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hey guys welcome back to lawyers natural life and today I have a current favorites video for you as you probably noticed I haven't been doing monthly favorites just because I haven't been trying a bunch of new things so we've kind of just been saving them for when I have a bigger group of products that I actually have really been loving genuinely so I have some products I've been loving but I am going to share with you the first one you've probably heard me talk about a few times on Instagram and it is my new favorite lip balm this is the Carrie grin lip lip and I have the tinted peppermint one mine's almost gone but I'm not sure how much well you can see it really does have a whipped texture and I got the tinted one basically just so that it wouldn't like leave a white cast or a pale cast over my lips this little bit of pink just makes it so that your lips look like they're normal shade I think that this lip balm is probably the best lip balm I've ever used especially in the winter my lips were struggling so bad at like Christmas time and I picked this up after seeing some reviews from some of their lovely green ladies and I was like I gotta try that and it works so so well on super dry lips she also has a cinnamon flavor and then this comes in tinted on tinted and then a bunch of shades that you could actually wear as lipstick you can also get on Amazon I'm really trying to find more products that are green that you can get on Amazon Prime and this is one of them next up is this juice beauty if I know pigments illuminating primer you've probably seen to me use this and I got this in a PR package from them a while ago and I just started using it this winter and I don't think I'm ever gonna be without it again I don't know if it's just because my skin is drier lately but I just think that not only does this like make my skin feel really really nice and help my makeup apply more evenly and like not stick to any patches but it really makes my skin look luminous and younger who doesn't want that so I find that putting this especially in the areas where I have these lines that I'm a little bit self-conscious about helps to bring radiance to those areas and kind of like reflect the light away from them rather rather than attracting the eye to that I could be totally full of crap here but I feel like that's what this does for me going along the lines of cold winter months is a hand lotion and this bottle looks familiar because I've shown you this version of their shampoo like a thousand times but you know I love the desert essence fragrance free hand our shampoo and conditioner but my friend stuff asked me if I'd ever tried the lotion and I had not so I thought I'd give it a try and I love it for the hands it's inexpensive it's really really creamy and it's great moisturizing it's not like to shoot greasy it's not too watery like a lotion it's a bit more of a cream but it's not too thick like a cream it's just like the perfect lotion cream mixture goodness and it's unscented which you know I love the next product it also recently posted on Instagram and it is the beauty counter daily shampoo now when I did my big beauty counter haul and review I really liked the volume shampoo because the scent is out-of-this-world delicious but I actually tried the daily shampoo because my friend Caitlin raves about it and she is a hair stylist so I figure she loves it her hair looks like a mermaid like I gotta try it even though it doesn't say it's for volume but this shampoo it actually has less of a scent so this is like I'm maybe a little bit like like it's barely barely there like a little bit like creamsicle II just a little bit so I don't think many people would be bothered by the scent it doesn't linger and but it gives my hair more body than any shampoo I've ever used before my life like I kind of thought all shampoos we're like made equally and so I'm just kind of like made your hair getting greasy faster or whatnot but this actually gives me a ton a ton of body like a look at this have you ever seen my hair looks so big it's partially because of this it's personally because of the next product I'm gonna show you now I know that the shampoo is pricy I don't love the price point on it I'm not one to buy expensive shampoo but for me I feel like the difference that I see in my hair with the shampoo is worth the price and you don't have to use a lot to cover your whole head because it foams up really really nicely although I tend to forget that and I still use more than I need to and and a probably wasting product but I do think that this would actually last a while – all right this next product is super random I also think I post about it on Instagram awhile ago and it is this marble hair clip you've probably seen me wear it on Instagram before I have three of them they came in a 3-pack of different sizes but this big one is really really great to do a bun on the top of my head and I tend to when my hair is either air dried or like 85% dried if I use a blow dryer I'll quick do one of these and secure it in the back like this it stays all day long it doesn't like feel heavy on my scalp and my hair dries so much bigger than it would any other way and I love marble so I thought it was a great deal it was not alta anyways if you have really fine hair maybe try the beauty counter shampoo and then try this if you're have the time to air dry your hair from 85% to all the way so I what I tend to do is do this like for a full day say shower in the morning get my hair mostly dry I'll wear this for a full day and then when I take it out at night my hair is still like tightly up in this coil so I'll take it out once I'm been my hair will almost stay like this when I'm sleeping it my tongue curl a little bit but not much and then when I get up the next morning it's like huge almost like 90s goddess hair all right my last healthy lifestyle product I probably have actually mentioned before but I'm gonna tell you why it's working so are my Hydra flasks I actually have two of them you can use any big water bottle that you like I specifically like these and I think they're worth the price because you can use them every single day they store a ton of water yes you could put something else in here too and they keep the temperature of your drink because it's like double stainless steel wall so I really like these for summer but I actually like them now during everyday because I found that being at home all day long I wasn't drinking as much water as when I used to have like a job outside the home and I bring my water bottle with me so I thought okay what if I just use a big water bottle like I would bring to work and then maybe that will get me back in the habit of drinking water and so that's what I've been doing is I'll use one of my hydroflax or I also have a really big Nalgene but it's plastic it is BPA for you but it's still plastic and so I'll rotate those three of them and I'll just make sure to this is the smallest of them but at least have two of these a day at minimum and it really got me back on track with my water drinking so there's just a few there little tip if you are a poor water drinker maybe having a super cute water bottle and that you make a goal to have two of a day could really help you and there is an optimum way to find out how much water you should be drinking take the number of pounds you are divided by two and that is the like target number of ounces that you should be drinking in a day anyways I think that's gonna wrap it up for all of my current favorites I hope that you guys enjoyed this video let me know what some of your current favorites are down below thanks for watching as always if you liked it make sure to sub it and I will see you guys in the next video


  1. We love your hair here! The loose curls are stunning 🙂

  2. I liked this video, but I would like to add on to what you were saying about water. (If that’s ok. If not, please delete this comment.) While I do believe that water consumption is important, it is equally important to note that not all humans need the same amount of water. The amount of water needed varies based on health (illnesses, pregnancy, etc.), where one lives (hotter climates need substantially more water), fitness levels, and many other factors. I feel it is also important to note that if a person is eating a healthy balanced diet, they will be getting water from fruits, vegetables, herbal tea, and even coffee. I think your recommendation is excellent for someone who has no idea where to begin with water intake. But if they live in a hotter climate or if they have an active lifestyle or if they have certain illnesses, they may need more water. They also may need less water than the equation suggests if they drink a lot of herbal tea and coffee and if they are consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables. I found this 2015 NY Times article to be helpful. I loved your suggestions in this video, especially for Juice Beauty. I love that brand, and I look forward to trying your suggestion.

  3. Does the desert essence shampoo help any with volume? And did you find the the BC volume and shape Shampoo helped with volume?

  4. I love my HydroFlask but be careful with putting other beverages besides water in there. It soaks up the smell and doesn't come out. I have even tried washing it every way possible. I put an organic water fruit flavor packet in my 32oz bottle a few months ago and it still smells like fruit. I'm going to get a new bottle and use the old one for tea and flavored water.

  5. I can’t seem to find any green beauty reviews on Biolage’s RAW line. Have you tried this and I missed it? Do you know anyone who has tried it?

  6. Loved this! I know this sounds kinda plain and boring but could you do a Fragrance free favorites video/blog post?! I’m extremely sensitive to added fragrances and I feel like it can be so hard to find good fragrance free products!

  7. I wish my hair looked like that air-dried!! Yours is stunning 😀

  8. I have been wanting to try that juice beauty primer but I hesitate because a lot of their products smell like lemon and it makes my allergies act up. ☹️Have you found that the scent is strong?

  9. Laura I love u and ure videos. I wanna ask smth? Which camera re u using? Thank u

  10. had to watch as soon as I saw thumbnail!

  11. Love hydro flasks! Great video 😊💚

  12. Your hair is GORGEOUS!! Could it also be the Collagen Peptides?? I'd need a more moisturizing shampoo, but I'm thinking of switching my collagen supplement to those to see if there would be more benefit. My doctor told me she wants me drinking 60 oz of water a day (I'm chronically dehydrated) and I've made it to 30 (sometimes 40) using a water bottle that I keep w/ me all day. It's tough to get enough water.

  13. some of my favourites currently are: the warmer weather!, packaged chocolate chunk brownie mix – at home i add goji berries, chia seeds, and raw cacao powder to the mix, shopping at the local farmers market, being able to wake up and leave the house early without feeling horrible (adrenal fatigue).

  14. Does the beauty counter shampoo keep your hair clean longer?

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