Darshan Raval Talks About Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Health Problems

see but I own touch with yo yo honey singh because he was also like one of your mentors when he was going to the dark phase cap on kiss ah hey AB Nunes about connect who sheesh key or what was it I think talking about that you know about what happened to cap on right what's your opinion on that genuinely genuinely I think of to be honest so being a being poppin is be is such a big celebrity such a singer so I think whatever I I saw the video as well or much in Gila got something wrong because I think it could be a gal DB ho saktha he was just trying just rude trying to kiss that girl was up girl P he was going or some the girl latina machinability says say they Cleo got some think so we cannot directly which be cheese assume he correctly Bucky I think this I think there's some miss because being such a big Papa personalities up Ethne and acting up was up when people start following you I know cap her to DG's may you be careful so this cannot happen I can I cannot believe this so great it is one music composer saying please guys don't get carried away analyze the whole situation and then come to own conclusion yes up they kqk anybody personality how about the up digging which be Jackie on scaling thread enamel couch oh it's just a small little kid so I I'm not giving anything but I I think a lot host a tap there can be a different way to that situation it looser on a Serie B hose at time alright let's do a bollywood song you've done a smash it song would you like to tell our viewers about this song teach Mary photo this is gonna give a story I was sleeping her pain the ORAC them similar phone version 11 eadamson they had to he mean she was calling me a cake please a job' record cotton I like thumbs in haha I used to state yah rewrote tub okay I would say Auto pocket give me I mean doing OB I don't know what's happening erm I stood in Menomonie Ghana Sunnah to run Tamina guy happened remit me dub hoagie I'm a big hugger time sitting or to Germany in such a boot emoji laka yeah Ghana de carga and then when the song comes out this song becomes a huge use it and I'm laughing women need me if you hear my voice also to Parisi awaaz hey who's gonna man because we mean she would kiss either the court can equally get up so that's the story behind this song but each is mother chubby Marius at conversations koroliov Ozma karma by cook him up the base cover him I bought my bed possessive oh I've got the buzzer to make me it's not a business I'll make you a lovely Korea who co-signature mudkip piece please each marry photo or emi dedicate karachi a town to all those lovely girls want a picture with darshan map Cordell Wasik town memes kappa who was a malaysia belly-up kamut seminary for turkey four Turkey are yet to me both range a jack we admit Elizabeth Carter who Nikolic tacky come back T self mellow song scars actor but I've seen you onstage we've jammed together you can be high voltage brother so does this baritone work against you at Titans I guess it definitely works here we go possessive what we have we do event me mother would look but I shop do you carry hey Keith but car buying a pariah event high-energy / maybe when I go and soundcheck also I have trained to do the low low stuff Adam Ramsey kanata Jesse concert happens when I go onstage there's a different energy or who is at the end Jeeva TM and no diskette Mohammed smile curtain a to the very very proud of you brother as he ran a smile Katerina Mooji but I you in touch with you yo honey singh because he was also like one of your mentors when he was going to that dark phase cap on kiss ah hey app news about Cammy who sheesh key or what was it I think I definitely try to talk do anything but I think the after a point he was really not well so I remember cape which Beach me put a one year he was away from everybody he put down his phone and it was totally away but I think whiskey bath though he was in his own zone but I did try to talk right after rosterbot sorry bath canning about in couch but we be but was Chabad he was totally unveiled and he wanted a space so I think he was not in touch with anybody so he was away resting and beginning back my mom says space in hae jab Iman like image appears in all my rows and Annapurna you jus Bonnie perfume nila gotta me a missionary Alto agar aapke her map of human ecological and and then each is Madonna Chatham you are doing so well taste I'll Kehoe get job easy okay but just when it is this a skate fake mock shitty original Martian erection Victo moody dementia merrily I mean I wanted to be older Mujib opening muradabad oddity though I'm 23 happy I'll become 24 very soon yeah but a but tell me being in Mumbai a mad about soccer has there been deadly struggling moments I really had a lot of struggling moments to ugly moments in eat cheese mousse America donkey is this industry what it taught me was level of the patients a bra patient cut the tire because when you keep just a mere a Bollywood Giga know who have a nice thankful films everybody started Carrie Carrie autumn career what I doing nothing is coming up nothing is coming up what are you doing I said I've done things always were sorry she's a bar animate time look time and III think that's what my struggle has been about I am NOT a patient guy Mucha jelly jelly jelly cat neo Thea but this place Mumbai has taught me how to be patient and my struggle has always been with my own self image I want to be better muchacha cheese a gurney a man or if a nice are you okay Ethan a come time a people have started loving me so much even Kelly or better than occurred near hey if you see there's–you craze 50 million now so with the recycler I had such a pressure on me cube Mooji I have to perform and give something better than there is a cure that's what people say here to give something better I always say I don't know what's better I'll make a song Mira ptarmigan a banana so better can hear Boumediene empathize so I think that's the struggle and that's the struggle everybody goes through finding their own self finding their own music in a sea up any such struggle curved arrow it's important to have your blinkers all look at the mark always attack there that's all that matters you're sounding like a boxer right now hear opening apps allure top hi neighbor that's true I really fight with myself I go to many could kiss at the other conversations both lúthien the other maybe I don't care how can you do both love Burchard in so you're not doing any music get up now you are up get up and pick up yogurt and make something if something is not coming up not shot by you I keep calling it now a big couch bunny Ramudu like that I have to go somewhere yes Alfred chemically Jana chat on food you know Killian I'm gonna make music there he call ways keeps on telling Kajol to me Jessica Nicole to go to Hawaii jebel archaea you know flowers around the vase cookie dance Cathy wood suggestion Athena but main commission I get to music guru but one thing is that his conviction about the song if I play him the song so much about that I think he's gonna may power hey or he's gonna me it's not going to work same what it was with my mother so he has the conviction even with Tara's decree he said K this is a big song so whoa Tara's Achrekar beep conviction was his conviction k this song is going to reach 50 million Oh Palamon able the other and then you it happened so I think I'm really blessed to have such people with me Jim Uchiyama shop I'll get my gullet cheesemaker although they'll guide mickey gala torah our PSA crew or maybe what there is not buy to tension Muttley I endured person way or the other can a job be will come to be baby he took our line Kisco Paulo get home critical okay chair didn't achieve girlfriends I'll cook ready Jana hundred-person come to me but tell me vaca me you're kicked out of college your school because of bad education bad education to cover critically sees the fact was I leaked the exam papers many be kept a boy in him collagen mushroom watch stock paper leakage haha the paper leaky Thurman nine subjects a paper liquor what happened actually watch me the subsea close friend state dojo middle-class families had a theme which are both mush kills a or they were paying the fees don't care parents or to be they were not able to pass so so I mean even logo go phone KB Kookmin ACOG get to me anyone even a compass a v-stitch a paper little pouch carry be those toka many courtesy Guney dinner – morini a because I was performing necessarily show cut other basic alcaman in a bizarre to pick a Laker coupe under many people make a little pass this body Muslim logically like I run a Jesse okay thank you K you are saving a life even a block but the only thing you have to promise up in a pastor Cujo prepare car or call it's going to be a bright future for you or come back to Lisa quality over paper sorry of Mookie segi best friend TiVo best friend Qatar or best friend thr boyfriend Steven kitch ad maker connects day ever to 270 people had the paper got some automated yeah you up high many many happy to police release RIT college may are many more miss about Carnegie bit any support is tribute cake as a mother Tina would distribute college before yeah this happens Mira be banana Karthik a fire carrying a up career cotton card engage a cutting a book or dingy or chalahe coffee it was one month process me frustrate or Guetta if you don't even bowler chemically do a better man I'm Alanna carload he came anyway then I told my dad Kimura seen Yuna I only differentiate to me in ecology or may makalah Geneva Latha / many said Kalia online gallery Bertini both sorry this is Jessie just typed Kasich criticism mother I have seen few Kaminski Seattle Mira could toggle it on yes yeah toggle it could toggle it amenability toggle it at the good to eat or online car freedom of speech Organa freedom of writing which could be look lik thing but sure what made the budget uh may affect other the Deaf nanny over the bully says I remember many he be Kiowa Jeb Mary videos roster name was a Bam debod me when I used to put down video table if has a comment sorry cuz I've used work at it in the top Tom Jonathan topic a negative comment agigoo Jerrod say to maquette Atticus Nick here it's car number or address Niccolo fishka foon j TT key to make ya Niccolo a comment but da delay other talking and I think the idea Joe logo a chalak Nate would sada but again so focus film answer a catalog bullring on Keeley asada maker Bhutto up Kabuto good peni pega I guess social media if you getting two people have their opinion and I I know I think I respect it but don't feel bad of being called a doggy made a baby with your Tommy Bilotti a beach day thi just a girl looks at hog bullet it could be a so much in you I'll take emoji bladedge up Tommy Bullock but Tommy Tommy by me real name Tommy tell me by Tommy by but on that note love you but love you too Murray because you're such a young guy you're 23 years old you're very sensible you know what you're doing and most importantly are cheeky bad thumb tiger one girl and come to me baby ladies in sharma and darshan ruble love ya love you too brother thank you so much thank you so much [Applause]

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