche bag doing incline dumb bell press and throwing the weights when he’s done and trying to break my ankles. as long as u r lowering the weight down safely i don’t care about a little noise buddy

  21. Depends on the lifter. I've heard guys slamming the weight down and screaming profanities at the top of their lungs. Worst part was, they couldn't have been lifting more than 300lbs.

  22. I don’t mind weight slamming down but I hate people who scream like there’s no one around. Like brooo I got my headphones on full blast and I still hear you screaming your ass off. Grunting is fine lol I’m talking like horror movie scream.

  23. I hate those kind of people how are you in a bodybuilder gym and complaining

  24. drop it on some pads maybe? 🤨

  25. That bitch needs planet fitness in her life, leave me the fuck alone you old hag.

  26. 3 reps you are lifting too heavy deadlifts will fuck up your back don't do them

  27. You go to the gym to clang and bang. And to make gains. No pain no gain. And yes a good work out is steppin outside of your comfort zone. You're right about that.

  28. Should of told her if your not making noises when you lift you aren't lifting heavy enough lol. And then tell her to go to planet fitness.

  29. You did the right thing bro

  30. You should have said "get your people to call my people and we'll see if they can work something out for you".

  31. This is probably the same type of person that would sit on her station while texting her friends on cell phone. Smh.

  32. Planet fitness isnt a gym. Its where h0m0s go to sweat.

  33. Even with the ego lifters u got no right to tell them to stop doing that ok u can give them an advice that it's not the way to train but u have no right wat so ever to ask them not to do wat their doing unless it's ur gym. If someone like that came to me and wants to bother me I'll just tell her/him to get lost and ignore them I ain't ruining my mood cuz of an asshole

  34. I would have apologized and said it’s not possible! I would have also have told her to invest in some headphones so she won’t get distracted

  35. I’d understand if you were lifting 60lbs and decided to throw it on the floor like some of the p*icks you get in the gym but 370lbs it’s gonna make noise, if you manage to put it down lightly and make it nice and silent, you’re not lifting heavy enough simple as, should’ve told her to walk down to planet fitness

  36. She was just mad you weren’t dropping weight on her face. 🤣

  37. I think she just wanted your dick dude no biggie…

  38. you can not drop the weights slowly, at most of exercise will hurt your back if you do that

  39. I personally find it fascinating to watch people deadlift and power lift and all that. It motivates me to do more. You know, if it says in the policy that you sign when you sign up and it’s in the rules that you can’t make “noise” then that’s one thing. But if it doesn’t say anything then wtf. It’s a gym. That’s what it’s for. Buy headphones and stfu. Mind your own business. You shouldn’t have to put up with that lady. She’s needs common sense.

  40. or you could have kept it simple and used that short little phrase THIS ISN'T YOGA!

  41. just watching this alone before i hit the grind has powered me up at least 20% i've not even looked at a weight yet just going through my psycho coffee pre workout drink

  42. in fact every man should have a nagging wench as a training coach you don't talk to them you just listen to them gobbing off about susan down the road or parking or what ever the hell it is they need to winge about

  43. As a female, if I see guys killin it and dropping weights, I'm thinking "Teach me!" This woman sounds ridiculous.

  44. welcome to the foundry where monsters are forged woman

  45. you can make it so much easier on yourself by having some hard and heavy metal on your headphones as loud as possible that way it cuts out that shit RNB crap they play at the gym i go to at the same time it's win win

  46. you should have carried on as if she wasn't even there but take the energy she was directing at you which would have powered you up a good 20% more at least if she still rattled on ask her do they have women only sessions? if she said no prompt her to maybe find a gym that does or go home and clean the house

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