1. بصراحه العضلات مايناسبش للبنلت فقط لشباب البنلت الحاجه الذي هيا كريهه فيبها فقط تبعد الدهون من بطنها فقط

  2. I have the better fs than she

  3. C'mon guys how did they do that?…

    When i only can do is to eat sweets foods and soda

  4. Me parece uno de los mejores vídeos de motivación 👏👏👏😉😉

  5. يولي طيزها ينطي نيج

  6. 00:57 fantastic

  7. song name???

  8. ❤🔥🔥✊

  9. So this is a think men looking like dudes😆😆 im fit but i kept my physique small and toned, that way im still very feminine…I was actually in a competition with a girl who looked like this and I won because I had alot more stamina then she did… She was a pretty cool ass chick but even she said she wished she didnt look so manly.

  10. Awesome dear. It's not so easy for normal women and man also

  11. Pls comment down the background song pls

  12. Can’t even do a push up

  13. Kya ladki hai yaar

  14. Only thing I can do os 1 pushup

  15. 1:10 Who is she?

  16. They r Amazing

  17. Yeah slayer

  18. يلا بينا تبادل اشتركات سيب كومنت ونا هشترك❤

  19. 0:56 Demi Bagby💪🏼

  20. Con este video me dieron ganas de hacer ejercicio jajajaj

  21. it does not motivate, it repels

  22. 0:00 song?

  23. Its too hard

  24. I want to marry the women that work out

  25. это маразм,граждане

  26. Body Strong girl

  27. fitness tips


  29. Coolll

  30. هل تعاني من خلل في دماغك هل انت بكامل قواك العقلية

  31. Overpowered woman nice work

  32. nice bandi

  33. Very amazing

  34. ما اسم هده الرياضة؟؟🤔🤔

  35. Мамочка, возьми меня на ручки…

  36. হাট বেবি

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