Day 18 – Wonder Yoga! – 30 Days of Yoga

Adriene: Hey everyone. Welcome to 30 Days
of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and it’s day 18. Let’s rock and roll. Adriene: Today we’re gonna begin in a standing
posture. Feet hip width apart, we’ll draw the palms together at the heart. Take a second to close your eyes and feel
the soles of your feet underneath you. Feels where your body weight is shifting maybe towards
the front of the toes or the back. Just notice how you feel mentally today, emotionally.
We’ll do a quick scan of the body here as we begin to notice the breath. Drawing your attention inward. We have a quick
sequence today so we’re going to really commit to marrying the movement to the breath, the
breath to the movement. Bend your knees and inhale, reach the fingertips up overhead as
you breathe in. And as you exhale flow with the fingertips down and away. Inhale, soft
knees, reach it up. And exhale, flow with the fingertips down and away. Three more just
like this. Getting the juices flowing. Exhale, release. Arms moving with the breath. And
one more. You might trace your fingers with your nose, integrate the neck. And releasing
back down. Great. Bring your feet together, heel-toe
heel-toe the feet together. Draw the palms together at your heart. Just a quad-stretch
here. We’re going to reach behind, grab right ankle with right hand and hug that left knee,
excuse me, right knee, into the center, and breathe deep here. You might reach the left
fingertips around for a deeper stretch. Everyone lift your hearts. Open up through the armpit
chest and work on balance here as we breathe into that right quad. Tailbone is lengthening down and pressing
through my standing leg. One more breath. Then exhale, slowly release, and we’re just
gonna switch to the other side. So keep your heart lifted here, grab your left ankle with
your left hand, and squeeze that left knee in towards the center line. Maybe we reach
behind and we find a deeper stretch here in the left quad as we press through that standing
leg nice and strong. Not locked here in that right knee but nice soft bend. This is really
great after a jog or a run. So awesome. Opening up through the heart and chest. Take one more
breath here and then we’ll gently release. Awesome, if you’re not at the front of your
mat, let’s walk to it now. And on a big breath in we’ll reach the arms up and overhead. Exhale,
forward fold, diving forward. Inhale, lifting up halfway, exhale soften and bow. Step the
right foot back, take a couple of breaths here to explore your low lunge. Just notice
the tight places today. Notice the openings, use your breath. Then we’ll plant the palms,
slide the left knee back to meet the right, and slowly lower all the way down to the belly. Inhale, lift up, Cobra. Baby Cobra maybe here,
to start. And then exhale, curl the toes under, press up through plank, and send it back Downward
Facing Dog. Deep breath in, and deep breath out. Step the right foot up, come into your
lunge, take a couple of breaths here to express yourself and explore. Maybe sending the hips
back. Moving a little side-to-side but staying engaged and mindful, of course. Listening
to your body. Then after a couple breaths we’ll rock the
back foot up to meet the front, forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck.
And exhale, release, and bow. Inhale, spread the fingertips wide, reach it up towards the
sky, and exhale back down at the heart. Bend the knees, inhale, reach it all the way up
overhead, exhale diving forward, forward fold. Inhale, lift to flat-back position. And exhale,
soften, and release down. Fingertips come to the mat. I step my right
foot back into my low lunge. Inhale, loop the shoulders, heart radiates forward. Exhale,
plant the palms, slide the left toes back to plank. Shift your weight forward, hug the
elbows in, slowly lower down. Cobra or upward facing dog. Deep breath in and on an exhale
back, Downward Facing Dog. Step the right foot up once again. Loop the
shoulders, open your heart, forward. Deep breath in and exhale, rocking that back foot
up to meet the front. Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift, and exhale bow. Inhale, reach
the fingertips all the way up and overhead and exhale back down to your heart. Great. From here we’re going to walk the feet
together. Interlace the fingertips and lift the right knee up. Catch it here. Find that
lift. Then slide your left fingertips down to grab your right ankle. We’re going to think
“upward” as we lift that right ankle to the left hip crease. So it might not be there
today, it might be here, or we might be able to peel it up, keeping a brightness in this
right foot, so an energy there. Nice energy in the right foot as I stand up nice and tall.
And I press in to my standing leg. So maybe I hold onto my right leg here, breathing deep.
Or maybe I draw my palms together at the heart. Definitely keeping a nice energy in my right
foot here. Breathing deep. I might just stay here working on balance, or I might begin
to soften and bend in that left knee. Breathe. Awesome. To come out of that posture I’ll
interlace the fingertips. Draw my right knee, catch it here again. Soften, relax through
that right ankle. Squeeze it up towards the heart and then exhale, release. We’ll switch
to the other side. Interlacing, we catch the left knee now. Press into that standing foot.
All four corners, firmly. Then I’ll slide the right fingertips down
to catch my left ankle. Think up and over, so I want to maintain this upward lift as
I come into this shape. Maybe bringing it to the right hip crease. I can hold on with
both hands no problem. Heart’s gonna wanna collapse here but I’m gonna keep the sternum
lifting up. Breathe deep. Full body awareness. We’re alive from fingertips to toes. The shoulders’
are alive, the heart’s lifting. Maybe I stay here and maybe I practice bringing the palms
together at the heart. And bending softly in that right knee. Hold onto your focus, find that focal point
out in front, that Drishti place to gaze upon and this will support you in your balancing
postures. Okay so now interlace the fingertips, hug
everything to the midline as I catch my left knee once again. Soften through the left foot
and ankle. Squeeze that left knee up. And then we’ll release. Awesome, shake it off,
inhale, reach it up. And exhale, diving forward. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, bow. Step
or hop it back to plank here, nice and swift, picking up the pace a little. Shift your weight
forward, hug the elbows in, pull them back as you go through your Vinyasa. So use your
breath to flow. On an exhale we send it back, Downward Facing Dog. Drop the left heel, inhale, slide the left
leg high. On an exhale step it all the way up and into your lunge. Pivoting on the back
foot as we rise up tall. Warrior 1, synch into that front knee. Notice how this pose
starts to evolve and grow with practice. Inhale, pay attention to the details as you reach
the fingertips up, then exhale, Warrior 2. Reaching forward, up and back, we come into
Peaceful Warrior, or Reverse Warrior. Inhale in. Exhale all the way back down to your lunge.
And we Vinyasa. Shifting the weight forward, plug in and together we meet in Downward Facing
Dog. Drop the right heel, inhale, slide the left
leg high on an exhale bring it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot. Bend that front
knee deeply and we inhale. Rise up, Warrior 1. Go through your checklist. Pay attention
to the details here. Find your breath. When you’re ready, opening out into Warrior
2 nice and strong. Then inhale, reach the left fingertips forward, up and back, Peaceful
Warrior. Keep length in both side bodies. All four sides of the torso lifting, lengthening
here as you sink into that front knee. Take a deep breath in and then exhale all the way
back to your lunge. Great. Back foot comes up to meet the front. Forward fold. We inhale.
Halfway lift. And exhale bow. Inhale, reach it all the way up. And exhale, hands to the
heart. Soft knees, inhale, reach it up. Stick with it, folding forward. Inhale, halfway
lift and exhale bow. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank.
And we’ll shift our weight forward, hug the elbows into the side body and lower down.
Inhale to Cobra or Up Dog, and exhale to Downward Facing Dog. Drop the left heel, inhale, slide
the right leg high. Exhale, step it all the way up into your lunge. Pivot on that back
foot again, we rise up strong, Warrior 1. Deep breath in, and deep breath out, relax
the shoulders. Great, opening out Warrior 2. Take a deep
breath in. Sink deep into that front leg, make sure you can see your front big toe as
you exhale out. Inhale, reach forward. Up and back, Peaceful Warrior. And exhale all
the way back down to your lunge. Plant the palms, step the right toes back. Take a Vinyasa
here or take a rest. Child’s Pose. And together we’ll meet in Downward Facing
Dog. Drop the right heel, inhale, slide the left leg up high. On an exhale bring that
left knee up and step it into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot, we rise up strong,
Warrior 1. Relax the shoulders, create space as you build strength. When you’re ready we’ll
open out into Warrior 2 nice and strong. Try to keep the heart lifted, breath flowing.
We’ll reach the fingertips forward, up and back, Peaceful Warrior. Inhale in and exhale
all the way back down, and same thing. Take a Vinyasa here or lower the knees and take
a rest. Then slowly we’ll meet back Downward Facing
Dog. Drop the left heel, inhale, lift the right leg high. This time we’re gonna bed
the right knee. We’re just gonna draw slow circles with the right knee. Warming up through
the hip. One way and then the other. Trying to hug energy to the midline so we’re not
just crashing into this left shoulder. We have full body awareness. Then we’re gonna
switch, drop the right foot, lift the left knee high, and same on the left knee high,
and same thing on the other side. This is hard work, particularly if you’re new to Downward
Dog practice, so stick with your breath. You got it. And then we’ll lower the left foot
down. Great, bend both knees, belly comes to the
tops of the thighs, we inhale in and on an exhale hop up towards the front. Or you can
go for that slow walk, too. Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale bow. Inhale,
reach it all the way up, full body stretch. Maybe slight back bend here at the top. And
then exhale hands to heart. Close your eyes, ground through your feet, and observe your
breath. Shifting your weight to your left foot. Going
for a deep hip stretch here. Working on our balance and stability. We’re gonna interlace
the fingertips, catch that right knee, find it here first. Again, this might be your pose
today. Working here on that opposition. Grounding down while finding that upward current of
energy. I slide the left fingertips down, I grab that
right ankle, alive through my right foot, and I come to this shape here. Breathing as
I lift up through the heart. So sometimes in balancing postures we begin to hold our
breath, so keep breathing nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. Soften through that left knee.
In fact, bend it nice and generously here. And then maybe I stay here or maybe I bring
my palms together at the heart. Inhale in, exhale. Slowly, keeping the heart lifted and
open. I’m going to begin to fold forward. Now I might just get this far, breathing into
that hip, pressing up and out of my standing leg. Or maybe I journey a little bit further
into my forward fold. Fingertips either coming to a block or to the earth. If you’re new
to the practice you might just stay here or lift it here. Breathing into that hip. So
we have lots of different places to go. Listen to your body. For more advanced practice you
might even come into a low squat, lifting that left heel off the ground, and maybe even
eventually bringing the palms together at the heart. I start with just one. Yikes! So we’re at
all different levels here. This is crazy. Find your breath. Then connect to your core.
Connect to your foundation as you slowly roll it up. Lifting sternum again, up to the thumbs.
We find a nice lengthening up through the crown of the head. I had a head rush there.
And then exhale, release. Awesome. Take a second to shake it out, smile
laugh it off. And we’ll do the same thing on the other side. So palms come together.
We zip the legs. We stand up nice and tall, press into that right foot as you peel the
left heel up. Interlace, catch your left knee. Again, find that opposition. So we find balance
by working with those opposing forces. Kind of a great metaphor for life too, right? How
do we find balance between the sun and the moon? Sliding the right fingertips down, wake up
your left foot, to protect that left knee, and we’ll think up and over. So again, we’re
not just cranking into the postures but really finding a buoyancy as we explore this shape
here. Then we’ll begin to bend the right knee and we just see where it’s at here on this
side. Maybe palms come up. Maybe we hold onto that left ankle. You will find that focusing on one point,
your gaze upon one focal point in Drishti will really help find stability. Calm the
breath. We inhale in and maybe we begin to send it forward. Full body experience here,
whoa. And maybe the fingertips release to the earth, or block. And again, if you are
further along in your practice and you feel like it’s yummy you might lift that right
heel and slowly lower down. Maybe practicing bringing the palms together at the heart through,
over time. Breathe, breathe, breathe, wherever you are. Then slowly we’ll come back up if you’re down.
Joining our friends who are here. And then we squeeze the left knee towards the heart.
Resist the urge to just fall out of it, try to stay in control. And then exhale, release,
and shake it off. Awesome. We’re gonna take it down to the ground
now. Beautiful work, everyone. It’s our 18th day so we’re a little crazy. Like our 18th
birthday. So if that was fun then great. If it was frustrating, moving on. All good. Here we go, to the front of our mat if you’re
not there already. Inhale, reach it up, and nice refreshing breath out as we forward fold.
Shake the head yes, shake the head a little bit no. Then inhale, halfway lift. And exhale,
breathe down. Awesome. We’re gonna plant the palms, step the toes back, lower the knees,
swing the legs to one side, and we’ll come on to seated. Great. Go ahead and shift your
weight all the way to your back. I’ll move my mic here. Okay, hug both knees into the chest. Then
bring your palms to your knees and let’s take it wide here, so we’re gonna open up the knees,
breathe, keep the feet soft, breathe into the hips, keep it nice and easy, breezy beautiful.
Relaxing your shoulders and feeling your yoga mat support you, support your back. One more
breath here. Lengthen the tailbone down and out. Then we’ll slowly release the soles of the
feet to the mat, and slide the right leg down, followed by the left. Let your hands rest
gently on the fronts of your hip creases here, elbows relaxed down at your sides. Just take
a second to windshield wiper the toes. Back and forth, back and forth. Then we’ll slowly
release the right arm out, followed by the left. Take a couple seconds here to rock the
head gently side-to-side. If there’s anything else you’d like to do,
fulfilling the body before you relax today, do it now. Otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow.
Great work, my friends. Take good care. Namaste.


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  99. my left ankle was broken to pieces 5years ago…cant do any balance on left foot or even bend my knee little more…its frustrating 🙁

  100. Great practice as always. I can't thank you enough so I'll just say my thanks again. ❤️Here we go: Thank you, Adriene. I really appreciate each day of yoga practice with you, makes me feel so alive and relaxed. Just plain amazing, such wonder. 😉

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