1. Again

  2. I wonder if this type of stuff will get popular in Saudi Arabia soon,maybe a couple of years away.

  3. Healthy people👍🏻

  4. Yes ok 👍✌️👍✌️👍✌️😎

  5. 👍👍👍👍

  6. Strongman overhead woman 2

  7. Yo eso lo hago con la polla

  8. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  9. Did I just see a dude hang from the back of his neck? wtf

  10.اقوى تمارين بطن بالكوتش Strongest Belly Exercises With Couch

  11. To anyone thinking of doing calisthenics I highly reccomend getting coaching from a professional, yes it costs money but worth it. If you do this wrong you are going to get seriously hurt or waste time training incorrectly

  12. Shit you got Kali muscle at 4:07 in the video hahahah 🙂

  13. Wow so nice nobody is ashamed

  14. 4:23 girl – someone got her instagram ?

  15. Pobres hombros.😨

  16. Nice place

  17. Это мой родной город КИЕВ, место это "Гидропарк". Эта спорт-площадка строилась руками энтузиастов, из подручных средств, на протяжении более 30-ти лет! Занимаются там в основном любители, бывают и профи. Кроме гимнастических снарядов, огромная территория занята самодельными тренажёрами, штангами, гантелями и т.п. Я занимался там ещё в 1994, когда мне было 18, площадка была поменьше… Также есть площадки для футбола, баскетбола, волейбола, пляж и нудист-пляж… Бары, рестораны и аттракционы. Это одно из любимых мест отдыха киевлян от мала до велика.

  18. 這什家族!淂到什地方看這現場聯線!

  19. 妳哥海寬快回來了!海寬老家菜市場旁那地整好了沒錒!

  20. 有仗打我一定找妳妳不用穿這樣!

  21. Most men seem to have muscles in the upper body only but most women have great lean muscles all over their body and in the right places.

  22. Incrediable strength

  23. Thge last girl in the pink bikini top and blue polka dot shorts was HOT. And I don't mean hot as in heat from the sun.

  24. в здоровом теле здоровый дух, молодцы Украинцы ! КZ 🇰🇿

  25. Бля все молодца, уважуха

  26. So this is what happens after a nuclear plant disaster

  27. More like shit workout it will give you injuries over time in your shoulders wrists and elbows

  28. It's easy i can do these….
    In my dreams…

  29. Tell a funny America you go to like Muscle Beach like this you'll see guys that are f**** massive you go to these foreign countries and they're just little teeny guys

  30. Venäläisiä homoja

  31. Оказывается в Украине обычные люди живут!

  32. Судя по раскрасу турников это хОхляндия. А судя по дате, через пол года эти воркаутеры пойдут за дякулу голосовать, а через год в Донбассе будут стариков, детей и женщин убивать…

  33. 4:23 R U kiding me?

  34. White people are so fucking weird

  35. I want this kind of place to workout

  36. Stay fit Ukraine, don't be like us in America.

  37. Is this in Russia? I love Russians.

  38. Ukraine: How many pull ups can you do in one set?

    USA: How many Big Macs can you eat in 10 mins?

  39. Here's the thing. I used to be one of those people with rock hard abs and a great bum. (Yes, I was obsessed with my body.) Eventually, (after 63 years) I came to the startling conclusion that apart from the necessity of having a reasonably well exercised body, all that other stuff was a HUGE waste of time. The more important exercise is what I put into my mind. Equally important is exercising your EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). After 25 or maybe 30, nobody gives a damn about your physical appearance, what becomes more important is: are you an interesting person? Are you well rounded emotionally? Are you a decent person? Those are FAR more important things to concentrate on than you Abs or your bum. A physically attractive person with nothing going on upstairs is just a bimbo. There are millions of bimbo's (male and female) out there. So why is a 63 year old fart telling you all of this? So that you don't wast 20 or 30 years of your life on stuff that doesn't matter.

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