Day 30 | Find What Feels Good | 30 Days of Yoga

Hey, everyone, welcome to 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and it is Day 30, y’all. I bring my palms together. I tip my hat to you. I bow to you. Thank you so much for
crawling along this journey with me. It’s been awesome and I’m super-duper proud of us. I’m impressed with how human and awesome and amazing and alive we have been thus far. Hopefully you have felt some sort of empowerment and stretch throughout this experience and you feel a little bit excited about
what the next 30 Days will bring so today instead of having you follow me – your humble yoga guide – I’m going to give you a little bit of freedom
on Day 30 to find what feels good That’s right. I am actually gonna take off my mic after this and I’m gonna hop on my mat and I’m going to do what I do here in my home practice I’m going to notice how I feel and I’m going to see
where my practice takes me I’m going to include poses that
we’ve done in the last 30 Days so you’re welcome to follow along with me or you can be a total rebel and you can turn the sound off on the video
and play your own music and just kind of use me in your
peripheral as a guide or you can be totally crazy
and just start with me with your own music or mine
and just do your own dance. Do your own thing. Don’t decide where it ends. Maybe you do things that you’ve done
in the past 30 Days with me Maybe you integrate other poses
that you know or maybe you make up your own
yoga poses of course being super-duper mindful
of your alignment, your action and kind of the attitude you bring, so
really soft and easy, mindful movement so that you stay safe
and are happy. Okay, so that’s it.
I’m gonna take off the mic I’m going to once again tip my hat,
bow my head and my heart to you. It’s been wonderful. I can’t wait to hear how your experience
was all-in-all Yeah, I think it’s time to get on the mat
and find what feels good Namaste. I’m feeling a little emotional
for some reason I love you guys.
Let’s have some fun.


  1. I cried. Felt super empowered and grounded. First time i dare write a comment on youtube. But i had to say – Thank you Adriene! You showed me yoga! Fresh, authentic, funny. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion. Your compassion and generosity are inspiring. ✌💛

  2. Gracias Adriene, por estos tan maravillosos 30 días. Estoy muy agradecido por todo lo que me enseñaste y por lo nuevo que logré en estos pasados días. Este vídeo me llena de nostalgia, al saber que pude terminar el calendario al igual que otras muchas personas. Para mí, este fue el video que menos duró.

  3. Thank you Adriene. Thank you for everything.

  4. Thank you so much Adriene 💖 first time I committed to something for this long! Coming back to the mat every day possible made me feel great and empowered, day 30 in particular made me feel amazing about myself and more confident 🧘🏻‍♀️ NAMASTE everyone 🌙

  5. Finished all 30 days right on time. Didn’t miss a single day, even when traveling. First time I’ve ever been able to do that! Whoop! On to the 2016 Yoga Camp next. Let’s just see if I can keep this going….Thank you Adrienne!!!!

  6. Thanks Adriene for this precious experience I got from doing and being committed to your 30 days of Yoga. Now I can confidently say I'm halfway through on mastering Crow Pose (Bakasana). Much appreciated.
    Hopefully you will always continue making those videos.

  7. Thank you Adriene for everything,for this journey and for making yoga available to everyone! You are a beautiful soul!

  8. Thank u so much 🙂

  9. I just decided to do it in the middle of the year and i cant believe i actually did all 30 days I'm kinda proud of myself

  10. Finished today, thank you. Your efforts and light and kindness do unbelievable – change people to the better. Me definitely

  11. Made it!! 30 days of wonderful journey, and I can’t wait to start another 30 days! Thank you so much Adriene! Lots of love xxx

  12. I did it!

  13. Life-Changing , all the LOVE for you Adriene

  14. Thank you for a fabulous journey. I am now hooked on my morning yoga.

  15. I actually did it! Yay me.

  16. 30 days ago I couldn't believe I can do it! It seemed to me like hard challenge, but here I am after 30 days of yoga full of energy 😇
    Thank you and big love from Russia 💗

  17. I found this about 35 days ago and decided to give it a try after wanting to get yoga back into my life for quite some time. All I can say is "beautiful." I've never done yoga on my own without someone telling me every next step and at the start of this one I assured myself that I would just follow along. Nope…my spirit knew what it needed and within minutes I was on my own journey. So beautiful and I am so grateful for this opportunity. Adrienne, you are a gift to this world. Keep putting this massive love and peace into our world. We need it.

  18. Yay I did it! Thank you! Honestly it has meant so much to me these past few weeks to have a reason to smile each day. Namaste.

  19. Thankyou Adriene! I followed the whole 30 days,in 30 days and can tell you I feel 100% better than I did before I began.

  20. So disappointed in this last video of the series. I was looking forward to what flow would be executed on this day and was turned off when we had a free style day. I wanted a structured class, which is why I want to do a 30-day yoga program. Because it provided the structure that I needed. It ruined my whole day. 🙁

  21. This challenge is magical for the mind, body and soul. Thank you <3

  22. Dear Adriene, thank you for helping me change my life and my well-being in such a profound way. I completed these 30 days with you yesterday and I am starting a new series today. You are truly a wonderful teacher ♥️

  23. gratitude!! Adriene thank you so so much. you are changing our lives in ways yo could never imagine. gratitude!!


  25. Hi Adriene I just finished the 30 days and i never felt more excited to wake up and get on the mat. I just want to thank you and tomorrow will start another challenge with you ! kisses from Italy

  26. 🙁 but i prefer directed with mat, this just gave me anxiety. kind of feel incomplete because i couldn't do this video. Going straight onto day 1 of next set of 30.

  27. It's been wonderful thank you so much Adriene. I almost cried when you said Day 30….

  28. Oh, Adriene! 29 days of wellness, and a rhinovirus on day 30. The dedication and commitment led me to be determined to get on the mat despite the sore throat, runny nose, and nagging thirst. I really want to keep at this every day moving forward. I want to say that I do yoga without getting raised eyebrows (I've cultivated something of a Buddha belly over the years). I want to get in better shape. Little celebration: my heels touched the ground today in down dog. I needed two breaks, but I felt like I could breathe better when I was done.
    The plan was to move on to yoga for weight loss after this, but I think I will revisit the first week of the 30 Days of Yoga series. Finding what feels good. Giving myself time to get over this crud before moving on to more calorie-burning poses.
    ::waves gratefully and affectionately from North Texas::
    See you tomorrow. Thank you. I need to wipe my eyes now. Nose, too. :S 😀

  29. 30 days done and I’ve never felt better with flexibility and a quiet mind! I was in such a bad place when I started this with you, thanks mate! Much love and I’ll keep following and practicing

  30. Thank you Adriene! I can't even begin to explain how much yoga has changed my life. <3

  31. Hello Adriene! <3 I´m so grateful for this 30-day journey! I feel stronger and more balanced 🙂 Thank You;)

  32. Adriene, I can't thank you enough for your guidance, positivity and inspiration. I stuck with you for all 30 days and I was crying as well. I feel stronger and empowered. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namaste🙏

  33. First time I’ve completed a thirty day challenge! I didn’t think I’d be able to do this self guided but I just took inspiration form all of your other videos and I did it! Thank you Adrienne, I’m now more flexible than I was before and feel more comfortable in my own body. Thank you 💕

  34. I've just completed this challenge and while I remained silent during this month, today is the day I want to say a big thank you to Adrienne from the bottom of my heart. I'm curious about how you guys kept going, moving to another of Adriene's challenges ? Cheers to all from Paris, France (not Texas:)

  35. I'm new to yoga and just finished this. I feel so much stronger and more mindful of what's going on with my own body. This was life changing. Thank you so much Adriene. You make yoga approachable, and you make difficult things seem easy and fun. I love your kind, calm spirit.

  36. You are wonderful!🙏

  37. So i lay here after yoga practice tonight and I am so completely at peace. Watching you do your thing free styling was so beautiful to see. I think I did ok “trying” to keep up. I started my journey this year after reading an article about how to set proper goals. I decided that one of my goals would be to live healthier. I found another yoga instructor that I stuck with for 6 months but I kept popping over to your channel from time to time. I was gaining some flexibility and losing weight but I felt like I needed more and kind of lost my focus.
    Insert miss Adriene. Watching your lessons, I have been able to find my way again. Your ability to connect with people is awesome. For about a month I was cherry picking random lessons. I decided I wanted to start a 30 day series and figured the oldest one would be a great place to start. I am completely refocused now. In the last 30 days (maybe less cause I seem to want to complete more than one lesson a day) I have become more flexible than I ever could have imagined, my balance has improved and my weight loss has restarted (it stalled for a while). I can not wait to see where this journey takes me on my way to being a better version of me. Your humor (although sometimes a little corny) and your ability to keep things lite really has helped me Find What Feels Good. I even find myself watching some of your vlogs.(your mat cleaner is wonderful).
    I can not thank you enough for doing what you do.
    Anyone still reading this, don’t forget to sign up for miss Adriene’s weekly news letter, I love and look forward to reading them every Sunday.

    Thank you thank you thank you

    P.s. I completed the last 3 days lessons tonight and I am so relaxed, I know I’m going to sleep like a champ tonight

  38. Made it! Thank you Adriene ❤

  39. Yes I did it! I finished my 30 day challenge! Thank you, thank you Adriene! Words can’t express my gratitude 🙏🙏🙏🤗😘

  40. This was really emotional for me. I have never been physically, mentally and soulfully committed to yoga for this long before. I am so very proud of myself for completing the 30 days. Adriene, you have changed my life. Yoga has changed my life. Thank you so much for all that you do! I will continue to practice every day – I’m off to complete your other 30 day journeys now. Namaste 🕉💛

  41. Hell Adriene! I've just finished 30 days with you. I'm 55 and have never worked out. I took a hot yoga class. I loved the yoga but I'm a beginner and had no instruction. I found you and thought what the hell. I am so glad I did. I feel awesome and am going to keep following you. You are amazing! Thank you, thank you. I love you🥰

  42. Finished today, and not a single day missed! I'm quite proud for following it until the end. I have also comitted myself with daily practice using the rest of the challenges and videos from your channel. So thank you so much! <3

  43. What now….? 😪😥😫

  44. I DID IT! Never missed a day and really thankful for you, lovely Adriene. I never thought I could do a whole yoga session by myself, but I surprised myself during this video!

  45. I did it and not without your gentle nudging and constant encouragement! I feel stronger and ready to continue my yoga practice! Thank you Adrienne, you are a gift! ❤️

  46. Thank you Adriene! I did it! At first, I wasn't sure I would make it for 30 days, but I started looking forward to this special time each morning and I feel so much better now.

  47. Omg I finished 30 days of yoga on the 7th birthday of yoga with Adriene!! Not gonna lie, at first I was bummed to lead it myself but it was actually amazing!!!! Thank you so much adriene, I have fallen in love with yoga 🙏❤️ 🧘‍♀️

  48. Hi Adriene! My name is Khadija, I'm fifteen years old, and your yoga helped me sooooo much! When I first started this journey, day one, I was so tight in every place of my body. I was the opposite of flexible. I did these videos every day (I skipped days sometimes), and I finally have reached the end. Your enthusiasm kept me wanting to do these videos every day! You're an inspiration to me :)! I'm so happy with my self now! Thank you! You inspired me every day, even when I wasn't in a good mood. 🙂

  49. My first attempt I only made it 8 days and that was over a year ago. I just finished the 30 days and it took me 32 or 33 days because I missed a couple of days. I feel accomplished and appreciate Adriene so much. You are a wonderful human and your light is a gift to the world. Thank you!

  50. I DID IT! I have been avoiding yoga for years because I honestly felt like it was too woo-woo for me, but I finally got over myself and gave it an honest shot. I haven't been able to find a consistent workout that won't exacerbate medical issues I'm dealing with, but YOGA IS IT! Adriene, so much of what kept me going was your sweet, kind, supportive attitude and corny jokes. Thank you so much for offering this 30 Day program on YouTube. I have found a workout that makes me feel good and fulfills my need to recharge spiritually daily. I really can't thank you enough.

  51. Thanks a lot for these videos. I have been doing these noe for 60 days, as a part of the recovery after my triple bypass heart surgery. Feeling great, grounded, spacious and more flexible than for 30 years! (Keep hearung your voice inside my head at all kinds of moments, though).

  52. Thank you Adriene! You are a wonderful guide! I took me more than 30 days, I love the video finish, beautiful.
    I can't do the crow… now I'm not sure if it's better doing this 30 days challenge or move to camp? Any suggestion? Namaste

  53. I wasn't that emotional after I finished today but looking through the comments I've gotten emotional! These past 30 days, give or take, have been really amazing. I've gotten over so many obstacles throughout this challenge and honestly don't know where I would be without it ❤ my feet are on the mat for most of downward dog, transitioning from up to down dog is so much easier then it was before. I've decided that I want to practice crow pose! I would love to do a shoulder stand but my body just isn't the right type, but crow is way more exciting to me! I've lost weight and gained some muscle. I've fixed my posture. My back pain is almost completely gone! And these are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head!! Congratulations to everyone who made it this far and a huge hug to everyone. I'm so proud of all of us for sticking to something for this long ❤❤❤ Much love and support all the way from Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪 ❤❤

  54. I almost cried! Dear Adriene, thank you SO MUCH for this experience and that you truly made me love yoga! I’ve never felt so good physically and emotionally! I was following along with everyday practices until I got my OP on day 25th. But once recovered I came back and finished the 30 days and so proud of myself! Up for the next 30 days challenge!!! Send you a lot of hugs and love!

  55. Hi Adrienne was a pleasure to be connected with you.

  56. I decided to do it all by myself today and I surprised myself that I actually went 20 mins past this video time

  57. Thank you, Adrienne for introducing me to Yoga. Yoga has become a new passion of mine and I look forward to continuing my journey with more of your videos!

  58. I did it! OMG! Thanx for the greatest yoga experience in my life! My back and my arms are so grateful for this! Will definitely go on.

  59. Oh my god, you really made me cry with that intro, you're so warm and understanding. It's the first time I commit to something and end up doing it (although not in 30 days — but that's ok! I can't expect to change overnight) and I feel so good about it! Thank you so much, Adriene. I really appreciate your work. xx

  60. Stepped into this video fully expecting to just copy Adrienne, walked out of it having realised I know a lot more Yoga poses than I was aware of – don't think I was ever in sync with what was on screen!!

    Super grateful for this experience, and very much looking forward to trying some of the other 30 day playlists! Much love Adrienne 💛

  61. wow. thank you so much Adriene<3333

  62. ❤❤👍👍

  63. Thank you!

  64. Thank you from the bottom of this little heart ♥

    For 30 fun days. Not only fun but motivating and inspiring. You are a giving soul and I am forever grateful for your kindness and encouragement.

    I bought 2 mats and a few pairs of pants. I subscribed to a yoga fitness class on Saturdays and i follow you on YouTube. I got a passion now, thanks to you 🙏🏽☺️

    To everyone who made it so far, you go badass! Keep it up and shine your light everyday.

    To Adrienne, i wish you the best the universe could possibly give to a sweet soul like you. ♥️🌸

    I lost a few kgs and learnt to love myself deeper. I am proud of all the efforts so far and can't wait to see more of what i am actually capable of 🙂

    To Imran, thank you for having introduced me to Adrienne 🙂

  65. Today felt so good! I did a flip-dog and felt much stronger than the last time, I did cat-cows which are my favorite, I did a wide-legged forward fold, push ups, knee circles, and even got a couple seconds into crow pose before falling onto my face. I also took ten smooth breaths at the end like you suggested ages ago in the thirty days. Overall, my body and I found what felt good and I do feel so good! I'll be coming back for more of your videos but thank you so much for giving me the tools to do yoga on my own!!

    edit: I forgot to mention my heels both touched the mat in downward facing dog for the first time today! I was so hyped!

  66. I just completed 30 day 🧘🏼‍♀️ in 30 days.
    Thank you so much. I’ve enjoyed your routines so much and will definitely continue on my yoga journey with you 🙏

  67. Thank you Adriene for being such a wonderful teacher and for introducing me to the magical world of yoga. Your 30 day challenge got me literally jumping out of bed every morning and hopping onto my mat with a smile on my face. I was beyond stressed when I started on this adventure , very irritable and sensitive, but I feel like a different person now. I have found inner calm and inner strength and I can honestly say that I even look better. This is all thanks to you and your yoga sessions. I will continue to do your videos and I'm sure I'm not the only person who can't wait for you to post another 30 day challenge! Stay well and happy and don't ever stop what you're doing. You have a lot of people out there from all over the world, who, if they're like me, have adopted you not only as their yoga teacher but also as their virtual sweet friend. Lots of love from Alicante, Spain xx

  68. Thank you so much Adriene. For everything ❤️. These 30 days of yoga gave me something to look forward to but also a feeling of accomplishment. And those two things are huge! I’m having fun on my mat and it’s making me feel better and more loving. I got stronger, I am able to do a few push ups, when before I couldn’t even do half a push up and I would crash into the ground with shaking arms. I have become a lot more flexible. But most important of all, I have become a better person. I have been struggeling with Lyme disease for 8 years. (I used to do your yoga for when you’re sick for over a year) But now I feel more steady and comfortable than ever. I know that I will get there, I will always get to a good place because you teached me how to do what feels good. Even though I work very hard everyday to be a better person. You planted all the seeds. And I know you are doing that to a lot of people right now. All over the world. And I am eternally grateful for that. I hope that you and all the people feel well and loved and inspired. Same goes for all the people who did this challenge. You guys are amazing for doing this for 30 days! It requires discipline. Accept and love yourself, allow yourself to be proud of yourself, you are bad ass! I am so sure you are so beautiful from within, you all. On to the next 30 days now. Lets flow through that with love and joy! Again, thank you Adriene. For making me a better person

  69. Thank you Adriene;you’re amazing!

  70. Omg! I did it! Thank you Adrienne! I am a 47 years old lady with progressive Rheumatoid arthritis condition for 12 years. My pain level and incapacity was pretty high. I start yoga with the goal to feel better but I never believe that I will feel this good ! On day 1 I feel the difference but was on day 15 than I really believe that everything is possible: pain go away! Day 17 was a day in heaven… today is my day 30. I am proud of me and if you are here as well I congratulate you… I will keep doing yoga every single day of my life! Thank you again Adrienne!

  71. I'm so thrilled at having finished this challenge. Through ups and downs, yoga felt amazing and has truly become something I cherish every day. As a bonus, it has lost me about 2 inches from my hips and waistline in the 30 days. But with yoga what I truly value is the change it was made in my mental health. I feel grounded and empowered. I still have insecurities, but yoga has invited me to overcome them. Thank you Adriene!

  72. I did it!! I feel amazing, my anxiety is under control, plus I lost 7 pounds. Thank you so much Adriene!!

  73. Just finished 30 Days of Yoga and loved it! I'm a total beginner so was a bit wobbly doing some of it. My question is what do I do now? Is there another series of 30 days I can do? Thank you Adrienne all the way from Bristol,UK ♥️

  74. This 30 day program was just what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Thank you Adriene for creating this for all to discover and enjoy.

  75. I very rarely write comments but as I just finish this 30 days of yoga series, I feel like I have to. Like many people here, I have found solace by doing yoga and watching Adrienne's videos and to my surprise, I have found a way to stop being so hard on myself – something I've never been able to do before. I've made it through the 30 days and looking back, I have improved a lot compared to day 1.
    True, I haven't been able to do my practice in the perfect and graceful way Adrienne does it. I have stopped in the middle of 1 or 2 videos because I was too tired/depressed/ frustrated because I couldn't do it… Maybe I have even cried a little sometimes… But in the end, looking back, I can say that I have improved, and most of all, I don't feel bad for not being perfect.
    I am in a challenging and difficult time in my life right now and these videos are helping me in a way nothing else has. Thank you Adrienne!

  76. There were definitely a few days I came to the mat and wished we would go through my favorite poses, including a bunch of the fun new ones I learned this month, so this was an awesome chance to combine them all! I had so much fun today and it was great realizing how much I've learned and how responsive my body has become! Thank you, thank you, Adriene, for making learning yoga so simple, fun, and achievable!

  77. that were great 30 days!! Thnank you for giving me Yoga!

  78. Adriene..really I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart..I'm just so humbled right now..I didn't think it was going to be this emotional but well here we are..never have I ever in my entire 21 years done a single yoga but you made it seem so much fun..beyond everything the main thing I learned was "find what feels good"..never have I ever knew the importance of hugging oneself..just empowered beyond I ever thought I could ever be..n hell yeah..feels mesmerized to complete 30 days with you..all the good wishes, love and respect from India.. ♥️

  79. I feel so refreshed and accomplished after this. The music adds to the mood too. Never felt this good. Thank you so much Adriene for this experience! Stay genuine and grounded. 💛✨

  80. Thank you so much 😊💪🙅‍♀️💋❤️

  81. Me and my girlfriend just finished the full 30 days inspired. Thank you so much.

  82. Thank you, Adriene. I never comment on videos, but I feel gratitude and often want to give you a hug after finishing one of these videos! Your 30 days of yoga has aided in pulling me out of the biggest bout of depression I have ever experienced this summer.
    Thank you for being REAL, unpretentious, honest and OPEN with us.
    You are an amazing example of authenticity in a world full of pretense and advertisements.
    I think you attract that in your viewers as well.
    Thank you again! Namaste, Adriene 💙

  83. It took me ages, like probably over a year, to do these videos with enough consistency to actually finish. I didn’t do them all over a month, every day. I did them once a week if I was lucky, and would skip weeks at a time. But as I healed, I started doing them consistently once a week. Then twice, one week up to 4 times I think, which is a big deal for me. I finally finished. This last lesson made me cry at the end. Thank you so much. I want to continue down this path and you really helped me get my start.

  84. I cried with heart felt tears of what this meant in so many areas in my life! This is the start of a New Year and new journey for me Thank you Adriene God Bless you❤

  85. I just finished my 30 days of yoga and I'm glad and humbled to say that this has been a transformative journey. I decided to take the opportunity to love and respect my body more a month before I turn 30 as well. I'm grateful to you Adriene and the effort you put in to all these videos. You are a beacon of light to a lot of people in the world. I know I'm very late to the party, but I'm glad to be here. A million thanks. Cheers! 😊🍻✨

  86. 30 days done!!! I am so pleased. I cant believe I did it. I dont want to stop. Im going to start another of the 30 days and I hope to continue learning more about Yoga, my body, and myself. Thank you, Adriene!

  87. Thank you for caring. Much Love to you!

  88. Thank you for sharing this amazing 30 day journey with me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried on their last day!

  89. Just now was the fifth year in a row that I completed this yoga journey with you Adriene and with this community. I don't have many words to describe the feeling I have but I think contentment is a good enough attempt. It has been a physical, emotional and spiritual road with many ups and downs so I almost can't believe I'm here. From only disliking my body to being able to work with (and not on!) it and some days also enjoying it. Not to mention how much my confidence has grown. It's definitely not what I imagined when I first pressed play of one of your videos. Eternally grateful.

    "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"
    – The Bhagavad Gita

    Namaste xx

  90. Thank you, teacher. It has been many years since I've done any serious exercise but your channel helped me reconnect with my mind and body. thank you for teaching us yoga and thank you for being so kind. Your encouragement and your kindness brought me back on my mat every day. Thank you, thank you so much, teacher.

  91. I am SOOOO glad I found your channel on a random "yoga" search one day. Thank you so much for everything Adriene. Yoga has never felt so amazing. I love picking up challenges and this 30 Days of Yoga challenge has been a favourite so far. Now, it's time for Yoga Camp, Revolution, True and Dedicate. Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

  92. Thank you so much Adrienne! It was the best half an hour everyday! Feel so confident about my own body now

  93. So this is the third time I’ve started this challenge and I’m so psyched to finally be finished! I didn’t complete it in 30 days but I wanted to finish and then start another challenge with you! I absolutely loved this and I love you and am so glad to have found your channel!

  94. So so so much love to Adriene and everyone here. Namaste 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  95. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude Adriene. The last 30 days have truly been a gift and I am so incredibly thankful for your time and talents that you are sharing with us all. This past year has been so challenging moving to a new country and i have felt so lost, the past 30 days have really been a path back to myself. Sending you love and light from Spain. Namaste <3

  96. Adriene Thank you for this beautiful challenge, actually the only one that I ever completed. I feel so empowered and motivated to continue my journey with yoga since it brought me so much peace and patience.
    Once again, thank you and see you on the next 30-day challenge, starting tomorrow. 😉

  97. I loved the series! What do i do next?

  98. It took me 10 months but I made it!

  99. Thank you, Adriene!💙

  100. Amazing 😍

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