Daredevil – Fogwell's Gym (Official Soundtrack)


  1. Man after I finally finished daredevil man was it soooooo better than any other superhero movies its fantastic.

  2. 60 people who disliked this are
    • the Hand…
    • Wilson Fisk
    • Russians
    • Bullseye

  3. Why is this one stuck in my head ?

  4. This track is right up there along with "Frank's Choice".


  6. Ima miss this show. Cheers to the greatest show of all time!

  7. Does anyone know the song playing when Karen calls her dad in episode 7 of season 3? It’s so beautiful.

  8. 2:20


  10. This should be called Spectre of the Kingpin.

  11. This song always gives me a videogame soundtrack vibe opposed to a TV series one!

  12. They have to bring this back you’d have to be fucking nuts canceling daredevil.

  13. Judge dredd anyone

  14. I want season 4

  15. 2:27 That drop is hyped af i cummed so hard!

  16. I think I will use this in my training rutine.

  17. How come I only discover this song now ? It's amazing !

  18. Somone smash Disney the way Fisk smashed Anatolys head.

  19. Y donde parece el final del camino en realidad es sólo el comienzo de otro viaje

  20. Todo héroe tiene un comienzo

  21. The last scene before the credtis

  22. This from episode 1 from season 1 of daredevil

  23. Damn it, Netflix. God fucking damn it. Why did you cancel this?

  24. Daredevil “trilogy” = Batman Trilogy > any superhero movie or series

  25. Rip daredevil (2018)

  26. 2:31 BEST part

  27. Come back.

  28. And it's canceled…

  29. Damn, i can't believe that Netflix cancel this show :'(

  30. Probably my favorite track on the season 1 soundtrack

  31. Rewatching season one again because fuck Disney

  32. Daredevil got cancelled today by netflix. Rip :'(

  33. Canceled….. 🙁

  34. 0:40 Play The Bass Orgasm…

  35. Kickass tune. Buying soundtrack.

  36. Frank's Choice and Fogwell's Gym are two of my favourite tracks from the Netflix shows

  37. Anyone from Daredevil Hallway posting???

  38. “C’mon matty, get to work” Daredevil isn’t only great show by itself, but has one of the best soundtracks EVER CREATED

  39. I love the neon cross behind him. And I'm so glad his battle to hang onto his own faith is such a huge part of the story. Season three was amazing!

  40. This is the most Daredevil scene I've seen in any medium. Matt hitting the bags with a montage of everyone he's up against. Just a guy willing to go out and trade blows for justice.

  41. 2:31

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