CrossFit Athletes take on Gym Functional Fitness Champions

the national fitness games we got a squad we enter there 10 p.m. last night and like it's just fun you know like one so Friday is more the chilled air body power and so it's good to just come and do some fitness of the lads just sprung it on them and they were like the a let's do it and that's what cross this all about like this is more apparently like gym fitness but it's still fit lips Fitness is fun it doesn't matter what I saw I felt you did just do it there's a competition I never thought I'd be doing snapper in a competition it's actually really hard we have we have a camera guy with us that this is Joe he's a hustler we met him remember Roy goats 9.1 film the epic urge and I was like you were the team brunt she's gonna come film us do some epic elliptical a little of this amazing content you're about to see is it kids evening [Laughter] right right I ain't doin Spain a new team needs a Bruce Wayne I'm a Darnay but your stargaze got a hard vitamin dog at least better talk right man I know there's not a no cab in the stone in your when I shoot shits now to crisp and let it all hang out like a nudism oh you wanna know I am oh you wanna know now you know what I do I'm a nanny for a bit bit swanky like a brand-new Mercedes and I'm never down on the feet of my ride to clean wake up every morning in aluminium mighty more little story is you are you and I am me just be [Applause] sided shirt never done this before designer to my legs I was doing nine calories print Wow [Laughter] that team next to us of the best degrees in the revenge we knew we had this 20 minute workout we knew we had the conditioning push the bike Wow Wow good enough step going up them is so bad Wow it was a pretty fun workout from the tsaatan I thought it it's like a good worker for us it's alright and then as soon as we went on the bike and I hopped on it first finished my ten calories look at the clock fifteen minutes left and I thought nope that's not good I was really sure if my small body can hold on to the pace it was fun because everyone hop off the bike straight laying on the ground almost crying and then we push each other on the bike it was really fun I lost I will start I first I must I we came through with the snacks so basically this is pareo gluten free and free Bob is vegan and she's already good pick up them now Jeff is the man I looked at him like his little boy yep you get some food and he gave me sweet can you do a minute under 45 seconds telling Harvey of Bowser you know to be honest 25 seconds out like [Applause] will happen to your little foot of the strict craft the music was no good that it's not of doing this I think I squeeze my butt so hard that my foot started shaking and I couldn't stop it and I almost started laughing because like the head Josh I could hear the mopping music they said although it is but how'd it feel that you were probably the weakest you do win some you lose some you know what I mean what to be honest right I'm gonna throw the excuse in there now I've got all that ended on that runner machine so yeah there's only a minute and a half left Mikey finish it 40 meters and then on the bike was like 40 seconds yeah finish the bike Mikey I was like yeah cheers everyone and then Kevin run over and went no ten more seconds out of sweat dude I'm so handsome all men come eyes on Maidan what's going on theme Kragujevac with the commentary over this video and this third workout of the day was a fun one seven rounds two hundred and fifty meter row and then one person had to take the 70 kilos in each hand farmers walk to the end run back then we had to take this block like object to the end and run back and then we had to take a deep ball to the end and run back and then we had to go and collect all three pieces before we could then start the row again you'll find out how he got on after this commentary and but yeah talking about this event it was a fight it was a really like crazy event to do obviously we entered it the day before when we were setting up we saw the setup and were like oh that looks pretty fun and then we realized that it was a team of four guys and we were like yeah let's go for it obviously a little bit different to CrossFit competitions you know when you do usual CrossFit competitions it's it does have his element of fitness obviously but there's a lot of skill involved also with the Olympic lifts in with the gymnastics with the butterfly pull ups the toaster by the Bombers slips the ring muscle ups and this event because it was more gym style fitness it was more just straight raw go hard or go home kind of fitness and what made it even worse is we're in a team before so there was nowhere to hide it was literally balls to the wall rest one two three and how much can you make it hurt or as we were calling CrossFit low skill high intensity work it was just fun being against different groups of athletes there was a team of Marines that had won it last year that we were up against in this competition there's loads of different teams of people from commercial gyms who do all the classes all the fitness those teams that get involved through the army and obviously those teams like us that come from CrossFit that just want to throw down and test our fitness and it was a nice test of fitness coming off the back of all of this traveling that we've been doing recently and I'm not gonna lie I felt like CrossFit has really given me a good base for fitness and good foundation of fitness and I feel like we can talk ourselves into different events and sometimes hold on well like we did with this one we did really really well and I got to do three of my friends so hope you have enjoyed this commentary I hope you have enjoyed the cool montages shot by Joe he's a great videographer and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the video and please do smash that like button if you have enjoyed it and we will talk to you guys later on in the video Chinon one more event to go that one we got our asses kicked the team that were against won it last time and they're all Marines they were just so efficient with them with their objects like we just couldn't keep up we were faster we went hard and we all just like put us up with a pain cave but we just it's our rose I've never had cramps like this in my quads I ain't just all the traveling we don't recently and just apply them I think my body just hasn't had enough Wharf and three events in and my icon like stand right [Applause] that was an experience and that's not true guys we've been preparing for this for mums we prepared for 12 hours I know what you're all thinking at the end what a drama queen oh look at this I did the whole first round in crumb I was just pretty worried because you look really bad and I was like Craig if you can't do it don't do it but then I was like you need to do it so I said okay start doing sports and then he did and I don't know out of nowhere he didn't like the last round he did like almost better than we do in Miami so what we just said on the camera just me to see it these guys a good friend having a park Jaguar correctly guess what this is actually wins it as well so like like it don't treat me like I'm your sidekick


  1. I was healthy doing crossfit and had a bad reaction to a medication which has caused me to be house ridden the past two years. I'm slowly recovering and know I'll be back. Your videos are such a great escape. Entertainment mixed with education.

  2. CrossFit is not functional fitness.

    Can you box for 12rds without getting tired? Run across the Sahara? Swim across the English Channel? Row across the Atlantic?


  3. Richey,After your first event, second, third…What do you usually do? (the in between) Is usually never on camera , but I assume you shower, change, stretch , eat… Could you reply with somewhat a descriptive routine you have? or you did in this video*Looking forward to my first competition in August (trying to learn what's best)Thanks.

  4. I’ll stick with powerlifting.

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  10. I am interested in starting out in Crossfit however the closest box is too far away from where I live, I have all the equipment needed at the gym I train at currently. How do I go about programming workouts etc?

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