DDLC Gives me health problems

all right so I want to just preference this video before it starts I had no idea what doki-doki literature club was I knew it was a very popular game if you can even call it really a game but I had no interest of the time when it came out of anime I despised anime but like I said in my clan guide Star Wars guide video I recently got into anime about a month ago a month or two and I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole alright I thought it was a little puddle that I was stepping in but no I've entered Alice Alice's Wonderland okay and my friends told me to play doki-doki literature Club because I never played it before I said what's it about and they said just go in blind so in the beginning the first half you're gonna see me joking around throwing around some Tasi some junk impressions alright you could say they're racist I don't think I care all right but in the end got a little more serious and I I liked the game I kept playing it but I don't you'll see what I mean all right it got really intense for me to the point where I almost passed out not because I'm any like helpful yeah technically health issues lose but you'll see what I mean you'll see what I mean so let me let me just give you a reference of where we're what we're working with all right okay so I tried a couple of impersonations and this is this is where it got all right so we'll start with Monica aka no nigga who she said I talk like this let me get a little bit yoyoyo I talk like this when a Monica okay then there's a nice uki where I couldn't really name an accent for her or C or E so you see you'll see in the funny clips that will vary person-to-person I think in the beginning I I think in the near the end I start with a southern accent like yeah well this town ain't big enough for the boat boy say anything with C or D I know she already was a Hispanic I think like he made money my name my name is sayo D I live in Los Angeles California I'm vato loco si URI was a some poor attempt of a whispering I would say whispering Irish girl I don't I don't understand this feeling in my heart it makes it makes me beat or something like that I don't know I could tell you my voice presentations aren't the best all right when there's the protagonist which is me and I say joy doing a Russian accent for the whole time Amy but they nearly and they got really intense for me and I couldn't really keep the characters going also during the recording of these videos I was real sick and even they didn't really work out there's a voice impressions as best I wanted to do but I'm gonna play some little funny goods in the beginning and then you'll see me start to have a mini heart attack it doesn't above you my fighting girls suddenly both girls door towards me as they just noticed I was dating here but she's trying to make me a pet that's not true she started she started she could get over there that's Duke he's gonna have Mexican accent Ella if she could get over here herself you know you pretty shit that zipper alright the more effective I was such a bad accent I was in the one whose boobs magically size bigger as soon as good start showed up Suki certainly stands up oh good I see we're so invested in trying to impress our new member you just do these deeds up as well maybe you just challenge the good appreciates played by sports and appreciate yours then how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice box are you are you that full of you safe wait did I do a pretty Curtis can see you really yes well that's really I don't that's can't take it but gaze anyways I gotta share mine now knowing you you probably think it's stupid Eagles can fly monkeys isn't that good am I the kind of guy who'd be reading poems in the spare time hehehe I guess not I wanna give it a voice hey look above this sky is blue it's a secret but I trust you do if it wasn't for you I could sleep forever but I'm not mad they want breakfast but see already this is just a guess but did you wait till morning to write this no it's just a little bit you can't answer just a little bit – yes or no I forgot to do it last night well at least make me feel that the better heard about myself don't be mean it's to try to do my best yes the foo close button near her chest but does this thing ever fit you properly he-he-hey it did when I bout it were you smiling to build it yeah means my boobs are getting bigger yet this curious of its service I feel the point but I feel even sphere I don't have they'd expected me sir I barely touched it at all it's my fault why do extremely sharp cutter skip like it's paper there I figure you've to take by here the guesser look oh sorry all right he was this mysterious bone it's different from what she practice oh oh oh fuck you get out of my hair – get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get me out of prison get outta my head get outta my head etc get out of my head get out of my head I do know what I do what I want I do what I know as best of you get out of my head before I listen to everything he said to me get out of my head I show you how much I love you get out of my head I finished writing this ball but he promised never actually finished it just stops moving he exactly okay I don't like this part because it shorty sounds knock a little boy I didn't expect him as a performer like yesterday I let myself in CRE he really is a heavy sleeper I swallow I can't believe I ended up doing this after all wake her up in the wrong house isn't that like more like boyfriend radula in that case it just feels right now series woman knock on her door CRE wake up dummy there's no response I really didn't want to have to enter a room like this I never writ supremacy but you really leave me no choice gently Oh Pete oh oh oh my goodness that terrified me at all what up so we're about nine minutes into the video I don't want this to be looking over my sickness of lip I don't want this to be too long a video so I'm gonna skip a good chunk of it hopefully you guys already seen or played the storyline I'm gonna skip to the parts of where I get a spooked I almost pass out yeah oh yeah you could kind of see what two things you can notice one I'm real sick at this point and you can hear my voice my voice is kind of I'm constantly taking drinks of water try to chew ice or two I mean just I can't breathe like I'm trying to breathe because I I don't play horror games I am way too squeamish when it comes to jump scares and stuff like that so I'll play the rest of the clips for you hopefully you guys enjoy if you're still watching now I'm not going to cry over a video game we're gonna get back into this whoa we get another terrify me god damn it I'm trying to look at this footage oh my goodness I'm getting scared just really I know it's gonna happen it still scares me so I'm Bree Bree looking at the footage here and it still scares me I don't understand how I keep falling for this one sorry that's not true she started okay I want to read this but oh my goodness mind or silicon blindside life feeling around reject me fall to sleep offered all right well I'm just gonna put this here right now I got through 13 minutes and 39 seconds of trying to proofread it for you guys I can't I can't okay I'm just gonna I'm just gonna hopes at the end I put everything together the first try again okay cuz I can't I can't I can't do it honestly I can't do it I can't my heart can't take it like yeah call me a little girl you want but you home like I honestly feel like I'm gonna throw up right now yeah I gotta throw I gotta go throw up you okay okay like I said like I can't I just really hope I put the weight together right let's see the most logical place for me use the nearest water fountain starting down the hallway ha ha what's the noise it's coming from around the corner sounds like breathing good be sure I've been here like something is sucking in the air feel the teeth from being being arista corny appear around it beauty god what way we know you're not just gonna pass that up that girl was cut up of course I should do anything did you get a walk right over that but that mouth just like Eureka's her lips are especially shut it breaks did did I just much step god sorry I guess I should have done that your assess pretty heavily I I can't God sorry you guys my arm it jerks me to my feet it's not my heart I can't focus anymore can you feel it's good you recently presses my hand against her just make it stop even it makes me want to read oh oh oh it's getting real personal for a second oh my gosh okay never get it whoa whoa still hot hey that's piss that's not piss it's blood probably a love nectar nice mission accomplished boys you stole all right I won't let it slide I'm gonna let that slide all right yeah what does happen no let's go for whatever what do like all my arms are hurting from that I gotta go bathroom I got I can't take this you did break the fourth wall multiple times when you should do participation with you screw you Monica I'm better debater than you I'm the master debater yeah so that's basically the end video if you liked it if you actually watch till the end I know it's 20 minutes long like most of my videos are please leave a like and subscribe I'm just joking I really don't care what you do like I say in every video but if you did like it then you wanted me to scream like a bitch for you breaking me in the game and I'll play it please be gentle though because my heart cannot think that much alright I just want to put this at the end of this video I'm altering the deal if you want me to play another game like this buy it for me I'm on Steam origin Blizzard but you play I'm on everything right man but I'm not gonna purposely buy a game I don't play horror games for a reason that's exactly this reason if you look at my videos on my other channel you see my games are all happy games but this one man it started off good just it's a good game it's a good game I recommend you play if you haven't played it go your own storyline if you want to I chose Yuri let's do this but yeah if you want to play another game you better buy from because I hate that name buy nothing like that

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