Couples Yoga Challenge


  1. Tyler! You got the hots for him😍❤️he is hottt tho😍

  2. Omigosh! Yes! This is everything, loved this video ♡

  3. 3:58 In an inch…who can ever feel that?

  4. Hi cutie-pie

  5. This is the cutest ☺️☺️

  6. 2:00 when he kicks him in the ball and pretends like nothing happened

  7. Oml 5:42

  8. I ship it hard


  10. #Tared #Jyler Couple goals even though y’all probably aren’t dating. 💜🙌👑

  11. 8:23 King of the world!

  12. Half of the poses you did were actually acroyoga. The person who is in the air is called the «flyer» and the one on the ground is the «base» 🙂 …and usually we have a «spotter» to prevent fall, but I'm glad you did not hurt yourself !

  13. What is the background music at 9:56 I tried Shazam but it didn't quite catch it. Jared though 😍😍

  14. When's the wedding??

  15. I think he gets enough thirsty comments from You Tyler😂

  16. This was so funny! Really loved this week's video!

  17. You can't mention your mysterious boyfriend repeatedly in the last video and then have the next COUPLES video be with your hot trainer, Tyler!!! ….unless there is something you're not telling us…

    (In which case you should tell us)

  18. I was concerned about Tyler's legs at first until I realized they were leggings XD Whoops…I thought it was a really bad spray tan at first hahaha My bad.

  19. Пэтух ебаный🤣

  20. You can cut the sexual tension here with a cheese knife

  21. Uhmmm my entire body needs a little hydration… 😂😂😂

  22. Ты гей.?

  23. гей

  24. Team Tyler Or Team James Chalres?

  25. Y is his trainer so Hot!!😍😍😍😘😘 I’m in love with this video tho. They were all so Accurate

  26. Tyler Oakley needs to reconsider his life

  27. Lol love this!!!

  28. okay so everyone saw all that flirtation right?…

  29. That laugh is iconic sister!

  30. omg love it !! ^_^

  31. So they aren’t a couple ?

  32. Did anybody else notice Jared and Tyler are about the same height?

  33. Please tell me this is the mystery boyfriend Tyler was talking about in the last video.

  34. This was hilarious 😆

  35. marcuscareypowell

  36. I’m from the live my insta is Rhona_mccorkell

  37. INSTAGRAM- megannndunnn

  38. I love you so much❤️ So much more than you know😭❤️ You are so inspiring and help me get through a lot❤️

  39. Love you

  40. Do leg day Tyler 😂😂😂

  41. Woah is it 2013?!?

  42. Welp, now I get how/why Tyler is actually a jock now. Someone started going to the gym more for the cute instructor 😏

  43. This was cringy

  44. star wars tattoo !!!!

  45. 131k views? 700 comments? What happened?

  46. I need Tyler's giggle as a notification on my phone….. 💗

  47. ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Just have one thing to say about Jared… HOT!

  49. woah ur content rly died

  50. ur content is still 2015 skjdhdjjeb u should step it up

  51. Гей

  52. Ur banging your coach?

  53. 2:18
    when both of u have finished your arguments and you hear yhem whispering behind your back

  54. ? why u talk like gays

  55. The most successful yoga challenge that I've seen in awhile

  56. queens

  57. He has a beautiful face

  58. A thousand dollar reward to anyone who can spell the way Tyler says cool

  59. O..M..G.. so hooooot instructor i ever see on YouTube 😍😍😍 where can I sign up for yoga class?

  60. I'm living for they outfits and the cuteness 😂😂😍😘 ily Tyler

  61. This looks like fun 😆

  62. fucking gay cunts go to hell

  63. Is this how pornos start?

  64. am i the only one that saw that tyler kept saying babe to jared

  65. Why are they such a cute couple🖤

  66. Wow very lol, hi from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

  67. hellllloooo cute trainer!!

  68. Tyler was looking at him like dessert 😂♥️

  69. Your so gay bro



  72. OMG. Jarred!!!!! Wow. Also you and Tyler would be goals. #Jyler

  73. ”Oh, she’s got nice abs.”

  74. Who else thought he said thinkwanots. Loool

  75. They definitely got a thing for eachother omggg i love itttt.

  76. "can you scissor" "oh baby doll" LOL

  77. he's s o into tyler omg shewk

  78. "did you hear my back CRaCk"

  79. 4:11


  80. “Oh babydoll” 😂😂

  81. Hahaha Tyler! Acro is all about trust (especially for the lighter person)! If you don't commit to the pose and you get all squiggly then he can't distribute your weight. You're adorable <3

  82. Tyler is a fuckin hungry dick pig 😀 😀 😀 I lived for the sexual puns, I would wanna sit on it too girl 😀

  83. Jarrod,Ny DM’s are open?

  84. Tyler’s got big bird legs, but if big bird skipped leg day.

  85. Fire bender tattoo.Or am I just seeing things ?

  86. Low-key flirting lol

  87. ur trainer is soooo cute
    if not, ILL TAKE HIM!!!!

  88. maybe hes cute o whateva…

  89. I was blushing the ENTIRE time!!

  90. this is the first time I saw someone actually do good yoga on youtube lol

  91. Wow this is amazing and I didn’t know I needed it

  92. It makes me think of Rye and Andy of Roadtrip !

  93. Ok lowkey could see you two dating. 🤔👍👍

  94. 8 months being in love with Jared <3

  95. 5:06 rough sex position 😂😂


  97. dayum that’s a fine man. tyler’s flirting was hilarious! i’d do the exact same thing honestly 💀😂🔥

  98. ❤️❤️❤️

  99. Tyler you are so amazing and sweet and I feel so inspired and motivated to live my best life Thanks to you❤️

  100. What a fun challenge video of Tyler'.

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