Dabbrias: Global Health Insurance Conference (GHIC) 2019

the talk we had this morning about the future of health insurance by dr. biro was very very interesting in itself but all the topics have touched on the developing need and place for health insurance in in the global society the different topics that we have discussed a very germane to the development of health insurance the world over all the topics have been very very good and I was excited about the especilly by dr. Dorothy from Nigeria he's given a very good picture of what is going on in Nigeria and how we can make progress with our health insurance well there's been a lot of really interesting topics from all the speakers today I think the common themes of challenges around healthcare access globally has been really interesting how Knology is playing an important role in changing the way providers insurers and people manage the healthcare system I love healthcare so every topic every topic is interesting for me but I think the way that healthcare industry can use technology is maybe the I hope that I can come next year and I will make the time to see all the presentations because I think they are very enlightening and they are very interesting the reason that we came again to the conference is that we was quite successful from our perspective last year establishing two new commercial relationship with companies and this year hopefully it'll be at least three companies so in that respect it was definitely worth the investment to to come here

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