tell us about your shop well I open the shop a little over two years ago I was working in Toronto and harm reduction in a different area and getting a little burnt out doing social work so I came to Ottawa and decided to start something new I quit after 15 years with vaping so I wanted to give the opportunity to do the same for other people and over the course of the last two years I expected kind of to be working on my own six days a week or five days a week now we have four five staff here regularly how important is vaping them to the stop smoking effort well as somebody that was kind of skeptical of vaping when I started I went through all the alternatives I went first to my doctor and tried zyban basically I was a tie for a month I didn't renew my prescription I have no swings it was awful I tried nicotine inhalers the patch but also I found like a lot of fidgeting chewing eating junk food and that wasn't healthy and when I exhausted all options I had a friend who had started a small website and I thought oh I'll buy a kit from him for those nights where I go and smoke more than I would normally I'll substitute with vaping and then within five days I didn't even crave a cigarette when you're in the shop and you're dealing with meal first-timers that are coming in what are you communicating to them in terms of the vibes that would be the options that are here with vaping I've instructed staff to speak only from personal experiences and the experiences that other people share with us none of us are doctors so we don't make medical claims I just share my story as people relate to that they ought to give it a try I let them know that this is a harm reduction I don't I don't foresee or promote it as a harm free substitute but certainly it's a better and healthy alternatives in smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and so we just convey that to the customer I usually starts with the consultation and then once we let them try out a few different styles of vaping and they select a kit usually sit down with them and spend about 20 minutes walking through how to set it up how to take care of it how to clean it proper battery usage storage etc and then usually we we let them know there's an ongoing process when they just come back and over the need to support here you are your shop is in the heart of the nation's capital right now politicians and bureaucrats from Health Canada are going through the new federal vaping regulation what do you think of those regulations and how are they going to impact your business and smokers in Canada as some of those worked with with policymaking in the past I was I was pretty excited initially at the thought of having regulations regulations despite what some might say I think regulations overall are a positive idea I think it can standardize and regulate an industry but I do feel that in the case of Bill ss5 rather they're kind of overstepping there's a lot of doors that I think are intentionally left wide open they say they don't want to ban flavors but the language in the bill makes it very clear that they would have the authority and the power to do that and I think for me as a taxpayer aside from being a business owner as a taxpayer it scares me that they're infringing on my rights to a healthy alternative and a harm reduction approach I we know very well that that smoking causes cancer and heart disease I was asthmatic for the 15 years I smoked I immediately stopped using asthma medication when I started vaping I don't I can't say for certain there's a correlation but I noticed that I definitely felt a lot better and so when I see government's who support really good initiatives like safe injection sites which are basically harm reduction nobody suggests that it means it's a good idea to use drugs but the people that are addicted to some kind of drug need to save as possible harm reduction alternatives and vaping is that and so removing people's access to vaping whether it be through banning supplies and products like some countries have done or even just restricting access to flavours you're making it more probable that there will be Canadians that continue to smoke because of the legislation and I think that's what needs to be made with the most clear you think they're being fair to vaping no not at all I think I think there are some responsible and important parts of legislation I do believe that in the same way they have to be 19 in Ontario to buy cigarettes I think you should be 19 to walk into a vape shop and buy vape product I think packaging should have childproof components to make sure that you're limiting access to two obviously to kids and that sort of thing and I also think there's a strong role in educating vapors to make sure that they know pets and children should not be around vaping supplied to nicotine but there are some very irresponsible parts of regulation I myself from 37 years old if I feel like vaping a juice that tastes like gummy bears or cannolis because that I don't enjoy the taste of tobacco that's what got me off cigarettes I tried tobacco product I tried tobacco flavor a juice I tried menthol flavored a juice I went to a series of foods and for me gummy bears and cannoli works and I keeps me off cigarettes and so limiting my access to certain flavors or even marketing to me about those flavors so that I can purchase them that's that's a scary thought to me I will likely be someone that based forever it's also you know part of what I do is the living but I think there's there's no one solution to everybody in the same way that some people quit using the patch after three months and some people have been using them for a couple of years right it's the the addiction to nicotine is not a problem it's the the method that we choose to ingest or take in the nicotine that's causing all the harmful effects let me ask you about the no comparisons clause that's currently right now the drop regulations as they are and that's you're not going to be able to go compare at all emissions anything about the vaping product – combustible cigarettes what do you think about that no comparison section in the regulation again if somebody that's been around a lot of policy making in the past that tells me that Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have a heavy hand and lobbying the government there's no reason why a government shouldn't be seeking really good scientific evidence it's one thing to have subjective comparisons and some one sort of ad hoc saying you know I like this better but having academics and scientists not be able to say you know this particulate is safer to ingest then this particulate that's scientific fact and when you're when you're regulating the transmission and creation of knowledge of academic sources that's the basis of any kind of free society to to do what's best for the public and Muslim scientists are something that had never ever thought could happen in Canada and yet if happening right now and Quebec just across the bridge it is indeed in it and it's a real tragedy there and I understand sort of marketing standpoint from like you know putting like a very child-friendly image on billboard outside is one thing but when you're a shop owner and you can't for example if someone comes in and says is vaping safer yes or no I will generally say hey if you go online there's some very good academic peer-reviewed journal articles The Royle calls the physician has some really great scientific research if I was in Quebec right now I couldn't even have that document to show you and and you know if I was in a university I can give that out freely so why is it that if I'm a base shop employee and Quebec I can't do the same thing so I think there needs to be some clarification and if they're going to ban what I would see as scientific fact that's a very dangerous precedent to set I would imagine a lot of Canadians if they're just tuning into this would be shocked by here that you know information is being banned well I talk I try to educate a lot of customers as they come in and ask about it but for the most part people are rather in complete disbelief or they think oh it's not going to be as bad as we think I mean I have nurses doctors lawyers police officers and you know frankly politicians that walk through my shop on a regular basis vaping and and so for legislation that that is essentially preventing us from telling people that we have a method that is less harmful than cigarettes and could save your life I frankly I think it's it's not only illegal but I think it's against my rights of the Canadian I have a legal right I set forth by the Supreme Court to access the harm reduction approaches to face addiction lastly if you had an opportunity to talk to the policymakers at Health Canada what's your message for my biggest message is to really think critically in Canada we've had some really great politicians in the past particularly around health care and health initiatives that have dealt with a lot a lot of serious issues and they've and they've generally came out on a more sensible approach comparatively to other countries and what I want politicians to do is to really think critically about your friends and family who are currently addicted to cigarettes the likelihood of them contracting cancer as a result of smoking and instead of thinking about what you know seems to be a trend within party circles or Senate table you know think about your you're asthmatic grandmother think about your daughter who is 16 starting to smoke cigarettes and what would you like them to have access to in order to quit and just do what you're supposed to do and and just put the people of Canada first


  1. The negativity on vaping is not even remotely about health, it's only about revenue, money, markets and control. I cannot even believe anything government organizations say any more, because it's only about profit now. In America, people always come last.

  2. What would happen if – when someone asks me how vaping compares to smoking – if I would tell the person the truth (as we know it from 13+ years of research)? How can anyone, especially the legislative who should be committed to the truth, hinder me from answering a question as best and truthful I can? Doesn't that infringe upon my rights to freedom of speech? And so infringe upon what democracy means? When has the Canadian government transformed into dictatorship? If we want to live under a dictatorial regime we would have elected one or migrate to a country that has one.

  3. I don't care if vapor is made from aborted babies and it gives me AIDS I don't want anybody telling me what I can or can't do.

  4. Ron is an awesome dude! Very supportive and encouraging. Vaping helped me in so many ways – not just beneficial for my physical health but my mental too, over coming anxiety and depression.

  5. He really knows whats the fuck he talking about like 99 percent acuate responce VAPENATION 18+

  6. Man we need you in america hes killing it

  7. Fight for your right not to light!

  8. That "No Comparisons" clause is a real bone of contention with me. It's a gag order on scientific evidence & that cannot be permitted! A situation such as what our Quebec counterparts have to tolerate would be intolerable! Our government must be constantly reminded that we have a common goal to help smokers quit so #getwiththeprogram! Thanks again Brent, I missed this one.

  9. cool video

  10. They do need to be regulated until they can make one that does not explode in users faces or pants!!

  11. Learn how to make your own mods and e juice!!!!! Then the Government can go Fuck themselves!!!!!!!

  12. This is possibly the most articulate and educated interview I have seen dealing with vaping. This guys interview was more well thought out than many of the people who represent vaping via the large organizations like CASAA or NotBlowingSmoke. Well done vape shop owner guy

  13. Where there's money to be made, there's politics. Great vid.

  14. This guy really knew what he was talking about.

  15. The proposed "don't tell" clause violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which specifically guarantees freedom of expression. What's not to understand? What possible justification could there be for such a clause? Have your lawmakers lost their MINDS??? Or have they perhaps been bought? Gotta wonder…

  16. It is really refreshing to see a vape shop owner talking about constitutional rights. Too many of these people just bury their heads in the sand or think that they have made enough money to retire and will just sell or shut down when the profits start to disappear.

  17. I was like this guy except I smoked for 35yrs. before I quit through vaping. I was lucky I guess because after I got a proper set up I quit that very day. It's been 7yrs. and I'm positive I would be on oxygen or dead if I hadn't found vaping. More and more this issue is revealing itself to be about the money and not our health.

  18. I have not even touched a cig since dec13/2015 after smoking for 47 years thanks to vaping. I only started vaping to cut back on 1 1/2 packs a day and not to quit. I started with tobacco flavored 18mg ejuice. I am now at 3mg flavored diy ejuice and may go lower later this year. Also when I started I mixed both until I realized I was comfortable with jusr vaping. Took about 5 months and I now have the choice and power to quit if I chose to but I will vape forever even at 0mg! Vape on!

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