Dangerous New Viral ‘Princess Diet’


  1. I feel like i want to put myself on this diet because i just don't like how my body looks today.

  2. Never heard of this

  3. They should invite Eugenia Cooney to this show and talk some sense to her

  4. What's wrong with this world u know this kinda of reasons r prohibiting Aliens to visit earth no jk.

  5. bruh my BMI is 17.0 but my waist is a shit ton bigger than Disney princesses
    damn those girls are gonna be disappointed to find out that when you lose weight it's not from the places you want it to leave

  6. can people just like stop having fantasy's n' shit like that and stop killing themselves and taking drugs to make themselves happy??

  7. Y'all are making stuff up, never heard it just looked it up

  8. Can someone teach me how to square and find the metters of my height, I am 52. I learned how to use squaring in school but they only taught us how to do it on a calculator, but I don't have one.

  9. I'm on board!

  10. 18 Bmi is good wright that's what I was aiming for

  11. My Cinderella weight would mean I weighed about 20 pounds. That’s about, uh.. 1st 6 pounds? That’s less than my two year old brother weighs? I’d die?

  12. guys a cinderella bmi isn't unhealthy…
    its like 0.5 under what is considered a healthy bmi, basically what that means is if you're 5'5" and 111lbs you have a bmi classified as healthy at 18.5, but to get to your "cinderella bmi" you have to lose………3 pounds….yea…thats it. Especially if you're younger you can have a bmi thats very low and still be healthy, just search up a bmi calculator that uses age.
    Now im NOT saying you should starve yourself to get to any bmi but (as a person who isn't a medical professional) being 3lbs underweight isn't going to cause any health problems to be concerned about.

  13. All these doctors are abusing Botox. Their foreheads look just weird and when you see videos from 3 years before the difference is huge! Same with the rest of their faces, the changes are subtle but they are there, too much plastic surgery everywhere. Of course they despise any diet because they have the knife!! Never heard of this diet before.

  14. I just calculated my cinderella weight and I'm lighter than that, should I be worried?

  15. Well, I don't think its that underweight. I mean I'm 1.7m tall. That squared is 2.89 and then if we multiply that by 18 it will be 52.02. I am currently in the healthy weight category of 55.4. I don't consider -3 kilos an underweight for me personally. Does anyone else have different results?

  16. I’m ‘5”6. And this shit won’t work

  17. It's mental illness when you try for the body type of a cartoon.

  18. in my class the girls always say the perfect weight is under 30kg
    i my self weight 49 . everytime someone ask me how much i weight they freak out

  19. Hello, My name is Christopher Garner from Upstate, NY, and I have been involved with a dangerous diet before these trends hit the internet sparking immense controversy. I, myself, now at the age of 20, have induced myself into a starvation diet at the age of 15 and lost 50+ pounds in less than 2 weeks. I dropped massive weight and became increasingly depressed more than I already was at the time. I sought out to become smaller or skinnier and perhaps become more lean, I now see the mistake as I was a death hazard to myself as well. Which now, seeing the bigger picture, I realize it was the worst thing I could have done, especially at such a young age. I was provoked and enticed into believing my body wasn't "up to par" with whom I looked up to, whom was constantly around me, and seeing any fat on my body was so repulsive that It drove me to places in my life I will never turn back to. Thankfully, I was able to recover for the most part, and as of now I still battle with how much I consume, and depression is only here to stay. But I make the most of my life and although I refuse to starve myself again, I am content with the results. I only wish It would have been more cultivating of a result, for instance, as if I achieved this through dedication and hard work. At 20 years old, I now workout when I can, eat as much as I can, and push as far as I can. Bad memories, bad moments, that is what helped me realize the lost appreciation for the small, yet essential things we do and what we need as humans on a daily basis. Positive reinforcement goes a long way, and for someone who experienced sever starvation, I know and can say first hand that those involved in such things, you are not alone. It isn't irreversible and life truly can get better, and even more simplistic as you grow, since your mind, heart, and body become more well rounded. Most importantly, think positive, since thinking negative will only hold you down, not drown you, from rising up becoming healthy and happy the safe way.

    I really love what you do on this show providing information, stories, possibilities, and even random knowledge that anyone would be happy to learn. I believe what you are doing not ONLY allow people to feel better about their daily lives, but you truly have the ability to provide awareness about anything and everything; nearly guarantees lives are being saved before they even realize it, and providing awareness is providing knowledge which they can then take with them and pass that knowledge down.

  20. my personal princess weight? considering it's about 200, maybe some protein shakes, an egg every day, some grilled whitefish, whole grains, lots of greens. i wish i could afford to eat well enough to start bodybuilding again. i can't make fifteen pounds of muscle out of nothing.

  21. When I was in high school most of the girls were fat little lard asses. Hate to be mean, but they had fat rolls. Young women, and men, are SUPPOSED to be skinny or at least fit. Just don't eat so goddamned much. And don't starve yourself. Eat the correct amount and your metabolism will take care of the rest. Young people have the biological advantage and there is no excuse for a self-actualized teen or 20-something to be so overweight.

  22. Imagine converting your height, weight etc to your desired weight wrong

  23. My Cinderella weight is 101.6lbs or 46.08kg I'm currently 109lbs and completely healthy. Your healthy weight really depends on your bone density, fat percentage and muscle weight. No one should stress about weight, just look at yourself and let your eyes tell you if you need to change. If you can see your feet when you look down you don't need to loose weight. If you can't see if both of your hands can wrap around your neck and still touch fingertips, if not, consult your doctor about weight concerns. That's it.

  24. lol aim for a body fat % of 18, mine is 11.4%🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. I cannot stop laughing right now because first of all if any diet involves doing math, I'm automatically overwhelmed, I think most seven year olds are better at math than I am, second of all did anyone else notice the woman near the end saying "I'm 101 so that's just not happening!" you could tell she could hardly wait to bust out that comment. I'm on the Jessica Rabbit diet, Cinderella was boring.

  26. Well I already beat the diet without doing it then.

    (Don’t worry I don’t starve myself)

  27. No one actually wants to look like cartoons or barbies without surgery. Gtfo

  28. This diet good for overweight people to lose weight fast not for normal weight people that want to look like a fucking princess

  29. I would be 91 pounds according to that equation……

  30. I get skinny when I do cocaine for the weekend

  31. My “Cinderella Weight” is 8.37 pounds wtf I’m 90 pounds

  32. Apparently my princess body is one kg above my actual body weight????

  33. This is why we need princesses and heroine's with real bodies, with real proportions, realistic weights. This is basically a fantasized eating disorder. And to think that there are generation of girls still to come who will be influenced by these classics. I'd love to see the princesses reimagined as girls with accurate proportions. Who portray a healthy view of life.

  34. I am I weird that I grew with these princesses and never thought about thier body type?

  35. lmao this is a load of shit.They said that the new weight would be "classified as underweight on a traditional scale." Bitch, you would be classified as medically deceased. i just did my princess weight based off of the equation he said and got 50 pounds. No one with a brain cell would think that they could get down to that without dying.

  36. I think its because prom is coming up

  37. This is sad, and I was thinking now everybody wanted to be fit and build muscle. I was so wrong 🙁

  38. Guys don’t like stick, thin girls.

  39. I hate how he says it like we actually want to look like them half of us just want to be thin

  40. Naaaahhh Bruuuuh Imma stick to Princess Fiona diet

  41. “Ficticional”? I think the word is “fictitious” 🤔

  42. I couldn’t imagine being super skinny. Skinny girls scare me, it’s like they can just break in half.

  43. My bmi is 16. According to that,I am anorexic, but I eat what I want when I want to. Women who are athletes often have a bmi that says they are overweight. The bmi scale is overrated as a tool to determine your healthy weight. You just need to be HEALTHY.
    I get blood tests(cbc panel) every year, because I am vegan. Everything (including iron) is perfect. That is how I know I am healthy.

  44. I need this diet… but I ain’t doing drugs.

  45. This is a pro Ana thing

  46. My "Princess weight" would literally be 56lbs

  47. Your weight in what. I’m 1.7 meters (5’7”) and got 54ish.

  48. When I did that equation on takes it said I should be 53 lbs when I’m 69 inches tall. I don’t think I did that right…

    Update: I did not know that they were talking about weight in KILOGRAMS. In that case it said I should drop down to 116 lbs which is actually heavier than my initial goal weight before even clicking on this video

  49. Just did the math. Im 5ft 6 inches and this diet puts me weighing 66lbs. I'm skinny af for my height at 110. 66lbs is probably just my the weight of my bones lmfao

  50. My BMI is 16 and I’m struggling with body dysmorphia. I want help but I don’t know how to. Can someone help me

  51. Im a young woman and 3 of my close friends have eating disorders. I even had a very unhealthy relationship with food for a while. This is a bigger problem than many realize. I advise any parents out there to keep an eye out for any unhealthy habits you may notice in your kids. Google the signs and if you notice them, offer your love and support.

  52. Its not viral if I don’t know

  53. OMG i can't even imagine people will follow this silly diet 😱. Nothing compare to eating clean and healthy and good exercise.

  54. My BMI is 18.6 (which is healthy), does that mean I'm a princess?

  55. I just found out im below Cinderella weight but i eat a massive amound of food lol

  56. Fictitional? I think you made up that word. I think its Fictitious.

  57. So they want a 5'2 girl to be 45 pounds!!???

  58. Who the fuck is gonna do cocaine to look like Cinderella ? Be realistic bro can’t stand news people ugh

  59. My princess weight is literally 53 pounds..that’s not right

  60. did they make this up? because literally nobody does this.

  61. I never heard anyone saying I'm doing the cinderella diet

  62. Never heard of this, how’d they hear about it?

  63. If you really care than do something girls want to be skinny you guys act like you fucking care and the only way to have the idle body is starvation like fuck no offense but what you are doing in the show is not helping anyone actions are stronger than word so do something don't just sit there and say "ohh girls are doing Cinderella diets and they are becoming anorexic" like do something don't just sit there

  64. Wow great in already below my Cinderella weight..

  65. Am I the only one that has never heard of this diet. And I spend alot of time on social media

  66. The Scarlett O’Hara Diet

  67. I’m on the Ursula Diet

  68. I would rather be lean and have meat on my bones in the form of muscle than be Disney princess skinny

  69. Never heard of princess diet before, anyways im doing the warrior diet…

  70. that girl is not 101 lol

  71. Im under weight then because pound wise im 144 and my princess weight is 147 kg. (In kg im 65 kg) soooo

  72. I’m now 14 and I used to weigh 180 pounds and I lost over 100 pounds and now I weigh 70 pounds and I have never been happier. I know I’m way underweight but I look good and I’d rather be skinny than fat. I should be about 100 pounds but that’s way to fat for me. #ilovebeingskinny


  74. Lol a bmi of 18 isn't even that low. Call me when its a bmi 16. Then I'll be concerned.

  75. I like that they were the iterated starvation is not the way to the concert and where I lose weight because I don’t feel like that’s out there enough

  76. when you teach your children to love their bodies the way you wish you loved yours, they hit puberty and guys are there to compare it with kim k and make them hate it again

  77. Bitch I am a prince and I don't need someone to tell me I'm beautiful because I am perfectly perfect no matter what

  78. They’d all look fine at a BMI of around 18. Calm down about it.

    And lol “Immediately have body dysmorphia”? Because that’s a thing that happens at the snap of the fingers.

  79. Ugh this is so fucking stupid 18 isn’t really underweight !!! Ofcourse our country edits the BMI chart to make fat people feel better. 18 is me being 110 at 5”6 and that can be perfectly healthy. They consider 18.5 the cut off so 114 for me and that’s rediculous. It’s much unhealthier for me to be “154” which is BMI 24.9

  80. I have a small waist because of body distribution
    My Cinderella weight I got was 93lbs or 42kg
    I weigh 100lbs or 45kg
    But at least my weight right is healthy for my short height

  81. This show is a joke, all designed to be catchy for ratings

  82. I thought thick is in

  83. That would make me 41 lbs like um no.

  84. Wait this diet kinda seems fun..where there’s a specific diet on a day

  85. can we please acknowledge that most people want to loose weight to look "pretty" not to be actually healthy. You're beautiful the way you are, you shouldn't change for anyone but yourself.!!! *unless you are medically advised to do so ( these people are only concerned for your health)

  86. This is now confusing keto; vegan; heee fasting shaaaa today don't eat this tomorrow eat this eish. I'm now feeling dizzy within the healthy luna park.

  87. Shes sooo pretty omgg

  88. I'm below my princess weight and completely healthy. I dont look or feel underweight, I still get my period, and I haven't had any nasty starvation symptoms.

  89. If i did this i would weight 67 pounds

  90. https://youtu.be/WoEKvCnIwkg
    See this

  91. White girls CRAZY!!!! Copying a CARTOON made by a MAN! Dumb BITCH!

  92. The point of this diet is vanity. Traditionally beauty and other qualities would land you the most successful man, therefore security, children and happiness. This here, is done purely for narcissistic purposes and "fame" on the gram. Instagram has a negative on normal people, they consider themselves more important then they really are.

  93. People, treat your bodies as a temple, just as it is written in the Bible. Someone much smarter then you and me said that. As I go through life I realize this more and more, regardless of your faith or lack there of, we all only have one body, and through it it we experience everything there is to live for, care for it, stress it and nourish it, but don't abuse it!!

  94. Mine is 140 pounds. There is no way in HELL I could ever weigh 140.

  95. My Cinderella weight is 94 pounds. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the bmi calculator not always right?

  96. Don’t princess satisfy themselves? LIKE DONT DIE OF STARVATION

  97. I eat relatively healthy, rn I’m eating Mac and cheese, with 13 grams of protein and a green smoothie

  98. They’d all look a lot better at their “princess” weights.

  99. omg yesss they just gave me a diet idea. lol I than the doctors. I didn't know about these diets but im going to check it out

  100. Ficticional is not a real word.

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