Cucumber Pickles with Umeboshi Plum healthy eating low calories Vegetarian Vegan diet きゅうりの漬物作り方

hello everyone today I'm going to show you how to make very simple very easy and very very quick delicious cucumber pickles for this recipe you need very few things you need a cucumber and you need oh my gosh so let's get started for this recipe you will need 2 cucumbers you will need also to mabashi and if your mabashi comes with lives like mine this is a special shiso leaves then you may use some of them first we cut the edges then we peel them a little bit which of them unevenly like this then we need a one small plastic bag and place everything into the plastic bag then we need some salt I use himalaya salt sprinkle some salt and blend all together if you are going to eat it within one or two days you don't need to sprinkle salt so much but if you are going to keep it more than two days you have to sprinkle some more salt because the food will spoil the next one we will cut on my machine and add everything into back take it so this one is a pickle it's going to take time before they we get a more softer and get more taste after making you have to wait few hours at least four five six hours so if you make in the morning you can eat it afternoon why in a plastic bag because it's easy to shake and also before each eating you have to shake it down a little bit to make more juice because there will be some just coming out of it so you have to shake it get more juicy before serving them so let me taste it I'm going to show you how you present these two converse they look very yummy I love this kind of cucumbers in this channel I'm sure you will find more recipes about cucumber pickles and more versions of of this delicious food so let me taste it very nice taste I love the umeboshi the Japanese plum is a sour in taste salty sour and the cucumber is very mild in taste so the combination is just perfect to connect the still taste together and a little bit of salt and don't worry about that because that will go more into them to come back after while and the sour taste will sink more into the cucumber itself so it's going to be more tasty over time I can't wait so very delicious a perfect balance and very easy very quick and you have yummy delicious and healthy food and this keeps actually few days in a fridge the best test you get just few hours after up two to three days because are very comfortable to have in a fridge because we can keep them and we can start a few days at least or some pickles we store even during long months so for example this kind of pickle against a few days so you can always have access to them if you don't have to be worried about your dinner so if you like this recipe give us a thumb up visit our three Instagram accounts where we daily post about food recipes and adventurous side scene in Japan if you're interested here very welcome to join us then we have another YouTube channel in English where we update this with adventures and everything related to Japan and onigiri chan is a chan about cooking thank you for watching and see you again bye bye young perhaps mass amazing

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  1. Thank you for your three very nice recipes – something I was looking for!

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