Day 15 – Half Hour Half Moon Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Hey, everyone. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And congratulations, it’s day 15, you guys. We’ve made it halfway,
which is so awesome. And even if you’d had some hiccups along the way, it’s day 15. This
will be a great chance to recommit, settle in, drop in. And we’re going to have some
fun today with Half Moon because we’re halfway through the 30 days. See what I did there?
So hop on the mat. Let’s get started. All right, everyone. We’re going to start
in a-cross legged position or a kneeling position, so you can decide which one works best for
you. Nice comfy seat. I’m sitting up on a block to start here, just so I can check in
with my breath here, as we ease in to our practice today. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders. Sit
up nice and tall. Let the hands rest wherever they naturally go and take a deep breath in
through the nose. On an exhale, let go of the day thus far. Inhale, coming into the
present moment. And exhale, letting go of any to-do list or just anything that’s going
to keep you from being fully present here in the practice today. Inhale and again permission
to be here, now. And exhale. We begin to settle in. A couple more breathes. Keep this conversation with the breath going.
As we draw all the palms together at the heart, we’ll inhale. Lift this sternum to the thumbs.
And keep the heart lifted as you release the left fingertips or the left palm to the earth.
And then I’m going to inhale, sweep the right hand up and overhead. So again, keep this
openness in the chest and the heart as you find your side body stretched here. You can
do this in a cross-legged position to find your breath. Maintain an awareness in the
neck, that extension through the crown. And then we’ll swiftly come back up through center
and take it to the other side. Same thing. And then we inhale back to center. Exhale,
loop the shoulders. All right. Spread the palms wide. We’re going to dive forward onto
all fours. If you have a block or a book handy, well, go ahead and put that towards the front
edge of your back. And we’ll just take a couple of Cat-Cow here to warm up the body and check
in with the spine. Move with your breath, close your eyes here. Enjoy your practice. And then we can begin to check in with the
hips here, side to side, the neck and shoulders. Moving into Cat-Cow variations that feel awesome,
that feel good. Then we’ll walk the palms out, crawl the toes under. And whenever you’re
ready, make your way up to downward facing dog. Same thing here. We explore the shape,
the alignment, get our action, drawing up through the limbs, and connecting the rib
cage, and checking with the head and neck, and finding a little movement, that again
feels awesome, that feels good. Then going for a nice slow walk up towards
the front edge. Together we’ll meet in forward fold. And same thing here, finding a little
organic movement, lingering in any place that might need a little extra love today. Then
we’ll find a soft bend in the knees and roll it up. Take your time, enjoy each move, as
we press into the feet. And work it out here, neck and shoulders relax and open. Keep tapping into your breath. You can get
a little… you can do a little bit of this. Just keep it fresh, basically. Keep it alive.
Keep it alive. Here we go. Palms come together at the heart, deep breath in. I lift my sternum
up to my thumbs. Maintain this lift in the heart, this extension through the crown of
the head. As we flow, here we go. Soft knees, inhale, reach it up. Full body stretch. Exhale,
release. Keep the heart open as you find Uttanasana. Inhale, flat back, we lift up, deep breath
in. And on an exhale, release it down. Awesome. Slide the right toes back into your low lunge.
And inhale, stretch your heart forward, extend through the crown. Exhale. Plant the palms,
slide the left toes back. Let’s walk the two big toes together here. And we breathe. We
might find a little rock. Notice if you’re collapsing in the upper back body, see if
you can billow up through the upper back body brought in. Great. Then we can lower the knees
here and hug the elbows in as we lower down. Or keep the knees lifted as we hug the elbows
in and lower down. Everyone, to the belly. Inhale, lift up the cobra, press into your
foundation. Full breath in. And on an exhale, we release. Crawl the toes under, draw your
navel up. And we press back up to that plank position and then to our downward facing dog.
Awesome work, my friends. Take a deep breath in and find a long, long, long, long exhale
out. Great. Step the right foot up into your little lunge.
Inhale, loop the shoulders. Heart radiates forward. Exhale. Back foot comes up to meet
the front. Forward fold. And on an inhale, we lift a flat back. Exhale, soften and bow.
Inhale, spread the fingertips, bend your knees and reach it all the way back up. Full body
stretch. And exhale, back down to your heart. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Soft knees.
Inhale, reach it up. Spread your fingertips. On an exhale, diving forward. Enjoy this move.
Inhale, flat back, halfway lift. Pull the elbows back. And exhale, forward fold. Again, step the right toes back. This time
keep them lifted, high lunge. As we inhale, reach your fingertips up towards the sky,
send your right heel towards the back of the mat. Deep breath in and exhale, release. Plant
the palms, slide the left toes back. Two big toes kiss. We lower the knees here or keep
them lifted. As we hug the elbows in, pull them back, lower down. This time, you can
hover or always go to the belly. Inhale, lift up to cobra or your upward facing dog. Deep
breath in. And exhale to plank and then to your downward facing dog. Always exploring. Deep breath in and deep
breath out. Step the right foot up. Inhale. Exhale. Keep breathing. Inhale, high lunge.
And find that connection of the left heel back as you find a nice, long exhale here.
So basically, see if you can start to extend those inhalations and really extend those
exhalations. Nice full breath in here at the top. And we use the exhale to release. Rock
the back foot up to meet the front, forward fold. And inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften
and bow. Inhale, reach all the way up, full body stretch. And then exhale, hands to the
heart. Inhale, reach it up. I definitively feel my energy shifting here. And exhale,
release. The Prana moving through the body. Inhale, halfway lift. If you don’t feel it
yet, keep practicing. Exhale, soften and bow. Great. This time, plant the palms, step or hop both
feet back to your plank. Three Chatarunga push-ups. We got this. Shift your weight forward
and hug in the elbows, we lower down halfway. You can always lower the knees here. Pressing
up. Two more. Keeping the gaze forward, that extension in the crown. And one more. Pull
the elbows back, not left to right. Back, back, back, back, back. And then we press
up. And then we lower all the way down to the belly. Inhale, lift up, Bhujangasana.
Beautiful cobra. And exhale, release. Pressing up to plank and then sending it to your downward
facing dog. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Drop the left heel, slide the right leg up
high. Bend your right knee and open up through the right side body, stacking the hips. Breathe
here. Then bend your right knee or keep your right knee bent, excuse me, and hug it all
the way up in towards your heart, nose to knee. Then step it up into your lunge. Awesome
work, my friends. Pivot on the back foot. We bend that front knee and we inhale. Open
up into Warrior II. So go ahead and take a second to get settled in here. Make sure,
maybe your front heel is in line with that back arch, right toes are pointing forward,
left toes are turned in just slightly. We inhale, extend through the fingertips.
And we consider our energetic body. So not just the shape but really finding places to
ground and sink, and places to lift and rise above, places to engage, places to soften.
So just go through your checklist here. Then I’m going to soften through my right elbow
and bring it to the top of the right thigh. Extended side angle prep. I’m not going to
collapse here but really keep that awareness. If you have a block or a book, you can bring
it now, here. I’m going to reach my left fingertips behind
the ear to reach up overhead. And I can stay here. I can release my palm to the earth or
to the block. And there’s a free range of motion here. So you can find a little movement.
You might even explore some circles here. Keeping that left inner thigh engaged strong,
outer edge of that back foot really strong. And we’re here or here. We’re moving in between. Now make sure that you have a lot of space
between your right ear and your right shoulder. We’re not collapsing here. Awesome. And then
we’re going to slowly dial the heart and the gaze back down. Pivot on the back foot and
rise back up into your high lunge. Deep breath in. Whoa. Hug everything in the midline. Strong
legs, strong core. And on an exhale, release. Great. We’re going to lower that left knee. And I’m
going to bring my left palm in line with the right foot. So I can keep the block here.
If you want, actually, it’s kind of nice. Or I can release it. And I’m going to plant
the left palm and inhale. Squeeze my right knee and reach the right fingertips high up
towards the sky. You can keep that back knee lowered here or
you can lift. Take a full breath in. And again, consider the neck and shoulders here as you
open your heart up towards the sky. Press into that ball joint of that right big toe.
One more breath. And exhale, release. Awesome. Plant the palms and take your Vinyasa. Together
we’ll meet in downward facing dog, where we’ll drop the right heel and inhale, slide the
left leg high. Awesome. Press into both palms evenly, as you bend your left knee and open
up through the left side body. Stacking the hips, press into the palms. Then carve a line
with your left knee all the way up in towards the heart, nose to knee. We squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze. And then step the left foot up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot and Warrior
II on the opposite side. We spiral the heart, spiral the fingertips, excuse me, up and out.
Lift your heart. And go through your checklist here. Nice wide stance. Tailbone lengthening
down. Pull the pinkies back and relax your shoulders. Inhale in and exhale, softening
into our extended side angles. So again, we can use the book or the block
here or we can just use the top of the thigh. But the trick is to not collapse, but maintain
this integrity from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. So we lean back
a little bit. And again, I welcome, I encourage a little movement here. So not worried about,
should I be here, should I be here, should I be here? Just finding a little movement,
opening up, paying attention to the sensations in the body, in the pose. Maybe I release
down to the earth. And we take one more breath here and then exhale. Dial the gaze and the
heart back down. I pivot on the back foot and I inhale. Strong legs, strong core, as
I come up into my high lunge. Deep breath in. And exhale, release. Choose your own adventure,
your Vinyasa here. Moving with the breath. And we meet in downward facing dog. When you
get there, take a deep breath in through the nose, then exhale out through the mouth. Bend
your knees, belly comes to the tops of the thighs. We inhale, carve a line, look forward,
exhale, step up or flute towards the front edge of your mat. Forward fold. On a deep
breath in, inhale, halfway lift, long beautiful neck. And exhale, soften and bow. Send the
fingertips left to right. We inhale. Reach it all the way up. Press into the earth. Full
body experience. And exhale, hands to the heart. Take a second to just close your eyes
and observe your breath. Then we’ll bend the knees softly. And inhale,
reach it up once again. Exhale, down you go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow.
Hop the feet back to plank. Inhale, shift your weight forward, hug the elbows in. Slowly
lower down. Chatarunga to up dog or to cobra. We take a deep breath in. And on exhale, straight
to down dog. Drop the left heel, inhale, slide the right
leg high. Press into your right foot this time and see if you can really square those
hips. Right toes pointing straight down towards the earth. And I’m pressing my right foot
into an imaginary wall here. So lots of energy. Deep breath in. Then we’ll squeeze that right
knee up towards the heart, for one breath. And step it up into our lunge. Pivot on the back foot and I open up into
my Warrior II. Deep breath in. Sink deep into that front knee and long breath out. Awesome.
Now, I’m going to straighten through that front leg. This time, send the hips back and
I tilt into my triangle. Opening up through the heart, drawing the right shoulder on our
pack. Let’s take that left palm to the right ribcage and just smear that imaginary honey.
Open up towards the sky. We can use the block here, of course. Really
nice to maintain that space in the shoulder girdle and in the neck. Take a deep breath
in here, in your triangle, Chakranasana. And then slowly, I’m going to dial my gaze back
down and soften that front knee. So I’m going to step that back foot up to meet the front
here, just halfway. And then I’m going to prepare for my half moon pose. So you might
be able to kind of get into this quite fluidly, if you had practiced this pose already. Otherwise,
I’m going to walk you through it, just a hair. Just a bit. No yogi left behind. So I walk my back foot in and I’m kind of
in this fencing position, which is a little bit awkward, a little bit sexy. Just kidding.
I’m going to use this Tadasana energy. I’m really going to draw energy up through my
standing leg, as I come to mainly balance on my left big toe. Now if have a block, or
a book, or something to lift the earth up to me, I’m going to use it, about a foot’s
worth out from my pinkie toe. If not, I can totally still practice this with the earth
or with a chair. It’s also really nice, too. And with that support, or without, I’m going
to really remember that space in the neck and the shoulder girdle, this connection to
my core, as I start to lift my back leg up high. So this is what your half moon pose might
look like right now. That’s okay. It’s beautiful. I remember the smearing of the honey open
and the stacking of the hips that we did in downward facing dog. The length of the side
body that I’ve stretched out thus far, and this beautiful breath I have to support. As
I begin to lift up, press that left foot into an imaginary wall and open up through the
inner thigh. Standing leg is kind of soft in the knee here.
So I don’t want to lock it because that’s going to be tough. I’m going to keep it buoyant
and alive, strong and in control. So I continue to go through my checklist here. Now, eventually
you can take your eyes off the video and just have a little half moon playtime. Eventually, we can take the hand from the
waistline and reach the left fingertips up towards the sky. And in no time, you’ll be
able to find a half moon pose, where you play with your focus, either out or up towards
the sky. Charge your left inner thigh here. Open your heart. Breathe deep. Spread the
fingertips and toes. Create space, as you build strength here. Day 15, doing half moon,
halfway through your practice, prequel. If you fall, don’t worry, we’ll catch you. A
little more play time here, breathe deep. Awesome. Then we’ll slowly dial the gaze and the heart
back down. Come into a half split here. So we’ll walk the fingertips closer in. Keep
the hip square here, as we lift up that back leg up once again. We might be here, we might
be here. To go a little deeper, we’re going to keep the left toes down. I’m going to wrap
my right arm around my right calf and maybe, in time, the left one. Take one more breath,
draw your nose up towards your navel. And then we release. Awesome. Come back to your lunge. Whoo! Lower that
left knee. We pull the right hips back. Once again, deep breath in and exhale. Shifting
through, plant the palms, take a Vinyasa or take a rest. Seriously, Vinyasa or take a
rest in child’s pose. Then slowly we’ll all meet in downward facing dog. Really nice work,
my friends. Take a deep breath in here and a long breath out. This time, drop the right heel, slide the
left leg up high. Press into your left heel strong. Keep those hips square as you press
into the palms. Then we’ll squeeze the left knee all the way up towards the heart, and
then up into our lunge. Pivot on the back foot and we open out now, Warrior II. Deep
breath in, long breath out. Sink deep. Now, we’re going to straighten that leg. Send the
hips back and reach forward and down, coming into our triangle. Sorry. Loosen this zone
there. Right hand comes to the lower ribcage and I smear the heart open, open, open. So I stay connected to my core here. I’m not
collapsing into my hand, which is also going to help me ride in my half moon. Practice,
or my half moon playtime. I can always use the block here or a book to life the ears
up. To deepen your practice, bring it more into the core. I’m going to let the fingertips
hover here and open up all the way. From Trikonasana, I’m going to dial my focus down. Hands come
to the waist line, soften through that front knee. And I’m going to bring my right foot
in, again, to this fancy fencing prep posture. You might take your block to the side. And
we’re going to just practice half moon on the other side. So look at the video for as
long as you want, and then really kind of responsibility for your own happiness here,
and have a little fun. If you fall, we’ll catch you. Let’s see where we’re at today.
Half moon on the other side. Softening through that front knee, drawing that energy out. Inhale in. On an exhale, I come to my big
toe. I find a nice position for my block, or my book, or again, the chair, or fingertips
on the earth. On an exhale, press into your right foot, like it’s pressing into an imaginary
wall here. And then begin to open up through my heart and my rib cage. Opening up all the
way. If you’re feeling brave, leaning back, finding that integrity, from the crown of
the head to the tip of the tailbone. Drawing the shoulders away from the ears,
charge your right inner thigh. Stay bright through the hands and feet. Careful not to
lock your standing leg. A couple more moments here to breath and play. Tuck your chin into
your chest slightly to lengthen through the back of the neck here. Perhaps one more breath.
And then exhale. We dial the head and the heart back to center. And I walk my fingertips
close in towards my toes and I check in with the half splits here. So I dial the right
toes down. And maybe I wrap my left arm around my left calf. In time, I’m going to wrap both. And I just
see where I’m at today. And then I slowly release, come back down to my lunge. Lower
your right knee to the ground. Think up and over with your hips. As you pull the left
hip crease back, one breath. And then exhale, we release. Great. Last chance for Vinyasa.
Totally feel free to skip it. But I’m thinking that you can do it. Here we go. Plant the palms. I think I can
do it, too. I think. I’m just kidding. Shift your weight forward. Hug the elbows in the
side body. And we check in with Chaturanga to cobra or up dog. Exhale to extended child’s
pose. Every time I say “to cobra,” I think of this restaurant here in Austin called “Takoba,”
and then get hungry. Okay. Here we are in extended child’s pose. Rest your forehead. Notice your breath. Remember
why you rolled out your mat today. Then gently transitioning to all fours, we’ll walk the
knees underneath us, and swing the legs to the side. Come flat on your back here. We’ll
hug the knees into the chest. And then we’ll take the palms to the kneecaps and just draw
clockwise circles and then counter clockwise circles. So one way and then other here. It
should feel really yummy on the lower back. Awesome. And then we’ll send the left leg
out long. Right knee squeezes up. And I’m going to slowly draw my right heel towards
the left. Thirty days of yoga. And just kind of cradle it. So maybe I’m able to bring my
right foot into my left elbow crease here, sole of the left foot can come up, of course.
So that’s one way we can kind of rock our right leg here, breathing into the outer edge
of that hip. Another place that’s awesome is this, to catch it in your hand. And again,
we can keep the leg extended or lifted. So every body is, literally, so different. It’s
just nice to give a couple of options. And we’re rocking it like a baby, back and forth. And then we’re switching. Releasing the right
leg down, left leg comes up. And same thing here. I catch with my palm or maybe I practice
hooking the elbow. And then we’ll release the left leg. Inhale, reach the fingertips
up overhead. And exhale, hug the knees into the chest. And send the fingertips out left
to right. And just a little reclined twist on your own, back and forth, moving with your
breath, just finding a little yumminess in the spine, in the sacrum as your rock back
and forth. Then we’ll come back to center and slowly
release the legs back down to the earth and prepare for our final and most precious pose,
Mr. or Mrs. Shavasana here. Arms come gently at your side. You can use a blanket to pillow
the head or cover the body up. Even if you don’t have a lot of time left for your practice
today, give yourself a good minute or two to just find some exquisite stillness, to
let the nutrients of your practice settle in, and to let go. Great work today, my friends.
Take good care. Namaste.


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  60. My 5 year old did this with me and she commented that I make the same "whoosh" sound when jumping up to the front of the mat!

  61. Whew… this one was tough. I had to take a break half way through and just rest for a minute. Did the half moon by leaning on my bed and just concentrating on a straight back and strong leg lift. Argh…Found myself feeling a little emotional at the end, which has never happened before. Relief, perhaps? 😅 Ayiyiyi…

  62. You were funny today.

  63. I obviously need much more balance work. Gooooood stuff.

  64. At 27.17 you mention that “maybe I’m able to bring my right knee into my left shoulder crease”………I will wait for the day when this is possible for me 😂 Half way point and this challenge is incredible! Thanks Adrienne

  65. Today half way! and no matter how I feel as long as I show up at the matt and do my best I feel really good about myself!😊 #i❤me!

  66. I saw the ig of the moon in Colorado/Red Rock and chose this practice to be with y'all in spirit. Such a lovely flow and moon practice. Had not done this one in a while…will revisit sooner next time. Thanks and Namaste…

  67. Half moon 🌙 kicked my you know what!🤣

  68. Amazing day felt so good to breathe!

  69. So glad I listened to my body. Replaced day16 with 15. Skipped 17 cause was drained. Will do it Friday. Today did 15 and so happy I did that it was perfect for me and my energy today!! Love and listen to yourself!

  70. When she said something like find a part that needs a little extra love today in forward fold my dog wandered up and got a lot of extra love lol

  71. I had such a lovely practice. I've started getting tears of happiness in my eyes after every practice. It feels so good doing this for myself, and it keeps me motivated and confident like nothing else. Thank you so much <3

  72. It's incredible. I could never have dreamt of being where I am today when I did this video for the first time. Thank you <3

  73. Thank you, teacher.

  74. Wow. I've been doing half moon incorrectly for so long! This practice really helped my form and wow do I already feel my core from this workout!. I'll definitely be revisiting this one in the future!!

  75. Whats the name of that beautiful music at the end of each video Adriene? Its so relaxing

  76. You are awesome. Thank you for guiding me. Much love

  77. HALF WAY!!! Half moon! Yes, I see what you did there 😉

  78. thank you, In these 15 days I feel so good!

  79. I love doing my yoga with Adrienne because 1 She always maintains her integrity (because sometimes I look at myself during a pose and compared to my face hers is always ok), and 2 she pushes to be aware (I have found out that I have been doing some thing wrong although I have been doing yoga for at least 10 years). This one is by far the best practice with her. Every time after I came to childs pose after moon I felt that hip screaming and thanking at the same time. Thanx:)

  80. Lots of comments on hip cramps and holy jeezus theyre not wrong! Day 15 done!! Much luvv and gratitude adriene thank u xxx

  81. Half moon ain't no joke…

  82. Hey guys i am 17 yrs old. And ive been doing yoga for almost 2 weeks now !!! Yesterday was my day 15!! And today as i stepped on my weighing scale i realised that ive reduced 2 kgs ( from 50kg to 48kg) tysm adriene❤

  83. Had a seriously great time doing this practice! It was quite hard to balance myself but still felt satisfied for trying. My mind is in a bit of a haywire when I woke up but felt at instantly at ease when I started yoga for this day. It's been 15 days already and there are still a couple of days left, I am so excited for the next adventures! Thanks, Adriene! ❤️

  84. 15 days ago I could not even stand up on my two feet ( true story, I fall often:)) now I am doing these amazing movements. Thank you Adriene, you are not just a teacher who shows us the movements, or how to do them properly. you are giving us the chance to fail, and encourage us to do it better next time. LOTS OF LOVE FROM TURKEY:) ❤️❤️❤️

  85. i was halfdead after that halfmoon wow it doesnt help that my balance absolutely sucks, i fell over like 5 times rip

  86. Nothing about this session was "half" for me

  87. I didn't do yoga for 5 days i think, because i got my first job and i was really tired, today i finally found the dtrenght to start whrre i left and i honestly missed it so much.
    On s sude note i couldn't do the half moon pose since i have no equilibrium, i couldn't stand for a second on my right foot

  88. This was very challenging. Feeling grateful for my practice today.

  89. My heart and body fought me throughout the entire practice today. I toughed through it, but I don't feel proud of my performance on the mat today. 🙁 This one was especially hard for me. Looking forward to tomorrow's practice. <3

  90. Ah, that feels so good! I’m deciding whether I should park in this one for a day or two to strengthen my legs more or go on. 🥰

  91. Day 15 ✔️ Doing Half Moon on a Full Moon night! What a cool coincidence 🙂 Today was overall a good day. Did you guys know that pomegranates are in season right now? I was eating one and it cheered me up; both the process of peeling it by hand and the sweetness of the seeds! I just had fun with the whole process, even though I squashed a few seeds and got pom juice everywhere. Love you all and be well, namaste 🙏🌞

  92. half moon pose was so difficult, the leg i was standing on started to hurt so much. i coud do the right one but the left i fell so many times xD i guess that only means there's room for improvement 💪 my legs are shaking but i'm feeling good!

  93. I REALLY wasn't feeling it today, I am SO tired and just wanted to skip today… BUT… I did it!! Feeling pretty proud of myself now 😊

  94. To everyone who feels 'disappointed' because they found this practice hard or couldn't do it: It is OKAY! We tried. And we will continue to try! Sometimes trying is also a victory. Let's give ourselves a hug for that.
    Let's be kind towards ourselves. Sending hugs!

  95. Feet to your elbow… I know simplier way to suicide… Another day survived!

  96. That was challenging but I am glad I did it. Feel so good.

  97. Half was the ultimate test for me! All my frustrations came rushing to the surface. No I know what I need to work on. Thank you beautiful Adriene. Namaste 🙏🏾💖😘

  98. I'm supposed to be at day 17 but because of the tiredness of the last two days i am here today and for the love of the gods i did not expected half moon to be that hard, but it didn't set me back, i'll keep going to day 30 and more

  99. The practice was so hard! Half moon was the most challenging pose, but I did my best and I feel great right now!

    Can’t believe that you’re doing a new 30 days challenge in January. Looking forward to joining it even though I’m a beginner☺️

  100. love the planks hon keep it up.

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