Countersanction doctrine: Putin signs new energy law

Russian President has approved the country's new national energy security doctrine and as it was reported the update of this document was required to do two new challenges and threats that the country's energy industry is facing both internal as well as international the document consists of almost 20 pages that calls among many others to reduce the sheer of hydrocarbons and the energy balance to develop renewable resources of energy lower taxes on industry and raise the level of LNG consumption the document also orders to counter discrimination of Russian energy companies in global energy markets restrictions imposed by certain foreign states on Russia's oil and gas sectors limit its ability to sell energy globally global energy tensions seem to play quite a role in geopolitics we all remember the wave of criticism over the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which plans to deliver Russia's natural gas to Germany now lately it was reported that two US senators are working over a new bill to impose sanctions on Russia over this particular project coming back to the energy doctrine the updated version of that document was finalized back in November last year but Quincey Donnelly signed on the very same day Mike Pompeo made his first visit to Russia as the US Secretary of State you


  1. Bernie? Oh yeah, more crickets.

  2. The United States of Terrorism.

  3. Trumped again?

  4. US knows NO prosperity, sanctions are at par with regime change, wars, lies, stealing, cheating…. Pompeo, Bolton, and Trump.

  5. Cool, now energy is more expensive, the people will learn to use the gas of ass!

  6. until the americunt dollar is crushed it's dog eat dog.

  7. Seems all wars and aggression are over oil.
    We know free energy exists.
    Give everyone free energy and end all wars.

  8. Get your army ready and Poseidons as well!! They won't listen otherwise!!

  9. Sanctions over a pipeline. However, if the US wanted to build one…

  10. So what is the justification for the sanctions?

  11. Less industry taxes – same international conspiracy that pulled out of Kyoto treaty etc…bye bye planet Earth.

  12. USA is stupidest country in the world….impose sanctions on all countries….then you will become EVIL America

  13. Romania is against? This is stupidity . Politicians must by jailed for life .

  14. Sanctions have never succeeded look at iran and north korea and sanction russia it will work like a blessing in disguise for russia hurra hurra russia. Dogs will keep barking elephants will just pass. Russia please come back and come back hard and restore the balance of power

  15. And you can just watch……..

  16. Sanction the USA elite rich wankers don’t sell them any caviar.

  17. If you don't follow the neoconservative war hawk agenda you get a sanction.

  18. Okay… but we we might not get these news after Russia puts up the new laws for internet.

  19. Russia and the New Roman Army USA are just playing good cop bad cop with Iran .Israel is the Yappy little dog annoying everyone in the area for its 2 big brothers to step in and help .


  21. Russia increasing its renewables is a good policy not just for Russia but the world. It would be a good opportunity for Russia to develop its own wind mills.

  22. Start 2019 by Opting Out of All Wars:
    President Trumps ! Bring them home …

  23. last time i was this early the soviet union was still a thing.

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