Dairy Cattle Nutrition: Going Beyond the Feed Bunk

Our nutritionist is Allen Johnson. He brings it every day. I need data, I need knowledge, I need to know
what other people are doing that’s working, and our nutritionist does it all the time. He’ll challenge me, but he also understands
that I’m paying the bill, and so if I choose not to do it it’s because maybe financially
at that moment I can’t do it. My job is to sell, alright, but
unless there’s a need, there’s really no reason for me to sell anything. So at the end of the day, every day I get
up and can get out and have the opportunity to help people, you know what a fantastic
way to make a living. He’s become more than just a nutritionist
for the dairy. Allen is, is one of these guys that is just
part of our team. He’s become family. We look for a partner, not just a supplier. I’ve always believed in a full-service relationship
to where a nutritionist doesn’t just cover one part of the business, there’s a relationship
there. Lambert is always looking at how can he make
tomorrow better than today. It’s a constant day to day new ideas what
can we implement to improve what we’re currently doing. Well I think working with the nutritionist,
I mean we like to keep up with new technologies. We’re definitely trying to get as much out
of our animals as we can. And I think that’s what a nutritionist’s
goal is too. They are innovators. They want to do everything right for the cow. We’re not just “eh, that’s ok we’ve
done it that way for years, we’re gonna continue doing it.” No, if there’s something better out there
let’s research it, let’s implement it. I think of Purina products as not only what’s
delivered in the bulk truck, but the team that comes with those products. And I like to think that when we do get into
issues on the dairy, you know we can bring the cavalry, we can bring the forces at ‘em
and try to eliminate the issues and hopefully get through those faster, and I consider all
those to be a product of Purina Animal Nutrition.

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