Day 13 – Endurance & Ease – 30 Days Of Yoga

Hey, everyone. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And today is lucky number 13. In fact, we spotted a lucky ladybug
in the studio today. So it’s perfect. All right. Ready? Let’s get started. What’s up? Okay. So today, we’re going to
begin in a cross-legged position. Draw the palms together at your heart. And we’ll just
take a breath or two here to settle in. Tuning into how your breath feels, sounds today.
Notice how your breath affects certain parts of the body here. And you might set an intention for today’s
practice, or connect or reconnect to why you’ve committed to 30 days of yoga, why you have
shown up, arrived here today on the mat. Then gently bow your head to your hands, head to
heart. We’ll take those intentions, the desire, our current mantra with us into our practice
today. Deep breath in and exhale. Long breath out as you release the palms to the knees.
Sit up nice and tall. Okey doke. So we’re going to walk the fingertips
behind here, nice and slow to start. Walking the thumbs and the pinkies perhaps close together.
Or if the shoulders are really tight, you might still give yourself a lot of space here.
So for me in time, I’ve been able to crawl these babies back, but it definitely took
some time. So I’m not collapsing into my hands here,
but keeping a nice openness, kind of tenting the palms as I draw the shoulder blades in
together and down. Deep stretch in the arms. Open heart, open chest as I press into my
sit bones, rock my pelvis and sit up nice and tall. Open the throat chakra by lifting
your chin up. Stay nice and lengthened through the crown of the head. Take three breaths
here. Here we go. And then we release and dive forward onto
all fours, Cat-Cow. Dropping the belly, integrating the whole spine. Find your breath. Get your
groove on. And one more time. Wherever you are. Then we’ll come back to tabletop position.
Bring the two big toes together, knees as wide as the mat. Inhale, look forward, smile.
Exhale, send the sit bones way, way back. Extended child’s pose but with active arms
here today. So actively reach the fingertips forward and then melt your heart back. Three breaths here. Forehead releases to the
earth. Then we’ll press into the palms. Come back up, lifting up through the heart but
keeping the knees wide. Inhale, reach the right fingertips forward. Exhale, bring them
in and underneath the bridge of the left arm. We come to rest on the right ear here, and
we breath. Left elbow up towards the sky. Drawing your navel in, breathe long, smooth
sweeping breaths up and down the spine. Three breaths here. We can always reach the
left fingertips up or reach around to bind in front of the right hip crease. Find what
feels good. And after three breaths, we’ll release back to center, and take it to the
other side. Finding length in the left side body first, and then moving into our shape.
Three breaths here. And then we’ll gently unravel it back to center
and slide on through into our cobra. So walk the knees underneath the hips and slowly we
lower the hips. Relax the shoulders down. Elbows back as we lower down, cobra. Deep
breath in. Press into the earth and exhale, release. Moving the sits bones slowly up and
back into our first downward dog together today. When you arrive, pedal it out. Find a little
organic movement here. Linger in little stretches that need your love, little areas of the body,
excuse me, that need your love. And then we’ll go for a slow walk towards the front edge.
Take your time. Roll through the foot, stretch through the legs. Notice how you feel today.
Then when you arrive, draw the navel up. Bend the knees generously and release over, Uttanasana.
Inhale. Lift halfway, your version. So palms on the shins, or palms on the thighs, or fingertips
on the earth. Inhale in, and then on an exhale, slide it down. Inhale to come up. We send the fingertips
left to right, and we open our hearts as we reach high up towards the sky. Deep, full
breath in here. And exhale, dropping the fingertips down at your sides. Gently bringing right
ear over right shoulder. And then dropping the chin through center, left ear over left
shoulder. And back through, chin to chest to your right. And chin to chest to your left.
Inhale, back to center, mountain pose. We’ll bring the feet together today, challenging
our sense of balance. And inhale, reach the fingertips all the way up. Exhale. Palms come
together and down through the midline. Soft knees as we bow forward. Inhale. Lift to flat
back, your version. Long neck. Exhale, bow. Step or hop it back to plank. Feel free to
lower the knees here. Three breaths, in and out. After your third breath, anchor navel to spine.
Send it back, downward facing dog. Awesome, my friends. Drop the left heel. Inhale. Lift
the right leg high. Exhale. Nose to knee, rounding forward. Shift your weight. Inhale.
Three-legged dog. Exhale. Right knee to right elbow. Look forward. Inhale. Three-legged
dog. Last one. You got this. Right knee to left elbow. Look forward. Inhale. Three-legged
dog. And exhale all the way up and into your lunge. Go ahead and pivot on the back foot. We inhale,
rise up, Warrior I. Full breath in here and on an exhale, release. Interlace the fingertips.
Open the heart, the shoulders, knuckles, down. Take a deep breath in here. And on an exhale,
humble warrior. Belly comes to the top of the thigh. We pause here or we continue the
journey down. Really strong through that back leg, my friends, as we relax the crown of
the head over. Lower body, super strong, drawing the navel in. Open your heart. Fingertips
are reaching up. To come out, press into the outer edge of that back foot. Move nice and
slow. Use your breath as you come back to Warrior I, releasing the arms all the way
up. Full breath in. We’re going to pivot slowly on that back foot.
Come to our high lunge. Send that left heel back. Sink a little deeper. Bend the left
knee. Draw your pelvis in. One more breath here. Pull the thumbs back. And exhale, slowly
release. Belly comes to the top of the thigh. We plant the palms and we Vinyasa. Choose
your own adventure here. Find what feels good. On an exhale, big breath out. We’ll send it
back to downward facing dog. When you arrive, drop the right heel. Inhale, lift the left
leg high. Here we go. Only three of these. So this is our last time. Hugging that left knee in towards the heart.
Three of these. We inhale, look forward. And exhale, three-legged dog. Inhale. Left knee
kisses left elbow. Look forward. Exhale. Last one. You totally have this. Left knee to right
elbow. As we look forward, draw everything up, heart up, belly up. And then inhale, three-legged
dog. Exhale. Send it forward. Pivot on the back foot. Find your Warrior I. Draw energy
up from the earth and here we go. Coming into our best and most beautiful Virabhadrasana
I. Big breath. Then release the fingertips, interlace. Opposite
thumb on top, perhaps. And we draw the shoulder blades in together and down. We open up the
chest and heart. Open up the throat. Inhale, open up your heart. And exhale, dial your
heart forward. Humble warrior. Belly comes to the top of the thigh first. We power through
that back leg, and then maybe we continue the journey down. Strong legs. Stay engaged
through your inner thighs. Crown of the head releases down towards the earth. Breathe. And then we press into the outer edge of that
back foot. Draw the knuckles back and open our hearts to come up. Pivot on the back foot.
Inhale. Reach up. High lunge. Sorry, we’re supposed to go through that Warrior I. And
then to our high lunge. I just love that high lunge. Bend the back knee. Pull the thumbs
back. Full body experience here as we breathe in, maybe opening up through the throat. Deep
breath in. Exhale, release. Fingertips back. Belly comes to the top of the thigh. Step
one. And step two, we plant the palms and we Vinyasa. Have a little fun here. Find what
feels good. Notice how the body changes with practice, and take care of yourself. Lower the knees and we’ll send it back, child’s
pose. Knees together here. Fingertips swim around towards the backs of the feet. We can
either grab the arches or the outer edges, excuse me, or let them rest gently on the
mat. Shoulders relax here. Three breaths, in and out. Slowly reach the fingertips all the way back
up. We come back to all fours and send the sit bones high. Downward facing dog. Deep
breath in. Deep breath out. Bend the knees generously. Inhale, look forward. Exhale,
hop, spring or float towards the front. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Send the fingertips
left to right. Press into the earth and inhale. Reach it all the way up. Enjoy this move.
Full body stretch. Beautiful. And then, exhale. Hands to the heart. This has become a popular shirt on the channel,
and I don’t even want to say where it came from. I know it’s silly. But that doesn’t
matter. Bring the feet together here and relax your shoulders. I just noticed that mine are
creeping up with my bad jokes. Moving into Garudasana, Eagle Pose, Eagle practice. So
this is the 13th day of yoga. Thirteen is a very special number in my family, and so
is the eagle. More about that later, somewhere else on the internet. We’re going to do a little Garudasana practice
today. Bending the knees, dropping the sit bones, and sending the fingertips out. This
is going to really connect us to yesterday’s practice in a nice way. So if you were a little
frustrated yesterday, see if you can approach this with a little more ease. A little more
this. Okay. Sending the fingertips out, we’re going
to bend the knees generously. Drop the sit bones down and back. See if you can rock a
little weight into your heels. Lift your toes. Great. Drop your right arm underneath your
left arm, where we kind of come to this hiya position here. Then we continue to wrap around.
Maybe the palms come together and maybe not. That’s okay. We’re bending the knees. We’re
tucking the tailbone in. Right arm underneath, left arm on top. Then I’m going to slowly
peel up through my right foot and lift my right knee all the way up to almost touch
my knees. Yikes. And then up and over I go as I cross it over. Find your Drishti. Hold on to a focus here
and sink a little bit deeper. Maybe wrap your toes around, maybe not. Now, inhale. Lift
your elbows up. Open your heart, your chest, lengthen tailbone down. Find that opposition.
Fingertips might come slightly forward here. We relax the shoulders down. You got this.
Breathing in and out. Then one more breath. And then check it out.
Just like I did yesterday, I’m going to challenge myself by sending this right leg all the way
up and out behind me. Keep your eagle arms as you reach fingertips forward. And we practice
here, lifting the inner right thigh up towards the sky. You can unravel and come to Warrior
III, or you can stay in your eagle arms. Definitely challenging ourselves today. So if you’re
new to the practice and you’re like, ahh. Don’t worry. Have fun. If you fall, we’ll
catch you. So right here, extending energy in two different
directions, cultivating fresh opportunity, creating space inside the body. Strength,
draw your navel up, inhale in and exhale. Hug it all in back to center. And shake it
off. I had a second. I looked at the camera. I’m
an actor. I had a second where I looked at the camera and I was like, because you don’t
look at the camera. But I do look at the camera here, but that’s so funny. That’s never happened
to me on the channel. Same thing on the other side. Again, if you’re sweating it, literally
I’m sweating, try to ease into it. Remember this. These pretzel-y postures and these balancing
poses can be a little tough. So with practice though, you’re going to find awesome joy in
them. And it’s fun. Okay. So we bend the knees and we send the fingertips
out. A little Utkatasana, a variation here to just check in. And the main reason is,
we want to kind of come out of this pose and really draw our center underneath us for this
eagle. Left arm comes underneath and we wrap around. If the palms come together, cool.
If not, who cares. Right here. Here. Then here we go. We sink a little bit deeper and
this time, we peel up through the left foot. And I just noticed myself kind of collapsing
into my right hip, which is sexy, but not great. So draw it under. Careful not to do
what I just did. Keep the hips square and that integrity up through the pelvic floor. The details, because you’re worth it. Inhale.
Lift the left knee up high. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Strong and then exhale. We find our
pose. We ease into it, returning to that inhale and exhale, and inhale and exhale. Maybe the
toes wrap around. Maybe not. I encourage you to bend your knees. It’ll actually help you
with your balance. Lift your elbows up high. Send the fingertips forward. Breathe into
the upper back body. Sink down low. Then because we’re amazing and we’re going
to challenge ourselves today, we’re going to move from this posture into another balancing
posture, sending the left toes out, and slowly coming into our Warrior III or Warrior III
variation. Now think about energy. Don’t think about yoga poses. Think about energy, sending
out through that left foot. Dropping the hip, inhale. Open your heart, send your fingertips
forward. You might even come to a nice Warrior III here. I’ve got to come off this. Wherever you are, take one more breath. You
got it. Inhale in. lift your inner left thigh up towards the sky, and then exhale. Hug it
into center. Stay in control. And then shake it off. Awesome work, my friends. We’ll walk
back up to the front of the mat, if you aren’t there already. And inhale, reach it up high.
Exhale, let it go, forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, step or hop it
back to plank. Exhale, lower the knees. Cross the left ankle over the right. Use your palms
to guide you on through into a nice comfortable seat. Legs out long. Great. We’re going to walk the fingertips
to our sides, or maybe slightly behind, Dandasana, staff pose, as we draw the tops of the thighs
down and inhale. Sit up nice and tall. Lift up through the armpit, chest. Stick pose.
One more breath here. Press away from the earth. And then we release the arms and send
it forward fold, pushing Tadasana. One breath here. Then we’ll slide the palms to the backs
of the legs, and bring the soles of the feet back up, and then slowly roll it down. Oh
yeah. Go ahead and hug the knees in here if it feels right, just kind of massaging the
lower back and the sacrum here for a breath or two. You can never get enough of this.
Hugging yourself is good. Okay. Sole of the left foot comes to the earth.
We inhale. Send the right leg up high. Let the blood flow in the opposite direction.
Crack an egg on your leg. Feel the yolk run down. We’ll cross the right ankle over the
left, kind of creating a figure-four shape in the legs as we lift the left shin up. Then
we reach in between, interlace behind the thigh and squeeze up and in. Breathe, breathe,
breathe. You might press your right elbow into your left thigh. Tuck your chin into
your chest, my friends. Keep the neck nice and long. For more in the hamstrings, the
back of the legs, I’ll slowly extend the left leg up high or I can keep it into the hips,
just chilling out here. Last but not least, I might peel my nose all
the way up towards my ankle. I always have lots of options. And I encourage you, as always,
to find what feels good, and improvise and be your own director. Gently release back
down and we’ll unravel. Same thing on the other side. Sending the left leg up high,
and then crossing over the right thigh. Lifting the right shin up. And we interlace behind
the thigh. Press left elbow into left thigh and find what feels good here. Same thing
as before. Maybe straightening the right leg. And then maybe drawing the nose up towards
the ankle. Imagining a sweet, nice curve in the spine here. So keeping the crown of the
head lifting up. And we’ll gently release everything down and
send the legs out long. Inhale, reach up and overhead, full body stretch. Exhale out through
the mouth. Inhale in and exhale, floating the fingertips down. Press into your palms.
You might even grab the outer edges of the feet, as you slide the soles of the feet up
for a little Setu Bandhasana or bridge pose. So fingertips and heels kind of come into
alignment here. And I press in all four corners of the feet, toes pointing forward. And inhale,
lift the hip points, curl the tailbone. Then lift up through the buttocks. Draw the shoulder
blades in and together. And maybe I stay here with the mat, pressing into the ball joint
of my big toes. Or maybe I interlace here, opening up through the chest. Inhale, lift
up. Exhale. Imagine your sit bones shooting towards the backs of your knees. Press into
your toes. Breathe, breathe, breathe. One more breath here. And exhale, we release. Awesome. Hug the knees into the chest. And
you have an option here to repeat bridge pose. Come into a full back bend, wheel pose. Or
straight to shavasana you go. So whatever you choose today, repeating that bridge, even
a supported bridge at the block is really nice. Or full back bend practice. Or maybe
if you’re like me, you’re already in shavasana, like okay, stop talking. And so I will. I
love you guys. Great work. Way to stick with it. Make sure you have a couple of moments
to rest after your back bending practice. And I love you. Take care.


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  84. So I’ve read comments from other users who say they cry during practice. Well, today I had my cry. It’s been a rough time for awhile for me and a few months ago I decided I needed new habits to replace my bad habits. I’ve never been one to exercise or even really care about my body/health, apparently losing 3 special people, who were too young to die makes you reconsider your life choices. I’m still partaking in my bad habits and I hope thru my yoga practice I can feel better about myself so I don’t need those crutches. Thank you so much Adriene, your soothing voice reminds me that I’m on the right track and if I keep challenging myself to get on my mat everyday I will begin to see improvements with my practice, posture and poses as well feeling good about myself. Thank you. ❤️

  85. struggled a bit today ..but it is 5am 😬 enjoying the challenges ahead 🙏

  86. Thank you so much Adriene! I already feel such a big difference in my lower back. On day one I could barely lay on the mat. Now I feel like I can do most of the poses we do in that position. ❤️

  87. You're the best, Adriene

  88. so since i was behind i did two sessions in a row (before i mentioned my leg was hurting and that it stopped; soon as i started this session it started hurting again lmao). i have some knee problems (im almost 23 but have had issues since i was like 13 lmao) and the hips-in-the-air thing is something that was supposed to help with my issue. i think it did help! or at least, it felt really good. Thats why i like how adriene says to find what feels good, it helps to know what positions are going to be harder or easier on my body.

  89. Thank you <3

  90. Thank you, teacher.

  91. Thank you Adriene

  92. exellent!!

  93. I love you too ❤️

  94. my ankles started hurting and I had to stop and take a little break. 2 weeks ago I would have been mad at me for not being able to finish the pose. but today I just accepted it and didn't judge.

  95. Adrienne for the longest time I couldn't figure out what was different about ur Yoga classes from all the others & today it finally came to me, u have no music. You don't have calming music saying softly in the background. I was never able to fully relax in ur classes & now I know why. Can u pls add some nice soothing music playing softly in the background? TY.

  96. First time ever I was able to do the figure 4! I always thought I couldn’t do it because my thighs are too big, but apparently I was just insanely inflexible.

    This is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to my daily exercise. Definitely something I’m going to keep doing for life! I’ve even tried yoga before but no one except for Adriene has been able to keep me engaged.

    Thank you so much for giving me this newfound excitement for self love.

  97. Vinyasa is starting to feel good now instead of challenging? Nice

  98. Day 13 and ive stopped wondering how long the session will be or telling myself ill do it later. Adriene I luvv how u dont yack at the beginning about what poses we're going to do, its such a nice surprise when the new pose comes, and I was pretty good on the eagle I must say, I enjoyed twisting myself up!! I luvv u so much for what u selflessly give darling, ty xxx please may I ask on the pigeon pose, my bum cheek on the folded leg I can get down easily onto the mat which makes me question am I doing it right? (The straight leg not so straight)

  99. I was a bit nervous when I saw the title for today's video, but once again I didn't feel any stress at all. Those "You got this" and "We'll catch you" definitely made a difference. We love you too, Adriene! ❤️ Thank you again!! ❤️❤️❤️ Done with Day 13! YASSS!

  100. I ♡ you too hahahhahaaha thank you for making me like yoga 🙂 I've been struggling to find the right type of exercise for me AND to maintain the habit. You and your quirkiness (and yes, even your "bad jokes" XD) just pulls me in and helps me keep working at it.

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