Crazy Diets You Won’t Believe Are Real

Summer is right
around the corner. A lot of people have been
talking about new diets to try. Everybody starts dieting
when it gets close to summer. Like panicking. Like we don’t think
about all winter long. It’s OK that we just put fat
on to hibernate, somehow. And then summertime
comes and we’re like, we’ve gotta lose weight
all of the sudden. Who here has been on– tried a diet recently? OK. Who started one this
morning and gave up just a little while ago? [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] I went to the doctor
to get a sonogram. I’m not pregnant, I just
like to take a look once in a while to see what’s
going on in there. And while I was waiting in the
room, I saw a copy of a Vogue from 1977. They really don’t change
magazines that often. And it had a diet in there. This is from 1977. “How to Lose Five
Pounds in Three Days.” Here it is. It’s called the
Wine and Eggs Diet. Also known as the Real
Housewives shopping list. So for breakfast it’s you
have one hard boiled egg, one glass of white wine–
preferably Chablis– and black coffee. Obviously you want to drink
Chablis for breakfast. If you drink Cabernet, it
means you got a problem. Only white wine in the morning. For lunch, you have two eggs,
two glasses of white wine, and black coffee. So then you’ll be wide
awake to get fired for being drunk at the office. And if you’re still
standing by dinner, you have steak, the
remainder of the wine, and more black coffee. The reason you
lose so much weight so fast is that you have
to get rid of your liver. You have to– [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] That was 1977. Obviously things have changed. We do not have crazy
diets like that anymore. Oh, what’s that? We do. I found a couple of other
diets in Cosmo magazine. These are real bad. Here’s one it’s called Clip
Your Nose While You Eat Diet. Apparently if you plug
your nose while you eat, you’ll get full faster. If you clip your mouth, it
works even better actually. If that’s not your style,
there’s the vision diet. So you eat everything while
wearing blue tinted glasses. Because they say it makes
the food look less appealing. Guess what? It’s still appealing to me. Blue French fries. I don’t mind. I’ll eat blue cheese pizza. I’ll eat anything
that– if I want it. But the truth is we come
in all shapes and sizes. And the most important
thing is for us– just be kind to yourself,
and be kind to others, and drive a nice car.


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  94. Lol fries are from Belgium theyโ€™re just called french fries because the language then was french but now it isnโ€™t anymore

  95. WOW Ellen didnโ€™t disable the comment section ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  96. โ€œbe kind to yourself and be kind to others and drive a nice carโ€

  97. This video was amazing.

  98. I love you ellen

  99. Menopause ,nature's birth control

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