Daily Meal plan/ Healthy Eating/ Weight Loss Recipe


  1. How do you keep the kale from going bad when you have already washed and cut them. Mine start roting immediately unless I Blanche them and freeze.

  2. Looks delish!

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  5. Love your detailed healthy recipe.looks so delicious…

  6. Looks yummy and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Hey sis i.m on it now, running through the night

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  12. I should try following this from tomorrow. I'll tell you how it goes

  13. Hi my beautiful sister .
    Girl looking firsts to Friday Mel plans .βœ…

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  15. Wow so healthy,I'm joining you I want to shade some kgs lolπŸ˜‚

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  17. Great health food. Great video sis.

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  19. Not easy but i will try

  20. Hey new here stopping in to show love.. food looks yummy

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  22. im on a weightloss journey and I and also looking for healthy meals to make.. I will def keep in touch i smashed both buttons.

  23. Yummy

  24. I will be here always. health and delicious thanks for sharing

  25. thats really healthy sis, wow i really want that vegetables.. can i have some sister?

  26. I love zucchini. You remind me of my aunt by the way.

  27. Now I’m in your kitchen, I’m not even leaving let me just grab a chair, really nice meal for me and

  28. Masha Allah very nice video βœ”οΈπŸ‘

  29. Thanks for sharing, we are the product of what we eat. I rang your bell πŸ””

  30. Looks delicious! I'm on a low carb diet.

  31. Beautiful food for diet

  32. I love your name that's my mom name too.I enjoyed the video yummy

  33. I want 2 maintain my weight, i really like ur channel, i mean that, i hope 2 see u next time, greetings from The Netherlands.πŸ™

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  39. I want to cut off some weight too. Been struggling with this wei. Nice vid by the way

  40. Thanks for sharing Recipe about health meals

  41. Healthy lifestyle is hard but achievable, I love Broccoli. Food look good and your worktop is not messy,lol. Happy Easter

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