Dancer Says Epstein Wanted Her to Be His Fitness Trainer


  1. Feminist want to kill man even if he is dead
    Shame on white women how dare u lower ur own white man
    U sick women’s

  2. Argg where's the pepper the donkey vid

  3. She just wants money. Funny how she says this after he dies not when it happens.

  4. So?

  5. I am not willing to do that because.. BECAUSE?

  6. Let's act like I said something funny??

  7. 🙄

  8. Things aren’t adding up especially her neck

  9. The dead can't rest with the news on the rise

  10. Ok really what's y'all still going on with this he's dead she just wants money and clout she's a fake

  11. See now i feel like she is lying

  12. "My Girl" Sorry Jeffery but your to young to be singing temptations

  13. Really click click click her really? I just say no pls

  14. That's not even a big Deal She just want clout 🤦

  15. I think she’s lying

  16. Where's the me too movement when you need them??? I'm surprised they never mention about the children who were raped by Epstein and his ppl.

  17. I bet if Epstein wants such a TYPICAL CHEAP ASS JEW, she would have done anything he wanted.

  18. Who should you blame? Einstein or yourself for being too hot at the time.

  19. Gross

  20. Oh well……. , .

  21. Isn't he dead

  22. Perverts like boi

  23. I think shes lying 4 attention

  24. People have bad habits. A lot of places have legalized prostitution. If you're uncomfortable then don't do it and if you have nothing good to say then don't say it. Who cares if he fancies dancers let him be. Seems like the girl just wants attention.

  25. No one wants that.tbh

  26. I smell a liar

  27. She look way to happy

  28. Bit late love.

  29. From thumbnail I thought she was Margare from GOT.

  30. 0:03 that’s quite shoulder there

  31. Shut ur lying ass up

  32. Young vulnerable and slender….. Sounds like EVERY old single rich guys dream so what

  33. The only weird thing about this video is her neck and face skin tone

  34. I like how they put this in the media to shy away from the fact that he was assassinated

  35. Dont let the news drop this !!!

  36. She looks like slender man without the slender💀

  37. Fame seaker… She was 21

  38. eeewwwwwww

  39. Wow really!! He can't defend himself, because he's Dead!!

  40. CAN WE STOP HE IS DEAD! There is nothing we van fucken do now! Fucken stop!

  41. Gets offered a job then has a sook

  42. Lying hoe she agreed because shes gold digger and now shes blaming him and playing victim card

  43. Inside Edition on that upload spree

  44. As a Right wing free speech lover of all races, dahhh , and honey at youngster age never go around men that offer you more than average….because 100 % they will do bad !

  45. No omg

  46. Omg they only decide to to say this when they’re dead why so she can lie and he can’t defend himself she needs tocalm down.

  47. Epstein looks like my dad

  48. For something so serious she appears a bit smarmy or smiley. Why gloat?

  49. Wow let's just believe everyone now. Trump came to my house and stole my fridge. ARREST HIM NOW BELIEVE ME!

  50. $100 per hour whaaaat?

  51. Hey, i have another thing you can test, its a mattress. Its called Super Sleeper Pro (yes, Australian) and it "passed" the raw egg test, and i wanna see if it actually does.

  52. I like them young and vulnerable to especially when they slide up and down them poles….lol

  53. What kind of news is this? Dont you guys have better news to tell?

  54. She did it .. I know..

  55. I find it funny how she confesses this when he's dead but when he is alive she dont wanna say nothing like it sounds mad fake to me

  56. He wanted to see thotiana bust down . Bust izh on dat gat! High of em drugs. Then this old man on dah relapse! Bust down. He wants it now!

  57. More like outside edition

  58. No means no

  59. How much did you get paid to say this? lol

  60. He died 2 weeks ago

  61. She lowkey looks like sid the sloth

  62. Oh shut up! 21years sounds way too old for Epstein’s preference and these allegations should’ve been made when he was ALIVE!!!!!

  63. 1:27 is the buliding that gossip girl comes out

  64. Who was the recruiter? How did she look? How can one not ask these questions!

  65. He was going to rape her

  66. I sincerely hope that when I find someone that I'll love them and give us guys a better rep.

  67. Well he’s dead so what now?

  68. Hopefully he’s burning in hell

  69. Find Ghislaine !!!

  70. LMAO

    Rich dude- dies

    Some random person- he wanted to rape and kill me offered me drugs.

  71. She should’ve said something when he was alive smh. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Annoying

  72. Chasing her 15 min. Barf

  73. Who tf is Jeffery Epstein

  74. $100 an hour brought her silence until he died.


  76. Nobody cares

  77. What a coincidence he wanted me too 🙄

  78. She’s not attractive so I don’t believe her…

  79. She has a big face , like her face is to big for her head idk it’s weird

  80. Didnt Law & Order: SVU predict this?

  81. To the commenters that say she isn't attractive enough to be chased by Epstein, remember that this was in the past, so he could have definitely been targeted by him when she looked young.

  82. Feel like she is doing this for attention
    Just my opinion not a fact

  83. Epstein really liked 🐈

  84. A millionaire that prefers young, slender women over old, overweight women? Dear merciful heavens, how awful!

  85. The way I see this…they're all guilty and all money should be surrendered to the state of Florida for the most intricate heinous crimes committed against the state !

  86. News aka advertisement.
    I guess what’s a ‘dancer’ and a ‘client’ to do when daddy procurer disappoints by dying and GM & Brunel have just popped out? Advertise her services to other elite/CIA Minor Attracted Adults who need their tweens and teens trained up.

    Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken: Floor Flow® – The Sexy Class
    …yeah I totally see Epstein doing her work outs.
    Ghislaine 2.0 open for business…

  87. Wemons love money 💵

  88. Why is everyone coming out now? You should’ve done it when he was alive not dead!

  89. 🐸

  90. Yooo I have the same yoga pants as her

  91. Everyone attacking a random person but defending a high profile pedophile. Sure alright

  92. And I'm sure didn't mind sex to make an income.

  93. Mhm. Sure.

  94. It used to be innocent until proven guilty now its guilty until proven innocent, and all that while the man is in his grave.

  95. Is she dumb ain’t no one want her. That gal is ded

  96. Told them to trawl clubs for victims. Uh huh. I bet he did. Very convenient that these types of allegations always pop up after a person dies. Lol no one in this story is seeking attention. No way!

  97. Bruh just stop he’s DEAD

  98. I didn’t know shrek was a dancer let alone “good looking” hahahah

  99. She’s lucky she gets a better FOV then us

  100. Epstein is on epstein island

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