Day 22 – Full Body Awareness – 30 Days of Yoga

Hello, my friends. Welcome to 30 days of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And it’s Day 22. Let’s get started. Okay. So today, we’re going to begin on all
fours. And I’m going to drop my elbows where my hands are underneath the shoulders. I’m
going to keep them in line with my shoulders, so they’re going to want to come out or sometimes
they go in. And same thing with the wrist. So I have two railroad tracks here. Are you
with me? And then I’m going to walk my knees back in a straight line, melting my heart
back, bringing my forehead to the earth, or I can even grab a blanket a block and just
bring the earth up to me here. So I’m going to stay here for a couple of
breaths, tuning in, settling in to my practice for today with a nice heart-opener, with the
support of my mat, the earth, shoulders stretching, pelvis tilting up towards the sky. Just notice
what’s going on with your toes. If they’ve come in or go out, see if you can keep a nice
awareness through the fingertips and toes. Then once you feel like you got the posture,
close your eyes and bring your awareness to the breath. Heart to earth pose, Anahatasana,
really beautiful posture. Then I’ll take one more deep breath in here. And use my exhale
to transition up and out. So drawing the navel in, so really connecting to my abdominals
as I make this transition all the way back up. I’m going to walk the knees in, walk the
palms underneath the shoulders, and take a little Cat-Cow. So tilting the pelvis, finding what feels
good here. You know what to do. So you can close your eyes, draw your attention inward,
and keep focusing on the breath. You might extend the hips a little left to right. Then
we’ll curl the toes under, walk the palms out, just a hair and send it up, downward
facing dog. Now, pedal it out here. Keep the knees soft, stretch it out. Maybe move in
a way that will create space and length in the side body, while still focusing on melting
the heart back, just like we did in our heart-to-earth pose. Check in with the feet. Find nice long breaths,
in and out. Then soft knees as we go for a nice slow walk up towards the front. Take
your time. Together, we’ll land in forward fold. Grab the elbows, rock a little side
to side. Then release the arms and inhale. Halfway lift, palms come to the tops of the
thighs here. As we pull the elbows back, and we connect to that beautiful line, that Danda,
Sanskrit for stick or staff. Crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. and then
on your exhale, slide it down nice and slow. And we’ll roll it up nice and easy. Loop the
shoulders. Find that beautiful lift in the sternum or the heart. And we come into mountain
pose. Find your breath. Now, if we can be hip at the part here, we’re
going to stand for just a little bit, we’re going to work on synchronizing the movements
to the breath, and the breath to the movement. Also, just bringing a little energy to our
day in a nice and easy way. So here we go. I inhale. Send the fingertips out left to
right. Take up space. We’re not just… Like to really embodying a nice presence here with
the breath. As we inhale, reach it up. Exhale, float it down. Keep the heart lifted. Inhale,
reach it up like you’re making a big snow angel. And exhale, float it down. Now, really see… You can go off my rhythm
here and take to your own rhythm. See if you can really match the breath to the movement,
and movement to the breath. Let the breath be the fuel for the movement. Inhaling as
you rise up. Exhaling, floating it down. When you get bored of that, ask yourself what you’re
doing with your neck. You might track your fingertips with your nose, all the way up,
and all the way down. Keep it going. Now, when you get bored of that, you can add
a toe lift or a heel lift, coming on to the toes, excuse me, as you inhale. Keep it going.
Explore. Wherever you are, we’re going to do one more full breath. Awesome. Interlace
the fingertips now behind. You might walk the feet together or you can keep them a hip-width
apart, whatever it feels most yummy. And we’ll draw the knuckles down in a way, opening up
through the chest. Lengthen the tailbone down, breathe deep, as you draw the knuckles out
in a way. Inhale in, bend the knees. On your exhale,
float it down. Fingertips, knuckles going to go up overhead. Don’t press or force it,
just let gravity do the work here, softening the neck. Breathe. Inhale in. On an exhale,
with control, release the arms, fingertips released to the mat. Inhale. Halfway lift,
your version. So palms on the thighs, shins, or you can keep those fingertips on the mat.
And then exhale, we fold. Awesome, my friends. Step or hop it back to plank. Don’t panic,
top of the push-up. We’re going to bend the elbows, lower down halfway, then inhale. Lift
up. Two more just like that. You can lower the knees, then the elbows. Pull back, Chatarunga
pushups. And then press up. Only one more. You got this. Keep your gaze forward here.
Pull the elbows back and then press up. Awesome. Send it to downward facing dog. Whew! Deep breath in. Warming up the body
as you take a long cleansing breath out. Drop the left heel. Went into my satanic voice
there, sorry. Drop the left heel. Inhale, life right leg high. And step it up into your
runner’s lunge, nice low lunge. Breathe deep here. Loop the shoulders, inhale. Make sure
that front knee is stacked over the front ankle as you let your heart shine forward.
Then we’ll plant the palms, slide the right toes back. And again, we repeat. Pulling the
elbows back, three Chatarunga push-ups. One, looking forward. I’m lowering my knees here.
You can, too. You can cross the ankles too here. We do two. Oh yes, strengthening the
arms, preparing for tomorrow’s practice. And going back. Awesome. You can take a rest here in extend a child’s
pose. We go straight to downward facing dog. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Let’s
send the sit bones up, meet our friends in downward facing dog. And again, deep breath
in and deep breath out. This time, drop the right heel, inhale. Lift the left leg high.
And on your exhale, send it out into your runner’s lunge. Breathe. Stretch the legs.
Find your alignment. And open your heart towards the front of the room, the front of your mat.
Breathe deep. Awesome. This time, rock the back foot up to meet the
front, forward fold. Maybe grabbing the legs here, maybe bending the knees generously,
as you need to. And then on your next breath, inhale, halfway lift. Find that extension.
And then on your exhale, slide it down. Send the fingertips left to right, maybe back a
bit. As we open the chest and shoulders, we rise all the way up, full body stretch. And
exhale, hands to the heart. Great. Inhale, reach the fingertips up overheard.
Exhale, diving forward. Enjoy this move. Notice how my knees are always soft, buoyant. Inhale.
Even here, not locking, halfway lift. And exhale, release. Plant the palms, step or
hop the back to plank. You can skip these Chatarunga push-ups here, or you can lower
the knees, or keep them lifted. Send the gaze forward. And three more. This is the last
three. So you can do it. One, two, pressing on all ten knuckles, and three. Great. This time, after three, we’re going to lower
all the way down to the belly. Walk the fingertips off the mat. Pull the elbows up. Are you with
me? And then we’ll press into our foundation to inhale, lift up, baby cobra. No need to
come here right away. We’ll work on this. It took me a long time to find that space.
So you might just be here, pressing into the finger. Wherever you are, take one more breath
in, inflate. And then we’ll use an exhale to melt it down. Awesome. Palms come underneath the shoulders. We crawl
the toes under. Two options, you can come to all fours then slide it up down dog. For
more strength-building, press up to that top of a push-up, and then send it to downward
facing dog. Deep breath in and long exhale out. Great. And both knees. Find a little
buoyancy. And let’s just, for fun, play with this hop or this float up towards the front.
Connect to that Mula Bandha and that Uddiyana Bandha, that upward current of energy through
the pelvic floor, and that navel to spine connect. As you inhale, look forward. Exhale,
float to the top. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, bow. Inhale, reach all the way up,
palms, kiss overhead. And exhale, down to the heart. Maybe take a second to work out
any kinks in the neck and the shoulders and reconnect to your breath. Then we’ll come back to center. Find those
soft knees and inhale. Reach it up, fingertips kiss up overhead. Follow your breath all the
way down. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, soften and release back down. Awesome. Plant
the palms, get the dog hair off of your mat, excuse me, and then we’ll step the toes back.
Coming into our plank, and shift our weight forward, slowly lower all the way down to
the belly, or inhale Chatarunga to up dog. So we’re either here or here in up dog. And
then together, we’ll send the sit bones up and back, downward facing up. Drop the left heel. Inhale. Slide the right
leg up high. Take a second here to square the hips, pressing both palms evenly. Then
we’ll send the right leg all the way up by squeezing the right knee up in through the
core. So this little core, checking as we make this transition. Great. Then we’re going
to pivot on the back foot. Keep that front knee bent. And spiral all the way up into
Virabhadrasana II. Pull the pinkies back. Find your footing. And we’ll just explore
the legs here. Nice and strong, top of the left thigh spirals out, top of the right thigh
spirals out, pulls back, excuse me. Top of the right thigh spirals out, top of the left
thigh spirals in, excuse me. And we sink in deep. Find your breath. Then today we’re going to
straighten that front leg as we send the right fingertips forward, up and back. So often
we practice with the front knee bent. Today we’re going to straighten both legs. Find
length in the right side by and then tilt all the way forward into your triangle. Again,
be careful not to place any pressure on that right knee. Draw your shoulders away. We’re
maybe here, or maybe here, here, here, breathing into left side body. Open your heart. Draw
your right shoulder under. And then we’ll soften into that right knee, come back to
Warrior II. Great. Slowly drop the left fingertips down to come
up. We come into high lunge for one full, strong, buoyant breath. And then on an exhale,
cascade it all down. Plant the palms, slide the right toes back. If you ever want to sneak
in those three Chatarunga push-ups here, you can, just to add more. Otherwise, we’ll slowly
lower all the way down to the belly. And again, take the fingertips off the mat. Lift the
elbows up, pressing your foundation strong. And inhale. We lift up. Open your heart. Maybe
you press up a little bit higher this time, finding what feels good. Using the exhale
to release. And we make our transition back up to down dog. You can come to all fours
or come to that top of a push-up and send it back. Nice work, my friends. Let’s do the same thing
on the other side. Dropping the right heel. Sliding the right leg up, square those hips,
pressing in both palms evenly. Then connect to your core. As you make this transition,
squeezing your left knee all the way in and up through into your lunge. Pivot it on the
back flip. Keep that front knee bent as we open all the way up into our Warrior II on
the other side. So I’ve a really strong connection to the
outer edge of that back flip. I’m tucking the pelvis, finding that sit bone to heel
connection here. And then there is a bit of confusion about this back leg. So I want open,
I want a spiral the inner thigh towards the back edge of the mat, but I also want to stay
rooted in the outer edge of my back flip. That’s what’s really going to engage this
puppy. Pulling the left hip crease back here, make sure you can see your front big toe.
Breathe here, Warrior II. Lifting up and out of your torso, creating space between each
further run, nice and strong. And we’ll straighten into that front and tilt it forward up and
back. So careful not to crunch here, nice and easy.
Focus on breathing into the left side body. We’re going to keep this nice and open as
we head into our triangle. Inhale in here, and exhale. Keep this length open. As you
send this tip bone, the hip points back. And we tilt over Trikonasana. Breathe. Strong
back legs, strong legs. Draw your left shoulder underneath your right. Open your heart up
towards the sky. Take a deep breath in. And then we’ll soften through that front knee,
come back to your Warrior II. Deep breath in. And then dropping the right
fingertips down to come up, we pivot on that back foot, super strong legs here. As we hug
everything into the midline, we take one full buoyant breath here in high lunge. Breathe
deep, and then exhale, cascading it down. Awesome. Rock the back foot up to meet the
front, forward fold. Now we’re going to take three to five breaths. So you can widen the
feet a little bit, just letting gravity do the work. Really great for the nervous system
here. Just letting it all hang, letting go of any stress, any tension, choosing to just
release that which is not serving you. Detach from that crap. You don’t even have the idea.
Just say, “I choose to let it go.” It’s funny, I said, “I choose to let it go,”
and then I took a breath in and I just felt something in my upper bent body go, “hoo.”
Really gentle release. So nice and slow. So we avoid a little head rush here. We’re going
to slide up to that flat back position, nice and slow. And then exhale, release. And then
same thing, connect to all four corners of your feet, and nice and slow, we’ll send the
fingertips left to right to come up. Oh, yeah. Inhale in and exhale. Beautiful. Head rush,
practice it. Hmm. All right. Last time through. We got this.
Ready. Soft knees. Inhale. Reach it up, full breath. Exhale, down you go. Stretch it out,
love your body. Enjoy this moment. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, connecting as we release
down. Great. Walk the feet in together. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. Again,
you can insert those three push-ups here if you want more fire. Otherwise, we’ll just
slowly lower all the way down to the belly. Fingertips come off the mat, we press on the
foundation, elbows lift up. And we inhale, roll up through the spine, maybe a little
bit higher this time. Inhale in and use that exhale to fall back
out, moving with the breath. Plant the palms, come to all fours or push up to plank. And
we’ll send it back, downward facing dog. Drop the left heel, inhale, slide the right leg
up high. Bend that right knee, hug it into center and step it up into your lunge. Welcome
that heat, that Tapas. If you’re struggling to keep up, just move at your own pace. You’re
all good, my friend. Pivot on the back foot and inhale. Open up, Warrior II. So moving with the breath here, finding that
synchronicity. We have nice strong legs here. I’m going to inhale, straighten the front
leg. This time, both palms are going to up. Palms are either kissed together. Or if you’re
feeling a little too tight in the shoulders, you can just bring them up here or fingertips
together. Inhale, pull the thumbs back, breath in. Exhale, send your gaze past your right
fingertips, sink deep, Warrior II. Here we go. Inhale, lengthen tailbone down,
straighten the front leg. Reach it up. Arms are going to get tired here, especially if
you’re new to the practice. Stick with it. Great for circulation. You got it. You totally
have this. On an exhale, Warrior II. Maybe sinking a little deeper. Inhale, press into
your feet. Exhale, connecting your focus with the breath and the movement. Inhale, rise
up. And exhale, Warrior II. Inhale, rise up. This time, exhale, Warrior II. And we’re going
to switch through center and take it to the other side. So hands can come to the waistline for a rest.
And then I’m going to straighten that leg, turn the right toes in. And same thing as
yesterday, just move to the other side from here. So turning left, toes out. Finding my
footing first, so really find a foundation. Make sure you can see your front big toe.
And then whenever you’re ready, you can move with me or you can move on your own time,
coming into your Warrior II really strong, pose from the ground up here, strong legs. And then we’ll move into a little flow with
the breath. Inhale, and straightening the front leg, sending the fingertips up. The
focus , the nose can follow to kind of integrate the neck. Take a deep breath. And on an exhale,
move back into Warrior II. Try not to rush this. Inhale, reaching up. And exhale, Virab
II. Inhale. Stay connected from the base of the pelvis, the coccyx, all the way up through
the crown of the head. Take up space. And we’ll do one more. Inhaling,
reaching up. And exhale to that Warrior II. Awesome. Bring the hands to the waistline
for a rest. And we’ll straighten that front leg. Turn the toes in. And just once again,
draw them in just a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Turn the two big toes
in. Inhale, lift your heart, kind of a superhero pose here. Keep the heart open as you melt
forward, just halfway flat back. Release the right fingertips down and inhale.
Open up through the left wing here. Adjust your stances here. Maybe the palm comes to
the earth, maybe you stay fingertips here or you bring that block up. So here we are.
Inhale, open up through the left arm. And exhale, release to center. Take it to the
right. Same thing. Don’t collapse into the shoulders. Nice and open. Breathe deep. Strong
legs. Draw energy up from the arches of the feet here. And we come back through center. And one more time on each side. This time,
you might take a little bind bringing the fingertips to the top of that right thigh.
And releasing back to center. And one more time, to the right. Stay connected to your
feet here. And then we’ll exhale, come back. Okay. From here, we’re going to heel-toe,
heel-toe, the feet all the way together, come into your forward full. Breathe. Inhale, halfway
lift. And exhale, soften and bow. Bend the knees, come up onto your feet. We’re
just going to come to a nice little squat position here with the knees together. So
if you can see, my heels are lift in. I’m going to draw energy up from the pelvic floor.
I’m going to keep my fingertips on the mat, or I’m going to practice bringing one thumb
to the sternum, holding onto a focal point, a nice Drishti or something I can gaze upon
to help me with my balance and stability. And then maybe, just maybe, I bring my palms
together here, lifting sternum up to the thumbs, finding a fun little balancing posture here.
Drawing energy up through the center channel, and then also grounding down through the elbows,
the shoulder blades. So you might leave your fingertips on the
mat, you might just have one. Or maybe you’re ready to play with this, pressing into all
toes, that big toe mound. Lifting the sternum up towards the sky. Just a little playtime.
If you fall here, we’ll catch you. Don’t worry. And then we’ll release. Fingertips come to
the mat. Arches of the feet stay together, kind of coming into another garland pose variation
here. I’m going to press the palms into the earth. As the knees come wide, inhale, look
forward. You might do a little lion’s breath here, if you’re feeling a little frisky. If
you don’t know what a lion’s breath and you just think I’m a crazy person, go check out
the Pranayama video for lion’s breath. And then nice and easy, I’m just going to
slowly come out of this in my own style. So really mindful though. Maybe it’s straight
onto the sit bones if the body allows. If not, I’m going to come, fingertips to one
side. So we’ll come to seated, extend the legs out nice and long. Stretching the legs
out here, I’m going to inhale, reach the fingertips up. Exhale, forward fold. Paschimottanasana,
pressing into the heels. Breathing, breathing, breathing. Then I’ll slowly roll up. Take my arms to
kind of like a “Thriller” arms here, some zombie arms. I’m going to connect to my core.
I slowly roll down. Yes. Then inhale, reach the fingertips all the way up and overhead,
soften through the ankles. Find your breath. Then we’ll hug the right knee into the chest
here. Squeeze it up towards the heart. You might glide it from the shoulder to the heart
here, just kind of massaging the front of that right hip crease. And if you’re feeling
any bloating or gas today, you might peel the nose up towards the knee for a little
wind-relieving pose. And then eventually we’ll take that right knee, release the head down,
and take that right knee over towards the left. Find the twist. Close your eyes and
breathe. Maybe you turn onto your right ear here. Take
one more deep breath in. And then use your exhale to come back to center. Squeeze the
right knee up towards your heart. And then we’ll switch. Right leg out, left knee in.
Squeeze it in. Deep breath. Maybe moving from shoulder to heart a little bit here. And maybe
drawing nose to knee. Top of the right thigh bones firming down here. Release the head.
Take it into your twist in your own time. Work it out. Nice, long, sweeping breaths
up and down the spine. Maybe turning onto the left ear here. Inhale in. On your exhale, come back to center.
Squeeze the left knee open to your heart. And we’ll release it back down. Awesome. Center
yourself on the mat. If there’s any last little bits of movement that your body is craving,
take a second to do that now -happy baby, a back bend, shoulders stand, maybe working
on your arm balance that you’ve been craving. And then we’ll journey into our final and
most precious posture, which I’m really craving for some reason today, Mr. Shavasana or Mrs.
Taking a deep breath in here. Whenever you land in your Shavasana, taking one full, gracious,
loving breath in. And using the exhale to relax the weight of the body completely and
fully into the mat. Soften through the fingertips and toes. Remember, your yoga practice has
your back. Life is good. And even the challenges are there for a reason. From my heart to yours,
Namaste. Take good care. See you tomorrow.


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  43. I was very depressed today and couldn't bring myself to do my daily yoga. My brain kept convincing me I didn't want to or that it wouldn't help at all. I forced myself to do it and found this sequence to be so amazing. Usually the 30min sessions feel long but this one flew by. I feel so relieved and in such a better mental state. Thanks Adrienne! Namaste to all going on this journey!

  44. Thank you Adriene, this is one of many of your yoga sessions I've enjoyed. They help me start my day in the most positive way. Thank you!

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  46. I felt sad this day , but not because of this. It's because my father didn't let me join a muay thai class. He always say that I should atleast know 1 sport . Now that I picked martial arts….he won't even let me do it.

  47. I’d like to see who the 97 people are who gave this a thumbs down. You couldn’t do it and quit? Not Adrienne’s fault. Wasn’t what you expected, again not her fault. It’s her practice. Stick your thumb somewhere else. Sorry, that’s not for here. Just thought I should stick up for my girl, not that she’d need it. Namaste.

  48. Last night I wanted to explain my frustration with downward facing dog to my boyfriend since I still couldn't make the back of my feet touch the ground. And then…. THE BACK OF MY FEET TOUCHED THE GROUND. It was such an amazing feeling of achievement.
    I've been really enjoying these yoga practices and I'd like to thank you for just being you and making it worth it. Namaste🙏

  49. Greetings Adriene 😊Going on day 22 today!! Total days 52 🌝Today's mantra is Om Pumam Foam~ Individuality is wholeness ~Sending you loving positive thoughts and energy Namaste friend 🙏Doe 💖

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  53. I can feel you in this room. Your presence is profound. Much love to you Adriene. You're magic to all of us.

  54. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into making these videos for us to practice. Thank you.

  55. Finished today's pratice crying. She said just what I needed to hear . Yoga is so much more than challenging postures. I feel like I'm really taking care of myself when I'm doing my pratice, I feel conected, loved. Some days my world is crashing but I know that yoga has my back always. Thanks Adriene for making me falling in love with myself thought yoga.

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  60. Thank you. Another wonderful session. CAn you make more 1 hour sessions? Get get enough of them 🙂

  61. Day 22!🙆‍♀️

  62. I am so thrilled by how strong I'm feeling. I was struggling with the chaturanga push-ups since, well, forever, but through this practice I'm really feeling the strength build through my arms. I am so grateful.
    So a question, I'm already looking forward to the end of this first 30 days, what practice should I try from here? Another 30 day session? Anybody in the comments have recommendations of what has worked for them?

  63. Day 22 done.

  64. Just because a video is 4 years old since it was uploaded doesn't mean you should ignore it.I am not a person to run a set pattern, I'll pick and choose which video to watch depending what I'm looking for. Today's practise warmed me up very quickly especially with warrior posture. I'm not one for praise but in Adriene's case, I will say that if you're already doing a yoga class in village hall or gym and you want to continue with yoga, Adriene is the first person to come to, she explains each posture and without realising, the session is over because I get into each class straight away and enjoy the session. I love these practises in a morning before work, they really set me up for the day. On different note we brits love to talk about the weather, this morning it's not raining, hurray and the Sun should make an appearance today at some point, Glastonbury starts today and our politicians are still running around like headless chickens. Ha Ha

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  66. By far the best idea I had, and soon I’m gonna tackle the 60 days 💪🏽 hopefully I have an A/C by then 😂😂 Day 22 ✔️ #consistency

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  69. Li
    Over the process thank you 🙏

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  76. This is my 3rd time doing this 30 day challenge. Its been over a year since the last one. I had forgotten how good it feels. My anxiety has practically gone. Thank you Adriene for this gift❤️

  77. Thanks Adriene for these lovely yoga videos. Just because of you I got hooked to yoga and now it's on my daily day routine. I feel something is missing if I miss doing yoga any single day. I used to see others and think how they do yoga every day and now I'm on the 22nd day of 30 days yoga challenge. hope to continue…. Loved it… thank you again 😀😍

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  79. Hi Adriene! Back again today and loving it! I took my practice outside today! I sent you pictures on Instagram, if you’d like to check them out! Thank you always! ♥️

  80. OMG what a awesome day of yoga today. I was legit feeling like poop this morning and it's now 5:30 in the evening and I feel fantastic! I hope if you're reading this that you're having a great day. NAMASTE y'all!!!!

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  82. Thank you, thank you, thank you Adriene 👏🙌 I love your 30 days of yoga course!

  83. I know these vídeos have been posted over four years ago now, but I still wanted to thank you Adriene for bringing yoga into my life. Its wild to think how far I have come just in these past 22 days. I remember day 1 every pose was very challenging and now I can find ease in them and these 30min go by so fast! I already feel stronger and better in my day to day life. I cant wait to finish these 30 days and then start them right over and go through those days that were so hard on my body at ease now.
    Thank you Adriene and to this beautiful community here that is always very kind and encouraging.

  84. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, these 23 days of yoga has helped me increase my flexibility and lose 10 lbs of weight!

  85. It took me until day 22, but downward dog finally feels like a rest position.

  86. Thank you Adriene, going through a tough breakup and this keeps me sane, a few minutes respite every day. First time I've done yoga and I LOVE it and your ability to make me smile. I guess I was the only vegan that didn't do yoga anyway so I'm just falling in line.

  87. Just love it..:-)

  88. Thanks for having my back. Getting on the mat was a battle tonight (long day). So glad I did, I feel so much better. 🧘🏻‍♂️

  89. 22 days of yoga on a row! I didn't think I could do it at first, and it makes me so happy to see my progress. Here are a couple of things I've noticed:

    1. I have more awareness about my posture during the day
    2. My heels touch the floor on downward dog, but only after I've done it several times. I guess thats normal
    3. I am definately stronger. I also do pole dance for a hobby, and my teacher has noticed that some exercises are getting better, so yay! 😀
    4. Since the beginning, and without changing my diet, i've lost 1kg of body fat. I will probably be able to stop being overweight sometime this year.

    This channel has made it easier for me to have a much needed daily workout. Thank you so much, Adriene!

  90. I took a yoga class and the teacher made me feel so bad for being a beginner with no skills (and evidently inferior to him and his young and flexible students), that I left and I thought 'well, maybe a tutorial would be better for me'. I am so grateful that I found Adriene. I'm in day 22, and I really admire the graceful and down-to-earth approach of her teaching.

  91. Day 22! I can hardly believe I'm still here. I always watch the videos first so I don't have to look at the screen so much when I am practicing. In the beginning I was daunted by some of the moves, I would think, 'I'm not going to be able to do that one!' But surprised myself over and over. Now, I'm mostly thinking, 'I'm looking forward to trying that! The benefits of following this practice have been many, but now I'm beginning to think, I'm actually stronger, physically and mentally… more able to deal with anything life can throw at me. Once again Adriene, my heart shines to yours with gratitude ❤

  92. I've been here for 22 days and never once did I noticed I had not subscribed. I pushed that botton as soon as I realized!

  93. Every day is just more amazing. Day 22 the best yet!

  94. Namaste <3

  95. Thank you, teacher.

  96. Yes everyone its day 22!! Well done to all who have come this far 🙂 so my back is starting to hurt a bit, am I pushing too hard? Today I had to go really slow. Ty Adriene darling, namaste everyone xxx

  97. nice practice, thank you

  98. The best video out there. This was just perfect.

  99. When I saw the title and how long it was gonna be, I told myself to get my yoga pants ready because I might be up for some very challenging ride for Day 22. 😊 It was a bit challenging but I'd rather use calming, and relaxing instead. It was so enjoyable to have that full body awareness while doing yoga. I'm learning so much self-love. ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks, Adriene! ❤️ Will surely be back with anticipation again tomorrow.

  100. Day 22 : check

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