Crazy Diet Fad Challenge


  1. Anus candy haha

  2. Link should've gotten number 2 because they've talked about breatharianism (sorry if I spelled it wrong) on the show before.

  3. I'm sorry but I don't like the new intro

  4. Where is Rhett's shirt from? I love it!

  5. The best link has ever done in one of these games.

  6. Blue makes it unappetizing you say. My fridge would beg to differ.

  7. Where did Rhett get that shirt?

  8. lmfao link with the lean joke, that really killed me

  9. Things, the world doesnt want to test, but GMM seems to be out of this world. THey test everything 😀 😀
    9:22 I dont know why, but I always get aggressive when I see or hear people chewing loudly. Or when they form a kissing mouth and making humming noises while eating. Graaahh!!

  10. Where's the suspense music? 😀

  11. My old teacher told us a story of this guy who would eat tapeworms WHOLE and he had to go to the hospital because he was losing weight too fast and was starting to get very weak. Idk if he is dead or not

  12. Tomo News is the channel

  13. Can you actually buy potato juice? I’ve never seen that, even at the fancier grocery stores. But I have chronic acid reflux, so I wouldn’t mind giving it a try if it means I can stop taking Prilosec everyday (just because I’d generally rather do natural remedies than medication when possible).

  14. 6:08 oh how I wish D was a real answer. Possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard on this show.

  15. If you guys don't know, betonite is used as drilling fluid for drilling oil and gas wells 😂

  16. This is a poop show…yet I’m still watching for some reason

  17. I think they are running out of ideas and they are trying to hard and I think they are growing apart or maybe I’m just growing out of them? Like if you fee the same way

  18. 6:20 and E get a symbiot and let the symbiot kill it

  19. If you're in my colon, I am NOT happy to see you!

  20. wow gmm acually did a typo?!?!

  21. So can someone tell me what exactly they do when they go on tour? I would love to go buuuut..

  22. D. Anus Candy. Because System of a Down told me so.

  23. 🙁 the lowest tickets are 36.50 on ticketmaster where I live, but since my parents spent a lot for panic at the disco tickets they can’t afford 2 tickets to see you 🙁 but I’m grateful that I got tickets to see panic but I wish I could see you guys too :((

  24. I bet they won’t pin this

  25. why did i got a russian ad

  26. wait.. 72 degrees Fahrenheit = 22 degrees celcius, and that is ''winter''? I call that summer in the Netherlands 😛
    Those LA folks, Im so envious of their ''winters''. I'm used to 5 degrees celcius (41F) around this time of year. Way too cold if you ask me 🙂

  27. So Xenu is a clay dieter

  28. Hearing that "takes the toxins out of your body" thing: Why do people still believe something like that? Same with "juice cleansing"; I mean do these people not have livers or what?
    You got a liver and kidneys, no need to filter any toxins, there aren't any to filter.

  29. Anyone else notice that Rhett’s shirt is the pattern on Luna Lovegood’s skirt?

  30. I'm so stoked! I just ordered my first piece of gmm merch, a popsocket. And I also found siracha chicken ramen and I can't believe they sell anything flavored like this here in my very small town Wilcox PA 😄🤤🍜

  31. I love the red rocket on Rhett’s shirt😂😂

  32. Love the subtle roast from Rhett at the fan vid

  33. I hate that this is the society that we live in now. That they have to go completely out of their way to explain that the video of the woman and the doctor was made and shown for comedic purposes. Yeah, we get it, violence is bad. Thanks, I didn’t remember that when I woke up this morning so I’m glad you reminded me. I know they hate that they have to do that. And I know that they know they have to do it to avoid idiots in the comments.

  34. Rhetts shirt omg! I kind of like that tongue mesh idea though I can see it being effective.

  35. New intro, I see. I like it

  36. I just ate half a batch of cookie dough.

  37. It feels appropriate that i'm watching this while eating a piece of homemade cheesecake.

  38. Is this the one where you eat watermelon for a week straight and poop out a tapeworm?

  39. "The rappers drink lean and they shouldn't." – Link 11:56

  40. When Rhett reads a list of celebrity names, and the only one you know is Xenu

  41. Too much PC. disgusting

  42. Please stop with the scripted jokes.

  43. I dont think the animation was inappropriate. How? Is a slap even too much for the public?

  44. Anus candy

  45. 142

  46. Gentlemen. I've been following you guys since the very beginning. I say this only because I care. I think I speak for many when I say …..THE NEW INTRO BLOWS!!!!!! everything else is amazing as always though. 🙂 you guys are the best ! Cheers. #bringbacktheoldintro

  47. Why not the nice and fairly safe diets like apple diet, the soup diet, baby food diet, 500g vegetables a day plus lean meat diet.

  48. i love how people think that eating dirt would clean them.

  49. 2:33 when you're dead inside but you try to be high energy.

  50. Those are not wolfs, they are coyotes

  51. ha ha ha ha 7:14

  52. 0:20 there is no UK…..

  53. I only knew about Shailene and the clay because they already did a episode about it lol

  54. Rhett is going to have a horrible stomach ache after all that :/

  55. Tomo news btw guys

  56. Once again… You guys look fresh!! Amen!

  57. I'm on the first question and I paused before the answer but I'm pretty sure there's something to the blue sunglasses, because resturants use orange and red to make you hungry, and it's also been said that if you eat on a blue plate you won't be as hungry and you won't eat as much.
    Edit: I was right.

  58. Hamilton is where my friend is from and I live just a few hours away. Cheers from Sudbury Ontario

  59. Is that a tape worm in your colon?

    Or are you just happy to see me?

  60. Sunglasses that make food look blue? Someone tell Percy Jackson.

  61. Yum Worms

  62. Having those shots of liquid on an elevated, relatively unsecured platform right next to a laptop around these two made me nervous for the safety of the technology.

  63. Good morning mythical beasts!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

  64. I missed your show for a coulple years. LOL always makes my morinng. LOL

  65. No

  66. To be fair, if a woman came to me complaining about all those problems and then said "I also ingested a tape worm egg" I would try my damndest to slap the sense back into her.

  67. ”Summer is only a throne stove away!” Link – 2019

  68. Oh my you’re coming to London on the 15th?!

  69. Thumb up if you'r gonna start your tranformation NOW!

  70. This was in a play list labeled old sport and aubergine man

  71. What was the last one?

  72. For question two they should have put McDonald’s as one of the multiple choices anyone agree with me

  73. 8:49 D is TECHNICALLY correct

  74. "A diet where all your food is prepared by Taylor Lautner"

    Now that is a diet I am very willing to try

  75. laxatives are sometimes used to expel a tapeworm so i would say try a bag of sugar free gummy bears

  76. that groan when rhett blew in his face….Lol! be careful what you ask for link!

  77. blow it in my face, I deserve it

  78. The doctor animation bit was from tomonews in case anyone was wondering :/

  79. i love that they're slowly getting less careful about their choice of words

  80. When your surgeon wears a gold necklace with his scrubs, RUN.

  81. 8:48 technically, Link could have chose D because Xenu isnt a clay dieter despite them putting it there as a joke

  82. 14:12 that ratchet eye and neck roll… lol

  83. Anus Candy is just Andy. To you, Andy, who is reading this rn, welcome to your destiny!

  84. in the clay diet one, technically answer number 4 could be correct….

  85. PLEASE SOMEONE link me to that tape worm video I need to replay that slap 100xs xD

  86. Come to pittsburgh guys… you are aweso.e

  87. If that was a female doctor and a male patient, then what?

  88. show and meet you but we can afford it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please send me a code for a free ticketless VIP I really want to meet you (salt lake city)

  89. Come to Norway on your tour

  90. 72 degrees in LA in winter, while in Michigan were lucky to get over 40 in November

  91. Eww

  92. yay i loved grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  93. candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  94. 7:00 what is that from

  95. It should have been "is that a tape worm in your stomach or are you just hungry to see me" 😂😂

  96. Lol tomonews

  97. Ew is that food

  98. I want potato juice pls

  99. apple cidegar

  100. The wolves eating watermelon was Soo cute!

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