Create your own 3D-printed dietary supplement based on what you really need

a Birmingham faced company show their fruit gum like edibles tax for members of the food and drink business community at London food tech week a week-long series of events for the industry customers take an online questionnaire about their lifestyle and diet to establish what additional vitamins and other ingredients they need they can also select from a list if you're vegan the chances of you being deficient and things like iron or vitamin D is much more common if you are running a marathon you might need some more things that will protect your joints like glucosamine if you sit in front of a TV all day long or a screen or a computer it might mean that you need some vitamin aid to be able to protect your eyes nourished claims to be the first company that can treat eprint 7 separate layers to build a piece of food twenty-eight of the stacks are delivered monthly to customers for a monthly fee of $50 or 458 dollars annually by using 3d printing and by using really really accurate measurement techniques and retraction were able to ensure that the dosage inge is absolutely correct on every single one of the personalized items we create and this makes it scalable and makes it really expandable as well the edibles are held together using a vegan gelling agent sugar substitute maltitol and natural sweeteners give them a sugary flavor nourished is launching in the UK in August and targeting the US market in early 2020 Mirasol gajeel und D knows and rescue

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