Cuba's well known healthcare system

many not living on the island it may be surprising to see just how much the Cuban health care system is thriving CCTV's Jerry Hayden has insight in our special series reinventing Cuba Cubans tend to blame their hardships on the US trade embargo it's had a crippling effect for sure but these days even President Castro talks openly about Cuba's long list of economic mistakes but everyone approves of at least one investment the government has made in free universal health care take havana machine mechanic Rinaldo Caravaggio one day when he was a kid he started throwing up blood I mean ingo he didn't bother me when I'm Mary good mr. baruman cuatro PA mundo lalamon Ingo II know the name nice aleeah's a vegan abenomics about Amelia in fact Cuba is the first country to have developed a vaccine against meningitis B that was back in the 80s since then tens of millions of kids have received it worldwide but not American kids due to the embargo cuando what central plant is very young and we buy it you know Donna I am Number One Bank are you oh yea so la cosa que oh hello guitar for me I'm into a dancer in a moment Caravaggio gets pretty worked up over health care turns out he isn't the only one in his family the doc saved Kimani says urging us into his 1946 pontiac to come into my house the Caravaggio's it turns out our poster children for the Cuban healthcare system besides Renaldo's meningitis his mother-in-law's lung doctor saved his daughter when her appendix burst his wife G slay an economist who paints nails for extra cash cured of thyroid cancer


  1. No money in america for health=die
    The health in cuba is free wake up
    The only road for the people is socialism

  2. Cuba have good health care. Thats one of the things i love about cuba.

  3. Last summer while in Cuba , I asked about the Healthcare system for dental work . It involves lots of appointments , delays and rationing . The bribe system is often used if you want good service. My friend has a son with epilepsy and he nearly dies from the attacks because the government runs out of his medication for months on end. They have a critical shortage of doctors because the government sells their labor to other countries and pays them only $40 per month .

  4. Bulshit they must be making extra cash for the footage and lies as well

  5. In Cuba, there are really two healthcare systems: One for visiting foreigners (who pay cash) and one for ordinary Cubans (it's free!). The quality healthcare enjoyed by Castro and his fellow Cuban elites is similar to the former.

    Some say the model for ordinary Cubans is efficient. Cuba spends only 11 percent of its GDP on healthcare, while the United States spends 17 percent. Perhaps the Cuban system saves money by requiring patients to bring their own bed sheets and light bulbs. Turns out it's also a budget saver if you don't update your facilities or practice basic hygiene. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

    But wait — don't Cubans enjoy similar life expectancy as Americans? And isn't it true that Cubans actually have lower infant mortality rates? Yes, these things are true, but these are terrible metrics to gauge the quality of healthcare provided.

    For example, the United States truly has the best infant mortality rate in the world, and it would show up in the statistics if countries used our methods for measuring infant mortality — but they don't. Furthermore, in Cuba, women with high-risk pregnancies are often encouraged, or even forced, to get abortions. Cuba has one of the world's highest abortion rates. How efficient.

    Cuba's healthcare system is like George Orwell's "Animal Farm." All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. The result is a two-tiered system where the haves (foreign guests and Cuban insiders like Castro and his cronies) experience fine care and the have-nots (everyone else) have trouble finding aspirin.

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  21. im from chicago, and if one thing is popular here, it is baseball. you are either a soxs fan or a cubs fan, people make a really big deal about it. people fight about who is better all the time, as a kid we had days in school where you could come in dressed as your favorite team, and kids would fight. from all of that i learned one thing, why the hell would you trust someone's sworn enemy to paint an accurate picture of them?

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  25. can we see a hospital?

  26. Yea Cuba is wonderful and us isn't. Blah blah bla

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  28. I'm here because of Duterte's comment about how wonderful the Cuban healthcare system is. I hope Philippines will learn from your philosophy.

  29. No kidding. An economist who paints nails for "extra cash"….

  30. Cuba´s health caresystem: A big lie!!! go to a Cuban hospital and see how people have to live there. You get in with one desease and get out with three of them. That video is only propaganda!

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