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good morning and happy Sabbath to everyone I pray that everyone is alive and well hey I'm here again still the most timeless want me to continue to do his bidding and that's what I'm going to do so I'm just gonna show you my small breakfast this morning it's not big at all I had a nice meal last night some kale some tomatoes onions and one avvocato and it had some black beans and some herbs style brown rice and that was it and then I had my water and then I went to bed well after my food broke down a little bit at least two hours all right I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna drink this I made some flaxseed gel so I strained that and I had a little bit like probably 1/3 cup including the water and then I just pour a little bit of the orange juice in this here but first I'm gonna drink my water this is a 24 ounce here so I'm gonna drink this and then I'm going to add some subject salt in there so I can get my minerals and then I'm gonna add this two tablespoons to my orange sugar here to get my vitamins and this hair has b12 okay has a hundred a hundred micrograms and the body just needs two point four so you'll get it here it's easier this way or you can do like I told you in the other video spirulina if you want your greens and this one here has two point eight so my body just needs two point four and that's what I do here and here I have my vitamin d3 5,000 IU's and all I need is five drops into that and because we're headed toward the winter time and we don't get that much Sun you got to keep up with your d3 so please read my disclaimer you guys contact your doctor and see if they can refer you out to nutritionists they can help you they really can they know what you should take or what you should need for the body and last but not least I have here some cashew butter I didn't make it creamy I like mine's thick where I can just about 2 tbsp that's the serving size to get my protein and so that's what I did here and so I'm just gonna have that my Apple I have one honey Honeycrisp apple as I'm gonna have that this morning and then around lunchtime I'll go ahead and have what I had last night and then I should be just fine until the Sabbath ends and then just drink plenty of my water and with that said I'm gonna have me some spirulina yes to keep the chlorophyll that is food for the blood yeah so I have the choice to take that my husband's been taking let's see here where it is not per second looks like somebody's gonna have to replace this but this here is an internal deodorant I did a video on this and this will help cleanse your cells and if you have a bowel movement that it's really raw funky smell this will extract that toxin smell out of your body ok so just you know keep taking care of yourself and then I'll take my probiotics in my enzymes I used to take that 30 minutes before I do any of these things here so I just wanted to come in this morning the Sabbath morning just let you guys know that I'm gonna be working on the study for someone and conviction modest conviction and so just stay tuned for that video if you have any requests videos I'll put my email down below and just send them to me and I'll work on it and when you see a pop up there you have it alright you guys I'll see you in the next video you


  1. How much salt did you add in your water

  2. Hello! I've been enjoying your videos quite a bit. I am embarking upon a weight loss journey. I'm struggling due to wanting to become a vegetarian, I don't know how as of yet, it's very obvious I'm still eating all the wrong foods, due to me still being fat and not loosing any weight. I suffer from insulin inflammation/resistance. I'm dying here. I fear I may leave my Mother first on this Earth. The way my health is presently. I'm struggling with committing to a vegan lifestyle, due to I run out of food ideas and I don't buy the food around here. Do you mentor ppl?

  3. hi mam rosa i like your recipe but i would like to know how to get your cook book in jamaica

  4. Do you like Chlorella?

  5. It's late, but I'm catching up on the last few videos. You look so amazing as always Mama Rosa. Your skin, pretty hair, and your delightful spirit. Thanks for sharing about the D3. I'm really deficient in vit. D and take 50k a pill once a week. Having learned that D3 is even better absorbed. Thank you always, sis. (warm hugs)

  6. Oh and the primrose oil I take have flaxseed in it. I also use flaxseeds in my salads and green smoothies. Because I know you said it have great benefits in the flaxseeds

  7. Hi, mama Rosa love and watch all your videos,can you tell me what I can take for eczema. I've been taking primrose oil. Do you think thats good for skin especially if I'am dealing with eczema flare ups every now and then.

  8. you are so nice to always share good thing for our health, god bless

  9. So happy you take good care of yourself. Shalom. Blessings, prayers, and love, my dear, beautiful Rosa…..MaryEllen

  10. please can you list it in a table

  11. Great info , thank you Rosa . have a wonderful night . Gnight

  12. This is valuable information sister. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for caring. Much love.

  13. Great video Mama Rosa I haven't got the chance to comments on your video but I watch and thumbs up. Take care Peace and Love!

  14. ❤️

  15. I love this info and will be looking for he products you mention. Do you know how to make your own deodorant ?

  16. I Love how real You are when you were talking about the liquid chlorophyll, I lol cause the truth is hilarious sometimes:-)

  17. You are so beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Shalom. I hope you are well.

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