Day 7 – Total Body Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Adrienne: Hey my friends. Welcome to Day 7
of 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. I’m Adrienne of course, and today our practice is like
7 minutes in heaven for the seventh day, except it’s a little bit longer than 7 minutes. But
we can do it because we’ll be doing it together. Let’s go. All right my friends today we are going to
begin in a nice comfortable cross-legged position. You can sit up on a blanket or a block if
you need to. We’ll begin with a nice deep breath in as we draw the shoulders up towards
the ears and exhale, down they go. Inhale, squeeze the shoulders up towards the
ear lobes. Now exhale, drop the elbow, shoulder blades, glide in together and down, so you
can visualize that movement in the back body. Inhale. Lift. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and
exhale. Release. Drop. And one more time. Inhale, lift and squeeze. Deep breath in.
Exhale. We arrive here on the mat today for our practice. Close your eyes. Just take a
moment to get settled in. Let go of the day thus far. Put off the items on the to do list,
you can just place them to the side for now. And choose to enjoy your practice today. See
what it serves up. Begin to deepen your breath. Notice any thoughts,
emotions that come across. And we’ll focus inward, bringing our attention to elongating
that inhalation and lengthening out through the exhale as well. Smile. Choose to find
what feels good on the mat today. Here we go. Opening the eyes we’re going to spread the
palms wide. Just take a look at your palms and then bring this focus with you forward
on to all fours. Start with a gentle cat-cow here nice and
easy. You know what to do. You might close the eyes. Really check in with the spine today.
Maybe you’re a little sore in the abdominals from yesterday so this should feel really
yummy as you find beautiful lines in the body. Paying attention to the sensations as we go
back and forth and then whenever you’re ready, of course, you know I like to break the rules,
veering off the railroad tracks here and finding whatever movement feels good here. Checking
of the shoulders, the neck, sending the hips a little left to right. You might even curl
the toes under for a little foot stretch. You might begin to draw circles with the rib-cage,
particularly if you’re belly is sore. Yay. Transformation station over here! Thirty-days
of yoga with Adrienne. Thirty-days of yoga basically. My name just happens to be Adrienne
and I’m so grateful that I get to share this experience with you and guide you so thank
you. From our cat-cow, we’ll curl the toes under,
walk the palms forward and send those hip bones up and back. Keep the knees bent here
for our first couple breaths. Stretching through the side body really strong here. It’s going
to be a nice side body opener today so really stretching through the sides, pedaling it
out. Keeping the knees bent soft. Pressing into the palms. Pressing the fleshy part between
the index finger and thumb. Let’s take one more deep breath in here my friends. And exhale.
Long breath out. Bend the knees. We’re going to go for a slow walk. Really
slow. Having some fun stretching through the legs, stretching through the feet. Coming
into our presence for today, just kind of giving ourselves permission to be in the moment.
And, you know, chances are you have a busy life. Here we are in a forward fold, take
a couple breaths. You have a busy life, busy career, or a lot on your plate whether it’s
with your family or with your heart. And so just relish in this moment, this time that
you’ve taken for yourself. It’s important. It will make everything else run a little
bit smoother, hopefully, happier, with more ease. So, give yourself permission to just
be in the moment. All right, hopefully you’ve been working out
the kinks here. I don’t know what this is. Looks like a, I don’t know. And, on your next
breath in we’ll press into the feet, tuck the chin into the chest and roll up through
several breath cycles here, so take it nice and slow. And we loop the shoulders forward, up and
back and the crown of the head lifts up towards the heavens. We take a deep breath in as we
draw the palms together mountain pose, tadasana. We find soft knees and we have some fun by
inhaling, reaching the finger tips up and overhead, full body stretch. Exhaling down
through the mid-line today. Inhale. Half-way lift your aversion. Flat back and exhale,
soften and bow. Inhale all the way back up. And exhale back down you go. So you can rain the fingertips if you want
to open the shoulders or go through the mid-line. Anything goes here. Moving with your breath.
Inhale. Half-way lift. Exhale, bow. This time stepping or hopping the feet back to plank.
Take your time. And slowly lowering the body all the way down to the belly. Inhale, cobra.
Deep breath in. Exhale. Release. Curl the toes under. Transition up to downward facing
dog. Inhale. In through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Long breath. Inhale. Slide
the right leg up high. Take a deep breath in here. And exhale. Squeeze the right knee
all the way up in towards your heart. Draw your nose to your knee. Breathe in. Breathe
out. Inhale. Three legged dog. Ande exhale, stepping that right foot all the way in through
center. And we’ll pivot on the back foot and inhale.
Reach the fingertips up high to warrior one. Deep breath in here. We’re going to hook the
thumbs together here, kind of like a woo-tang. Yoga version of woo-tang. And really pressing
the thumbs together, I’m going to inhale, open my heart up towards the sky. Exhale.
Send the fingertips to the right. So nice side body opener here as we squeeze the inner
thighs towards the mid-line. Still sink into that front knee then inhale back to center
and exhale to the left. Feel the skin of the side body stretch. Open your heart, keep it
lifted and exhale back to center. Break free. Open the chest and shoulders, we’ll pivot
on the back foot belly comes to the top of the thigh and we plant the palms and vinyasa.
Sliding the right toes back, shifting your weight forward, hug the elbows in. You can
always lower the knees here, lifting up to Cobra. Otherwise we go chaturanga to upward
facing dog, opening the chest and shoulders. Lift up through your arms and chest. Deep breath in and on an exhale we move to
downward facing dog. Drop the right heel, this time inhale. Slide the left leg up high.
Deep breath in here, long breath out. Then squeeze that left knee all the way up in towards
your heart, draw your nose to your knee, press away from the earth. And then we send that
left foot up three legged dog deep breath in, and exhale up and into your lunge. Stick
with your breath open your heart. Deep breath in. When you’re ready, pivoting on that back
foot we rise it strong, warrior one. Great. This time we hook the opposite thumbs,
so just kind of switch the normal hook and we come here to yoga with Adrienne. Maybe
we could do a woo-tang colab, that would be awesome. Anyway, and up and over we go to
the left this time. Pull the left hip crease back, stretching that back leg, and then through
center and to the right. And inhale to center. Exhale. Break free, belly comes to the top
of the thigh and we pivot on the back foot and we find our vinyasa. Smile. Move with
your breath. See if you can keep this nice and slow. Exhale to downward facing dog. Take a deep
breath in here, and a long exhale out, let it go. Make sure you’re not holding in the
neck, the shoulders. Bend the knees generously, belly comes to the tops of the thighs we inhale
in, look forward on an exhale, float towards the top of your mat. You can spring or you
can go for a slow walk again. Up and over we go. Great inhale half-way lift. Then exhale
soften and bow. Soften through the knees spread your fingertips, inhale. Take it all the way
up, full body stretch and exhale back down to the heart. Awesome my friends, here we
go again. Inhale, reaching it up, follow your breath. Exhale, diving forward. Inhale, half-way
lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, step or hop the feet back to plank. Exhale, lower down, chaturanga
to up dog or all the way down to Cobra. Inhale. Open your heart. Exhale. Release. Curl the
toes under. Press it up and back. Downward facing dog. Inhale in. Big exhale out. Drop
the left heel. Inhale, slide the right leg up high. Exhale. This time we’re going to
bend the right knee, bring it up and over towards the right elbow. Shifting our weight
forward, right knee kisses right elbow. Keep your gaze forward here. Deep breath in. Exhale.
Three-legged dog. Now this time, crossing right knee over to
kiss the left elbow. Gazes forward. Hug it up and in. And release three-legged dog. Last
time, back through the center line we squeeze nose to knee. Inhale three-legged dog and
then stepping that right foot all the way up and into your lunge once again. Open your
heart. Stay light on your fingertips. Then we’ll pivot on that back leg and once again
rise up strong, warrior one. I’ve got some fuzzies on me today. Warrior one. Beautiful
posture here. We really open the heart and really lengthen the tail bone down. Find your
breath. Then inhale. Carve a line with your nose, look up. Exhale. Keep your heart open
as you bring your hands to your waist line. Now press into your right foot, straighten
that right leg. Keep a flat back as long as possible as we inhale in and exhale. Begin
to bow forward. Pull the right hip crease back. Maybe you just go this far or this far,
but just go as far as the spine speaks to you, keeping a flat back, so if starts to
round and collapse, keep it straight. How’s your lower belly? Draw your navel up,
dial the lower rib cage in. Take one more breath here and then exhale. We release. Rounding
the spine. Fingertips come to the mat. If you have a block sometimes it’s nice to lift
the floor up to you while we’re building space here. Top of the left thigh spirals in. Right
hip crease pulls back. Maybe walk the fingertips a little further
back, just be present. How’s your breath? And then press into the outer edge of your
back foot. Bring the hands to the waistline. We loop the shoulders in. Inhale, rise up
once again. Bend that front knee, we inhale, return warrior one. Breath in and out. Crickity
old floor. So now I’m going to drop the right arm underneath
the left. Bring the palms together as I inhale, garudasana arms. Inhale. Elbows lift up. Exhale,
fingertips reach out. Stay strong in that back leg, my friends. Inhale in. And exhale
out. Beautiful. Unravel the arms. We inhale, rise up, and exhale, release. Vinyasa. Move nice and slow. Feel free to skip this
if you’re needing a little more of a restorative practice today, then you might skip the vinyasa
and take and extended child’s pose. And together we’ll meet back and downward facing dog. Drop
the right heal and inhale, lift the left leg up high. Bend that left knee and think up
and over as you kiss left knee to left elbow now, gazes forward, strong center. Inhale,
rise back up three-legged dog. Exhale, left elbow, excuse me, left knee to right elbow.
Navel draws up. Inhale three-legged dog, last one, you got this, super strong. Exhale. Nose
to knee right through the center. Hug it in, hug it in, hug it in. Inhale three-legged
dog, and exhale, stepping up into your lunge. Good job my friends. Pivot on the back foot.
Whenever you’re ready, rise up into your warrior one, nice and strong. Find your breath, become
grounded here again, finding that upward current of energy in the front body, grounding through
the back body, strong back leg. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Inhale, carve a line with the nose, look up
and exhale. Float the fingertips down to the waistline. Straighten through that front leg,
keep the crown of the head extending up, and exhale. We fold forward, nice flat back. Elbows
drawing back. Shoulders blades together. Maintain this flat backed position. Explore here. Notice
if the shoulders are dipping one way and then the another. Pay attention to the details.
Use this practice of listening to expand awareness and of course, yes, build some strength. Then gently we’ll release. Bring in the fingertips
to the earth or hands to a block. Breathe deep here. Top of the right thigh is spiraling
in and out towards the back edge of the mat. We pull the left hip crease back and maybe
we relax the weight of the head down. Now we’ll draw the hands to the waistline
and slowly rise up. Bend that front knee and return to your warrior one. Find your breath.
Press into that back heel. And this time we’ll draw the left arm underneath the right, palms
come together or not. And we inhale, lift the elbows up tall and exhale. Send the fingertips
out. Find your breath. Inhale in. Don’t forget about the lower belly. Exhale. One more breath.
Then we gently unravel. Pivot on the back foot. Come back down, and vinyasa. Downward facing dog. Take a second here to
release. Hit the refresh button. Bend your knees, and slowly we inhale, look up. Exhale,
step, float or hop towards the front edge of your mat. Inhale half-way lift, nice long
beautiful neck. And exhale, soften and bow. All the way back up, here we go, inhale, spread
the fingertips. Reach it up nice and tall, and exhale back down to your heart. Observe
your breath. Notice how you feel. And one last round, here we go. Soft knees.
Inhale, spread the fingertips. Reach it up. Exhale. Diving forward. Enjoy this move. Inhale
half way lift. Exhale, bow. Step, or hop the feet back to plank and slowly we lower down.
After your vinyasa, send the hip bones, the hips back, downward facing dog. Drop the left
heal, inhale, slide the right leg high. Bend the right knee to right elbow, and we repeat.
Kiss. Inhale, three-legged dog. Exhale, right knee to left elbow, look forward. Inhale.
Three-legged dog. Exhale straight to center. Inhale, three-legged dog. Exhale all the way
up and into your lunge, pivot on the back foot. This time we’re going to spiral all
the way up and open into our warrior two. Find nice strong legs here. Radiate energy
out through the fingertips. Deep breath in as we reach forward, up and back. Peaceful
warrior. And now inhale, extend through the right fingertips.
Exhale, all the way to my extended side angle. So, right elbow’s going to soften on the top
of that right thigh, and I’ll draw my left fingertips down to come up, so really plugging
in that shoulder as they open up here. Lean back, bottom rib cage shining up towards sky.
Press into the outer edge of that back foot. If you want you can use your block here to
slowly grow this pose, bringing it to the ground here so we can open up. Maybe you’re
already bringing your fingertips down. Take a deep breath in wherever you are. Spiral
your heart up towards the sky. And then on an exhale we’re just going to gently pivot
back down to our lunge. Plant the palms and take your vinyasa. And downward facing dog.
Inhale, full breath into the nostrils, and exhale completely through the mouth. Drop
the right heel, inhale, slide the left leg high. Exhale, bending left knee to kiss left
elbow, look forward. Inhale, three-legged dog, nice and swift. Exhale, over to the right
elbow. Kiss. Last one. You got this. Inhale, three-legged dog and exhale, nose to knee.
Inhale, lift it up, and exhale into your lunge. Awesome. Pivot on the back foot. Send those
fingertips forward, up and back, and here we rise up. Virabhadrasana two. Lean back
into it. Strong legs, strong foundation. Inhale, reach the left fingertips now forward, up
and back. Take up space here as you find this peaceful warrior. Stretch it out. Relax your
shoulders, sink into that front knee, and then on an exhale, slowly move all the way
up and through into our extended side angle. So softening onto this elbow, but not collapsing,
so keeping that space nice and beautiful. Drop the right fingertips down. Sink down
low, drop your hips and inhale. We open extended side angle. So there are lots of variations
here, we can bring the fingertips to the earth, come here or here. We can also use that sweet
little block at any level to help us, here, or here, or here. You might begin to open
up your gaze towards to heavens. Open your heart, take a breath in, tuck your pelvis
in. And on an exhale begin to release, dialing it back down towards the earth, and we take
a vinyasa. Plant your palms. Shift your weight forward. Here we flow. From downward facing dog, I’m going to slowly
lower the knees and I’m going to prepare for a side-arm balance before I flip my burger
and take a rest. So, this is going to be a little different for everyone. A little side-arm
balance play time. So, I’m going to go into side-plank and then eventually into a deeper
side-body stretch. You can do that with me, if you know that you want to work on maybe
a side-arm balance here, or a crow or something like that. Anything that changes your perspective.
I think it would be nice stretching through the side-body. So for those who want to try
moving along with me, I’m going to bring the right palm into center line, and then I’m
going to come into a plank. Then I’m going to come on to the outer edge of my right foot,
keep my hips lifted as I stack my ankles and inhale. Open up through my left wing. Now
I’m keeping a nice extension through the crown of the head, I come into side plank here.
I can always bend that top leg for a little more support. Everyone, lift your hips, open
your heart. Stay here or work here. Or, drop the fingertips, just like we did in extended
side-angle, and find a nice length from the outer edge of the left foot, all the way up
through those left fingertips. If your’e feeling frisky, you might lift the leg, you might
even come into a tree pose or any variation here. Or save that for another day. Deep breath
in. One more breath here my friends. And then on exhale, collapse, or fall. Release. Downward
facing dog. Nice work my friends. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Slowly lower to the knees.
And we’ll take it to the other side. Left palm comes the center and then I come
into my plank. Turning onto the outer edge of my left foot this time, I grow tall reaching
the right fingertips up, lifting my hips. Full body experience here, full body strengthener.
Remember your neck is an extension of the spine. Stay here or drop the right fingertips
down to come up and I really find this beautiful line in the right side of the body. Lifting
the heart, lifting the hips. Again you can take a little variation here. And then I slowly
release. Send it back, downward facing dog. Final breath here. Inhale fully. And exhale
fully. Sweet. Lower the knees bring them together. Take a moment here in child’s pose, sending
the fingertips back. Rest your for head down. Let it go. Relax your shoulders. And then
we’ll slowly tuck the chin into the chest and transition to flat back. When you arrive,
take your palms into your knees and we’re going to open the knees wide. Take a second
to just kind of teeter totter here. Relaxing the shoulders and the elbows down. Relaxing
through the ankles and the feet and you might even close your eyes. Just kind of letting
gravity doing the work here and feeling the wonderful support of the earth underneath
your spine. And slide your hands all the way in to grab the arches of your feet. And we’ll
keep the tail bone lengthening down as you draw the heels, the soles of the feet up towards
the sky, happy baby. Can find a little movement here or you can
just relish in the stillness. Working actively from the inside out. Then gently releasing.
Soles of the feet come to the mat. I slide them all the way down and I reach my fingertips
up and overhead. Walk the heels towards the bottom left edge of your corner and then shimmy
your head and shoulders towards the top left edge of your corner. Take the right hand,
grab the right wrist and think up and over as you breathe into the right side body. For
a deeper stretch, lift the right foot. Cross the right ankle over the left, so you’re creating
a little crescent moon here. Supported and here you can really dig deep into the power
of the breath. Notice how each inhale stretches the skin of the body. Creates space, invites
in more ease. It’s that good, good energy. Good juju. I believe it. Gently release back to center. Go ahead and
center yourself first. And then, mindfully, we’ll walk the heels towards the bottom right
corner. Head and shoulders, trying not to sing the song. Head and shoulders shimmy up
towards the top right corner. And I grab my left wrist this time. This might be enough.
If you want a little more, if it felt awesome last time, you might lift that left leg up,
cross that left ankle over the right. Breathe here. Sacrum’s nice and steady on the earth.
Should feel no tension or pressure in the pelvic area or lower back. So if you are,
come out of it a little bit. And then find your breath. And then gently we’ll release. Center ourselves
back on the mat. Take a second to press the palms into the earth and hug the knees up
towards the chest. Nice and easy, twisting knees to the left and then to the right. So
just keeping it nice and soft here today. More of a massage than a holding effect. Just
kind of twisting it out before we relax. Of course, if there’s anything else you want
to add to your practice, now’s the time to ask yourself “what else could I use today?”
Using these practices to inspire you. Encourage you to improvise and really grow that home
practice. So maybe you’re heading into something right now or maybe you’re like me and you’re
sliding your toes down to prepare for savasana. Breathe deep, where ever you are. Get settled
in. Thank you for sharing your time and your practice with me today. Take care. Namaste.


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  60. After 7 days I had to quit. I just couldn't follow up anymore and think that I need to do way more sessions in order to kiss the same side ellbow with the knee. And I am not even a beginner to yoga… The challenge sadly is not for me.

  61. I really enjoyed today. I was going to not do it today because lazy but then decided to and im so glad i did. I feel great. Love this

  62. “And I’m going to prepare for a side arm balance before I flip my burger and take a rest”

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  64. This stuff is so difficult! Definitely feeling that I lack strength in my arms.

  65. after my accident and just again starting to do yoga, this is one of my biggest challenge (yet) but I get it eventually (after so many pauses). Thanks for restoring my confidence in my body strength.

  66. Day 7 done! Sweat a lot! I'm proud of myself because for the first time my heels were able to touch the yoga mat during downward-facing dog. I wasn't able to do the side plank pose because my arms are shaky. Thanks, Adriene!

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    With some of the new poses i was like how is her leg so straight bend that far forward!!?? one day maybe haha not today though.

  71. Day 7! I have trouble with side plank. I've had issues with 'frozen shoulder' on both sides. Does anyone know whether it is better to do the side plank resting on the forearm, or push up on the hand, but drop a knee and keep the other outstretched?

  72. Adriene made me laugh when she said 'you might be feeling sore in your abdominals from yesterday'…. yes I am sore haha

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  75. Aaand day seven was the breaking point. Ill be back in a year.

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  82. My wrists are killing me. My new goal for sure is to hold side plank for 5 seconds! Never give up!

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  86. I am sweaty for the first time in the 7 days I've done it so far. I'm kinda scared of falling behind, since I couldn't hold some of the poses today. but I won't give up

  87. I thought yesterday was difficult. This made me miss ab yoga. I usually catch on pretty quick but I was struggling today. I still completed it and I feel great. Also, downward facing dog is killing me more than usual because my feet are actually (almost) flat on the ground. lol

  88. Ive been reading the comments after each day's session out of interest. Ive just finished doing day 5. I was tempted to do day 6 as well so I clicked on it to see what it entailed…abs eughh! I read a few comments and people were saying their guts were hurting for days and things like that. So I clicked on day 7 for the comments and people were actually saying they were struggling with it cos of day 6's abs workout, and there were so many people quitting! Im 46 and never done any proper excercise so my decision is to not do day 6 in order to continue with the rest, cos it sounds to me like 6 is too much at this early stage.

  89. I would really love to see a collaboration between Adriene and the woo tang clan! yoga hop.

  90. I am having massive problems with some most of the positions, I know I shouldn't think I can do them perfectly, but to be honest, I do not know how to do them not perfectly? Can I slouch to make it easier? Or bend my knees? Just one, or both? Few examples –
    My thigh hurts and shakes and gives up when I am in forward fall. My hands are nowhere near the ground with straight legs, back is not straight, if I bend my knees so I can touch the ground with my hands, my legs shake and I can't las a couple of breaths.
    I've been doing yoga for about 6 months, at least 3 times a week, short practices.
    I realised my arms are very short, so when I am in plank, and my foot is supposed to step up to lounge, I am having big problems with fitting it under myself, so I have to list one arm off the floor to make space for my leg, and then my whole body collapses on the top of my leg (my knee touches my chest/shoulder).
    I'll keep at it, anyway, I love how I feel afterwards, I'm just frustrated after some practices, wish Adrienne would sometimes mention an easier position, so I don't get discouraged… hope I am not alone!
    Sorry for venting! 🙂

  91. You have great teeth!!

  92. oh gosh today was HARD. i could not do the side plank bc my arms arent strong enough to keep myself up in this position rip

  93. Seeing how easy was for Adriene to do the side plank and then looking at me shaking everywhere motivated me more than anything. I will do the side plank with the leg lifted, you will see!

  94. Well, that was challenging! HAHHA My core is a bit sore from yesterday and I smiled a little when Adriene said something about it on the vid. I was like, "Oh well, it was pretty normal. I guess that's a good sign, then." Looking forward to tomorrow's practice! Thanks, Adriene! 😀

  95. Day 7 complete. Can't do side planks… yet. Namaste, Adriene. 🙏💕

  96. Im loving this! Been trying to do yoga for a long time but im always doing cardio or high intensity excercises, none of them make me really pay attention to my body like yoga, and it’s getting easier every day, thank you!!!!

  97. I've just picked this video randomly and tried it
    it was so great and I really like your classes
    I am practicing with your videos a few days already and I like it so much.
    Thanks for another great Class

  98. day 7: done – time passed quicker than i expected great video!

  99. I just started doing yoga from a couple of years off & I'm doing your 30 days of yoga & girl you are kicking my ass my husband saw me & said yoga isn't a work out so I asked him to join me & he kept saying "ohhh I feel that" & by the end of the videos he'll say hes sore 🤣 short story he is now a believer in yoga 😊

  100. I send to be able to do the side planks now I’m rickety. Day 7 checking in😌

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