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  1. Started my 30 day Yoga Challenge today, Day -1 was amazing. Thanks for sharing such information.

  2. waaao it's my first day today and I am feeling awesome

  3. Hi i want another challenge for they whole body corea and flexibility

  4. 8 minutes in and I'm dead

  5. Why is it so fast for day 1? I am having a hard time catching up from one pose to another.

  6. Thank you Tim . Good workout

  7. Thank you so much! This is helping with a mental illness

  8. It was so satisfying ! Great ! Keep going !

  9. Fantastic mate! I'm a footballer and had hip surgery three months ago. This is helping me get so much stronger and back to fitness!

  10. Really Really Great! I'm looking forward to completing these 30 days!

  11. Thank you for today ❤
    See you tomorrow

  12. misleading thumbnail haha

  13. Thank you very much for your video. Just started my day 1. 🙂

  14. Awesome !

  15. I feel so at peace with myself and everything around me. Thank you for this 🙏🏽

  16. beautiful practice ,im not a professional one but going for a yoga for like 7 month now, twice a week , thank you this was a great morning wake up.See you tomorrow

  17. Feel really nice abt my health after doing ur exercises … u r such a nice teacher

  18. I love you..this made me feel sooo good, thank you

  19. This was absolutely amazing. Definitely what I’ve been searching for. Thank you for challenging me. I look forward to Day 2!

  20. This indeed calmed me down and made me feel energized, great video and i'll be sure to go through this 30 day challenge (even how stiff i felt during this first video)

  21. Today I started

  22. Thank you

  23. Good video …. my advice though would be to trust yourself (teaching style) and trust word of mouth (increased hits and therefore advertising revenue) rather than giving the hard sell at the end.

  24. Great feeling after this introduction. Thanks for your patient approach to easing us into yoga!

  25. You were highly recommended from my chiropractic dr. I will start you 30 days of yoga tomorrow. Can't wait to start.

  26. I really needed to get back into yoga and after Day 1 I can already tell this is the practice for me 🙏🏻✨ thank you for these videos!

  27. I learned today that I have zero bending ability, zero stamina, zero breathing ability, and sweat by simply moving around. Good first start Id say.

  28. I thought I was live cuz I can do weighted planks…….but damn those down dog to plank had me shaking. Also those abs had my whole body vibrating

  29. awesome! awesome! I could feel my body shaking …could not balance..but will continue to day 2! thanks!

  30. Amazing work Tim! bought my mat today to start this challenge and just finished the vid, it is going to be fun to try something new these 30 days!

  31. Awesome work😇

  32. Thanks, will do this 30 day program, you do feel like a very good instructor!

  33. First time doing yoga, and i feel so relaxed right now, thank you!

  34. Where is the other 30 challenge? The first day you start on the beach.

  35. good start, not to bard but not to boring.

  36. I loved your way of explaination. Thanks.😊

  37. It's wrong not like this suryanamaskaaram

  38. I thought I was in shape, but that was before I tried yoga. Let’s get this.

  39. Thank you dude

  40. Just found this video after finishing another 30 day yoga program. Tim, you're doing a great job man, keep going! I'll keep up to the best of my ability!

  41. day 1 complete 🙂

  42. I'm in love with yoga because of Britney Spears

  43. so peaceful in the mornings

  44. Awesome routine I had not practiced in 5 years and felt splendid after this routine

  45. Thank you i search yoga video for my husband… he thinks that is only for women… so i found you ! Ready for Day 1 !

  46. Hello Tim, my name is Adir and I live in Israel. I am new to yoga and I would like to thank you for this practice.

  47. Noice

  48. Great first day – thanks for this!

  49. So far, the best day 1 video for learning Yoga

  50. Here I go with the challenge again. This time I’ll finish 😃

  51. always awesome

  52. Thank you!

  53. Do you drink Oat milk? Or regular milk? Peace.

  54. Subbed

  55. Excellent teaching I just started the 30 day challenge really felt great

  56. Started today and really liked the video. The combination of yoga and just the correct amount of mindfulness is really promising.

  57. Good Job Man! I feel really good after i did the ”day 1 total Yoga Body Workout” Thanks!

  58. Does anyone else find this a little too wordy? I find myself getting lost in his descriptions and he's moved on by the time I try to apply his advice.

  59. Love this video, I stopped doing yoga a few months back and this was a fun way to get back into it and review the basics!

  60. Dude, this was awesome! Great explanations and a great flow! I really enjoyed it. Due to injury, I cannot workout for now, so I thought I'll be working on my mobility. Felt really, really energized after this yoga sequence. Hyped for the next 29 days 😉
    Thank you!

  61. simple and complete ! love it ! keep it up brother

  62. Sir give some tips and yoga for hair loss cure

  63. nice video.. thankyou so much for shairing this informativ video with us.

  64. Thank you for that nice Little practice. I enjoy your calm way of explaining and not overloading things.

  65. Wow! I am a male in my early 30's, I got back, knee, ankle injury so therefore I am stressed and tensed. Doing my first of 30 days made me realise how serene I can be after a session. Thanks

  66. such an awesome video! you are such a great instructor!

  67. Thought I'd do some yoga to calm myself down from having a panic attack the day before, I'm glad to have found this channel. It was really helpful and helped me calm my body and in doing so, my mind.

  68. First time trying yoga, I never knew how stiff I was. Thank you so much!! I really needed this.

  69. I started this today and I plan to do all 30 days since my flexibility needs a LOT of work, I got neuromuscular issues as a result of a spine injury, gym alone ain't enough…so I could barely balance on 1 foot but I kept trying haha…will check in again after finishing the challenge, thanks for doing this for us!
    after doing research and trying different people's videos and styles, I decided I will stick with you 🙂 I like how you did this, simple and nicely explained, so I will like every video as I go along, just as you asked (:

  70. Nice!

  71. +

  72. Could we have a list of the exercises that you are demonstrating in the descriptions. Watching your videos helps me understand how to execute the positions but a list is something I could take with me and listen to some relaxing music while I do them.

  73. Thank you !

  74. 1 down, 29 to go. Great video I look forward to the next installment. Namaste.

  75. A not-particularly-yoga-oriented-guy here, looking for some home yoga exercises. Positively surprised. Thank you for this gift. I´ll go on to day 2 tomorrow.

    All the best, and best wishes.

  76. Ok.. here goes!! thanks for the videos! Day 1:)

  77. I really have the worst back pain and my chiropractor said I should try yoga but I wanted to try learn it online first and wow you could actually really feel the difference ❣❣❣

  78. Day 1 complete. Thanks so much!

  79. Thank you very much for the instructions! I tried and find it really helpfull for a beginner such as me.

  80. great workout. really feel great afterwards.

  81. Very good, excellent video, the best

  82. Thank you so much! I was cracking and popping all over the place lol. Felt amazing. I feel much better now. 🙂

  83. Thank you for vedio. Its basic and effective !

  84. I love ❤️

  85. starting your challenge today, I like the change of having a male instructor !
    It's nice and easy to start with, but at the same time I do feel a good stretch and some heat coming through

  86. Thank you for explaining everything. I am new to yoga and hope this will help with weight loss, strength and help with the pain in my joints and stiffness. This is really challenging to do being overweight and in my 40's, but I keep pushing on to keep up

  87. Thank you 🤗🤗🤗 Dziękuję ♥️♥️♥️

  88. vilken bra början 🙂 nöjd att jag hittade den här kanalen. Tack!

  89. Totally agree 👇 friends tell me yoga is only for women but this just confirms it otherwise not that there's anything wrong with women doing yoga 😉

  90. I did this challenge like 2 years ago and it was so good for the body. Now I’m back with horrible back issues and health in general hoping to get back at it 🙏🏽

  91. Always love your videos Tim, great and clear instruction and you have fun with it as well! Excited to start my first day of the month 🙂 🙂

  92. I feel deeply about your success. One of the best instructors I've come across. Almost judged you because you're too beautiful but brother, BeYouTheFull. My respects.

  93. Great!

  94. This is a great video, I am just getting into yoga and I feel like having a male instructor give more confident specially on the flexibility.

  95. Thank you Tim. I feel blessed to practice with you every day.

  96. i am a yoga instructor and have been unable to practice because of an illness. This lasted about 3 months. All is fine and Im recovering. This video wad the perfect entrance to get my "yoga legs" back. I feel so much better already..Thanks, Yoga Dose!!

  97. Jesus dude, slow down! This is day 1?!

  98. Thanks for the sesh!

  99. well balanced training, I'm really happy that I came across it!

  100. nice 🙂

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