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good morning thank you so much for sticking with daybreak as you can see our table is very colorful this morning and no it's sort of wet Thursday Thursday is when we normally have chef alley and we're normally eating no but as earlier promised today we want to discuss matters nutrition body type what's on your table all right and I have a gorgeous lady with me here in studio she is Rosa and kamau she is a fitness and nutritionist and a lifestyle coach and you're just about to meet a dozen thank you so much for coming thank you thank you so much for having me how you get our table so colorful oh you know this is you know the way to my heart I know the way to your heart the way to my heart I gotcha is close to the kickin I can see brown rice but I'm gonna make you a believer that much I prize yeah I promise you I'll make you a believer oh no problem now here's this thing Rosa you were telling me a little bit about yourself yes how did you find yourself to be so sensitive should I say about what's on your food you are sharing with me that you are once you stop you you struggled with the cholesterol I did and you were overweight it was is that what inspired you to be more questions of what you eat as a matter of fact it is okay I was absolutely so I was in corporate and when I was in my 20s I was pregnant with our first baby I went to see a doctor and when we went to see the doctor he told me he was very concerned because he thought my cholesterol numbers were headed in the wrong direction now I want you to tell you that I was so young I was in my 20s and at that time I thought cholesterol was an old man's disease and here you are with your first book with my first point a new family and so at that point I thought I was gonna die so you can imagine the shock that was there so the doctor told me I wanna see you back in three months and in three months I want to see your numbers down but he didn't even give me enough information so I really had to start doing their research on my own I had to go back and understand what is cholesterol I mean I was it was like chemistry 101 what is cholesterol you know what you need to do to blood the house is it what causes it and all that stuff so I figured I was actually doing all the wrong things and I clearly had the symptoms but I hadn't actually seen them for instance I was overweight so I was actually medically obese I'd already been me and that was a term that just could not mesh well in my head right not only that I had your medically obese well that was then okay if you go to my page on treasurer of dot fitness on Instagram you can see my pictures my before-and-after pictures but not only that as in Z my knees were hurting my back was hurting and my energy was very low I was almost in the point of having a lot of depression just because I didn't have enough energy but nonetheless I went back to see the doctor I started changing the food the way I ate my foot I used to eat a lot of fried foods I used to let our sugary foods I used to let her a lot of processed foods then I saw that that's what was causing the attack on my body right and so what I ended up doing Cindy is I completely changed I went to the doctor my numbers had come down in three months and a light bulb went off and I was like how do numbers come down so quickly eventually went back to school became a trained a nutrition coach became a trained fitness coach and now that's really how I find my call into actually helping people become more healthy and to become more feet so yes alright so yours was not just oh I'm a gorgeous lady because you are gonna make you into nutrition you actually have a story behind it there was this this is over her would say ten years ago and nights also not just become your lifestyle but your career as well it is and now this is what I do Zindzi I actually coach and I help people become healthier listen I was in my 20s right so if in my 20s my body would rebel what does that tell me about other people mmm I thought I was educated and I thought I knew a lot about to my board in what not at 20 the last thing you're thinking about is what's on your plate or even style diseases great like who thinks about that stuff so really that was how my Colleen came into and now that's what I do so I help people eat healthy I help people especially you can see there's a lot of vegetables a lot of colored foods I really want you to be intentional in what you put in your body because listen we've got one life right we've got one body yeah and so what I say you've got to treasure it because this is the we don't have this we have no reduce so if you have a purpose and there's something that you want to do in life guess what you might as well do it and do it in a healthy manner I like that you're like I'm like alright alright before we get into this okay I want to bring in come on in bookworm Kimani ba gua I believe he is is in thicker Road or subscribe analyze the traffic looking like there [Applause] honey can you hear me come on you with the money can you hear me I hear you as long pickle road has bad is the traffic I can hear you now Cindy sorry about that yes I'm on speaker right now and the very interesting conversation you're having there I've just texted you something for skinny people like us body types negotiate goosh said it's a skinny care routine so please give us tips on how to take care of skinny bodies but before I get too much into that let me show you how traffic looks on think I would if you live on a bootleg you're not this I don't would like an oath or Goomba or a sambucus irani or I could write how s this is the right time to come out because traffic has just cleared on thicker Road and you can see that the cops have done a good job to control the zebra crossing or the pedestrian crossing there at Madurai so the traffic on this side from going up towards homeland is not really bad but I also wanted to give you an update on how it look it's all free if you're if you're using outer ring and you using the the Garden City exit to get into outer ring it's a bit slow right now because of this construction that's going on over here this particular part is and Cora the cannibal roads Authority and the engineers here indicate that there's gonna be an underpass so this construction is gonna be then I take a while but there's a this heavy construction going on here to expand the the junction between outer agency corroded what they have done they've closed the the exit at the GS you at got as you can see that there are no cars that are using that exit over there at the yellow one from where from where I don't know if you can you can see clearly from where out from where we're standing but they have closed that exit so it means if you're going to outer ring and you're coming from town you have to use the exit at mountain mall so you have to go all the way at Garden City and then go around goombah and then start coming down again don't use the exit to that to the highway if you're not very familiar with this because you're gonna again go very far because thicker ELISA is a matter of excessive release if you miss one exit you're gonna have to go for so use the mountain mall sit and go round Goomba and then come down so that you can use outer ring from here but the construction is heavy and it's been causing a bit of traffic that was around about them close around about so if you if you are one of those people who uses the the Alsop's overpass to avoid traffic on the main highway the main highway right now is the best option during a crunch time or during a rush hour traffic but this is how things are looking Zindzi on liquor road well I guess interesting convolute I'm gonna be watching you guys telling us how to take care of our bodies please please involve me that give me some tips Lyndsey give me some tips well I mean come on it will definitely do that quick question what because I know you haven't had breakfast what did you have for dinner and don't lie to me well last night I had had had rice and lentils and you can cook lentils Kim and me is that was it yes I can't have a really good cook all right Sal you know you might be over someday and cook for you lenses yeah you can invite the entire daybreak team okay don't worry but keep money I got you that's why not what diets per se do well with small short people yeah I got you ciarán Kimani alright so let's get back to this well of course we will definitely handle Q – question will you discuss body type right but before when we do that do you should we just first of all begin with what's on the table give our viewers at home a general idea of what's on the table right I can see we have cucumbers yes yes yes huh so generally what's here is the three food food group types because good every food group falls under three food food food groups it's say they're gonna which we call macronutrients it's either gonna be a carbohydrate it's either going to be a fat or it's a they're gonna be a protein so anything that you ever put in your mouth is gonna fall under one of those three categories so what I've done is that's exactly what we've put here on display we have our complex carbohydrates or a good cup from sweet potatoes from race but we also have them from a spinach our Tomatoes all our greens our fruits those are all carbohydrates then we have avocado avocado is a good fat I got you girl and I don't want you to be afraid of fact because people say fat is gonna make them fat but fats actually really really good for you the healthy fat they're healthy that thank you for making them and because we do have two types of Fatiha so this is like a good fat so fats from avocados and are really really good and also coming from the form of nuts and seeds right but I have avocados for us right and then we have protein and the protein sources that we have today I brought some chicken even though you can also have protein from beans which also have couple hydrogen dangles that Kim and I just had last night the length yes those are his protein yeah but they also have carbohydrates yes and any form of animal products is also some form of protein you also have some foods even some vegetables have some protein like broccoli does have some protein so but in the larger quantity larger context right now what I have here yes we do have a lot of three food groups right but when it comes to me there's always the debate the white meat eg chicken is better than red meat yes and then and honestly I think it was about two years ago in the w-h-o came up with that whole theory where they're telling us to reduce the consumption of red meat okay and the reason for that is this now if you have red meat but you know it's grass-fed or you know for sure that this red meat has no hormones is raised well that's perfectly fine because I want you to think about the Messiah right they eat their meat and they live very long yes and they're fine but what has happened is because people are looking the people are looking to make a quick buck they inject hormones in the cows and so now what happens is when we eat that we ingest the hormones ourselves and that's what we ended up to seen a lot of diseases and that is why now since we do not know for sure where your meat has come from then you'd rather reduce that conception of your red meat all right once or twice a week I was coming to that so in a week bread meat I should have it twice once or twice so once or twice so Jason do we count how many pieces of red meat ecuador might've what I do recommend today we're talking about workout program right now what you want to do is you you want to look at your body type yes usually are coming to meet you are coming to you want to consider your sex whether you're male or your female and that's what's gonna determine how much you should have so for you cuz you're little you're short it's true now you've told the whole of Nairobi look a bit bigger I would have you have like a palm size right okay but then now this is what happens as you continue you gotta have goals cuz they always say you can't go blindly why are you just eating okay fine you're eating because you wanna eat good food join and enjoy you wanna be satisfied but you have goals right because you've asked about specifically counting I am anti calorie counting I am yeah I don't do calorie counting and I'll tell you why because I feel mentally a lot of people get enslaved by thinking this is a specific number I need to heat yeah and what you need to do instead is I want you to switch that mindset and I want you to think okay instead of hitting this specific number how about how do I actually feel do I feel satisfied do I feel like the food I've eaten has given me enough energy do I feel like even after eat these foods I have balanced hormonally meaning I am NOT cribbing all the wrong foods that's what I want you to get back into instead of dieting and instead of counting I want you to get back in touch with your own body signals because that becomes addictive every time you go shopping you're looking at realities you're looking at the color yes and I love what you just say there because at the end of the day what you eat also sort of has an impact of how you feel it really does food is information I need you to understand that yes the food that you're eating is gonna give you information and for me when I was overweight the information I was getting was lethargy achy achy achy joints a kidneys achy back and overweight that was the information I was get and that's what your body is telling and that's what your body is telling you ok so what I'm trying to tell you is go back and listen to what your body telling you about the foods that you put in inside right when I made that switch and when a lot of my clients make that switch this is what the information they get back my cravings have gone down I am no longer looted right I am no longer having diarrhea I am a no longer sleeping at 2 o clock when I'm supposed to be awake in the office that's all information that your body's giving you back so what I want you to do is get back in tune with what your body is telling wait a minute so even your diet also influences your slipping past Oh big time girl big boy insomnia or they claim that they sleep at night perhaps need to pay attention to their diet there could be that but there are also people who generally do suffer from insomnia oh my god I would recommend you go see a split sleep specialist yes but for sure one of the things that we were noticing that is coming up is there's a lot of influence with our gut and our gut is influencing a lot of number one a lot of diseases we're seen are coming from the gut a lot of anxiety is coming from our gut a lot of depression is coming from the gun there's a lot of stuff that's coming from the gut and guess what gets influenced by the gut it's the food that you put it in your gut that's why I say food is so powerful it is so powerful we cannot just go laser fair or just chill ok you really have to be very intentional ok very intentional right yeah body types yes how many body types do we have I know ok I don't know perhaps with the there pair body pair shakes yes I'm trying to remember my body types too we have and then with everybody type what sort of food should you eat yeah ok so there's several things so we these three body types so we have the egg tawaaf that's the thin body type then we have them mesomorph that's the medium size and then the endomorph that means you probably have higher bone structure and higher lean muscle structure the ectomorph they have smaller bones and smaller lean muscle mass right now each of us is going to fall in between one of the two right so you can never be exclusively a mesomorph or an endomorph or an ectomorph you're gonna fall exclusive in between one of the two for instance I am a mezzo endo meaning if I don't take care of myself I can become fat I can become big so I know that that's my body type my husband is a mezzo actor actually at Ramez oh he's lean but he gains mass over quickly so everyone is gonna fall under one of those two category so what you want to do is what is your goal why do you want to know what's your body tip number one is it because either you've gained too much weight and you're thinking okay what do I then need to eat for my body type right or is it just because you just want to know and it's good to want to know and you can get to know this in the process of actually eating well and beginning to incorporate it and different lifestyle so my next question then perhaps would be how do you know your body type do I stand in front of the mirror do I have to go see a proper nutrition is to tell me make bunny time so generally yes you can but based on what I just told you son eat them off you want you eat them off you want to think actor thin bones and smaller so like someone like my money must most like you for the director Kim only would fall under that then the mezzo think about our 400 meter run as 800 meter you like a short yes the ones who spread this those must fall under mesomorph where do I fall I think your mezzo mezz oh okay so what do messes eat now you're female so you know then that's the other distinction your female and your meal so when you're a female you're gonna have to eat slightly different from you your meal all right what are some of those characteristics so men because they are bigger they have more testosterone they have more lean muscle mass they're gonna need more protein and even a little bit more carbohydrates depending on where you fall under that you're going to need to eat if you're a thin person and ectomorph you most likely means you can tolerate a higher carbohydrate diet you have most likely have a higher metabolism so for you you you're okay to eat carbohydrates throughout the day my younger daughter is that way she's she she takes two takes after her dad so her she has a higher carbohydrate meal and she's also quite active but Rosanna there are those we all have one or two girlfriends who are skinny and they eat more than perhaps all of us in this student we do not in my dinner help me understand what's up with that so things this is the thing they could be that your metabolism but also there are those people who eat that way and they're what we call skinny obese you're skinny but you're obese it's skinny-fat meaning hasn't you see moron but it's where you're thin on the outside but you're fat on the inside skinny on the outside but side on the inside so what that means is you're most likely not eating as well as you should so your body especially your liver your kidneys your heart are covered in organs in fact they're bad fat and that's all it becomes and that's quite dangerous so you always wonder why someone they looked so good mmm but then they ended up you know yeah in the hospital or they ended up whatever it is or maybe after their first pregnancy that skinny girlfriend's just that was you kind of balloon like real and it's breakfast dinner and lunch yes take me through this so which body type are we gonna talk about so depending on your body type just Kimani as an exam she must be really vouched for so he's an ELISA is that the thin person who's looking to gain weight yes like I said you're most likely gonna do well on a higher carbohydrate diet right so this is what I would have for key money so breakfast for breakfast so I'd have an egg for him remember even as you're trying to gain weight you want to gain weight eating the right foods you don't want to eat the sugary foods you don't know at the processed food because they're going to mess you up hormonal e and they're going to have you do have in other cravings they're just not gonna work it is a healthy way of gaining where is a healthy way of gaining weight and Kamandi this is what you're gonna do half of your plate so for you I would actually add more sweet potatoes he seed so he gets to get away with all this and this is just wrong it's so fair so for him an ectomorph I would have them eat more sweet potatoes okay I would have a side of vegetables okay they can also get our with fruit like more fruit so have them eat less vegetables a lot more carbohydrates and also by the way let me also make the sticks distinction you've gotta be active that's the other thing but if you're looking to gain weight just adding more carbohydrates having a source of protein and vegetables is gonna work for you exact you money kind of prison okay now for your lunch this is like Cora would have so we have again one salad it is it's a salad or you can have skooma weekly so I came with both whatever you want okay so you can have that and then again for Kimani I would then have I would reduce this this portion under vegetables and I would add more of the carbohydrates because again he's looking to gain weight his metabolism is high he most likely metabolizes carbohydrates but then you purposely chosen brown rice might have but the thing is a lot of brown foods branch apart is wrong this is what happens though once you start adopting a healthy lifestyle yeah I tell you what okay you're going to actually start craving vegetables which are like the blandest of all but these things are very sweet a little working the decorate vegetable is really really good because they in their natural state what has happened why we hate that stuff and we don't like it our taste buds have been hijacked and they've been hijacked by all the processed sugary foods that we're putting in our bodies and so our bodies want to eat the sugars they want to eat the processed foods they want to eat that it tastes good but they have B hijack even debris your brain chemistry so that's all you keep wanting to eat so my taste buds have been I'd rather have honey okay they have I'm sorry okay so that's breakfast lunch or in or dinner and or dinner but you remember he's adding more yes carbohydrates I can help but notice this yes that's coconut water this is okay why do I need coconut water so if you're not so I don't drink too much water generally even I have to look for ways to ingest water flavored flavored water coconut water is one of the ways I do it and so for those people who struggle and you should at least have depending again on your body type eight glasses at a minimum recommendation or even the bigger you are have a lot more okay so I'm so sorry that's okay you make this at home oh can i buy coconut no this mad a fool you know that give the the coconut itself yes yeah get that coconut the baby one chopped it up and have your own coconut or you can buy the coconut water but don't buy the flavored one that's also important yes don't buy the flavored one you really want to get the one that Biv cut the coconut in and they puke I can actually sleep in court all right because the flavored wants they also tend to add additives in it which hijack your taste budget is I got there you got it all right what are these two liquids so this here I actually make my own homemade dressing okay so the reason I do that again it's for the whole reason of the additives and the hijacking of your of your our taste buds if you know what you put in there most likely you you're gonna eat it but anything that you buy out of there unfortunately you're not quite sure what is in there you're not quite sure what they've put in there's a super woman who makes their own dressing honey it's so simple you get let me tell you either apple cider vinegar right or you can get a lemon right as your base so that's the acid add a little bit of olive oil and then you can add a little bit of ginger garlic a little bit of honey and you're good let's quickly touch on fruits yes can I get away depending on your body type are you eating whatever fruits or even foot you have to be disciplined you have to consider there's that notion that foods are healthy so you can eat whatever whatever's right now if you're an ectomorph and a mezzo you can eat and get away with fruits generally but for an end or mop someone who is overweight fruits are sugar in their form of fructose and fructose gets metabolized in your liver and it can only metabolize so much once it metabolizes that much the rest of it gets stored as fat and so when people are looking to lose weight and they're like oh I usually have my smoothie and a smoothie is made out of mango grapes pineapple that's all sugar that's all sugar that's Oh Shogun you're wondering why am I not losing weight because you're putting a lot of sugar so with fruits you also still have to be mindful I am NOT saying don't eat them just look at time when you're gonna eat your foods preferably when you're active preferably when you go into the gym that's a good safe time because your body is going to be able to metabolize that alright our time is running up yes I have one last question that perhaps it's also quite important there is the issue of having and a lot of nutritionists tell us this have a schedule of your food what am I gonna have for breakfast on a Monday what am I gonna have for breakfast on Friday what am I having for denounce Friday okay like a meal plan but don't know plants walk one two three look at our lifestyle as a nation we are young we are now a feat you're trying to get the next hustle yes so even make a meal plan you come home and you're like ain't nobody cooking I nobody cocaine I mean talk to me about I'll tell you and I am I am personally okay so let me first rephrase this I do have clients who ask me from your plants yes and I always tell them listen they don't work long term they work short term but long term they science behind it and they always like to go with the science long term they don't work so what I need to feel guilty don't feel guilty at all what you want to do and this is gonna be sure that it's I mean it's gonna be a longer process it's really what ice talked about at the very beginning you have to know and understand your body however if you do need a meal plan preferably stick with the foods that you normally eat what you can do though you can pre make your food ahead of time for instance you can make if you like your brown rice make your brown rice make your schoolmarm make your cabbage make your chicken and then pre-plan it or you can put it all in a condition right and put it in your fridge because that's what you used to eat it right you don't want to start eating foods you're you're normally not used to meeting because yes you will lose weight but it's gonna be short-term because psychologically my background in psychology what will end up happening is you're gonna wanna go back and eat the foods that make you either feel at home because there's also emotional connection with food I have emotional connection with chapatis chapatis remind me of my grandfather's of at home of family gets together it's an emotional connection with chicken with chicken right because there's something so can you imagine me telling you you know Zindzi you can be in chicken because we have a goal to get to you unloose wake up exactly exactly so and also there's also one other thing that you said that's very important I think we need to address is where a younger growing nation we I think on miniatures were 18 or 19 19 19 we are headed in the wrong direction and we need to curtail this because we're looking at all these foods that have come from the West decay they're fast foods I mentioned they have GMO but listen this is the most interesting thing those markets are dying in the West guess what they'll do it there are new markets know if you're looking for new markets in Africa yeah yes the West they have the most obese country they are the most obese nation in the in the Western country we as African continent need to look at that we need to be very mindful and it's not as good as it's as folks think it is I've lived with it it's not as good in this so you have this is the stuff that we need to be eaten okay it's tough for grandparents II know what time is up yes it's so much more we can talk about where can people get you an Instagram a on Twitter because I'm sure this company's conversation has to continue online I'd love for the composition to continue find me on instagram at treasure dot fitness or you can find me all other social media handles YouTube Twitter Facebook at treasure we have a YouTube channel I do have a youtube I don't have to go stop go check me out thank you so much thank you for coming and just helping us understand about body types in the food and the fact that our taste buds can be hijacked they can kinda have so much homework to do alright that is Roseanne come on ladies and gentlemen she is a nutritionist a fitness and a lifestyle coach and the lifestyle experts oh my goodness all right so we need to take a quick commercial break when we come back we'll bring up to speed that on stories that we are keeping our eyes on here on the newsroom I'll be back with Trevor and rahega Cenobites

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