Dance for Health

have you ever danced before if your answer is yes fantastic just keep dancing and get all your friends family and colleagues dancing too but if you've never danced before now is the great time to start I think dance it has no boundaries so there's no age boundary there's no language mode it's for all ages and all abilities indeed dancing is for all of us and it's never too late or too early to start dancing children benefit from dancing on so many levels it definitely increases their confidence and they have to work as part of a team so they build teamwork skills they have to cooperate with others and that enhances their cooperation with young children and they learn rhythm they learn to count and to get a bit of social history with Scottish culture dancing and the child that's maybe a bit shy and slow to make friends and as part of working together as part of assets they have to join hands with the others and they say it's an to work together so that really enhances their confidence and you see a huge change in a child over a short period of time from being shy individuals being a competent member of a team if you are a bit on the shy side maybe start dancing at home with your favourite music when nobody's watching if you want to learn some new dancing steps you could find them at the Internet or join a class it really doesn't matter whether you know the steps or not or whether you make mistakes the main thing is just to move and enjoy the music lots of people think that oh I'm going to make mistakes that's not gonna be good so what you know we're all here to make mistakes all the time there are so many different types of dance slower faster more or less physically demanding so take a pic of the dances that you would enjoy there are the right intensity level for you your body will be thankful as dance will strengthen your muscles make your bones stronger improve your balance increase your self-confidence relieve stress and bill your social skills and if you choose the dance that gets your heart rate up it can also be great for your heart and lungs it's a way of really getting fit without actually realizing it and I find that my legs are much more toned my arms are more toned I feel my heart my heart rate going when I'm dancing and exercises your mind as well so I think I think that's what I like about it the most and it's fun and I've got friends who come as well which is always good so don't wait get dancing

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