Crave Exercise | Nightly Hypnosis for Fitness and Exercise Motivation


  1. Your voice is so relaxing I fell asleep during the induction. Will the hypnosis still work for me?

  2. I love expertise I eat normal and excersise mostly 24/7 I go to bed a nd get up every hr and and excersise and go to they gym when it opens.

  3. Loving your meditations!!

  4. Is there a “trigger word”?

  5. Brilliant, I really appreciate the better sound and night time version, you are a treat to know, wonderful person.

  6. Stumbled upon this while looking for new health hypnosis videos and LOVE it! Thanks for creating such an amazing channel. 🌺

  7. ooh, creepy voice!

  8. Your voice and speech are so relaxing and soothing. Thank you for this. It's very motivating! 👏👏👏

  9. Best Motivation

  10. it I did 45 minutes exercise…love u dear

  11. NICE!!!

  12. Do you have anything without the "weight loss"-part? I'm too thin already

  13. Keep falling asleep

  14. Exercise? I thought you said extra fries..

  15. It definitely increased my motivation to cringe

  16. I did fall asleep, but I thought she sound weird the way she was talking… almost spooky.

  17. Is it possible to put your voice (a hypnosis session) under a soft water sound? Do we have to actually visualize everything that u say? Just hypnotize us while we sleep, under the sound of water running in a brook. ♥️🤠

  18. Can you make one to practice piano?


  20. There’s some negative affirmations in this…

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