Cutting Back On Caffeine | Living Healthy Chicago

Today we’re shining the
spotlight on caffeine. It’s a big part of
many people’s mornings but too much can cause
some big problems. So here’s our top tips
to help you cut back. Number three, look
for an alternative to your morning cup of coffee. Switch up your routine and
reach for uncaffeinated tea or water that way you wont’
feel like you’re missing out. Number two, pay attention
to where your caffeine is coming from. Read the labels of
your food and beverages and keep a journal. Identifying caffeine
sources can help you track where you need to make
some changes in your day. And number one, make sure
you’re getting enough water. Dehydration can add to
fatigue with will only increase the urge to
reach for caffeine. Getting enough water is a
great way to fight fatigue and keep your
caffeine intake low. For more health hacks
just head to our website, living healthy tv dot com.

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