DANCE #LIKENINA | 40-minute Reebok x Les Mills BODYJAM Workout


  1. You guys are Idiots!!!

  2. This is so fun!! Just finished and I feel great

    For anyone wondering about how much calories they might burn, I weigh 155lbs and I burned about 400 calories with an avg heart rate of 152

  3. Omg, so amazing people and so great dance moves! Thank you for this super video!! I love it~
    + PLEASE .. Do you know somebody how much calories can I burn during full 40minutes ??
    Thanks ^^

  4. Wearing a jean jacket while working out makes me angry

  5. Love this workout!!! It was a bit difficult to sort out the dance moves cause I kept going in the wrong direction. But after placing my laptop in front of a mirror and dancing behind it, it was smooth-ish sailing till the end. So, if anyone had the same issue, that might help.

  6. Very amazing i love that please more video workout dance ♥

  7. Anxiously awaiting the next one of these body jam videos. This made me feel alive again and I’ve been doing it every day for a week now. Please please make some more!

  8. OMG, please make more videos like this, I beg you, this one is just amazing, I want more!

  9. Hayley Fitzgerald i see you

  10. Okay but who has actualy tried doing this?!?! Tell me about it! I want to try it so bad but im nervous it looks hard

  11. Wow that was great! More like this always!

  12. I have just finished it !!!! OH Man I FEEL LIKE I am the hip hop king !!!!!! Burn your fat , this is extremely doing it !!!!😎😎😎😎

  13. Exciting and beautiful….. hermoso ufffff

  14. Pink top girl :)😊

  15. I MADE IT! I like how they eventually built up the choreography; it took my by surprise when I actually did the complicated part. The music was amazing too. I hope you do more stuff like this in the future.

  16. A,m os Brazilian

  17. Nina ia beudiful.

  18. Too bad they changed dancer, the first dude was the best 🙄😕

  19. me encantó! this is amazing

  20. the first time i did this, it's super hard. Right now, it's my third time, I can follow up all the move, and super fun, super enjoy it.I love the background music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Is that Jackson from Got7 song at the beginning?!!!!

  22. So in love with this… finally!!!♡♡

  23. Absolutely love the music and dance moves, expect more from you guys… Thanks…

  24. it's like I watched an episode of tvd😂

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