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hi guys and today I'm showing a permanent cure for thyroid beat hypothyroid or hyperthyroid my mom has tyroid for past 10 years but i didn't know this remedy back then and now one of my subscriber has been diagnosed with thyroid and i had promised her that I'll come up with a permanent cure so here you go of shun this one is for you I know you are a fighter and in few days your reports will be clear I promise this is based on a very old Russian medicinal recipe and is proven to cure thyroid naturally and permanently so let's get started and the first ingredient you would need is 1 liter of vodka you can buy any good quality plane and unflavored vodka do not buy flavored vodka as it will have added sugar flavors and additional calories next ingredient is 30 whole walnuts like these as I'm showing the process I have bought a bottle of 375 ml vodka which is available at my place however you need to have 1 liter of vodka I'll demonstrate with 250 ml so that a calculation is easier hence I've removed the rest from this bottle and made it to 50 ml don't buy a plastic bottle buy what cup with a glass bottle only you can either proceed the remedy in the same button or shift it to a glass jar with a wide mouth remember it has to be a glass jar and not plastic or a metal jar or 250 ml vodka I'll be using 8 walnuts this measurement will last for a week hence you can multiply this by 4 to make it for a month next crack open all the walnuts and take out the inner lining or the skin of walnuts they look like this thin as paper and brown in color I have taken less walnuts as I have 250 ml of vodka to show however you will need 30 walnuts for 1 liter vorlons are high in selenium and helps thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism they also reduce the risk for swelling of the thyroid these partitions also contain glycosides and cloyd's and organic acids remember we just need to add the membranes and not the walnut once done shift them to the jar containing vodka close the lid and place it in the fridge or a cool dark place for 3 weeks cool dark dry place could be your kitchen cabinet etc remember to give it a shake occasionally maybe once in 3 to 4 days remember we don't need to add the walnut in the vodka it works by just adding the lining that is a membranes of the walnuts after three weeks that is after 21 days vodka will be infused with these walnut inner membranes and it will have all the benefits of walnut partitions from de 22nd you can start having this natural medication have two teaspoons or 10 ml of the solution three times a day 10 minutes before each meal for a month that is two teaspoons of the solution 10 minutes before breakfast lunch and dinner meat is best but if you are unable to have then you can dilute it in just one teaspoon of drinking water you don't have to consume the walnut skins I asked for one liter as you would have 10 ml thrice a day for 30 days which makes 900 ml of vodka it's a thousands of year old Russian recipe and in Russia vodka is a national drink and an inseparable part of Russian social life so they used what car to make this medicine I'm not sure how is it going to be if you use gin rum whiskey etc have this every day for 30 days and then give a break of 10 days after that again start the same cycle and after 30 days give a break of 10 days then again start the same cycle complete the third cycle and you will observe that your thyroid is cured this remedy also cures diabetes and reduces the insulin injection dependency it also cleans some blood vessels of the brain and helps get rid of headache and improves memory for 3 cycles you would need 3 liters of vodka and 90 walnuts that's about it now if you are a woman or someone who does not take alcohol remember it's a permanent cure for your thyroid and you should consider this as a medication plus 10 ml each time will not make you high so please treat this as a medicine continue taking your thyroid medicines if any during the first month consult your doctor get your thyroid checked and if the report says then from second month reduce your dosage of medication to half again follow the same process in the third month and if the doctor agrees with your report then from the third month stop taking your meds as they will no longer be required you can see that the color has changed which means that the infusion has begun the color may further change and deepen by the end of third week as the solution takes three weeks to get ready and sure to make it in advance so that you have it ready by the second and the third month to all those who want to know if you can make the solution in advance for three months yes you can do that this medicine can last due to angle as alcohol acts as a preservative my body contains a 40 percent alcohol the higher the better this recipe is generally considered safe for all hope you like this easy ancient recipe this remedy can kill thyroid permanently without any side effects and you'll be in the best of health please share this video to all you know suffering with thyroid cause sharing is caring also do subscribe to my channel if you still haven't and I will see you soon with a new video till then consider what car like water and do give this ancient remedy a try cause health is the best wealth bye bye


  1. On my second month of thyroid remedy. Ten day break. Back on !!
    I had my blood tested and we are looking very very good!!!😂😚
    Also, I've been off Synthroid now going on my second month! I'm feeling great!!!

  2. This is the same as a tincture. Add it to hot tea and the alcohol will evaporate.

  3. Hi is there an alternative to vodka as I dont drink alcohol. Would be very grateful. Thank you x

  4. Most walnut sellers sells roasted walnut.. do we need to use unroasted walnuts or we can use roasted ones too ?

  5. Hi Vicky, do i need to refrigerate or keep in cool dark place after 21 days?

  6. Do you have any remdy for diabetes type 2 and fascial struggling also with worse fascial hair..Pls I need HELP!!!

  7. Will this help to raise body temperature also? Mine is low and I have hypo symptoms. Thanks!

  8. Imma try this! I will prepare it over the weekend!!!!

  9. thankyou

  10. Can i have it after food

  11. Am not sure about the vodka. I have high blood pressure

  12. Look forward to trying it! Thank you!

  13. You keep saying kill thyroid and a person has thyroid everybody has a thyroid if you're talking about sharing a thyroid problem but not killing the thyroid great if you're talking about killing the thyroid not good because everyone needs a thyroid for 17 years doctors were trying to kill my thyroid and I wouldn't let them near me they tried surgery radioactive iodine and all sorts of stuff including offering me pills and I wouldn't do it eventually I changed my diet my lifestyle and I went to the doctors for regular check-up and they did a bunch of lab work and when she was reading back the results she said thyroid levels normal and I stopped her can you repeat that please so she did and I was very excited if I can only remember all the doctors names that told me to do this since you do that I would have loved to send them a copy of my lab work

  14. My son has hyperthyroidism and I’m looking to cure him naturally and I can see this working but he is young but 150lbs I’m so confused do you think it safe? Please help

  15. Is it possible to use black walnuts?

  16. Really it is very useful remedy feeling better now tysm vicky 🙏

  17. Any remedy without alcohol..

  18. Question for you–in the U. S. we have black walnut trees–would this work with those walnuts (squirrels bury them, but I do not know people that consume them, as with the walnuts you are using)? I believe we have been warned that tinctures from black walnuts can be neurotoxins, at some point. I also have Q. about source ingredient(s) of vodka, but will ask in a separate post.

  19. You would have to do a youtube search, but a while ago I viewed a video which stated that honey workes in place of the Alcohol just soak it in honey for a month and have 2 teaspoons per day also start the second and third batches off as soon as possible Hope this helps CHEERS

  20. I m muslim i cannot drink vodhka any substitude

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