Daily Gut Health Routine: Gut Rebuild Nutrients + Probiotics

Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio, and I’d like to share
with you my daily gut health routine, which involves the use of our Gut Rebuild Nutrients,
and our three probiotics. Now, you’ve likely heard me discuss probiotics
before, but I haven’t spoken as much about gut rebuilding or repairing nutrients, which
do have a time and a place in a gut health and gut healing program. So I’d like to share my experience with you
using the various agents I’ve experimented with, and how I’ve come to use Gut Rebuild
Nutrients plus probiotics on a daily basis, as my long-term gut health maintenance plan. I should mention that our Gut Rebuild Nutrients
is a blend of glutamine, aloe, zinc, licorice, and a few other select gut-supportive nutrients. Now, as you may know, in college, I had an
intestinal parasitic infection, which led me to feel quite terrible. Brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, feeling cold. And treatment for that was very, very helpful. I wouldn’t say it got me all the way to my
goal of feeling 100%, but certainly was a huge step forward. I improved even more when, a few years later,
I got myself on all three probiotics. That’s one of the main reasons why I recommend
using all three together, because that gave me another substantial jump forward in terms
of how I was feeling. And then I finally saw what I would consider
a satisfactory level of symptomatic improvement once I added in—along with our three probiotics—the
Gut Rebuild nutrient cocktail. And I’ve been doing that now for about a year. As I said, I felt much better after treating
the parasitic infection with a combination of antibiotics and herbal antimicrobials,
a massive step in the right direction. However, I still had some lingering food sensitivities
and symptoms that would indicate I was having a food sensitivity reaction. I had a hard time with beef, eggs, spinach,
alcohol, and caffeine, regrettably. And this would oftentimes manifest as bloating,
or brain fog, or potentially loose stools, or even some fatigue. And even chapped lips, which is actually an
example of the gut-skin connection. In looking back over the past several years,
a big jump forward in terms of how I felt came after clearing that parasite. I’d say about 70 to 80% improvement. But there were still some lingering symptoms. Probiotics got me another, 15% or so, and
then another 15% or so when adding in the Gut Rebuild Nutrients. I really saw what I would consider fairly
robust health when using the probiotics plus the gut-supporting nutrients together. Where I finally achieved this ability to not
be worried about what I was eating and was able to drink alcohol. While it’s not something I want to do all
the time, it was nice to have that freedom. But to be able to drink alcohol, have caffeine,
and have some of these other foods that were kind of a problem for me was a big win. Beef, eggs, spinach, raw vegetables also. Why I think the probiotics combined with the
Gut Rebuild Nutrients works so well is because probiotics work to support balance in your
microbiota, bacterial and fungal balance. Whereas the Gut Rebuild Nutrients will help
to support and repair the lining of the intestinal tract. When we use these together, we have this nice
dual support, one for the microbiota, the bacteria, fungus and similar areas, the other
for the actual tissues or the lining of your gut. And that’s why I think, together, these pair
very nicely. And for me it was the combination that finally
got me over the hump and to what I would consider my goal level of health. And what does the evidence show? Fortunately, there is a significant body of
research supporting both glutamine, the main active ingredient in this formula, and some
of the other select ingredients. So let’s start with glutamine, and I’d like
to start with the highest level of evidence, a meta-analysis, which has essentially found
that glutamine reduced leaky gut and markers of intestinal damage. To have a meta-analysis finding is very, very
encouraging. Continuing, to quote, in patients with IBS
and in leaky gut, “oral dietary glutamine supplements dramatically and safely reduced
all major IBS-related endpoints” or symptoms. So that’s great. That’s the results of a randomized control
trial. So we have a meta-analysis, highest level
evidence, randomized control trial. Continuing here, regarding the evidence for
glutamine, another review of several studies stated, “Inflammation has been shown to
be a cause of intestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, and colorectal
cancer… Several lines of evidence indicate that glutamine
has an anti-inflammatory property…” Very encouraging. And another review, quoting again, “glutamine
supplementation can improve barrier function in several experimental conditions of injury,
and in some clinical situations.” And this conclusion was also echoed by another
paper. Now, not all of the data on glutamine agree. And there are some data showing no benefit
from glutamine. Namely, in a review paper looking at the effect
of glutamine in active Crohn’s Disease. So this is a very specific patient population
with an active inflammatory disease. So we want to consider that when looking at
all the evidence. I think it’s a very reasonable conclusion
to state that if you’re suffering with digestive symptoms of any sort, at least a trial on
glutamine is something to consider. And other human studies have found that other
select ingredients in Gut Rebuild Nutrients can also be effective. And to quote again, licorice and slippery
elm “significantly improved both bowel habit and IBS symptoms in patients with constipation-predominant
IBS.” Also regarding licorice and chamomile, to
quote, “shown to be safe and effective in the treatment of mild gastrointestinal disorders…”
Aloe vera, to quote, “is effective and safe for the treatment of patients with IBS compared
to placebo.” And zinc carnosine has been shown to improve
the gut mucosa. A clinical trial found zinc was able to reduce
diarrhea. So we see some fairly significant evidence
showing that the ingredients contained in Gut Rebuild Nutrients can improve leaky gut,
improve barrier function, reduce inflammation, and improve the symptoms of IBS. Certainly some very encouraging scientific
data in human interventional trials and even meta-analyses showing that this cocktail of
gut-supporting nutrients can be helpful. Where does something like Gut Rebuild Nutrients
fit into your overall health plan? Well, it can really be used at any time and
with other treatments. There’s no right or wrong. It can be used, as an example, as I do, along
with probiotics. It can also be used while administering antimicrobials
of various sorts. If you’re going through the health plan in
Healthy Gut, Healthy You, I would recommend either adding in Gut Rebuild Nutrients into
step two, the support phase where we use probiotics, if you want it to be really robust in your
support phase, or alternatively, after your antimicrobials (after step three) you could
add in the Gut Rebuild Nutrients during step four. Either one is fine. Those are the two options I’d recommend for
you. But again, can really be used at any point. Also, remember that not everyone will need
this. If you haven’t yet optimized your diet or
tried probiotics, then you may want to start there and consider layering in the Gut Rebuild
Nutrients should you not see optimum response from those. In close, our Gut Rebuild nutrient cocktail
combined with our three probiotics has been my daily gut health routine now for a little
over a year, and it’s been quite effective. And if you are trying to optimize your gut
health and still looking to find the ideal support to get you to an acceptable level
of improvement, I hope you will consider adding our Gut Rebuild Nutrients into your plan,
and potentially also, of course, if you are not doing so already, our probiotics.


  1. I'm very happy for you that you got better, Doctor. Thank you for these videos

  2. Thank you for sharing your daily gut routine! Are you staying on all 3 probiotics indefinitely?

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